Hello, World!

What’s all this, then? What’s this site doing here, anyway? Why did I make a whole new site/domain when I already have one?

Well, it’s simple, or at least it seemed simple to me when I got the idea to make another site, in addition to the one I already have and post in. The idea was to make a separate site where I basically post only what I wrote, that is, poems, prose, and things in other literary styles, as well as sharing here links to my LMMS tracks that I uploaded to my SoundCloud page, which is the same name as this site: Battle, Adventure, Beauty.

Also, I have come to think that perhaps my GloryToGodALoneVP site has become, shall I say, cluttered, and I think that it would become increasingly difficult for people to find just my poems/prose/writings and soundcloud links because of all the other things I post there which aren’t my own writings.

I want to make it much easier for people to find things I wrote and published/posted online, well, on my GloryToGodAloneVP site, and soundcloud, and though I did also post plenty on my facebook and twitter which I posted on GTGAVP, I don’t provide links to those social media pages here, I’d need a good reason and request to share links to those media sites.

So, then, in the coming weeks I will basically be adding/copying/transferring all the poems/prose from my GloryToGodAloneVP site to this one, one post at a time, and removing it from that site so that all posts which have to do with poems/prose/etc. that I shared/posted there will only be found on this site. This will make it easier for people to find all that and it will be more organized site here and less cluttered-looking site there.

The focus of both sites remains the same: doing all for the glory of God. Having separate sites will simply show the different parts of the primary focus and goal I have in mind.

This will not be a small task for me to undertake or finish but I believe it’s worth the time and effort to do this. I want both sites to have what I intend them to have and shine the specific light that each has for all readers to see.

May God be glorified by what I do now and always, and may my posts and work be for the good of people.


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The bottom right part of it, the gap, kind of looks like a a heart shape, a Valentine’s heart.20190916_123121.jpg

Sunday Praise (54) 9/15/19

Sunday Praise (54) 9/15/19. by me.

Father in Heaven,
Holy and righteous,
Abba, we all need You,
You are God Almighty.

I am blessed and happy
Because You are my God,
My Savior, Master, Healer,
Redeemer, Deliverer, Creator.

Nearer, my God, to You
I want to be with each new day.
Nearer, my Lord, to You
I need to be with each new day.

God, blessed is Your name
Among the many nations
Where You are known and loved
Served by the poor and rich alike.

I come tp You with praise,
I enter Your presence again,
Even when it’s hard, I know,
I can praise You, pray to You.

I still fall down time and time again,
I stil fail and I still stumble, Father,
You pick me up and help me go,
You walk beside me, You go ahead of me.

I will declare Your praise,
I won’t be silent, Savior,
Here and in eternity
I will worship You, God.

The nations’ gods and goddesses
Are dead and false, all counterfeits,
Worthless idols unworthy of praise,
They’ll all be destroyed, You’re God alone.

I want to be in Your house
All of my days on earth
And then be with You forever,
You are my home, God.

I will praise You, God,
With all of my heart,
Giving You all I can,
It’s what You deserve.

You know everything about me
Nothing is hidden from You, Lord,
My thoughts, my words and actions,
You know it all, completely, Creator.

You will judge the world in righteousness,
None can say You judgment is wrong,
You know the deepest thoughts of all,
Motivations, intentions, all evil and good.

I will bless You in the congregation,
I will bless You with Your children,
I will bless You in the darkest valleys,
I know now You’re all I want and more.

I will praise You, Lord,
You are good, Creator,
Your mercy endures forever
There is no one like You.

You hear me when I call,
You answer my prayers
According to Your wisdom
And Your love, heavenly Father.

I praise You for Your mercy,
Glorify You for Your truth,
Worship You for Your holiness,
You alone are worthy, Lord.

Fill my heart with compassion,
Fill my soul with boldness,
Give me the courage I need
To speak Your truth to people.

You search my heart and see
Everything that’s underneath,
Everything that only You know,
You see all the good and bad in me.

See if I’m not daily walking
On the everlasting way, Lord,
Guide me back to the narrow road,
Keep me close, ever be with me.

I thank You with the righteous
Redeemed by the blood of Christ,
Saved from sin, damnation, Hell,
Saved by grace through faith in Christ.

I will keep praising You here
Until the day I die, I won’t cease
To give You thanks and praise,
Glory, hallelujah, blessed be You.

“When I See”

Written by: Victor P.

“When I See”

When I see you
I look into your eyes
And I think of possibilities
Before doubts push them away
And I’m left uncertain again,
What can tomorrow bring
For me? For you?
Have we both been waiting?
We can start moving, doing,
Words will replace silence,
One fear is overcome.

“At Arm’s Length”

Written by: Victor P.

“At Arm’s Length”

At arm’s length,
We grow colder,
Increase distance,
Decrease care.

Foolish to pretend
To be perfect
In this world
Of imperfect people.

To be real is
To be vulnerable,
To love is to risk,
But it’s worth it.

I hope we realize it
Sooner than later.

Sunday Praise (53) 9/8/19

Sunday Praise (53) 9/8/19. by me.

This is another gift from You,
Lord, You have made it all
For Your glory, to praise You,
To declare Your sovereignty.

The sun rose in the morning,
Shone and warmed in the day,
Set in the west to welcome
The night and the moon.

My soul rejoices in You,
You’re my strength in life,
My Savior and salvation,
My hope and victory.

Life is not meaningless,
You’re the meaning of it,
To glorify You and enjoy You
Forever, Lord, a blessed state.

Negativity comes in life,
Struggles to overcome,
Growth through pain,
All a part of Your plan.

I think about Heaven again
Where we won’t get sick,
We won’t get old or die,
You’ll wipe our tears away.

It seems so far off from now
But life’s shorter than we think
And years go by like a moment
And we reach the day of our death.

I will rejoice in You here
Daily walking by faith,
Seeking Your face
And growing in love.

I’m a pilgrim here, I know,
A stranger, a sojourner,
This world is not my home,
God, You are my home.

I will wait until the day
I’ll see You face to face,
I’ll be amazed and humbled,
I will praise and worship You.

I will finally be home,
I will be with You, Lord,
Eternal life will be
A long-awaited final union.

There is much beauty in the world,
I realize even the simple things
We overlook, take for granted,
They’re Your beautiful creation.

I’ll bless Your holy name
Until the day that I die
And then forever and ever
I’ll praise, worship, glorify You!

My soul will exalt You
Among all the nations,
I will not be ashamed
Of knowing and loving You.

Help us to use our time wisely,
To do all things for Your glory,
To keep Your promises in mind
And live by faith, love, and hope.

I am crucified with Christ,
It’s no longer I who live,
Jesus Christ lives in me;
What an honor and a joy!

I know that blessed is the one
Whose strength is in You, God,
And most blessed is the soul
Saved by Jesus Christ forever.

I am happy that You love me,
You know all my imperfections,
How often I fall, fail, sin, stumble,
You call me to repentance, to change.

Fill my heart with Your love,
Help me to love others
As You love me, Father,
Teach me to love and live.

Every new day is a gift
From Your hand, Creator,
I have taken for granted
Too many things before.

I am always dependent on You,
You sustain me every moment,
I will grow in faith, love, obedience,
Doing Your will, do all to Your glory.

This is just …

This is just a reminder that abortion is murder.
Get triggered, get offended, spew your hate, but the fact remains.
There’s no caring, no compassion, no humanity, in abortion. When you realize it, you’ll see how evil abortion is.