Sunday Praise (37) 5/19/19

Sunday Praise (37) 5/19/19. by me.

I’ve seen You at work again
In my life and in others’ lives,
You hear and answer prayers,
You give us what we need.

You’ve sent rain this week,
You’ve made the sun shine,
You send the warmth and cold,
You show You’re God over all.

You are worthy of admiration,
Worthy of all honor and glory,
Worthy to be praised and adored,
Worthy to be worshiped by all.

We continue celebrating Easter,
You raising Christ from the dead,
His victory over sin, Satan and death,
Our heart rejoices in You, God.

Savior, You’re our only hope,
Propitiation for our sins,
Deliverance from sin and Hell,
You’re our salvation, eternal life.

You’ve created everything visible
And everything that’s invisible,
You are the Maker and Creator,
You are God alone, there’s no other.

You’ve made it all for Your glory,
To declare Your praises, o Lord,
The works of Your mighty hands
Show Your creativity and majesty.

I see the beautiful flowers
And the fruit-bearing trees
And the appealing plants
And I thank You for it all.

I’ve found rest for my soul in You,
You’ve saved me, redeemed me,
The world can never give me
What You’ve given me, Savior.

The Church will gather to praise
Her Groom, You, the Head, the Lord,
You have done amazing things
For the undeserving ones, Master.

I still have a long way to go
Before I’m who You want me to be,
But I know You will complete
The work You’ve started in me.

I need to devote myself wholly to You,
To learn to better obey You, Master,
It’s where I fail and must grow,
Teach me to obey You in love.

I know You won’t leave me,
You won’t forsake or abandon me,
I know that You love me,
Heavenly Father, I love You.

Lead me on this narrow road,
Be with me through it all,
Lead me into eternity, Lord,
I will be forevermore with You.

As the deer pants for the water
So my soul longs for You, God,
May I desire to know You better
And learn to better love and obey You.

I await the eternal spring
But I know only You know
When my time here is over,
When You’ll call me Home to You.

I will wait and my soul will learn
The patience You want me to have,
You’re teaching me to endure here,
You’re giving me what I need, God.

I will learn to better praise You
Your Spirit will indwell me and I
Will grow in love and obedience
Until Christ returns or I die.

On this journey of life and faith
You’ve been with me every moment
And I know that You will be with me
‘Til my end here and then forevermore.


Sunday Praise (35) 5/5/19

Sunday Praise (35) 5/5/19. by me.

This new day is a gift from You,
Father, You give us all we have,
You’re Creator, Maker, Sustainer,
You hold it all in Your hands.

The time of celebration continues,
We remember Christ’s death for sinners
And how You raised Him from the dead,
He overcame sin, Satan, and the grave.

Thank You for Your Son
Who died for me on the Cross,
And He’s the only One
Who saved me, this I know.

His death on Golgotha for sinners
Showed Your amazing love,
Lord, You’re worthy of all praise,
The best of all that creation can give.

Help us to praise You, Lord,
Lead us in Your holy ways,
Guide us every step of the way,
Show us how to live and die.

Fill us with Your Holy Spirit,
Fill our lips with thanksgiving,
Fill our hearts with praise,
Help us to give You all glory.

Change our hearts, Potter,
Make us more like Christ,
Conform us to His likeness,
Make us who we should be.

Blessed be Your holy name,
Blessed be You, God Almighty,
Now and forever be glorified,
Be lifted high above all, Lord.

Bring us all nearer to You,
Guide us on the narrow road,
Help us to resist temptation,
Strengthen us to do Your will.

Help us, Father, to be faithful
In obeying You in our life,
To praise You every day,
To rejoice in You always.

Now and forever You reign,
You are Sovereign over all,
Without rival, without equal,
You are God, there’s no other.

Sunday Praise (34) 4/28/19

Sunday Praise (34) 4/28/19. by me.

Lord, You are worthy to be praised
By every person in every place,
You’re worthy of all honor and glory,
You deserve to be worshiped by all.

We enter Your presence with thanks
And praise You for what You’ve done,
You humble us with Your Word
And by Your grace amaze us.

We are Your redeemed people,
You have adopted us through Christ,
His death for us bought our ransom,
We are Your children, heavenly Father.

The time of rejoicing continues,
We celebrate Christ’s victory
Over the powers of Hell and Satan,
His victory over the grave and sin.

We want You to come closer to us,
To be nearer to You, Almighty Lord,
Show us a glimpse of Your glory,
Fill us with healthy fear of You, God.

Jesus, we lift up Your holy name
Above all other names always,
There’s none worthy like You are
To be glorified, adored, worshiped.

You gave us a better, new life,
We’re born again, raised with You
From the grave of sin and guilt,
We are Yours now and forever.

We are happy and blessed
Because You’re our Savior,
We believe Your promises,
We trust You, You never lie.

Our hearts are filled with praise,
We lift our voices thanking You,
Your Holy Spirit indwells us,
You live in us, abide with us.

The time is now to rejoice
In Your certain victory, Lord,
In Your is our blessed hope,
In You is our salvation, God.

Help us to fix our eyes on You,
Lead us through this life daily,
We need You every moment,
You sustain us and You love us.

Help us to resist temptation,
Help us run this race of faith,
To remain faithful to You,
Lead us here until we die

You are mighty, strong and holy,
Majestic, wonderful, incomparable,
King of kings and Lord of lords,
Above all forevermore glorified.

Sunday Praise (33) 4/21/19

Sunday Praise (33) 4/21/19. by me.

Lord, blessed be Your name,
You’re worthy of all glory,
Worthy to be praised now
And forevermore, Almighty.

Father, You loved the world so much
That You sent Your only begotten Son
To die for sinners upon the Cross,
To make atonement for our sins.

Christ took our place and died,
He took our punishment on Himself,
The Lamb of God who takes away our sins,
Propitiation, accepted sacrifice, worthy One.

I deserve Hell, damnation, despair,
But You have given me new life,
I’m born again, redeemed, adopted,
Saved by Your grace through faith in Christ.

God, Your message of hope is amazing,
Your Gospel, Lord, is what all people need,
The lost can be found, the condemned can be forgiven,
All because of Christ’s sacrifice, the price He paid.

This day is one of joy and hope and remembrance,
We praise You that You raised Christ from the dead,
He overcame the grave and death and Hell,
The enemy has lost, You’ve won the war.

Almighty, there really is no one like You,
You’re unrivaled, unequaled, incomparable,
Victorious over all who oppose You,
Sovereign God forever reigning over all.

You’re worthy of all honor and praise,
You deserve the best of all we can give,
You deserve all glory and worship,
You are all that You say You are.

King of kings and Lord of lords,
Savior, Master, Great Physician,
Lamb of God and Lion of Judah,
Redeemer, Great High Priest, Mediator.

Now is the time to worship You,
Every day is a gift from You,
Lord, all comes from Your hand,
You provide, protect, bless, sustain.

If it were true as some say
That You didn’t rise from the dead
Then we’re still dead in our sins
And have no everlasting life

But thank You that they’re wrong,
You raised Christ from the dead,
He is risen, alive and victorious,
King of kings and Lord of lords.

You are more amazing than I realize,
I am humbled by Your great love,
Your mercy shows us Your character,
Your holiness brings me to humility.

We understand we know little about You
When we realize You’re not fathomable,
Your understanding is without limit,
Your ways past finding out by our methods.

You will always be alive, O Lord,
You alone are the everlasting God,
You’re true and living, without equal,
There is none like You, God Almighty.

Sunday Praise (32) 4/14/19

Sunday Praise (32) 4/14/19. by me.

I thank You for everything,
You give all that is needed,
You know what’s best for me
And for everyone else, Lord.

The new day is a gift from You,
Like all things from Your hands,
Your mercy and Your grace
Amaze me still, Your love the more.

Hallelujah, be You praised
Now and forevermore, God,
You’re worthy of praise and honor,
Worthy of glory and worship.

You deserve the best we can give,
You deserve our sincere praise,
You deserve our love and obedience,
You’re worthy of it all and ever much more.

This is a day of celebration,
Remembering Your Son’s entry
Into the city of Jerusalem,
Palm Sunday, we will not forget.

God, You sent into this world
Because Your plan of salvation
Required that He die in our place,
Just for unjust, innocent for guilty.

It’s not easy to understand it
And without Your Holy Spirit
Who can make sense of it?
Who can receive Your truth?

Some say it’s nonsense,
Some don’t care about it,
Some half-heartedly believe,
But it’s Your truth, Lord, Your Word.

Thank You for Jesus Christ,
For Your love towards sinners,
For Your mercy and grace,
For Your holiness and justice.

You give us understanding,
You give us our daily bread,
You hear and answer prayers
According to Your nature, God.

Father in heaven, You know us all
Better than we know ourselves,
You provide, protect, strengthen,
You always do what’s good and right.

“The Groaning World”

Written by: Victor P.

“The Groaning World”

I find it in the time away
From all the routine noise,
The thing I come to cherish –
Time with You, God, I won’t waste it.

The world seems so cold and dark,
The pain and suffering is rampant,
We can’t escape these realities,
We can’t make it through life alone.

Is the world already dying or still groaning?
Are more people aimless, hopeless now?
Fill me with Your Spirit to speak
Truth to the lost, to show them love.

I can’t see another Savior anywhere,
Christ is the only hope sinners can have
To be saved, to be born again, to change
For the better, to be who they should be.

Your light can fill the darkest hearts
Exposing darkness, driving it out,
Illuminating all that is within and around,
You are the true Light in this dark world.

I’m coming to taste and to know
You are loving, faithful, holy,
You are good, merciful, understanding,
You’re more than I’ve imagined.

I get glimpse of Your holiness again
And I am humbled, living and true God,
You show me what I need to see,
You amaze me more each day.

Here, away from the weekday busyness
I find what I want and what You give,
You know I need You, to be with You,
It’s a privilege, an honor, a blessing.

You open my mind to consider
Things I haven’t until now.
God, You’re showing me the urgency
Of sharing Your Gospel with people.

Lord, this world needs You,
Help me and others to show
Love like You’ve shown us,
To do what You’ve called us to do.

Lead daily in Your way,
Help to fix eyes of You,
To stay faithful to You,
To live loving and obeying.

This world is groaning now,
You will return, King of kings,
Creation awaits Your arrival, Lord,
Your Bride is being prepared for You.

Shine Your light upon the world,
Move in us and bring real revival
For Your glory, for peoples’ good,
Only You can, Lord, You’re Sovereign.

Sunday Praise (31) 4/7/19

Sunday Praise (31) 4/7/19. by me.

I thank You, God, for this new day,
I will rejoice and be glad in it,
You’ve given me all that I have,
I praise You for everyhing, Lord.

I thank You for Your love,
For Your mercy and grace,
For Christ and forgiveness,
For salvation, sanctification.

I thank You for the Crossall
On which Jesus Christ died,
For redemption and justification,
For all that You’ve done for us.

Lord, You deserve the best
Of all that I can give and do,
It all comes from Your hands,
I want to praise You with it.

Lord, You’re worthy of all honor
And power and glory and reverence,
Worthy to be worshiped and adored,
Deserving the best everyone can give.

I thank You for Christ’s shed blood,
The suffering He endured for me,
For what it cost to save me from damnation,
For giving me what I don’t deserve.

I want to worship You always, God,
And improve my expression of praise
For You deserve the best I can sincerely give,
My offerings of love, service, obedience.

Lord, I give You my life
As a living sacrifice again,
It’s my reasonable service,
To honor and serve You.

God, I know You always see me
And You sustain me every moment,
My life is in Your hands, Father in Heaven,
I always need You and I always will.

Fill my lips daily with praise,
Fill my heart with thanksgiving,
Strengthen me to do what I must,
Be with me every step of the way.

I look to You, living and true God,
I thank You for all You’ve done,
For all You’re doing and will do,
You always know what’s best for me.

Now and forevermore I am Yours,
Father, I long to be with You wherever You are,
I will trust You, hope in You, love You,
I’ll praise with all that is in me.