“Oh Brother, oh Sister, Rejoice in the Lord!”

Written by: Victor P.
I hope the words encourage you, brothers and sisters in Christ.

“Oh Brother, oh Sister, Rejoice in the Lord!”

If you feel weak, when you feel so weak
Remember that the Lord is your strength.
If you can’t rejoice in present circumstances,
Oh brother, oh sister, rejoice in the Lord!

When things seem out of control
Remember that God’s still in control.
When the world seems crazier than before
Remember that God’s still on His throne!

When everything seems wrong in the world and humanity
Remember that God will make everything right one day.
When there seems to be so much negativity around
Spread positivity, praise and rejoice in the Lord!

Rejoice in the Lord despite the darkness of the times
For He is your joy and your strength and your song.
Oh brother, oh sister, rejoice in the Lord your God
For He is you light and your hope and your life!

Bring your troubles, bring your pain to the Lord;
It’s difficult now but things will change, so rejoice in the Lord.
This life isn’t easy and problems are bound to come
But keep your head up, soldier of Christ, rejoice in the Lord!

God sees it all and knows the reasons for everything
But we don’t have all the answers so let us rest in His goodness;
We can’t discover all of the whys behind all of the tragedies
So let us trust in God’s perfect will and knowledge.

Let us rejoice in God now while we have time and breath.
Come now, brother, come now, sister, rejoice in the Lord.
It’s because of all that’s happening and all that we don’t know
That we need to trust in the living God and rejoice in Him always!
Glory to God Alone.


“A Darker View; A Living Hope”

Written by: Victor P.
Long Prose

“A Darker View; A Living Hope”

Just look around you,
See what’s happening
So near and so far away
On this planet even now.

Who can say that there’s nothing wrong?
Who’d dare deny there’s death and pain?
Who’d say it’s all meaningless in the end?
Who says there’s nothing left to live for?

Don’t tell me everything’s okay
Because I know that it’s not.
Don’t spout another cliché,
Who’s not sick of them yet?

I’m not here to spread pessimism
But to call to see things realistically,
To stop pretending everything’s all right
Because the bloodshed says otherwise.

We can’t just sing through it,
We can’t outlast it by idleness,
If we’re to live to see another year
God help us or we’re as good as dead.

This is the world as it is
And you still say
We don’t need a Savior,
You just don’t know
How wrong you are.
Do you really believe
The words you’re saying
Or do you just want a way out,
An excuse, a cheap avoidance, evasion,
To keep yourself from accepting
The truth that’s staring all in the face?

Things look quite dark,
The future so uncertain,
Every day could be our last
So what are we living for?
What are we dying for?

There are so many existing
Like life’s a game to play,
Carelessness and recklessness
Rules in the hedonistic hearts,
Love grows cold but lust burns,
Pleasure’s sought at others’ expense,
Godliness and holiness rejected,
Neglected, overlooked, ignored,
Like nothing matters more
Than feeling good right now,
Getting what the flesh wants,
Wanting what desire burns for,
Coveting without stopping;
Selfishness is consuming lives.

Lost souls seek to numb the pain
Without positive results, only failure,
Nothing of the world can fill the void,
It accumulates, pollutes and corrupts
And pretty soon the rot within sickens,
The emptiness remains, the misery grows.

There’s no hope and no salvation
If you’re looking for it in the world,
The world system hostile to all that’s of God,
It can’t save your miserable and lost soul,
Know that it can’t deliver you from Hell
And if you look to yourself for salvation
You’ll be severely disappointed soon enough,
You’ll find out, God help you, you can’t save yourself.

I’m not here to pat heads and spout clichés,
I’m not interested in tickling eager ears,
I’m not interested in scratching itching ears,
I’m not in the business of parroting platitudes,
I’m not here to play pretend that everything’s okay.

Say what you will and think worse if you want
But my mind’s made up, my purpose remains
To shine the light of hope to a dark world,
To always point back to Christ as the only answer.

Christ is the only hope of this dying world,
Christ is the only Savior of sinners,
Christ is the One who died for the ungodly,
He’s the only way to God the Father,
He’s the Way and the Truth and the Life,
He died to set the slaves free,
To change miserable and lost lives,
To renovate hearts, to change them from stone to flesh,
To bring life where there’s death and misery,
He’s the only one worthy of glory, wholehearted commitment,
All other gods can burn in Hell’s flames forevermore,
God knows they will, all false gods will be destroyed!

So look around and see the dark clouds
But don’t fix your eyes on the present
So much that you’re just standing still
Too afraid to do anything else, really.
Look up and see the sun peeking
Through the clouds, it’s a reminder
God’s still in control, it’s not hopeless,
No matter how bad things may get,
No matter how dark things may seem
Fix your eyes on Jesus, healthy or ill
And know that He has overcome the world,
There’s nothing that can ever stop Him,
He will not fail, He will not lose control,
Nothing can separate His chidren from His love.

If you’re still looking within for salvation,
If you’re still looking within for all the answers,
I promise you you’ll fail in your endeavor
Because it’s a futile one, a waste of time,
You can never save yourself, be sure of that,
You won’t find all the answers to your questions
Looking within your finite mind, that’s a guarantee.

You may think the world doesn’t need a Savior
And much less do you think you need one
But you couldn’t be more wrong
And though you may feel so sure now
That my kind and I are the ones wrong
Time will not agree with your belief,
Truth will not die and fade into the past,
You will see in time that you’ve been wrong
If you don’t persist in your proud stand,
If you don’t continue living in denial
Of the truth that corresponds to reality,
I pray to God you’ll believe one day,
Better sooner than later but I don’t decide,
Your life from first to last breath is in God’s hands,
Realize He’s in control; may you never forget it.
Glory to God Alone.

“Now unto the Lord”

Written by: Victor P.

“Now unto the Lord”

Now unto the Lord be all the glory,
He alone is God all holy, most holy,
None compare, none are His equal.
He shall, nay, He has defeated evil.

None shall defeat Him, no one ever will,
The Lord shall His holy purposes fulfill.
Oh, in the darkest day and in the darkest night
God is near His children, the children of the light.

When troubles come and abound,
Heed soon the wise words’ sound
And place your trust in the Lord
And in the promises of His Word.

Come, give to the Lord always all the glory,
Seek not to leave for yourself any;
Be this a reminder or an epiphany,
Either way, always glorify God most holy!

O now unto the Lord sing praises
For Jesus Christ for our sins did atone;
God Almighty it is Who alone raises
Sinners from death to new life, He alone!

The Lord is great and greatly to be praised,
His Name above all others be forever raised!

“Don’t be ignorant of the enemy, and don’t be ignorant of God’s power” written by me.

“Don’t be ignorant of the enemy, and don’t be ignorant of God’s power” written by me.

–Note: This note was actually originally a comment I made on someone’s post in a group I’m part of in Facebook but I think it’s worth sharing here, for your benefit, possible commenting upon or correcting of, but most importantly may these words bring glory to God and speak truth.–

While we can’t and shouldn’t say that we only sin because the devil makes us do it, we must realize that the devil does tempt and trick and corrupt people and preys on their weaknesses to achieve his vile purposes but the fact that we fall for these tricks and sin as a result of being deceived by the devil does not make us innocent, we are still culpable, accountable for our actions, responsible for keeping our mental, physical and spiritual defenses up and be on guard against the enemy’s many evil tools and methods and attack tactics and tricks.

We must ever be awake and aware of the enemy and his strategies and methods and be on guard lest we become easy prey for his attacks and lies.

We must ever rely on God to guard us, help us, lead us, guide us, always, in all things, for we cannot stand against the enemy and hope to win alone, without God being our victory we shall have no victory.

We must depend upon God and trust Him and surrender to Him and know that without Him we can do nothing, we can’t win a battle much less a war against the enemy of our souls, against temptations, against sins, against all forms and servants of evil.

Let us not be naive, ignorant of the enemy and his ways and strength, nor take lightly the enemy as if he is no threat or problem to us, for he surely is and to underestimate him and his power is foolish; that’s why we must ever lean upon the Lord and His power and strength and not our own understanding of this or that.

Wisdom doesn’t begin with us, and the victory doesn’t come by us nor belong to us, and the glory does not go or belong to us. Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord; victory comes by and from and belongs to the Lord; and the glory must all go and belong to God, always.

Know your enemy, soldiers of Christ, and before that know and love and trust the Lord who alone can save you and bring you victory in this life, in the battles you’ll face, in the struggles small and great. Ever trust the Lord, ever love Him, ever obey Him, ever glorify Him!

“To the Year’s End”

12/27/14. 12/28/14.
Written by: Victor P.

“To the Year’s End”

Let’s come to the end
Of another year
With our old selves,
With our old hearts.

See now as another year comes to an end;
Another many chose to carelessly spend.
We should have taken a stand
And more tried to understand.

There are mysteries we’ve not delved into
And matters we haven’t considered.
Oh, think, how little have we given unto
The God who has us all created?

Oh, what have we taken for granted?
Have we given more than we’ve received?
I say to those who’ve truly repented:
Beyond this is more than we’ve conceived!

We have reached the end, my friends,
Another year has come and gone!
How much have we left undone?
What will await us when our life ends?

The year’s end is like a preview
Of our own life’s eventual end.
We see when we ourselves view:
We borrow much and little lend.

Let’s not wear a mask of hope.
We fail in our attempts to cope
With all these things alone, on our own
But pride whips us, our scars have shown.

Tick, tock; we rarely sit and watch the clock,
With all there is to do we do not have the time for such things;
We so soon lose track of every tick and tock,
We just rush, run, chase, sleep and repeat as time its song sings.

Hurry along in life each day,
Slow down only to sleep.
We have fallen very deep
Into the pit that is everyday.

Let’s set fire to the fields of our dead harvest
And watch it be consumed as we think of the future.
In better things our time and resources invest
And we’ll see the growth of something better, sure.

With each new step we near our graves, that is reality’s sting;
With every exhaled breath we have less remaining.
To waste our time here just accumulating, attaining
Is to miss life’s point and leave it all here but self with nothing.

Oh, let’s leave gems intangible
And memorable etches upon loved hearts;
Attempt to mend loved ones’ broken parts.
Let’s make promises keepable!

Walk into the new night
With an assisted sight;
Words will light the way
And love inside will stay.
Glory to God Alone.

“The Day Jesus Christ Died”

4/12/17. 4/14/17.
Written by: Victor P.
Topic: Good Friday (Long Prose)

“The Day Jesus Christ Died”

The day Jesus Christ was arrested,
Tried, accused, convicted, condemned to die,
It was the day the worst injustice
Was perpetrated in all of history.

The most innocent One was convicted,
Falsely accused, condemned unjustly,
All principles of jurisprudence were ignored,
Jealous sinners wanted Him killed quickly,
A kangaroo court took place, it was disgraceful,
Justice was perverted, a travesty committed.

Christ was bound by sinful mortals,
He was mocked, scorned, spat upon,
He was beaten, bruised, made bloody,
He was crowned with thorns,
He was exhausted, mistreated, despised,
He was given the death sentence,
He was made to carry His Cross
Through the streets full of people,
A public spectacle, made an example,
He was brought to where He’d be crucified,
He was hated, reproached, rejected,
He endured the worst mistreatments,
He suffered the worst injustice,
He was treated despicably by sinners,
He was deemed worthy of execution,
Condemned to the death of a common criminal.

Christ’s hands and feet were nailed to the Cross,
He felt excruciating pain, He was in agony,
He truly suffered and so many did not care,
He was lifted high up before all who were there,
The whole world would never be the same.

The angels of Heaven and the demons of Hell
Saw the Son of Man crucified there that day
As did all the people who gathered to see it happen,
The Son of God was on the Cross for all to see.
The angels of Heaven were watching
God’s plan of redemption unfolding as planned;
The demons and Satan thought they won
When they saw Jesus nailed to the Cross
But they could not have been more wrong
For the devil won nothing that day.
The devil suffered his worst defeat that day,
The Son of God by His death would win,
The war that raged for ages would be won,
The Son of Man would overcome all His enemies,
He would conquer death and the grave
Though few, if any, thought so when He hung there
Upon the Cross, His blood steadily flowing
In crimson streams down His body to the ground.
The blood of the most innocent one was shed
For the sins of all, even for the worst of sinners.

Christ hung there, He bled, He suffered greatly,
His blood was shed for the remission of sins
For there is no remission of sins without the shedding of blood,
So He who knew no sin became sin for all,
God’s wrath poured out upon His Son,
He was treated as if He had sinned though He did not,
The Lamb of God was the sacrifice,
He came to take away the sins of the world,
He was crushed and punished for all sinners,
He alone made atonement for our sins.
The Father had to forsake the Son then,
The Son felt forsaken, rejected, all alone,
He cried out, He said what He had to
And then said ‘It is finished!’ and died.

God’s plan of redemption was accomplished,
Christ bled and died on the Cross for all sinners,
Christ had completed all the work He came to do,
What the Father gave Him to do
Christ did and did it perfectly,
Without any ommissions, without failure,
He obeyed the Father’s will completely,
He was born to die, He came to save sinners.

The Sinless Son of God had overcome
All His opposition, all His enemies lost,
The war of ages had been won that day,
It may have seemed like the opposite was true
From where some were standing, looking, seeing,
But whatever any human or demon thought
The fact was that victory was God’s that day
And none could destroy the work of Christ,
None could ever undo what He did,
None could ever do more than He did,
None could make a better plan of salvation,
None could create a better plan of redemption,
None could live as Jesus Christ lived
And none could die the death He died,
None could complete what He completed.

The day Jesus Christ died wasn’t the end,
It was the way to something miraculous,
God would raise Jesus from the dead,
He would resurrect Him as was foretold,
He did everything He said He would do,
Everything happened as He said it would,
Many prophecies were fulfilled in those days,
God’s plan was going without interruption,
His hand of providence worked behind the scenes,
What so many did not see or realize took place,
What many ignored or overlooked occured,
The world would be turned upside down,
The future would not be hopeless for all who believe,
The Savior of humans died for their sins
And was raised from the dead by God
And would be alive forevermore.

Since the day Christ was raised from the dead
He has been alive, He is the Deathless Conqueror,
He sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven,
He lives forever and will never die again.
He is the Lamb of God, the Lion of Judah,
The Author and Finisher of our faith,
He is our Captain, the Bishop of souls,
The Man of Sorrows, the Suffering Servant,
The Vine, the Door, the living water,
The Word of God, the Bread of life,
The Good Shepherd, Sinless One,
The High Priest, the great Prophet,
The Messiah, Holy One of Israel,
The sacrifice and the sacrificer,
Our Passover, our ark, our treasure,
King of kings and Lord of lords,
Son of God, Son of Man,
Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace,
The Way, the Truth, the Life,
The only Savior of sinners,
The only Savior of souls,
The only way to God the Father,
The only hope of this world,
Without rival, without equal,
Incomparable, irreplaceable,
He reigns now and forevermore!

Glory to God Alone!

“The End of the Year Approaches”

Written by: Victor P.
Topic: Christmas; Year’s End

“The End of the Year Approaches”

We are only a number of days away from Christmas Day.
It seems like only yesterday we celebrated the last one.
We’re not realizing how fast time flies; gone’s yesterday.
These days too will pass by fast, they too will be gone.

God, You brought us hope!
(But are they reaching out
And are they calling out?)
God, You brought them hope!

This is a season of giving,
To give more than we’ve given,
To see what we’ve taken for granted,
To give more from ourselves, more of ourselves.

God, open our eyes to see what we’ve missed!
The year seems to have passed by just so fast,
It’s hard to believe not long ago we celebrated the last
And now we’re here at the close of another year.

Time moves slow,
Time moves fast
And it does show
Not all will last.

Time moves slow when we don’t want it to
And time moves fast when we don’t want it to.
Sometimes we don’t have enough time to do what we must do
And sometimes we waste time doing what we should not do.