“The Countenance of Fall”

Written by: Victor P.

“The Countenance of Fall”

The countenance of fall –
Autumn’s cold embrace,
Nature’s colors on display,
An exhibition of beauty
Before the coming grey,
A last glorious show
Before winter’s arrival
And stay for a season.


“Without Much”

Written by: Victor P.

“Without Much”

What is rhyme
Without soul?
What are words
Without heart?

What is life
Without love?
What is death
Without hope?

Emptiness, loneliness,
Bitterness, wretchedness,
Existence without purpose,
Wandering without meaning.

I’ve seen hate in bitter eyes,
Their misery wants company,
I’ve seen the emptiness they try to hide,
They choose to walk on the wrong side.

Oh, what a shame and what a loss,
They throw away their lives, foolish.

“Teach Me, Lord”

Written by: Victor P.

“Teach Me, Lord”

What does it mean to give You glory?
What does it mean to praise Your name?
What does it mean to worship You, Lord?
Teach me to do it all and more sincerely.

My soul cries out to praise You,
My heart longs to hear You speak.
Your grace becomes more evident to me
With every new day of life You give me.

I’ve far to go still before I can say
I’ve wholly died to sin and my self.
God, teach me to die daily to self,
Teach me to resist temptation daily

“Who Says It?”

10/24/18. 11/8/18.
Written by: Victor P.

“Who Says It?”

Who says life is easy?
Who says life is too long?
Who says they don’t make mistakes?
Who lives without regrets?

Who says there’s no evil?
Who says there’s no pain?
Who says there’s no love?
Who says there’s no happiness?

Life is full of this and more.
Rain and sunshine,
Days and nights,
Highs and lows.

All that we experience and know,
All that we feel and think,
All that we gain and lose,
It’s all a part of life.

“Clouds And Peace”

Written by: Victor P.

“Clouds And Peace”

I look up at the sky and see
The clouds floating high above
And for a moment all seems well,
My heart is full of praise and peace.

It’s not the clouds that give me peace
Or even the reminder that You’re here,
It’s You, my God, You are my peace,
And You’re the one I long for most.

How wonderful to know You love me
Despite my many imperfections, flaws,
And what a beautiful reminder it is
That Your amazing grace I daily need

“Life Began and Went and Ended”

Written by: Victor P.

“Life Began and Went and Ended”

Life began and went and ended,
Yes, it has passed by so quickly,
It’s your time the Lord has chosen,
Your heavenly Father’s calling you Home.

If you can’t sing it out loud
Because your body’s broken,
When you know you’re dying,
Sing with your saved soul:

“Blessed be my Lord and Savior,
I was dead, He gave me new life,
I was condemned to Hell
A rebel, an enemy of God,
But He found me dead in sins,
He saved me, forgave my sins,
He made me His own child,
I have eternal life thanks to Him,
Glory, glory, hallelujah,
I am free indeed in Christ,
I am going to my God now,
To my Father in Heaven!”

You’ve fought the good fight,
You have kept the faith
And you’ve run the race,
Well done, good and faithful servant,
Enter into the presence of the Lord.

Soldier of Christ, you are going
Home to your Father in Heaven,
Into the presence of the living God,
Forever praising, loving, worshiping Him.

Here we see it all through a glass darkly
But there you see it all now as it really is,
You see the Lord your Maker and Savior,
What great joy you’re now experiencing!

(In memory of my grandfather who died)

“Just Too Many”

Written by: Victor P.

“Just Too Many”

Too many broken dreams,
Too many broken hearts,
Too many broken homes,
Too many broken lives.

Too many hiding
Their fears inside.
Too many struggling
Now just to survive.

Too many silent,
Afraid to tell the truth.
Too many cowering
Instead of standing strong.

Too many still haven’t heard
God’s Gospel of salvation
By His grace through faith in Christ
For forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

Too many broken,
Too many to count,
Too many dead inside,
Too many not truly alive.

Too many say they’re fine
But they’re miserable inside.
Too many won’t tell the truth
That they sometimes want to die.

Too many searching still
For answers to life’s questions.
Too many live without purpose
But there’s purpose and meaning.

Too many doing things their own way,
Living like God doesn’t even exist.
When the world seems to fall apart
God’s still in control, yes, He still reigns.

Too many have lost their way,
Too many have gone astray,
Too many lost in the dark
Searching for the light.

Too many don’t realize
They need God and His love.
Too many don’t yet understand
God wants what’s best for them.

Too many still haven’t found
New life in Jesus Christ.
Too many don’t realize yet
They can never save themselves.

Too many don’t understand:
Life without love is life wasted.
Too many choose selfishness
Instead of choosing to love.

Life is too short to waste,
We’re not here to exist and die,
We’re here to live, to love, to thrive,
To glorify God, to love Him and people.

Too many are close to death
But there’s still hope for change,
There’s no need to despair,
There’s no need to give up.

Too many foolish words we’ve said,
Too many things we could all regret,
Too many mistakes, too many failures,
Too many lessons we didn’t quickly learn.

Too many still waste so much time
Rebelling against the living God.
Too many proud ones don’t want to be humble,
Too many are running out of time to be saved.

Too many still haven’t heard
God loves them, Christ died for them,
If they repent and believe, they’ll be saved,
This blessed hope must be shared with all.