“Thoughts Through Days”

Written by: Victor P.

“Thoughts Through Days”

Lies through crooked teeth
Reach itching ears tickled plenty.
A veil for a coward with no spine,
The chance to pass the drawn line,
The cancer of the modern mind,
The pride of the foolish blind.

Blood spatter on white sheets,
Bloody hands and innocents’ ends,
Some prayer to ceiling reaches,
Some liar others to lie teaches.

Through broken glass see hope for tomorrow,
Through tears and loss see the good in sorrow,
Through dark times tread the set path,
Through faith in Christ escape wrath.

Bloody knuckles and aching knees,
Weary hearts and longing souls,
Shattered dreams and cold enemies,
Lives with those unfilled holes.

To broken hearts mending shown,
To seeking souls truth made known,
To faithful ones reward given,
To the repentant sins forgiven.

An encouraging word from dry lips,
A hand to keep from dangerous slips,
A smile from a face of scars from life,
A warm embrace for one fighting strife.

“Others’ Perceptions of Christians” Note by me.

“Others’ Perceptions of Christians” Note by me.

Originally just a comment; shared here for others’ benefit–

Our perception of others affects our attitude toward and treatment of others.

Those who say or think all Christians are hypocrites or they all think they’re better than everyone else, those people are making fallacious statements and reaching illogical conclusions.
Those people who say such things about Christians aren’t making an objective conclusion or stating a fact about the reality of things; they’re saying what they personally or subjectively have come to conclude and assume about Christians based on their past or present interactions and relation with them, which were or are the negative ones and that’s what they choose to use as a basis for their false belief that Christians are all hypocrites or think they’re better than everyone else.
These conclusions and perception of Christians are fallacious and subjective, based on ignorance, biases, prejudices, stereotypes, and paint a very flawed picture of Christians as a whole, because the person who’s had negative past experiences with Christians have only had experiences with such a tiny number of Christians compared to how many there are now around the world with which they’ve had no interaction with nor experiences on which they can base their perception of them.

To be fair, Christians can be guilty of the same thing – making fallacious conclusions and having wrong perceptions of others based on some subjective reason instead of something objective to go on.
Our perception of others should be evaluated, corrected, adjusted, conforming to God’s Word on the matter, to God’s view and perception.

“To Grow in the Knowledge of God and His Word” Note by me.

“To Grow in the Knowledge of God and His Word” Note by me.

–Originally a comment, shared here for others’ encouragement benefit–

We’re all missing details here or there in our grasp and understanding of Scripture. It’s a very deep well of living water, an ocean even, a sword that cuts to the heart, it’s really living and active.
We’ll all hopefully be learning and growing in our knowledge and application of God’s Word until the day we die, yes, and our mind will need to be renewed and conformed to Christ’s likeness until death because our minds were full of such filth and foolishness and falsehood for so long until Christ saved us.
Our hearts were desperately sick and wicked and none but God knew and understood our heart then and now and that’s why He gave us a new heart, a heart of flesh to replace our heart of stone, a heart that can love and obey God instead of hate and disobey Him.
That new heart He gives and renovates is a precious gift we must not forget to thank God for and to not take it for granted.
May His Holy Spirit fill us with daily gratitude and thanksgiving, to praise our awesome and incomparable heavenly Father who saved us sinners and made us saints and His children in Christ.

“To Live With God is to Truly Live” Note by me.

“To Live With God is to Truly Live” Note by me.

A life of ease is not a life of growth in any significant sense. Growth requires challenge, pressure, resistance. Maturity requires fighting and doing away with immaturity.
More importantly, a life without God may seem satisfying or satisfactory but that’s only how it can appear on the surface, but underneath, is that wicked and desperately sick heart which only God knows, sees, understands.
Unseen is that spirit that’s dead and in need of being made alive by the Holy Spirit by repentance, rebirth, conversion.
And there’s the soul that’s lost and condemned already, hellbound, unless by God’s grace through faith in Christ the person is saved, born again.
So then, a life without God is an inadequate existence which is maintained by superficial happiness, constantly in need of a new fix of trying to numb the pain of their inner emptiness of heart, spirit, and soul, all unsuccessful methods and means, all foolish attempts at ignoring the inherent needs of all sinners here.
Realizing and acknowledging and acting upon the realization and acknowledgement of the need for a Savior to, well, save the person – to redeem, ransom, reconcile, forgive, remake, revive, to change them from spiritually dead to spiritually alive, to change them from hellbound sinners to God-loving saints – that’s where mere existence stops and becomes true living as intended by God.
Without that surrendering to Christ, without being saved by Him, it’s just an existence of struggling to find meaning, purpose, outside of and apart from God, which is a vain hope, a futile endeavor, a fruitless search.
True life begins when a person becomes spiritually alive, a child of God who’s here now to do the work of God’s Kingdom, to obey God’s will out of love for and the glory of the heavenly Father and for the good and benefit of other people, living by “love God and love people” instead of selfishness and pride of years past.

“Civil Conversation; Maturity; Safe Spaces” Note by me.

“Civil Conversation; Maturity; Safe Spaces” Note by me.

We all need to learn how to have a civil conversation on any topic, not just a difficult topic.
That’s something our parents should’ve taught us, and what our grandparents, our teachers and elders should’ve taught.
More importantly, that’s what we should’ve heard and listened to and heeded and applied if and when we were taught it by the above-mentioned┬ápeople in our lives.

Maturity is a choice and the accepting of responsibility that leads to growth, which is why I guess many pretend maturity’s optional at best or just it’s a made-up concept that can be ignored and so one can just continue to be immature because according to them that’s really the only way people live and some just try to pretend they’ve matured but have only suppressed their immaturity and just don’t want to live free.

Safe spaces are the bubble wrap of immaturity, a tool that’s used to keep one stuck in immature thinking and have a terrible lack of logic, looking at the world through snowflake lenses.

“Children of God in Christ” Note by me.

“Children of God in Christ” Note by me.

–Note: originally just a long comment on a site, shared here for others’ benefit and God’s glory–

1 John 3:2
“Beloved, now are we the children of God, and it does not yet appear what we will be: but we know that, when He will appear, we will be like Him; for we will see Him as He is.”

In Christ, thanks to His death and resurrection, we are accepted by and belong to God, and it doesn’t cost us who we’re truly called to be; it makes it not just possible and probable but certain that we will become who we’re truly called to be by our Creator and heavenly Father.
God is working in and on us from the moment of our spiritual birth, making us like Christ, which is His goal and our joy, because even as we are becoming more like Christ, we are not losing that part of us that makes us, well, us, because God wants sons and daughters, not clones and robots. God’s not trying to destroy our uniqueness, He wants it to be seen in Christ, for it to shine and grow and thrive in Him.
It may be hard to grasp but what He said in His Word is what He wills, desires, is doing, is working, is making, is perfecting, and He never drops or leaves unfinished what He has begun, especially when it concerns those whom He created in His image, fearfully and wonderfully made for His glory, to do good works which He prepared for us in Christ to do.

It’s said of Christians that “We are becoming what we already are.” We’re in Christ and we’re becoming like Christ, not in some New Age jargon sense, but in the only meaningful sense, in the way the Bible says. We are all unique members of the Body of Christ. Not one of us is put here to do the same thing in the same way as a brother or sister in Christ.
God has given us value, worth, significance, identity, purpose, reason, meaning, joy, dignity, not because we’re perfect or such awesome people but because He loves us, chose to love us, accepted us in Christ, made us for Himself, for His glory, so we’d live and love and thrive here and glorify and enjoy Him now and forever.
We’re here to preach the Gospel to the spiritually dead, to share our hope in Christ with others, to point them to Christ who is the Way and Truth and Life, Who’s the only way to the Father, Who’s the only one through whom we can be reconciled to God, saved from the coming wrath we deserve for all our sins, our disobedience and unbelief.
Thanks and glory be to God for His amazing grace, for Christ His Son, for God’s great love for us that nothing can separate us from. Glory to our amazing God, now and forever!