Sunday Praise (34) 4/28/19

Sunday Praise (34) 4/28/19. by me.

Lord, You are worthy to be praised
By every person in every place,
You’re worthy of all honor and glory,
You deserve to be worshiped by all.

We enter Your presence with thanks
And praise You for what You’ve done,
You humble us with Your Word
And by Your grace amaze us.

We are Your redeemed people,
You have adopted us through Christ,
His death for us bought our ransom,
We are Your children, heavenly Father.

The time of rejoicing continues,
We celebrate Christ’s victory
Over the powers of Hell and Satan,
His victory over the grave and sin.

We want You to come closer to us,
To be nearer to You, Almighty Lord,
Show us a glimpse of Your glory,
Fill us with healthy fear of You, God.

Jesus, we lift up Your holy name
Above all other names always,
There’s none worthy like You are
To be glorified, adored, worshiped.

You gave us a better, new life,
We’re born again, raised with You
From the grave of sin and guilt,
We are Yours now and forever.

We are happy and blessed
Because You’re our Savior,
We believe Your promises,
We trust You, You never lie.

Our hearts are filled with praise,
We lift our voices thanking You,
Your Holy Spirit indwells us,
You live in us, abide with us.

The time is now to rejoice
In Your certain victory, Lord,
In Your is our blessed hope,
In You is our salvation, God.

Help us to fix our eyes on You,
Lead us through this life daily,
We need You every moment,
You sustain us and You love us.

Help us to resist temptation,
Help us run this race of faith,
To remain faithful to You,
Lead us here until we die

You are mighty, strong and holy,
Majestic, wonderful, incomparable,
King of kings and Lord of lords,
Above all forevermore glorified.


“Every Scar Is A Reminder”

10/21,23,25/18. 11/5/18.
Written by: Victor P.

“Every Scar Is A Reminder”

Every scar is a reminder
I am mortal, I will die.
Every scar is a reminder
I have made it this far.

Every scar is a reminder
I have lived here this long
By the grace of Almighty God,
He sustains me every moment.

Every scar is a reminder
I have fought for something,
I’ve fought against something,
Won or lost, it was worth it.

Every scar is a reminder
We don’t live in a perfect world,
Life doesn’t seem fair or easy,
Many things don’t make sense.

Every scar is a reminder
Life on Earth is quite short,
Shorter than we want it to be,
Over before we realize it.

Every scar is a reminder
We can’t live in the past,
We can’t go back in time,
We must live in the present.

Every scar is a reminder
There is hope for the broken,
Life past tragedy and suffering,
Joy can live in scarred hearts.

Every scar is a reminder
There’s pain and loss here,
We’re all going to die,
Live to bring God glory.

Every scar is a reminder
There is more to life than
Searching for happiness,
More than temporary things.

Every scar is a reminder
Actions have consequences,
There’s forgiveness and change,
Life’s not without second chances.

Every scar is a reminder
Love is worth fighting for,
Hope is worth holding on to,
Life is not meaningless.

Every scar is a reminder
There’s a God who loves us
And wants what’s best for us,
We can’t live without Him.

Every scar is a reminder
Wounds take time to heal.
Every scar is a reminder
Time is ever moving forward.

“Thank You, God”

Written by: Victor P.

“Thank You, God”

Thank You, God, for everything,
That’s easy to say but hard to mean it
When life gets so difficult,
When contentment isn’t present.

Thank You, God, for Your love,
I wouldn’t even exist right now
If You didn’t love me and created me,
If You didn’t have a purpose for my life.

Thank You, God, for the air in my lungs,
The breaths I can inhale and exhale,
The steps I can take, that I can run,
Thank You for my body You’ve made.

Thank You, God, for the home I live in,
For a roof over my head, for the warmth,
For the things I have and what I don’t,
You give and take away, You’re blessed.

Thank You, God, for all the food I have,
The available nourishment and sustenance,
For all that You’ve made to be eaten,
What benefits and strengthens mind and body.

Thank You, God, for the people
You have brought into my life,
For the people I can learn from,
For those I can experience life with.

Thank You, God, for salvation
I have because of Christ’s death
On the Cross, forgiveness of sins,
Reconciliation with You, adoption.

Thank You, God, for Jesus Christ,
Lamb of God, the only real Savior,
Shepherd, Redeemer, Friend, Master,
For His resurrection, for His victory.

Thank You, God, for Your grace,
For Your mercy and kindness,
For Your justice and righteousness,
For Your holiness and sovereign reign.

Thank You, God, for Your patience,
For correction, discipline, lessons,
For answering prayers of everyone
According to Your will and character.

Thank You, God, for what You withhold,
You know best what we need or don’t,
You have Your reasons for all You do,
You are Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent.

Thank You, God, for all that You’ve done,
For all that You’re doing in the present,
For all that You will do in the future,
Thank You that You alone are the true God.

Thank You, God, now and forever,
Glory to You in the highest forever,
Praise, honor, devotion, sacrifice,
All to You who deserves it all forever.

“In This Life”

Written by: Victor P.

“In This Life”

The greyest days,
The darkest nights,
Pain and pleasure,
Hurt and comfort.

It’s all in this life
We’re trying hard
To figure out
What it’s about.

Many restless hearts
Beat with longing
For purpose in life,
For something more.

Many souls cry out for life,
For more than mere existence.
We are all affected by time,
We’re here to live, to love, to fight.

“Not Alone In This”

Written by: Victor P.

“Not Alone In This”

Well, look at you now,
Down on the ground,
You want to give up,
You feel you can’t win.

Would you look up now?
I reach my hand out to you,
I’ll help you up, are you willing?
I know you can stand again.

Are you hoping this will pass
If you fold your hands and wait?
Can you hope this won’t last
Even if you just watch and wait?

Are you running out of hope?
Every morning grey and routinue,
Every night your bed’s for one,
Every dream you’ll just forget.

Are you crying out for answers
But nobody seems to be replying?
Do you think nobody cares now,
Everyone’s too busy being busy?

Do you just want to escape this?
Memories replay in your mind,
All those good days are gone,
So what’s ahead, on the horizon?

Is it all crashing down around you?
Are you trying to bear the weight
Of all you past wrongs and failures?
Can you leave the past in the past?

You’re not alone in this,
You’re not left for dead,
Not left to wither away,
Not left to be forgotten.

I may not have been
Just where you’ve been,
I may not have seen
Just what you’ve seen

But I know it can get so dark
And I know things can get hard
Making you want to stop trying,
Making you want to give up on it all.

I haven’t lost all that you’ve lost,
I haven’t felt all that you’ve felt,
But we’re all on a journey in life
And I’m not too far away from you.

Pour out your sorrow, I’m not deaf,
I’ll hear it all and I’ll listen
Though I may not say a word,
Presence and attention are needed.

“Things That Destroy”

Written by: Victor P.

“Things That Destroy”

Neglect numbs us from within,
Indifference is a poison in our veins,
Apathy is a cancer consuming us,
Wrong hatred will destroy us.

We can’t just keep trying by our own efforts;
We can’t keep pushing God away like He doesn’t exist;
We can’t keep doing the same thing again and again
Expecting a different result for that’s insanity!

We can’t keeping hoping for the best
While we sit back and do nothing.
Nothing good will come of our inaction,
We must rise up and do something.

What makes us think only we can change things?
We’re not the answer to our problems,
Try as we may, we can’t save ourselves,
We’re not God, we can’t do what He can!

“Glory to the Living God”

Written by: Victor P.

“Glory to the Living God”

I want to tell the world
About Your great love.
I want sinners to know
About Your amazing grace.

Lord of Hosts, Almighty One,
From everlasting to everlasting
You’re the true and living God,
Without rival, without equal.

How wonderful is Your love
Towards mortals You’ve created!
Lord, how faithful You are
Even to the least of us all!

I praise You now, O God,
For Your love and kindness.
I worship You, eternal King,
For You are holy and just.

Let praise flow from my heart
And through my lips come forth
To give You what You’re worthy of,
To glorify You in deed and in word.

You are my rest, my hiding place,
My shelter in the storms of life.
You alone are my Savior, Redeemer,
I long to see You and worship You.

Fill my lips with thanksgiving
Once again as when I came
To You to be saved by You alone,
When You made me Your child.

When my heart becomes tired,
Father, give me rest in Your arms.
When I’m weak from fighting battles,
Be my strength and be my victory.

These words are a prayer and praise,
This is a declaration of my dependence
Upon You wholly, my heavenly Father,
You are my all in all, my everything.

You wash away the darkest of our sins
By the blood of Jesus Christ Your Son,
You wash away the guilt and shame,
You make the broken whole again.