“Memories and Reveries 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty. (electronic/instrumental LMMS track)

“Memories and Reveries 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty.
Simple electronic/instrumental LMMS track


“Come to the Savior”

Written by: Victor P.

“Come to the Savior”

Come, all you wretched and wicked,
Wanderers, prodigals, and vagabonds,
Weary, miserable, and restless sinners,
The Holy Spirit is calling you all now.

Don’t be afraid, rise up and come,
You are called by the Son of God,
Called to repentance, to a new birth,
Called to eternal life in Jesus Christ.

All your sins, your guilt and shame,
Your mistakes, your wounds and stains,
Bring it all to the Cross of Christ now,
The Lamb of God will take away your sins.

Yes, there is forgiveness and redemption,
There is a living hope, blessed assurance,
There’s healing and mending and changing,
God is making all things new, so come.

Not one of us is righteous and good,
We’re all in need of forgiveness and saving,
We all need a Savior, we can’t save ourselves,
So come to Christ Who can save any sinner.

“One Last Song”

Written by: Victor P.

“One Last Song”

O brother, o sister,
Sing one last song
With dry lips,
With parched tongue,
With aching bones,
With dying body
In the grip of deterioration
But with a living spirit
And heart’s determination.

Sing it on your deathbed,
Sing it at death’s door,
Sing it for you know
You will soon see the Lord.

Decay will surely do its work
Once your last breath is exhaled
But before then you can show
A final display of devotion
At the end of life’s journey;
The last sung words
Before leaving this world,
The last ounces of strength
Used to praise the living God.

Die in peace,
O brother, o sister,
With words of praise
On your lips.

Sing with all that is within you:
“Worthy are You, Jesus Christ,
The Lamb of God who was slain for us,
You died for the sins of the world,
You alone has paid the ransom,
You bought the Church with Your Blood,
You redeemed those enslaved,
You saved the lost ones
From sin and Hell and self.

Hallelujah, Creator be praised,
You are worthy of it all –
Glory and honor and power,
Wisdom and might and riches,
Love, lives, hearts and souls,
All to You, living and true God!”

“Antécho 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty. (electronic/instrumental LMMS track)

“Antécho 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty.
Simple electronic/instrumental LMMS track

“Things We Face”

Written by: Victor P.

“Things We Face”

Serenity – we just don’t know it.
Obscenity – we’re used to seeing it.
Imperfection – we all share it.
Desecration – we ruin what’s sacred.

Destroying what we fear –
We’re far from that point.
Being happy in every day –
It’s elusive, not our purpose.

No sense in merely existing
When we’re called to really live.
No sense in keeping score
If we’re the only ones playing.

It’s just too dark here now
To see anything around us.
We want out of this place –
The labyrinth of our failures.

Light reaches us and we turn away.
Oh, we used to welcome the sun
But now we wait for the moon,
Just to get through another night.

Long, dark roads and dead ends –
It’s so familiar and so tiring.
Oh, it’s just wearing us down,
We’re just existing now, it seems.

Things we face
In everyday life
Can build us up
Or tear us down.

We can all really live
And not merely exist.
We can breathe again,
The air so fresh and new.

If it’s in our grasp,
What’s stopping us
From getting it now
And embrace change?

“A Fool on the Wide Road”

Written by: Victor P.

“A Fool on the Wide Road”

Tell lies to get what you want,
Call the faithful “fools” for believing.
You think you have the truth in your hands,
You think unbelief will give your soul relief.

Speaking your words of hate again,
Blaspheming the name of the Holy One,
Scoffing at all that God has commanded,
You tread now the way of the lost fool.

Wide road, smooth path,
Feeling carefree as you go
Down the road you think is right
But it only leads to destruction.

Whatever your reason,
Whatever your goal,
This you should know:
As it stands, your end is Hell.

It’s so easy to believe in nothing
Beyond the visible, what’s sensed;
To believe what makes you feel good;
To believe what comforts your lost soul.

It’s so very easy but it does no good
For you only blind yourself to reality –
You ignore the perilous state of your soul;
You don’t want to believe there’s more
Than what you see and feel in this world.

“A Few Observations”

Written by: Victor P.

“A Few Observations”

So many love to lie,
So many bold in sinning,
Cowardly in standing
For what’s right and true.

Crooked spines and empty minds,
Crooked ways and compromise,
Exchanging truth for lies,
Watching as time flies, dies.

Down the slippery slope
At full speed like fools,
Down, down, down they go,
Where, they don’t even know.