Hello, World!

What’s all this, then? What’s this site doing here, anyway? Why did I make a whole new site/domain when I already have one?

Well, it’s simple, or at least it seemed simple to me when I got the idea to make another site, in addition to the one I already have and post in. The idea was to make a separate site where I basically post only what I wrote, that is, poems, prose, and things in other literary styles, as well as sharing here links to my LMMS tracks that I uploaded to my SoundCloud page, which is the same name as this site: Battle, Adventure, Beauty.

Also, I have come to think that perhaps my GloryToGodALoneVP site has become, shall I say, cluttered, and I think that it would become increasingly difficult for people to find just my poems/prose/writings and soundcloud links because of all the other things I post there which aren’t my own writings.

I want to make it much easier for people to find things I wrote and published/posted online, well, on my GloryToGodAloneVP site, and soundcloud, and though I did also post plenty on my facebook and twitter which I posted on GTGAVP, I don’t provide links to those social media pages here, I’d need a good reason and request to share links to those media sites.

So, then, in the coming weeks I will basically be adding/copying/transferring all the poems/prose from my GloryToGodAloneVP site to this one, one post at a time, and removing it from that site so that all posts which have to do with poems/prose/etc. that I shared/posted there will only be found on this site. This will make it easier for people to find all that and it will be more organized site here and less cluttered-looking site there.

The focus of both sites remains the same: doing all for the glory of God. Having separate sites will simply show the different parts of the primary focus and goal I have in mind.

This will not be a small task for me to undertake or finish but I believe it’s worth the time and effort to do this. I want both sites to have what I intend them to have and shine the specific light that each has for all readers to see.

May God be glorified by what I do now and always, and may my posts and work be for the good of people.

A Quote and a Note (1)



My note/comment:

Also, Jesus said to preach the Gospel to every creature and that means:
Share it, Preach it
to every sin-diseased wretch walking the cold and dying world;
to every proud fool who thinks life without God is worth living;
to all the self-righteous and hypocritical;
to all the richest and poorest;
to the most famous and to the rejected and isolated;
to the seemingly-happy and to the miserable and despairing;
to all the religiously active but spiritually dead;
to all the pagans, heathen, idolaters of all varieties;
to every person who is not saved, who hasn’t heard the Gospel,
to all who are alive and well and to those ill and half-dead.

Jesus didn’t make exceptions to who must hear the Gospel so we dare not assume or make up our own exclusions and exceptions.

“Short Empty Moments”

4/10/16. 4/11/16.
Written by: Victor P.

“Short Empty Moments”

An empty moment,
A strange thing,
A part of a day
That doesn’t seem to fit,
Like something missing,
Like nothing happening,
An emptiness present
And activity absent;
Not even like looking at static on TV,
More like looking at a TV that’s off.

The silence surrounds
And solitude abounds.
Moments last for a little
And pass into the past;
The present is here,
The future’s details uncertain.

Empty moments will disappear
But they will return some day;
Do not know when or where,
Do not know why or for how long.
However long empty moments may last
This much is sure, they will end, they’ll pass.

Do moments of emptiness come to all?
There must be a reason for them, a purpose:
Maybe to think about what’s been ignored,
What was put off for some unknown time?

When the empty moments come,
Make use of them, or at least try;
Fill the void, the emptiness of the moment,
Contemplate what’s important,
Ponder what actually matters,
Think about what you’ve overlooked.

Now is not all that there is,
There’s a future still ahead;
You may not know what’s in store
But the past is gone, it is no more.

Make the best of the time you have,
You don’t know how long you’ll live.
Don’t take for granted what you have,
If you lose it, what can you do then?

With the passing of empty moments
The day goes on, moves on its way,
Another day will take its place
And empty moments may come with it
But it need not be moments wasted
Or moments that can’t be more than empty.

Fill those moments, don’t leave them empty,
Do with the time what will make a difference,
Do what is right no matter who is watching,
You have now, later is not guaranteed,
The end may be very far off,
Do all the good you can while you’re alive.
Glory to God Alone.

“Fame’s a Pedestal of Expectations” Note by me.

“Fame’s a Pedestal of Expectations” Note by me.

–Originally just a comment; shared here as a note–

Fame’s a pedestal of expectations that can’t be met by the famous for they are but our fellow sinners, flawed, imperfect, broken, and sadly too many of the famous live in denial of this and let fame get to their head, clouding their judgment, leading them down darker and darker roads in life.

If they can’t admit they’re sinful, flawed, imperfect, broken, then their life (or existence) is based on denial of a very important truth that can pave the way to right road, to look beyond imperfect self to something beyond self, to get a glimpse of that transcendental reality that is God.

God is that too-often ignored Creator of all things who made every individual, calls each to embrace Him and have eyes opened to a reality that they’ve been blind to; to answer a call the world can never give; to love without pretending; to be set free from the easily-besetting sin; to be put on a road that has to do with the eternal instead of temporal; to truly live and be all they can be in the grace and strength of the God who created them.

“Honesty Coupled With Truth” Note by me.

“Honesty Coupled With Truth” Note by me.

–Originally just a comment; shared here as a note–

Honesty’s great and better when coupled with the truth that can shine like a great light in the midst of half-truths and whole lies.
Where can more such honesty be found?
Cliches and small talk abound.
Introspection is like a lost art.
Insight seems to cost too much.
Concern for the state of one’s soul is too often pushed aside to much later in life.
Genuine concern for another’s spiritual needs to many seems to only take away time they’d rather use for something else (though of lesser importance and likely only of temporal value).

Seeking more such honesty as will surely take some work, to find it, and apply it to self to open a window to look within and say what’s really there, to let Christ illuminate it and bring out what’s hidden from all because of fear and pride still alive in self.

“Adam4d Web Comic and my Comment” (1)

“Adam4d Web Comic and my Comment” (1)

I decided to use the image/Adam4d comic from the link because it provides the context for my comment. It’s not a long comment but I hope it helps someone if they encounter a similar objection to the mentioned doctrine. I just might come back to the comment to expand on it later, maybe.

from https://www.facebook.com/adam4dcom/photos/a.200310343465526.1073741828.200307070132520/813330695496818/?type=3&theate

My comment:
Indeed. It says “For God so loved the world…” not “For God felt like killing His Son…”
Jesus wasn’t a helpless child, one with no say in the matter; He was a grown man who willingly went to the Cross because of love, to save sinners because they can’t save themselves.
Jesus knew what He was doing, what had to be done.
There was no child abuse, there was a necessity; only His blood would do; only His sacrifice would be acceptable; only His death would accomplish what it did; only His resurrection would be victory over death and the grave and the world and the devil and sin.

“The modern-day obsession of too many with not being offended…” Note by me.

“The modern-day obsession of too many with not being offended…” Note by me.(7/19/17)

The modern-day obsession of too many with not being offended may be summed up thus: “If you offend me, then you hate me.” Such a conclusion would not be reached by the use of logic but by the person’s feelings of the moment and a flawed perception of another’s intentions. To assume that someone who offends you hates you is just that, an assumption not based on fact but a sort of extreme conclusion reached by some strong feelings of the moment.

I think very few offend others because they hate them; many times offending is done by accident and sometimes offending people is necessary such as during a necessary conflict or when you know you must speak the truth to them but you know they’ll get offended. You must value the person above their momentary feelings. The need to offend must be driven by love. They may get offended, mad at you at first, but later may thank you for what you did because that actually helped them even though their feelings were hurt at the moment.

While we shouldn’t make a habit of offending people, especially if there’s no good reason, the fact of the matter is that offending people at some point or other will become a needed thing, if we truly love a person and want to help them but it would mean offending them. I say it’s worth it in the long run, and maybe even in the short run, depending on the person and what their need is at the time when offending them is necessary.

If we think offending people is evil, we call Jesus evil since He did it many times but He did it at the right time and for the right reasons; He knew when it had to be done and why. Knowing that why and when isn’t instant; it’s a learning process, and we can start by learning from the people in the Bible who did that, why and when, and our greatest example should be Jesus Christ. If we’re going to offend people, we should do it like Jesus did, and like His disciples and apostles.

“Satan Won’t Overcome” note by me.

“Satan Won’t Overcome” note by me.

–Note: the major part of this was originally a comment I made somewhere but I edited it and want to share it here with all, for the glory of God and the good of people.–

There’s something we Christians should realize and remember: There’s an unseen involvement of Satan and his minions spreading their propaganda and lies and seeking to counter the work of God in the Church and in the hearts and lives of men and women.

Satan and his kingdom has been hard at work since the beginning of the Church seeking to sow discord, heresy, separation, division, apathy, hypocrisy, anything to change the Church from what it should be to what he would be pleased with, second best to seeing it destroyed, but he knows he can’t destroy it since he didn’t build it and Christ said Hell won’t stand against it.

Christ has come to destroy the works of the devil; Christ has overcome the world; Christ is greater than the one in the world; Christ is undefeated now and forever; rest in these truths and live in obedience to the Father and Lord in Heaven.