Sunday Praise (41) 6/16/19

Sunday Praise (41) 6/16/19. by me.

Father, I adore You,
Jesus, I adore You,
Spirit, I adore You,
Praise to You forever.

Heavenly Father, I love You,
Abba, none can compare to You,
Blessed be You now and forever,
All creation will bless You, God.

Lord, I thank for parents,
I thank You for my father,
I thank You for my mother,
I won’t take them for granted.

A father’s love is precious,
His sacrifices are significant,
His struggles aren’t in vain,
You know this better than anyone.

You’re a good and loving Father,
You show mercy and grace,
You give what is needed,
You know what’s best for all.

I am happy You give me what I need
Emmanuel, You’re God with us,
You’re the peace we all need,
You love us more than we know.

You’ll never forget Your children,
A mother may but You won’t,
Your love is like no other, God,
It’s what we all need, You know it.

Father in Heaven, I love You,
Jesus Christ, I love You,
Holy Spirit, I love You,
Glorify Your name in all the Earth.

You do what is right and good,
You discipline and punish,
You teach and guide and lead,
You are a Father like no other.

I am thankful without measure
For fathers and their sacrifices
For their wives and children,
For their love and responsibilities.

Lord, praise to Your name
Are said and sung this day
Throughout the Earth by many
And You deserve it all, not another.

Father, lead Your children,
Guide them in Your ways,
Reveal what they need most,
Bless Your children, Abba.

Help us to praise You more,
To thank You for everything
You do for us and for others,
You are worthy to be glorified!

May the world come to see
There is none like You, God,
You deserve all honor and praise,
To be worshiped and adored by all!

The Earth is full of Your glory,
Creation reflects Your creativity,
Your works show Your majesty,
Your masterpieces are beautiful.

I know I will always need You,
I know You’re always with me,
You love me more than I realize,
I thank You, praise You for everything!

Lord, how wonderful are Your ways!
Great is Your faithfulness and love,
Amazing is Your grace and mercy,
You love the least of the people.


Sunday Praise (33) 4/21/19

Sunday Praise (33) 4/21/19. by me.

Lord, blessed be Your name,
You’re worthy of all glory,
Worthy to be praised now
And forevermore, Almighty.

Father, You loved the world so much
That You sent Your only begotten Son
To die for sinners upon the Cross,
To make atonement for our sins.

Christ took our place and died,
He took our punishment on Himself,
The Lamb of God who takes away our sins,
Propitiation, accepted sacrifice, worthy One.

I deserve Hell, damnation, despair,
But You have given me new life,
I’m born again, redeemed, adopted,
Saved by Your grace through faith in Christ.

God, Your message of hope is amazing,
Your Gospel, Lord, is what all people need,
The lost can be found, the condemned can be forgiven,
All because of Christ’s sacrifice, the price He paid.

This day is one of joy and hope and remembrance,
We praise You that You raised Christ from the dead,
He overcame the grave and death and Hell,
The enemy has lost, You’ve won the war.

Almighty, there really is no one like You,
You’re unrivaled, unequaled, incomparable,
Victorious over all who oppose You,
Sovereign God forever reigning over all.

You’re worthy of all honor and praise,
You deserve the best of all we can give,
You deserve all glory and worship,
You are all that You say You are.

King of kings and Lord of lords,
Savior, Master, Great Physician,
Lamb of God and Lion of Judah,
Redeemer, Great High Priest, Mediator.

Now is the time to worship You,
Every day is a gift from You,
Lord, all comes from Your hand,
You provide, protect, bless, sustain.

If it were true as some say
That You didn’t rise from the dead
Then we’re still dead in our sins
And have no everlasting life

But thank You that they’re wrong,
You raised Christ from the dead,
He is risen, alive and victorious,
King of kings and Lord of lords.

You are more amazing than I realize,
I am humbled by Your great love,
Your mercy shows us Your character,
Your holiness brings me to humility.

We understand we know little about You
When we realize You’re not fathomable,
Your understanding is without limit,
Your ways past finding out by our methods.

You will always be alive, O Lord,
You alone are the everlasting God,
You’re true and living, without equal,
There is none like You, God Almighty.

“The Groaning World”

Written by: Victor P.

“The Groaning World”

I find it in the time away
From all the routine noise,
The thing I come to cherish –
Time with You, God, I won’t waste it.

The world seems so cold and dark,
The pain and suffering is rampant,
We can’t escape these realities,
We can’t make it through life alone.

Is the world already dying or still groaning?
Are more people aimless, hopeless now?
Fill me with Your Spirit to speak
Truth to the lost, to show them love.

I can’t see another Savior anywhere,
Christ is the only hope sinners can have
To be saved, to be born again, to change
For the better, to be who they should be.

Your light can fill the darkest hearts
Exposing darkness, driving it out,
Illuminating all that is within and around,
You are the true Light in this dark world.

I’m coming to taste and to know
You are loving, faithful, holy,
You are good, merciful, understanding,
You’re more than I’ve imagined.

I get glimpse of Your holiness again
And I am humbled, living and true God,
You show me what I need to see,
You amaze me more each day.

Here, away from the weekday busyness
I find what I want and what You give,
You know I need You, to be with You,
It’s a privilege, an honor, a blessing.

You open my mind to consider
Things I haven’t until now.
God, You’re showing me the urgency
Of sharing Your Gospel with people.

Lord, this world needs You,
Help me and others to show
Love like You’ve shown us,
To do what You’ve called us to do.

Lead daily in Your way,
Help to fix eyes of You,
To stay faithful to You,
To live loving and obeying.

This world is groaning now,
You will return, King of kings,
Creation awaits Your arrival, Lord,
Your Bride is being prepared for You.

Shine Your light upon the world,
Move in us and bring real revival
For Your glory, for peoples’ good,
Only You can, Lord, You’re Sovereign.

Sunday Praise (28) 3/17/19.

Sunday Praise (28) 3/17/19. by me.

This is the day You’ve made,
This is the life You’ve given,
You make all things new,
You are Sovereign, Lord.

May everything that has breath
Praise You now and always,
You’re worthy of honor and glory,
Worthy to be praised by all, God.

You are holy and righteous,
You’re kind and merciful,
You’re just and compassionate,
You’re loving and patient.

There is no one like You,
You’re the living and true God,
Your name is holy and precious,
You’re exalted above all others.

I think about the future
And being in Heaven one day
With You forever, my Lord,
It will the greatest thing.

I know You’re with me every day,
You’ll be with me until I die
And then forevermore in Heaven,
I am Yours and You are mine.

I give You my heart and soul,
Learning to better obey You,
Sincerely praising You,
Amazed by Your love.

I look to You for deliverance,
I know You always hear me,
I come to You in humility
To praise You, living God.

I see the wonder of Your ways,
How much You’ve done for me
And for countless other people,
I am filled with thanksgiving.

I lose much when I trust little.
Teach me to trust You more,
Teach me to walk in Your ways,
On the narrow road until death.

My heart longs for more of You,
My mind seeks more knowledge,
My flesh wars against my spirit,
I’m always in need of You, Lord.

Only You’re worthy of all glory,
To be adored by all of creation,
You’re Creator, Maker, Architect,
You’re Sovereign King over all.

I lift up Your holy name, Jesus Christ,
Above all other names in all existence,
You’re King of kings and Lord of lords,
You’re the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

I wait for the day when pain is gone,
When You’ll wipe our tears away,
When suffering will finally cease,
When we’ll be forevermore with You.

Wretchedness of sinfulness

Wretchedness of sinfulness,
Grip of fallen nature tight,
Sin polluting, slowly killing
Till the Savior sets one free.

Darkness blinding, lies misleading
Till the Lord shines His great light,
Illuminating the darkest minds,
Destroying lies, elevating truth.

-written by me.

“Children of God in Christ” Note by me.

“Children of God in Christ” Note by me.

–Note: originally just a long comment on a site, shared here for others’ benefit and God’s glory–

1 John 3:2
“Beloved, now are we the children of God, and it does not yet appear what we will be: but we know that, when He will appear, we will be like Him; for we will see Him as He is.”

In Christ, thanks to His death and resurrection, we are accepted by and belong to God, and it doesn’t cost us who we’re truly called to be; it makes it not just possible and probable but certain that we will become who we’re truly called to be by our Creator and heavenly Father.
God is working in and on us from the moment of our spiritual birth, making us like Christ, which is His goal and our joy, because even as we are becoming more like Christ, we are not losing that part of us that makes us, well, us, because God wants sons and daughters, not clones and robots. God’s not trying to destroy our uniqueness, He wants it to be seen in Christ, for it to shine and grow and thrive in Him.
It may be hard to grasp but what He said in His Word is what He wills, desires, is doing, is working, is making, is perfecting, and He never drops or leaves unfinished what He has begun, especially when it concerns those whom He created in His image, fearfully and wonderfully made for His glory, to do good works which He prepared for us in Christ to do.

It’s said of Christians that “We are becoming what we already are.” We’re in Christ and we’re becoming like Christ, not in some New Age jargon sense, but in the only meaningful sense, in the way the Bible says. We are all unique members of the Body of Christ. Not one of us is put here to do the same thing in the same way as a brother or sister in Christ.
God has given us value, worth, significance, identity, purpose, reason, meaning, joy, dignity, not because we’re perfect or such awesome people but because He loves us, chose to love us, accepted us in Christ, made us for Himself, for His glory, so we’d live and love and thrive here and glorify and enjoy Him now and forever.
We’re here to preach the Gospel to the spiritually dead, to share our hope in Christ with others, to point them to Christ who is the Way and Truth and Life, Who’s the only way to the Father, Who’s the only one through whom we can be reconciled to God, saved from the coming wrath we deserve for all our sins, our disobedience and unbelief.
Thanks and glory be to God for His amazing grace, for Christ His Son, for God’s great love for us that nothing can separate us from. Glory to our amazing God, now and forever!

“Humanity’s Disease and God’s Cure” Note by me.

“Humanity’s Disease and God’s Cure” Note by me.

Humanity’s millenia of killings and murders are symptoms of a sickness that afflicts us all – sin.
Religious or not, afflicted by sin they’ll be and the further from God they are, the more selfish and less restrained they’ll be in their thinking and behavior, and when self is god then misery is left in the wake of all these little phony gods who are not gods at all but are slaves to sin, diseased lost souls who need the remedy, the cure for their terrible illness, and the remedy, the cure, the only solution is Jesus Christ.

The longer people live in denial of this truth and reject this sole solution, the more miserable they’ll be and their attempts at utopia will be pathetic failures, a hell on earth instead of the paradise they thought they could have without God.

That’s reality. No God means no peace; no Christ means no salvation. Pretending sin’s not our worst disease will not make it go away, it’ll just worsen its effects on us, if not in the short run then surely in the long run. Embracing God’s solution, accepting and applying His cure of salvation through faith in Christ is the beginning of spiritual life, true life, the beginning of a better reality and a wonderful destiny that God Himself promises and assures us will be ours in Christ.

That we are all ill with sin, that we don’t have the cure, that we can’t save ourselves, that we can’t enter God’s presence by own efforts, that’s reality, that’s the point of God Incarnate coming into the world, to do what we can never do, to accomplish what we can’t, for Him to be just and yet be able to justify the sinners, that’s the good news, the Gospel.

Christ died for us while we were yet sinners, not because we’re decent people who’ve made mistakes but because we’re sinners deserving death, the wages of our sins, we’re deserving of God’s wrath but by His grace and in His love He made a way of release, escape from wrath, a way to be reconciled to God the Father, a way to be made spiritually alive and accepted in Christ, on Christ’s merit, on His righteousness, not anything good in us but all the good that’s in Him.
We’d be the worst fools to reject God’s offer of salvation and new life in Christ.