“We’re the Redeemed of the Lord”

Written by: Victor P.

“We’re the Redeemed of the Lord”

We’re not hitting the air with our fists,
We’re not living our lives for false hopes,
We’re not examples of deluded, gullible masses,
We’re not running in circles chasing illusions.

We’re the redeemed children of the Lord,
We’re more than conquerors through Christ,
We’re saved by grace through faith in Him
But we’re not perfect yet, we still sin and fall.

We still stumble, we fall on our faces like the rest
But we look to our heavenly Father for help,
To lift us up, to pull us out of pits we fall into,
To do all that we can’t, which happens to be much.

We’re called to take up our weapons mighty through God,
To pull down strongholds, cast down imaginations
And every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God,
To take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ!

It’s true that we sometimes forget
Our life here is brief, it’s very short,
Like a vapor, like a shadow, like a breath,
Like a flower, like grass, like a flash of lightning.

Our every breath and every heartbeat
Are given to us as a gift by our God,
He sustains us every single moment,
Even now we’re all in His loving hands.

We’re here to obey the will of God,
We’re here to do all for His glory,
We’re here to love, to give, to preach,
We’re here to live, to die, then go to God.

All good works God prepared for us to do –
He can give us strength to do it all;
We can rest assured our hope is real
And all of His promises are all true.

We are soldiers in the army of Christ,
We’re in it for life or not at all,
We’ll live and die fighting for the faith,
For the sake of Christ and His Gospel.

The war’s already won by Christ, it’s true,
But there are battles left to fight here;
Until our final days and last breaths
The battles of flesh against spirit will rage.

There is a daily fight against sin,
A daily struggle against temptation;
These daily battles we’ll win or lose
But may we always return to God!

May God open our hearts to receive His word,
And open our eyes to see His guiding light,
Keep our feet from slipping lest we fall to sin,
Keep our minds from idleness and wandering.

Though we may face doubts and uncertainty
We can be sure God remains the same forever;
Though we may face enemies without number
We will not perish hopeless, helpless, or unsaved.

We’ll face the storms, trials, hardships, pain and losses,
And God will be there with us in the midst of it all;
The Lord is faithful even to the least of us,
He is our joy, our hope, our song, our life!


“Only One God Can Save You”

Written by: Victor P.

“Only One God Can Save You”

You’re shaking in your flesh,
You’re losing your mind,
Your body falls to the ground,
Your spirit fills with a great fear,
Cracks in your hope grow
And shatter before you know it.

Your god left you,
You’re losing faith in your god,
Your god let you down,
Your god left you to drown,
Your god left you to die,
The end couldn’t be otherwise.

Your mind conceived a false hope,
Your heart was enslaved by the false,
Your faith was in a false god,
You traded one for another and another
But the result was always the same:
Another false god that couldn’t save you,
Another trick the devil pulled on you
And another lie that you fell for.

Stuck in a cycle of looking to false gods
To get what they can never give;
Another search for salvation in vain,
Another fruitless search for happiness,
Another scale over your eyes to keep you from seeing the truth
That every god you chased and served was just another lie.

If you had sooner seen the truth
You’d sooner see the futility of serving false gods,
The waste of time and energy, of money and life,
The truth would become painfully clear:

There’s only One God Who can save you,
Only One can give you new life,
Only One can give you real joy,
Give life to your dead spirit,
Turn your stone heart to flesh,
Put a living hope in your heart,
He can be your strength to fight
The battles we all must fight in life,
He can give you what you need
To do what you must, what you ought to do,
He can illuminate your mind,
He can take away your fear of man,
He can change your life for the better,
He can take away your long-existing confusion,
He can give you the blessed assurance,
He can open your eyes to so much
That you’ve missed, overlooked, ignored, haven’t seen,
He can kill your pride and give you humility.

Life in Christ isn’t the absence of difficulties;
It’s not a daily walk through soft grass and flowers;
It’s not the absence of obstacles and challenges
For without those you couldn’t grow;
Temptations, struggles, tests and trials will come
And through them all we will grow
In faith, hope, patience, endurance, trust in God;
Without it all we’d never grow,
We’d be too weak to do anything good.

Welcome life’s challenges and trust in the Lord,
Seek His face and rely on His strength,
Call on His name without hesitation or shame,
He can be trusted, He is faithful and just
And He does all He said He will.

Jesus Christ is the only true Lord and Savior,
He alone can save your soul,
He can take away your guilt and shame,
He can wash you clean by His Blood,
He is the only Way to God the Father,
The only Mediator between God and man,
The only One who makes atonement for our sins,
He’s the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah,
He’s the Son of man and the Son of God,
There’s no one else like Him anywhere,
He has no rival, He has no equal,
He’s the Prince of peace,
He’s the Warrior King,
He is Sovereign over all,
He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient,
He alone is God now and forever.

Come to Jesus Christ,
Come, you are called,
Come while you can,
Come while you live,
Don’t put it off, please,
One day it’ll be too late.

“See Heartless Progress”

Written by: Victor P.

“See Heartless Progress”

The world sings its song:
To Hell with the children,
Protect all other living things,
Sacrifice all for our progress.

The future belongs to us,
We are the masters of our fate,
We are the engineers of our destiny,
We are the only gods of our lives.

Let peoples’ blood be shed,
Let it flow and cover the earth
As long as we get what we want.
So what if there’s blood on our hands?

Expediency is our method,
The ends justify the means.
Our goal will be achieved –
A Godless Paradise on Earth!

The gears of the progress machine
Are oiled with the blood of innocents.
Crimson streams flow everywhere,
The horizon is painted bloody red.

Heartless naturalistic pragmatism,
Foolish mechanistic functioning,
Cancerous conscienceless plans,
In a hurry on the highway to Hell.

They’re breathing murder
And spreading hatred,
They now sow to the wind and flesh,
They’ll reap the whirlwind and destruction.

They want a Godless utopia here
But they’ll only get Hell on Earth.
The greedy and ungodly fools
Will meet their sad end one day.

“If This Is All There Is”

Written by: Victor P.

“If This Is All There Is”

If this is all there is,
The here and the now
And nothing after
When we let out our last breath
Then we’re all wasting our time
So let’s waste it as we see fit,
Feed on lust, lies, sins, all of it.
What does it matter?
It doesn’t matter,
It never mattered.

If all we are is dust
And there is only matter
Then what’s the point of this
Period of time we call life?

If we all exist for a little time
And then disappear into nothing
Then do any of us really live
And if so, what’s the point of it?

Who has the answers to these questions?
Only a true fool would say
These questions don’t matter.

I’d like an answer that satisfies
My heart and my mind,
I don’t want excuses,
I want to hear the best answers
The so-called smartest and wisest can offer.

I don’t want theories that hold no weight,
I don’t want subjective nothingness,
I don’t want answers to hypothetical existence,
I want the real thing, it has to be something of substance,
I don’t want the superficial and hollow,
I want something true and something sure.

The world’s wisdom can’t answer these questions.
The worldings fail to give the answers,
All that the worldlings give amounts to
Hollow, shallow, superficial, insufficient,
Sad attempts by usaved souls to give
What they cannot because they reject
The Way and the Truth and Life,
So all they know is confusion, falsehood, and death.

“Against Meaninglessness”

Written by: Victor P.

“Against Meaninglessness”

“This life is all you get,
There’s nothing after death.”
It’s a comforting delusion
For those with pitiful hopes.

All their words seem so empty,
They spread their hopelessness,
It all seems so meaningless in the end.
Do they believe it themselves?

Are we all just fooling ourselves?
Are we all just fooling one another?
If this is all as meaningless as they say
Then there’s nothing to keep despair away.

Can you show us something you love,
Watch it die and say it’s just life?
Can all the pain and all the tears
Mean nothing to you in the end?

Can’t live this way – exist and die,
“Nothing is eternal,” fools say,
Nihilism is despair, it’s useless,
Don’t believe those fools’ delusions.

“To Praise You, Lord”

Written by: Victor P.

“To Praise You, Lord”

We will sing to You
And praise Your holy name,
You’re the Way and Truth
And the Life of all, Lord.

God, forgive our sins,
Wash away our shame,
Fill us with Your Holy Spirit
And make us whole again.

Lead us where You will,
Be our strength to fight
The battles yet to come,
In it all be with us, Lord.

The Devil and Hell may rage,
Our bodies may grow weak
But You will be our strength
For You’ve overcome it all.

You are the Way,
You are the Truth,
You are the Life,
You are all we need!

“The Fading and Renewing”

Written by: Victor P.

“The Fading and Renewing”

Light fades with the setting of the sun,
Hope fades while the battle’s not won,
Much love fades on the liar’s face,
Time passes with a flying pace.

“Strengthen the tired heart, dear Lord,
The battle has gone on for so long.
Renew the spirit, give a new song,
The soul won’t wither with the world.”

The fading of all that is prone to fade
Surely will come in its appointed time
But hope in God your heart won’t evade
And God can forgive our every crime.

It’s true, false remedies won’t alleviate the pain,
False cures won’t avail those suffering,
Hope won’t grow from a liar’s offering
And all the enemy’s efforts are ultimately in vain.