“Glory to the Living God”

Written by: Victor P.

“Glory to the Living God”

I want to tell the world
About Your great love.
I want sinners to know
About Your amazing grace.

Lord of Hosts, Almighty One,
From everlasting to everlasting
You’re the true and living God,
Without rival, without equal.

How wonderful is Your love
Towards mortals You’ve created!
Lord, how faithful You are
Even to the least of us all!

I praise You now, O God,
For Your love and kindness.
I worship You, eternal King,
For You are holy and just.

Let praise flow from my heart
And through my lips come forth
To give You what You’re worthy of,
To glorify You in deed and in word.

You are my rest, my hiding place,
My shelter in the storms of life.
You alone are my Savior, Redeemer,
I long to see You and worship You.

Fill my lips with thanksgiving
Once again as when I came
To You to be saved by You alone,
When You made me Your child.

When my heart becomes tired,
Father, give me rest in Your arms.
When I’m weak from fighting battles,
Be my strength and be my victory.

These words are a prayer and praise,
This is a declaration of my dependence
Upon You wholly, my heavenly Father,
You are my all in all, my everything.

You wash away the darkest of our sins
By the blood of Jesus Christ Your Son,
You wash away the guilt and shame,
You make the broken whole again.


“To Live, To Die 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty 2. (electronic/instrumental LMMS track)

“To Live, To Die 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty 2.
Simple electronic/instrumental LMMS track

“Creation Points to God” Note by me.

“Creation Points to God” Note by me.

–Note: Originally just a comment, shared here for anyone to read–

Creation isn’t to be idolized or worshiped but to serve as a pointer to the Creator, a reminder that all is made by God who is Maker, Architect, Sustainer, of all that was and is and will be, all made for His glory, all showing His creativity, majesty, expression of His attributes.
Design and complexity and variety and order, all evidence of God’s handiwork, and though but a good show of His infinite wisdom, yet is enough to give humans an idea of just what God has done, is still doing, and will do.
No one has a valid excuse for not believing in God, and excuses aren’t reasons anyway and so are void.

Turn your gaze to the bigger picture of reality and see that the natural order, all that is, is held together by the living God, the Creator and Sustainer of all things visible and invisible.
Until you’ve looked at that bigger picture, you’re just looking at a few pieces of the puzzle of reality, but you do have the other pieces available so it’s your responsibility to look at them, consider them, add them to the puzzle, and your mind will be wanting more pieces, more answers, and your heart will seek more of what it needs if your will is resolved to seek the truth wherever it leads.

The right place where it will lead you would be to the Cross of Christ, to a knowledge of God, there you’d have to accept the Maker’s conditions and life in Him.

Or you will turn away and reject what He has done for you and return to the darkness of your natural way of living in rejection of and rebellion against your Creator and Savior, which is the most foolish kind of rebellion, but need not be your end if you accept the truth before you die.

“To Live With God is to Truly Live” Note by me.

“To Live With God is to Truly Live” Note by me.

A life of ease is not a life of growth in any significant sense. Growth requires challenge, pressure, resistance. Maturity requires fighting and doing away with immaturity.
More importantly, a life without God may seem satisfying or satisfactory but that’s only how it can appear on the surface, but underneath, is that wicked and desperately sick heart which only God knows, sees, understands.
Unseen is that spirit that’s dead and in need of being made alive by the Holy Spirit by repentance, rebirth, conversion.
And there’s the soul that’s lost and condemned already, hellbound, unless by God’s grace through faith in Christ the person is saved, born again.
So then, a life without God is an inadequate existence which is maintained by superficial happiness, constantly in need of a new fix of trying to numb the pain of their inner emptiness of heart, spirit, and soul, all unsuccessful methods and means, all foolish attempts at ignoring the inherent needs of all sinners here.
Realizing and acknowledging and acting upon the realization and acknowledgement of the need for a Savior to, well, save the person – to redeem, ransom, reconcile, forgive, remake, revive, to change them from spiritually dead to spiritually alive, to change them from hellbound sinners to God-loving saints – that’s where mere existence stops and becomes true living as intended by God.
Without that surrendering to Christ, without being saved by Him, it’s just an existence of struggling to find meaning, purpose, outside of and apart from God, which is a vain hope, a futile endeavor, a fruitless search.
True life begins when a person becomes spiritually alive, a child of God who’s here now to do the work of God’s Kingdom, to obey God’s will out of love for and the glory of the heavenly Father and for the good and benefit of other people, living by “love God and love people” instead of selfishness and pride of years past.

“Our Knowledge of and Obedience to God” Note by me.

“Our Knowledge of and Obedience to God” Note by me.

–Originally a comment, shared here for others to read and hopefully benefit from–

However God measures or judges, it’s always done perfectly and it’s always done right because He’s perfect.
This fact and truth can be hard for us to truly believe and grasp because we’re not perfect and we can’t imagine what a perfect being (God) is and how they think and act and how this Being can be sinless and never make mistakes in thoughts or plans and actions.

The closest acquaintance and sufficient image, a real being picture, of God’s perfection that we humans can get while we’re in these present bodies and we have all our imperfections, is Jesus Christ. He’s the image of the invisible God; He’s the clearest revelation of God to people that there is.

In Christ we get the best picture of God’s nature, no longer seeing Him as through glass but as clear as God saw fit to reveal Himself to us imperfect people whose reason and understanding isn’t perfect no matter how intelligent or devoted or zealous we are for God and knowing and loving Him.
This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to know God more and more because we’re imperfect and our knowledge of God will never be full or complete while we live, while we’re in these present bodies. It means the opposite of that: it means that because of our imperfections, flaws, lacks, we must pursue the knowledge and the love of God all the more because it’s so vital, we all need it, we’re all called and invited to get the know more and more about God but also to know God more and more and to keep doing this continually until the day we die. Although we won’t reach here that goal of knowing and loving God completely, we’re encouraged, called, and instructed, to pursue obtaining as much of the knowledge of God but never at the expense of obeying God and loving.
We don’t really know God if we’re intentionally slacking in our pursuit of obeying and loving God. If we’re making excuses to keep from pursuing gaining more knowledge of God, we’re being disobedient to God’s call in Christ to do that.

We must all strive to grow our desire for the knowledge of God and just as or more important, to grow in our love for and obedience to God.
Never stop learning more and more about God. Never stop in your growth in love and obedience to God.

“God’s Calling Us To Life”

Written by: Victor P.

“God’s Calling Us To Life”

Another day and another battle,
Another loss and another failure,
Just more failed expectations,
More disappointments to accept.

Silence isn’t comforting,
Misery wants company,
Tears want shoulders,
Pain wants expression.

The weight seems too heavy,
The trying seems futile now,
The tears come in private,
The heart is restless daily.

What’s the point of all of this?
What is life without joy and love?
What’s awaiting on the horizon?
Just what’s beyond the grave?

We’re asking questions
And looking for answers;
We’re all fighting battles,
We’re all looking for love.

God’s calling us to true life,
To more than mere existence,
Nobody’s being excluded or rejected,
We just need to open our ears and hearts.

The more we fall for distractions and noise
The less likely we are to hear God speak,
We all need to focus our attention,
The Word of life is what we all need.

Come to the Lord just as you are,
He wants to forgive your sins,
He wants to save you, give you new life,
You can be reconciled to God through Christ.

Life is more than we can imagine,
Life’s purpose greater than we assume,
God’s love is an ocean of wonders,
God’s holiness amazing and pure.

“Come to the Savior”

Written by: Victor P.

“Come to the Savior”

Come, all you wretched and wicked,
Wanderers, prodigals, and vagabonds,
Weary, miserable, and restless sinners,
The Holy Spirit is calling you all now.

Don’t be afraid, rise up and come,
You are called by the Son of God,
Called to repentance, to a new birth,
Called to eternal life in Jesus Christ.

All your sins, your guilt and shame,
Your mistakes, your wounds and stains,
Bring it all to the Cross of Christ now,
The Lamb of God will take away your sins.

Yes, there is forgiveness and redemption,
There is a living hope, blessed assurance,
There’s healing and mending and changing,
God is making all things new, so come.

Not one of us is righteous and good,
We’re all in need of forgiveness and saving,
We all need a Savior, we can’t save ourselves,
So come to Christ Who can save any sinner.