Sunday Praise (41) 6/16/19

Sunday Praise (41) 6/16/19. by me.

Father, I adore You,
Jesus, I adore You,
Spirit, I adore You,
Praise to You forever.

Heavenly Father, I love You,
Abba, none can compare to You,
Blessed be You now and forever,
All creation will bless You, God.

Lord, I thank for parents,
I thank You for my father,
I thank You for my mother,
I won’t take them for granted.

A father’s love is precious,
His sacrifices are significant,
His struggles aren’t in vain,
You know this better than anyone.

You’re a good and loving Father,
You show mercy and grace,
You give what is needed,
You know what’s best for all.

I am happy You give me what I need
Emmanuel, You’re God with us,
You’re the peace we all need,
You love us more than we know.

You’ll never forget Your children,
A mother may but You won’t,
Your love is like no other, God,
It’s what we all need, You know it.

Father in Heaven, I love You,
Jesus Christ, I love You,
Holy Spirit, I love You,
Glorify Your name in all the Earth.

You do what is right and good,
You discipline and punish,
You teach and guide and lead,
You are a Father like no other.

I am thankful without measure
For fathers and their sacrifices
For their wives and children,
For their love and responsibilities.

Lord, praise to Your name
Are said and sung this day
Throughout the Earth by many
And You deserve it all, not another.

Father, lead Your children,
Guide them in Your ways,
Reveal what they need most,
Bless Your children, Abba.

Help us to praise You more,
To thank You for everything
You do for us and for others,
You are worthy to be glorified!

May the world come to see
There is none like You, God,
You deserve all honor and praise,
To be worshiped and adored by all!

The Earth is full of Your glory,
Creation reflects Your creativity,
Your works show Your majesty,
Your masterpieces are beautiful.

I know I will always need You,
I know You’re always with me,
You love me more than I realize,
I thank You, praise You for everything!

Lord, how wonderful are Your ways!
Great is Your faithfulness and love,
Amazing is Your grace and mercy,
You love the least of the people.


Sunday Praise (40) 6/9/19

Sunday Praise (40) 6/9/19. by me.

O Lord, praises to You
Are sung in countless places
All around this world now,
Your name is exalted above all!

I love You, Lord, my God,
I love Your House, Your Home,
I love Your Church, the Body of Christ,
It is a blessing to love it all.

Your Holy Spirit is like a white sail,
Protection from life’s worst storms,
You keep me alive, You get me through
The best and the worst in this life, God.

To You I pray, heavenly Father,
To You I pray, Jesus Christ the Son,
To You I pray, God’s Holy Spirit,
To You I pray now, Holy Trinity.

Fill me, Holy Spirit, now,
Guide me into all truth,
Convict me of my sins,
Comfort me, restore me.

I know You always see me,
You know me completely,
I’m known and loved by You,
God, I’m humbled and amazed.

Your grace falls like rain,
Your love’s shown again,
Your mercy is evident,
Your blessing is present.

Your deeds are mighty and wonderful,
The earth is full of Your many works,
Your creativity is evident all around,
Your majesty is seen in all of creation.

You are holy, Lord, and mighty,
You deserve the best of all things,
You’re worthy of all honor and praise,
You deserve since worship and adoration.

Praised be Your wonderful name,
Blessed be You now and always,
You are righteous, just and fair,
You are merciful, kind, compassionate.

You’re patient and longsuffering,
You’re merciful and loving,
You’re pure and spotless, perfect,
You’re incomparable, living God.

Thank You for Your Holy Spirit,
For His indwelling Your children,
For conviction of sin, for comfort,
For guiding us into all truth, Lord.

Thank You for the new life
We have in Jesus Christ,
Thank You for the Holy Spirit,
For assurance of salvation.

You are the hope of nations,
The Way, the Truth, and the Life,
You are the everlasting God,
You are Sovereign over all.

To know You, to love You,
It’s an honor, a privilege,
It’s a blessing to praise You,
Lord, it fills the heart with joy.

Your light shines, darkness flees,
Your grace is shown, guilt disappears,
Your love humbles, Your hands mend,
You are worthy above all to be praised!

Sunday Praise (39) 6/2/19

Sunday Praise (39) 6/2/19. by me.

The day begins with darkness,
The night covers the lands,
The dawn welcomes morning,
God, You’ve made it this way.

The sun rises in the east
And moves until we see
It then sets in the west
And the day comes to an end.

It’s interesting to think about
The way things happen daily,
And we take it for granted
As if nothing will change.

We rush and follow distractions
And we lose focus of You, Lord,
You call us to be still and know
You are the true and living God.

It’s strange that many don’t
Worship You, God Almighty,
Like You don’t matter or exist
But You sustain their very existence.

Lord, it takes more than just time
To realize what’s truly important
In this life we live here on Earth
And what matters eternally.

To fix our eyes on Jesus Christ
Gives life stability and hope.
To do all things for Your glory
Is an honor, a blessing, imperative.

The blood of the Lamb of God
Can wash away our guilt and sins.
The blood of Jesus Christ the Savior
Can make us whole again, give new life.

By His Blood, by His death on Calvary
He has ransomed us, redeemed us,
Made atonement for all of our sins,
We’re saved by God’s grace through faith in Christ.

By His death Christ reconciled us
To the Father, now we’re God’s children.
We see what a great manner of love it is
That we are and are called His children!

There’s hope and meaning for us,
We live not like the worldlings now,
We’re soldiers in Christ’s army,
We have on the full armor of God.

In You, Father, Lord Almighty,
I find refuge, rest, and comfort.
It’s a blessing to praise You,
To enter into Your presence.

May the fire of Your joy and presence
Be my trust, experience, and delight.
May my heart ever be filled, o Lord,
With Your love, to ever glorify You.

I can never forget the Cross
On which Christ died for my sins,
He shed His blood, He died for me,
The innocent One died for the guilty.

I can never thank You enough
For all that You’ve done for me.
I know You’re the only one worthy
To receive all honor, glory, praise.

King of kings and Lord of lords,
I bow to You in humility now.
God of gods and Almighty Sovereign,
I fall prostrate before You, Holy One.

I am realizing it more each day
How important it is to have Your love
In the heart and in the life,
In word and in deed show Your love.

You’re always near, always with us,
Our Father in Heaven, be blessed,
Glory to You now and forevermore,
Holy and righteous, just and loving.

You make whiter than the snow
Those who are Your children
By the blood of Jesus Christ
The Lamb of God slain for sinners.

Glory to Your name, living God,
Praise and laud be given to You,
Adoration and reverence by all
Is Your due, holy and true Lord.

Savior of sinners, Healer of souls,
Redeemer and Ransomer of the lost
Slaves to sin, children of the enemy,
You adopt those who will believe on You.

You rescue the lost and the wretched,
You restore the broken and ruined,
You mend and heal the deepest wounds,
You comfort, You sympathize, You love.

There is truly no one like You,
You’re the true and living God,
All counterfeits be damned,
Be lifted above all, Almighty!

You’re exalted in the nations,
You’re glorified by Your children,
You’re glorified by Your creation,
Now and forevermore be glorified!

Sunday Praise (38) 5/26/19

Sunday Praise (38) 5/26/19. by me.

This day has sun and clouds,
Some rain and a cool breeze,
Now I can see the blue sky
And clouds moving high above.

This feels peaceful, tranquil,
A day of rest and praising You
For Your love and mercy,
For all that You do, Lord.

The beauty of so many things
Created by You, God Almighty,
It fills with awe and gratitude,
It shows Your creativity, majesty.

Lord, I thank You sincerely
For the cool air around me
And for the air in my lungs,
Your mercy is seen clearly.

You deserve so much more
Than all that I can give You
But I give You the best I can,
I know You’re worthy, Lord.

You daily tell me
“Come and follow Me.”
I want to daily follow You
And do more for Your glory.

You’ve led me this far in life,
You’ve given me all I need,
You’ve answered all my prayers
According to Your wisdom and will.

You’ve given me wisdom
When I You asked for it
When I lacked it and needed
What only You can give.

While I’ve breath in my lungs
I will praise You, o holy God,
I’ll glorify You as long as I live
And then forevermore in eternity.

God, I haven’t fallen apart
Because You keep me together,
I haven’t broken down
For You always sustain me.

I wait with patience and hope
To go to that heavenly city,
I know Your promises are true,
You do all You say You will do.

In life’s darkest moments
I know I can trust You,
Father, You won’t abandon me,
You’re with me through it all.

I will always need You,
You’re mine, I’m Yours,
I will always praise You,
You alone are worthy of glory.

Master, You’re all I want,
Creator, You’re all I need,
Savior, You deserve worship
And obedience and love.

You are most holy, Lord,
Yours is a transcendent purity,
You are love, God Almighty,
You are the living and true God.

Father, thank You for the Cross
On which Christ died for sinners,
Thank You for raising Him from the dead,
Thank You for salvation, for hope, for life.

Jesus lived and died and rose again
For me and I amazed by that fact,
Your love humbles me and fills me
With thanksgiving, gratitude, and love.

I’m fearfully and wonderfully made
By You, Creator, Maker, Potter, God,
You know everything about me,
You know me better than I know myself.

I can never thank You enough
For all that You’ve done for me,
For the part You take in my life,
For being the most important Person.

My death could be a moment away
But I know You are faithful, Lord,
Your promises will all be kept,
My hope in You isn’t in vain.

Fill my heart with gratitude
And my lips with thanksgiving,
Help me to pray, to bless You, Lord,
Give me a new song to sing to You.

You’re Omnipotent, I believe,
You’re Omnipresent, I know,
You’re Omniscient, I realize,
There’s no one like You, God.

May Your Word fill my heart and mind
And live in me so I’ll remember it
And walk in Your holy ways, Father,
I will trust and obey You more and more.

God, with rejoicing and songs
I will glorify You who is victorious
Over sin and death and every enemy,
I will praise You with all is within me.

Sunday Praise (37) 5/19/19

Sunday Praise (37) 5/19/19. by me.

I’ve seen You at work again
In my life and in others’ lives,
You hear and answer prayers,
You give us what we need.

You’ve sent rain this week,
You’ve made the sun shine,
You send the warmth and cold,
You show You’re God over all.

You are worthy of admiration,
Worthy of all honor and glory,
Worthy to be praised and adored,
Worthy to be worshiped by all.

We continue celebrating Easter,
You raising Christ from the dead,
His victory over sin, Satan and death,
Our heart rejoices in You, God.

Savior, You’re our only hope,
Propitiation for our sins,
Deliverance from sin and Hell,
You’re our salvation, eternal life.

You’ve created everything visible
And everything that’s invisible,
You are the Maker and Creator,
You are God alone, there’s no other.

You’ve made it all for Your glory,
To declare Your praises, o Lord,
The works of Your mighty hands
Show Your creativity and majesty.

I see the beautiful flowers
And the fruit-bearing trees
And the appealing plants
And I thank You for it all.

I’ve found rest for my soul in You,
You’ve saved me, redeemed me,
The world can never give me
What You’ve given me, Savior.

The Church will gather to praise
Her Groom, You, the Head, the Lord,
You have done amazing things
For the undeserving ones, Master.

I still have a long way to go
Before I’m who You want me to be,
But I know You will complete
The work You’ve started in me.

I need to devote myself wholly to You,
To learn to better obey You, Master,
It’s where I fail and must grow,
Teach me to obey You in love.

I know You won’t leave me,
You won’t forsake or abandon me,
I know that You love me,
Heavenly Father, I love You.

Lead me on this narrow road,
Be with me through it all,
Lead me into eternity, Lord,
I will be forevermore with You.

As the deer pants for the water
So my soul longs for You, God,
May I desire to know You better
And learn to better love and obey You.

I await the eternal spring
But I know only You know
When my time here is over,
When You’ll call me Home to You.

I will wait and my soul will learn
The patience You want me to have,
You’re teaching me to endure here,
You’re giving me what I need, God.

I will learn to better praise You
Your Spirit will indwell me and I
Will grow in love and obedience
Until Christ returns or I die.

On this journey of life and faith
You’ve been with me every moment
And I know that You will be with me
‘Til my end here and then forevermore.

Sunday Praise (36) 5/12/19

Sunday Praise (36) 5/12/19. by me.

You’ve given me everything I have,
I can’t thank You enough for it all,
You know what’s best for me,
Father, You give what I need.

You’ve made this day and all the others,
You gave me this life to live, o Lord,
You’ve created me for Your glory,
You’ve created all for Your glory.

Your amazing grace is still amazing,
You are still Sovereign King over all,
None can dethrone You, Master,
King of kings and Lord of lords.

I’m still celebrating Jesus’ resurrection
With brothers and sisters in Christ,
I thank You for the fellowshipof believers,
For the adopted children of the Lord.

You’ve raised Christ from the dead,
Now He sits at Your right hand,
He will come back for His Bride,
Forevermore we’ll be with You.

Christ is risen indeed from the grave,
He is alive, He rules, yes, He reigns,
You’re my white sail, my ark of salvation,
You’re my hope, my life, my everything.

I pray for You to change my heart,
Potter, mold me and make me
Into what You want me to become,
Conform me to Christ’s likeness.

Your invisible hand protects me,
With it You guide me, protect me,
I can’t deny You’re living and active
In my life and in the lives of others.

I want to always serve You
With me heart devoted to You,
Giving You the best of all I have,
Faithfully obeying Your will.

Lead me, Lord, I will follow
You until the end of my life
And then be with You forever,
I can’t imagine a better future.

I will praise You with my heart,
My soul will rejoice in You, God,
You are more than enough for me,
You’re my all in all, my everything.

Sunday Praise (34) 4/28/19

Sunday Praise (34) 4/28/19. by me.

Lord, You are worthy to be praised
By every person in every place,
You’re worthy of all honor and glory,
You deserve to be worshiped by all.

We enter Your presence with thanks
And praise You for what You’ve done,
You humble us with Your Word
And by Your grace amaze us.

We are Your redeemed people,
You have adopted us through Christ,
His death for us bought our ransom,
We are Your children, heavenly Father.

The time of rejoicing continues,
We celebrate Christ’s victory
Over the powers of Hell and Satan,
His victory over the grave and sin.

We want You to come closer to us,
To be nearer to You, Almighty Lord,
Show us a glimpse of Your glory,
Fill us with healthy fear of You, God.

Jesus, we lift up Your holy name
Above all other names always,
There’s none worthy like You are
To be glorified, adored, worshiped.

You gave us a better, new life,
We’re born again, raised with You
From the grave of sin and guilt,
We are Yours now and forever.

We are happy and blessed
Because You’re our Savior,
We believe Your promises,
We trust You, You never lie.

Our hearts are filled with praise,
We lift our voices thanking You,
Your Holy Spirit indwells us,
You live in us, abide with us.

The time is now to rejoice
In Your certain victory, Lord,
In Your is our blessed hope,
In You is our salvation, God.

Help us to fix our eyes on You,
Lead us through this life daily,
We need You every moment,
You sustain us and You love us.

Help us to resist temptation,
Help us run this race of faith,
To remain faithful to You,
Lead us here until we die

You are mighty, strong and holy,
Majestic, wonderful, incomparable,
King of kings and Lord of lords,
Above all forevermore glorified.