“To An Atheist And Others” by me.

“To An Atheist And Others” by me.

–Originally just a long comment; edited and shared here for all to read–
Just because you repeat a lie so often that “God doesn’t exist” understand that it doesn’t make it true, it just means you have a lot of faith in your belief that God doesn’t exist without any evidence to support your claims.
Your religion is humanism, your ‘science’ is evolution, your philosophy is naturalism, and your theology is atheism.
Don’t worry, you’re still alive, there’s still hope for you, though you’re now spiritually dead and blind to the truth, God’s not done with you, you could still be led to repentance and faith in Christ and be used by God to spread His Gospel one day.
Don’t count yourself out yet, the possibility is there while you’re still alive, and the time to repent and believe in Christ is there too, you’re not destined to die following the hopeless naturalistic, humanistic, atheistic worldview, you’re not excluded from God’s offer of salvation through Christ.
Whatever keeps you from believing is just an obstacle that needs to be removed, not some impossibility that will keep you from ever believing.
Plenty of atheists have become Christians in the past and present and more will become Christians in the future. No atheist is denied God’s offer of salvation by His grace through faith in Christ.
There’s hope for you yet, weary sinner, come to Christ before you die, don’t give in to atheism’s hopelessness and lies.
There’s a better way to live, there’s a newer you that you can be, without your hatred and bitterness, but one who can live joyfully and with real meaning in life.
It’s possible, you’re not excluded from those who can come to God by repenting and believing He is who He says in the Bible and He can forgive your sins and years of unbelief and hatred and opposition. All of that can be forgiven by God, all your sins and stains and guilt and shame can be washed away by Christ’s Blood, you can be made new in Him, have spiritual life and joy you obviously don’t have now.

My above comment can be read and applied by any atheist, too, because God calls all to repentance and faith, to salvation and new life, exclusion is an illusion, His offer is for all who are willing to believe and trust in Christ for salvation from sin, self, and Hell, from God’s just condemnation of sinners who violated His perfect Law. Come, all you sinners, and look to Christ for salvation and new life. Atheism can’t give you what you need. Hopelessness need not be your end. Christ is calling, hear and answer, while you’re still alive, there’s still hope, there’s still time.


“When God Stirs Our Hearts” Note by me.

“When God Stirs Our Hearts” Note by me.
Sometimes God will stir our hearts to do something for another person, probably some small thing, not some grand act of generosity or charity but maybe just a simple act of kindness.
Then the enemy will whisper his own ideas in an attempt to get us to not do what God stirs our hearts to do.
The devil doesn’t want us obeying God’s will or doing good things for others; he wants us to do things for ourselves only, to limit our positive effect and a good impact on others’ lives.
Satan wants us to turn our focus from Jesus to ourselves, in subtle ways he sometimes gets us to do that and what happens is that our life will lose balance.
A life which isn’t based on a saving relationship with God will inevitably become bleak, empty, miserable.
This relationship is one where the person desires to do the will of God out love, not out of an irrational fear or fear of Hell and judgment.
The saved soul no longer fears Hell and judgment for God has saved them from that, nor do they obey out of fear of losing salvation or feelings of guilt if they don’t do what they should.
The actions of the saved done for God are done out of love, gratitude and honor.
The actions of the saved for people, for others, are also to be done out of love, in obedience to the commands of Christ and the desire to see the good of others, to see others benefit by what one says and does.
While it is easier to not do something for another sometimes, be it some small thing or not, we should resist the urge to forgo doing good for another for that is what God wants us to do, to do to others as we would have it done unto us.
It’s easy to come up with excuses but it’s better not to make them or use them.
In all things we do we should have the mind of Christ, doing what He would do, saying what He would, not letting laziness have its place, not letting our minds become factories of excuses.
We’re not called to run from responsibility, we should embrace it.
We should be accountable people though that doesn’t come naturally and must be learned and practiced before it becomes part of who we are.
When God stirs our hearts to action through His Word, we’d be wise to obey when He speaks lest we procrastinate and put it off until we miss and waste an opportunity to do what God wanted us to do.
When God tells us to do something for someone, even a complete stranger, we should heed His call and do a big or small thing for another.
We may not think it makes a difference when we do it but it may mean a great deal to that person.
We don’t know at the moment how our acts of kindness, charity or generosity will affect a person but God knows and that’s what matters; He knows how it will impact the person, He knows the ends, results, outcomes of all our actions.
Do good when you know you should; do good when God stirs your heart; do good when God speaks through His Word; do good and you won’t regret it.

“To the Year’s End”

12/27/14. 12/28/14.
Written by: Victor P.

“To the Year’s End”

Let’s come to the end
Of another year
With our old selves,
With our old hearts.

See now as another year comes to an end;
Another many chose to carelessly spend.
We should have taken a stand
And more tried to understand.

There are mysteries we’ve not delved into
And matters we haven’t considered.
Oh, think, how little have we given unto
The God who has us all created?

Oh, what have we taken for granted?
Have we given more than we’ve received?
I say to those who’ve truly repented:
Beyond this is more than we’ve conceived!

We have reached the end, my friends,
Another year has come and gone!
How much have we left undone?
What will await us when our life ends?

The year’s end is like a preview
Of our own life’s eventual end.
We see when we ourselves view:
We borrow much and little lend.

Let’s not wear a mask of hope.
We fail in our attempts to cope
With all these things alone, on our own
But pride whips us, our scars have shown.

Tick, tock; we rarely sit and watch the clock,
With all there is to do we do not have the time for such things;
We so soon lose track of every tick and tock,
We just rush, run, chase, sleep and repeat as time its song sings.

Hurry along in life each day,
Slow down only to sleep.
We have fallen very deep
Into the pit that is everyday.

Let’s set fire to the fields of our dead harvest
And watch it be consumed as we think of the future.
In better things our time and resources invest
And we’ll see the growth of something better, sure.

With each new step we near our graves, that is reality’s sting;
With every exhaled breath we have less remaining.
To waste our time here just accumulating, attaining
Is to miss life’s point and leave it all here but self with nothing.

Oh, let’s leave gems intangible
And memorable etches upon loved hearts;
Attempt to mend loved ones’ broken parts.
Let’s make promises keepable!

Walk into the new night
With an assisted sight;
Words will light the way
And love inside will stay.
Glory to God Alone.

“Christmas: Yes to Presence; No to Pretense”

12/25/13. 12/26/13.
Written by: Victor P.

“Christmas: Yes to Presence; No to Pretense”

Fleeting, passing, vanishing, lost soul’s breath;
No hands to keep away inevitable nighing death.
Much temporary for the temporal,
Prominent instead of the eternal.

When the noise of the season ceases and the songs depart,
What will be the thing that shall remain in a person’s heart?
Oh, if there were no more songs left for any souls to sing,
What would survive? What would be the remaining thing?

Walking lights and sitting shadows,
The dim embers and burning glows.
Days of new life under a cover
Leave to shatter, thus recover.

Temporary, so soon passing!
What’s the point of amassing
Things and things and even more things?
No, Heaven’s treasures are not nothings!

This gift come unwrap –
A map for life’s course.
Saved soul, come clap,
Won war without force.

Temporary, temporal, things without eternal value –
Don’t set your heart on them, don’t waste your life on that
Which cannot satisfy the longing God put in you.
Nothing but God shall satisfy! Repent before line goes flat!

Depart now thither, vile enemy’s every lie
To be forgotten, burn in the hot consuming flames.
All your pretenses, lies, fictional faces and names,
Leave them in the past to wither and die.

When all the presents of the past disappear,
What will you have then remaining?
After all the years that you have lived here,
Say, what were you really gaining?

No guarantee of tomorrow; no escape from possible future sorrow.
No lies can hold any soul up. Time is at most ours only to borrow.
Even your own life you’ve not created, creating hands were not yours
So let praise of God be what from your lips and heart forth daily pours.


The holiday spirit, or so it is called,
Getting in it if only for a month, yes;
Making an effort to leave unwalled
Your heart, but beneath ’tis a mess.

Breath is fast gone, from insincere lips sent,
Vainly exhaling to say the words not meant.

A feigned walk,
A pretend talk;
A shadow of the real,
That true holiday feel.

No, let it not pass in vain pretense!
No pressured steps for an offense,
And no guilt-manipulated heart speaking
Of things the soul is not even seeking.

If the reason for the season
Is forgotten then it’s treason
Against the Lord’s most holy blood.
Let the meaning your heart go flood.

How many songs are left in your heart hung?
Leave not your heart’s joyful song unsung,
Ready to pour out in melody to be heard,
Restrain not, leave it not to be left unheard.

Oh, what about the days of lies or all the sorries?
They are remnant shadows in blurred memories,
But light of truth dissipated the darkness,
Clarity has come, thus come and confess.

‘Tis the season of giving and receiving
But the enemy is intent on deceiving!
Cast off the masks and smile truly, all!
Come, unsaved souls, heed God’s call!

Take not away the meaning from this season
And take not the life out of the joy.
Life is to be lived with a purpose and a reason;
No life is worthless, no life is a toy!

It is a time of joy and celebration;
Come to repentance, every nation!
The ever-reigning Lord is to be glorified!
His holy name is to be forever magnified!

It is no fictional, traditional flow of hollow words!
It is no inhalation of deception nor exhalation of lies!
The Savior has set free so many from sin’s cords
And daily every sincere heart the one Savior glorifies!

Have presence of love,
Not pretense for above!

Neither freezing snow nor burning sun
Had ever saved a soul, no, not even one!
‘Twas only the blessed Savior – Christ Jesus –
God-man in flesh, He alone came to save us!

Rejoice, all of the earth,
Hear every blessed word!
Know your true worth
In the eyes of the Lord!

No lies for saving faces;
No hiding in dark places,
In hearts wherein new life is true,
Kept not hidden since it first grew.

Steps into the light, darkness fought,
Glimpses of a brighter future sought.
Hands reach out, many a soul for salvation longs!
The lungs pour out the blessed words in songs!

Who loves the pretense
Seeks not the presence.
In meaning’s absense
There’s bred nonsense.

Stay with those who from darkness freed have been
And seek hearts where that blessed light is soon seen
Like a bright star in the dark night’s sky
And see how love will then soon testify.

Is the meaning kept in the blood of heart’s intention?
Is truth to remain hidden, even without its mention
To thirsty souls in life’s desert, poor souls unsaved?
God forbid! Go, speak the truth for the way is paved.

As the angels then did sing:
Glory to the newborn King!
So too our words with truth ring:
To us salvation Christ did bring!

Seek Christ’s presence upon this great holiday
And let not go to waste even one single day!
Never forget why Christ was born, why He died, why He did again rise!
Never regret believing, serving, loving Him; let your heart’s praise arise!

Glory to the Lord our God and to Jesus Christ our King!
Forever we shall praise Him! His praise forever we’ll sing!
Glory to God Alone.

“Questions To Answer For Yourself”

Written by: Victor P.

“Questions To Answer For Yourself”

Do you revel in impurity?
Do you want security?
Are you losing your grip on life?
Have you fallen into daily strife?

You can give false answers now
But know your future won’t allow
You to bring blasphemous end
To new life for it’s a God-send.

Do not transmit your folly to posterity.
What’ll you gain receiving prosperity?
If your focus stays on the temporal lifelong,
On your deathbed you’ll sing a regret song.

Will you not now seek purity for your own sake?
Will you not seek purity for the sake of others?
Do you even know what impurity away will take?
Do you know who, other than you, it bothers?

You’re carrying scars of folly from bygone years,
Asking what your end will be, full of joy or fears?
Ere your last breath leaves your lungs, this I pray:
Put your life into the Lord’s hands and there stay.

Can you state what God’s intended purpose of life is?
The preparation for the next life, next world, is in this.
Come see who’s the source of your life and being,
Understand that believing is more than just seeing.

You can yield to evil or grace, to a good or evil voice.
Influence may make or mar your character, it is so stated.
Watch your actions and words, thereby destiny’s created.
Be marred by evil or made by good, it’s your choice.

“The Times To Speak Is Now”

Written by: Victor P.

“The Times To Speak Is Now”

Shall He find faith on the earth when He returns?
Now iniquity abounds and the love of many grows cold.
The world in gloom, a fire that now weakly burns.
The present state of things by the Son of God foretold.

The rejected Messiah is coming back!
Examine yourself, is it faith you lack?
Reading this, see here this solemn tone,
Salvation is by faith through Christ alone!

Unfaithful servants professing but not possessing,
Not with their lives but with their mouths confessing.
Failures wrought by all their hands, no lasting or living power to perform
Tasks commissioned are dead missions, when to the world they conform.

Will you remain without a certain future, not held in the safest hands?
Will your denial bring you any comfort, seeing the burning of the lands?
Where’s the sure declaration of the faith when it’s needed the most?
Now’s the time to profess Christ’s name, faithful, reach the lost host.

I’d rather see their buildings turn to dust than see their souls lost forever.
I want to see them grasp the truth and all the ties with the enemy sever.
If their gold keeps their eyes below, better that they lose it and look above
For their souls are worth more than any riches, and none greater than love.

“Wrath to Come”

Written by: Victor P.

“Wrath to Come”

Define our age:
A rotting tree,
Hating the free,
A stained page.

This is a warning
To this dying world
Nearer now turning
To the wrath of God.

The beckoning of wrath is
Their black bliss.
The thing they shall miss
Is mercy’s kiss.

Burn the vices,
Ignite another soul,
Vain sacrifices
Make the bell toll.

Peruse the most sacred Text
And see what shall come next,
As prophecies come to pass
Enlighten the ignorant mass.

The beasts are on the horizon!
Many fail to see life’s reason.
Why do you blame the light
For your perverted sight?

A sea of blood and stories of old,
Black hearts and love gone cold.
In these days lies cover the eyes
And truth is painted in grey dyes.

All things which are yet to come
Are worse for more than some,
The darkness shall be lifted
And the world will be sifted.

The harvest of the world to be
Is understood by those who see
The truths revealed, they know
Truth in time shall surely show.

Hearing their lies, disgust fills,
See their sins as their heart spills
The darkness they hide, the void inside,
The place within is where fears reside.

Fix your gaze upon the light above,
The coming end will test your love.
The coming wrath must not be ignored,
We won’t be silent, we’ll speak the Word.

Covering your poor eyes, you who reject,
What do you think shall be your gain?
Your evil ways you must cease, affect
The lives of those around you in pain.

Sensual flames, vain faiths, compromises,
Snuffing out the breath of another’s life,
Such guilt, such controversy, such strife,
What shall be kept are God’s true promises.

Silent skies and lying eyes, our art,
Shattered hearts, lives torn apart,
Bring the fallen to the foot of the cross,
Find life, gain more than all your past loss.

You call upon all the gods that you want
But those worthless idols won’t save you.
Pray, scream, sacrifice, no good will it do,
You chose a path, your choice will haunt.

We will not withhold the Truth, hear us now,
To the only Savior Jesus Christ all shall bow,
Receive or reject, accept or deny but know
You’re accountable to God, time will show.

All your money shall be useless in that day
When your kind will no longer be able to say
Blasphemous things about the most holy Lord,
Heed this warning, repent, obey God’s Word.

Seek the Lord while He may be found,
Heed the beckon now, hear the sound,
Call upon His name, receive Christ today,
Repent of sins, be saved this day, we say.