“Rise and Speak”

Written by: Victor P.

“Rise and Speak”

This is a call to all
Adherents of the truth,
Come out of hiding,
Rise up now and
Speak up,
Speak now,
Speak loud,
Speak the truth!

So many are lost and straying,
Show them the way to the truth!

So many angry,
So many cowards,
Complacent, spineless,
Ignorant and fighting
Against necessary change,
Fighting against the cure,
A fool’s endeavor undertaken!

Deluded, confused and hating truth,
Like the blind in a forest, lost,
Wake up and count the cost.

Alarm the sleeping!
The time is now,
No more keeping shut,
Speak truth to all, regardless!

Life’s not a game,
Quit playing victims,
We are all guilty,
Deserving of death,
Transgressors of God’s law,
But so many still pretend there’s no truth to it
And that there’s nothing to fear,
Blind, numb, deluded,
Sleeping the perilous sleep of fools,
Oh, God change this sad reality!


Knells 1 (LMMS track made by me.)

Knells 1 (LMMS track made by me.)

Click to listen.
Something somewhat simple and repetitive, not overly so.

Dreaming 1 (something I made using LMMS)

Dreaming 1 (something I made using LMMS)

Something I made using a program called LMMS (open source, free for download.)
This was the latest thing I made so I thought I’d share it since it’s night time and all.
It’s nothing complex even, just something done somewhat quickly with some effort put into it.
Listen (use headphones/earphones for best listening), and enjoy.
Listen to the other tracks if you wish (there are 6 others on that are there, all made by me.)

“Time Short, Decisions Many”

Written by: Victor P.

“Time Short, Decisions Many”

It’s time to find your spine,
It is time to draw the line.
Listen, the time for playing neutral must now end,
No sitting on the fence, truth you must not bend.

Stand up for truth or fall for the lies,
Time is short, everyone one day dies.
The time has come to reject imitation,
No more excuses, put away hesitation.

There is one Way and Truth and Life, be sure of this,
Know that Jesus Christ is Lord, this truth do not miss.
Do you see Christ’s death as unnecessary?
If so then your end shall be sorry and scary.

To gain the world but lose your soul,
What a pathetic end indeed!
Hear now the death bell for you toll,
You just can’t see your need!

You’ve no hope if you have not Jesus Christ as your Savior,
Of this be sure, these are not empty words!
No Christ, no love, no hope, and nothing in this life to savor.
Come as you are to Him to be free of sin’s cords!

There is no time to waste,
Come to repent and taste
That the Lord God is good and merciful
And He can make your life new and full.

Life is not a game, souls are at stake,
This we must all start to seriously take,
Preach Christ, the only One who can free us from sin
And know that in the end God Almighty will surely win!

Things to Ponder

“Things to Ponder” by Victor P.

Things to ponder:
Do you have hope for life after death?
Do you ever think about it, ever care about it?
We are mortals, bound to die one day, and since life isn’t a game, something awaits us on the other side.
There cannot be nothing after this life for us.
Do we have hope based on more than some subjective feelings and opinions regarding life after death?

God says in His Word that what awaits us after death is either Hell or Heaven, nothing else. Hate those options or not, that’s the reality and denial avails nothing.
Don’t be deceived by religions lying, saying there’s nothing after or that there’s reincarnation or only some place of eternal bliss awaiting all; those are the lies of the deceived, don’t be deceived with them, rather heed the truth pertaining to reality, not some religious fools’ opinions.
If you won’t accept God’s Word as truth, it doesn’t change reality nor the fact that you’re headed to Heaven or Hell, nowhere else, so don’t jump on the Reality Denial Train, avoid it and heed the truth that God has plainly revealed in His holy Word for all to hear, read and act upon those words of His.

If you’re not a believer in the God of the Bible, the true living God, then know your perilous situation, repent of your sins, trangressions against God’s perfect law, believing on Christ to save you from your sins by having His righteousness imputed to you; you can be saved not by anything you’ve done but by what Christ did for you; believe and by God’s grace through faith in Christ you will be saved, and receive the promise of the Lord that when you die, you will go to Heaven because Christ is your Savior, no one else.
If you’re a believer, keep the hope alive and burning in your heart, the hope of Heaven, the day of standing in God’s presence, entering Heaven, to be reunited with departed saints, and seeing your Savior face to face, resting from your labors for His Kingdom, to be with the Lord forevermore.

Are you now wasting your life on trivial things, avoiding important matters, ignoring thinking about what’s after this life?
Do you have Christ as your Savior, as Lord, as God, as the Author and Perfector of your faith?
You aren’t going to live on Earth forever, your day will come, are you ready to stand before God the just Judge of all?

Christless sermons may

Christless sermons may come in the form of sweet soft poison or bitter blasphemous poison, but they’re poison either way.

Hearers, beware Christless sermons anywhere.
Discern between the true and false, rebuke when necessary.
Fear not, fight for the truth of God against every lie.
A child of God must not act like a spineless coward, ever.

– Victor P.