Hello, World!

What’s all this, then? What’s this site doing here, anyway? Why did I make a whole new site/domain when I already have one?

Well, it’s simple, or at least it seemed simple to me when I got the idea to make another site, in addition to the one I already have and post in. The idea was to make a separate site where I basically post only what I wrote, that is, poems, prose, and things in other literary styles, as well as sharing here links to my LMMS tracks that I uploaded to my SoundCloud page, which is the same name as this site: Battle, Adventure, Beauty.

Also, I have come to think that perhaps my GloryToGodALoneVP site has become, shall I say, cluttered, and I think that it would become increasingly difficult for people to find just my poems/prose/writings and soundcloud links because of all the other things I post there which aren’t my own writings.

I want to make it much easier for people to find things I wrote and published/posted online, well, on my GloryToGodAloneVP site, and soundcloud, and though I did also post plenty on my facebook and twitter which I posted on GTGAVP, I don’t provide links to those social media pages here, I’d need a good reason and request to share links to those media sites.

So, then, in the coming weeks I will basically be adding/copying/transferring all the poems/prose from my GloryToGodAloneVP site to this one, one post at a time, and removing it from that site so that all posts which have to do with poems/prose/etc. that I shared/posted there will only be found on this site. This will make it easier for people to find all that and it will be more organized site here and less cluttered-looking site there.

The focus of both sites remains the same: doing all for the glory of God. Having separate sites will simply show the different parts of the primary focus and goal I have in mind.

This will not be a small task for me to undertake or finish but I believe it’s worth the time and effort to do this. I want both sites to have what I intend them to have and shine the specific light that each has for all readers to see.

May God be glorified by what I do now and always, and may my posts and work be for the good of people.


God commands sexual purity before marriage (and fidelity during) because …

God commands sexual purity before marriage (and fidelity during) because He knows what’s best and His laws aren’t man-made so they’re not flawed or erroneous.
Teenagers are to be taught this not only because it’s right but also because it will benefit them greatly; they’ll shine as examples of purity in a world obsessed with sex and propagating immorality.
Teenagers being taught sexual purity will help them avoid much trouble and heartbreak and the consequences of such immoral actions.

Basically, whatever God says in His Word on this matter is what we should heed and obey out of our love for Him and for the good of others.


Humanism glorifies man and denies God’s existence …

Humanism glorifies man and denies God’s existence.
Humanism is America’s most popular religion right now and they worship at the altar of moral relativism and political correctness.
Humanism praises the shallow, foolish, and vain.
“Anything but God” is their slogan; rejection of reality is their perception.
Idiots are too many to count; they’re the products of the cancer of humanism that corrupts America and elsewhere.


Humanism and loose morals pollute …

Humanism and loose morals pollute too many minds and darken too many hearts.
The teaching of Scripture’s principles and God’s commands is neglected, which is basically disobedience and the sin of omission.
Departure from the sound morality in God’s Word results in rebellion, confusion, heartbreak, and sometimes ruin, if individuals don’t come to repentance and faith before it’s too late.


Some people love spouting fallacies …

Some people love spouting fallacies because they’re not used to thinking critically or logically, that’s why they produce no real arguments, only hot air and emotional responses.
Sucks to be them but they’re not excused for refusing to learn how to think.


“Decisions 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty (LMMS instrumental/electronic track)

“Decisions 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty (LMMS instrumental/electronic track)
Simple short electronic/instrumental LMMS track.

“Sanitas 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty (LMMS electronic/instrumental track)

“Sanitas 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty (LMMS electronic/instrumental track)
Simple short electronic/instrumental LMMS track.