Sunday Praise (54) 9/15/19

Sunday Praise (54) 9/15/19. by me.

Father in Heaven,
Holy and righteous,
Abba, we all need You,
You are God Almighty.

I am blessed and happy
Because You are my God,
My Savior, Master, Healer,
Redeemer, Deliverer, Creator.

Nearer, my God, to You
I want to be with each new day.
Nearer, my Lord, to You
I need to be with each new day.

God, blessed is Your name
Among the many nations
Where You are known and loved
Served by the poor and rich alike.

I come tp You with praise,
I enter Your presence again,
Even when it’s hard, I know,
I can praise You, pray to You.

I still fall down time and time again,
I stil fail and I still stumble, Father,
You pick me up and help me go,
You walk beside me, You go ahead of me.

I will declare Your praise,
I won’t be silent, Savior,
Here and in eternity
I will worship You, God.

The nations’ gods and goddesses
Are dead and false, all counterfeits,
Worthless idols unworthy of praise,
They’ll all be destroyed, You’re God alone.

I want to be in Your house
All of my days on earth
And then be with You forever,
You are my home, God.

I will praise You, God,
With all of my heart,
Giving You all I can,
It’s what You deserve.

You know everything about me
Nothing is hidden from You, Lord,
My thoughts, my words and actions,
You know it all, completely, Creator.

You will judge the world in righteousness,
None can say You judgment is wrong,
You know the deepest thoughts of all,
Motivations, intentions, all evil and good.

I will bless You in the congregation,
I will bless You with Your children,
I will bless You in the darkest valleys,
I know now You’re all I want and more.

I will praise You, Lord,
You are good, Creator,
Your mercy endures forever
There is no one like You.

You hear me when I call,
You answer my prayers
According to Your wisdom
And Your love, heavenly Father.

I praise You for Your mercy,
Glorify You for Your truth,
Worship You for Your holiness,
You alone are worthy, Lord.

Fill my heart with compassion,
Fill my soul with boldness,
Give me the courage I need
To speak Your truth to people.

You search my heart and see
Everything that’s underneath,
Everything that only You know,
You see all the good and bad in me.

See if I’m not daily walking
On the everlasting way, Lord,
Guide me back to the narrow road,
Keep me close, ever be with me.

I thank You with the righteous
Redeemed by the blood of Christ,
Saved from sin, damnation, Hell,
Saved by grace through faith in Christ.

I will keep praising You here
Until the day I die, I won’t cease
To give You thanks and praise,
Glory, hallelujah, blessed be You.


Sunday Praise (53) 9/8/19

Sunday Praise (53) 9/8/19. by me.

This is another gift from You,
Lord, You have made it all
For Your glory, to praise You,
To declare Your sovereignty.

The sun rose in the morning,
Shone and warmed in the day,
Set in the west to welcome
The night and the moon.

My soul rejoices in You,
You’re my strength in life,
My Savior and salvation,
My hope and victory.

Life is not meaningless,
You’re the meaning of it,
To glorify You and enjoy You
Forever, Lord, a blessed state.

Negativity comes in life,
Struggles to overcome,
Growth through pain,
All a part of Your plan.

I think about Heaven again
Where we won’t get sick,
We won’t get old or die,
You’ll wipe our tears away.

It seems so far off from now
But life’s shorter than we think
And years go by like a moment
And we reach the day of our death.

I will rejoice in You here
Daily walking by faith,
Seeking Your face
And growing in love.

I’m a pilgrim here, I know,
A stranger, a sojourner,
This world is not my home,
God, You are my home.

I will wait until the day
I’ll see You face to face,
I’ll be amazed and humbled,
I will praise and worship You.

I will finally be home,
I will be with You, Lord,
Eternal life will be
A long-awaited final union.

There is much beauty in the world,
I realize even the simple things
We overlook, take for granted,
They’re Your beautiful creation.

I’ll bless Your holy name
Until the day that I die
And then forever and ever
I’ll praise, worship, glorify You!

My soul will exalt You
Among all the nations,
I will not be ashamed
Of knowing and loving You.

Help us to use our time wisely,
To do all things for Your glory,
To keep Your promises in mind
And live by faith, love, and hope.

I am crucified with Christ,
It’s no longer I who live,
Jesus Christ lives in me;
What an honor and a joy!

I know that blessed is the one
Whose strength is in You, God,
And most blessed is the soul
Saved by Jesus Christ forever.

I am happy that You love me,
You know all my imperfections,
How often I fall, fail, sin, stumble,
You call me to repentance, to change.

Fill my heart with Your love,
Help me to love others
As You love me, Father,
Teach me to love and live.

Every new day is a gift
From Your hand, Creator,
I have taken for granted
Too many things before.

I am always dependent on You,
You sustain me every moment,
I will grow in faith, love, obedience,
Doing Your will, do all to Your glory.

“Enough Retreating, Hiding” Note by me.

“Enough Retreating, Hiding” Note by me.

– Note: this was originally a comment on a Facebook post, I share it here with you all, I hope it serves as food for thought, seeds for action, an encouragement, for the good of people and for the glory of God. –

As the book of Acts shows clearly, our Christian faith isn’t a private matter, it’s not a candle to put under a bucket or confine to our house.
Seeing the boldness of the disciples/apostles should cause us to examine our hearts, priorities, motives, see what fears are hindering our service and growth and love for God and people.
It’s not to feel guilty or useless, but to pray that God will daily fill us with His Holy Spirit and help us conform to Christ’s image, that He’d be greater than all our fears and doubts and uncertainties.
We’ve been retreating for too long, brothers and sisters, we’re the Good Shepherd’s sheep, yes, but we’re also soldiers of Christ called to fight for the faith delivered to us by the saints, the Lord’s Word we’ve believed and in His promises we’ve believed.
We are weak, yes, but our Lord is strong, Omnipotent, His grace is sufficient for us, He not only gives us the strength we need, He is our strength, our hope, our victory. To look elsewhere for all of that is foolish.
The world will say you don’t need to be serious about what you believe, just enjoy this life and don’t worry about finding truth or obeying God.
Don’t listen to the foolishness of the world system, Satan’s minions and the deceived who’d rather see you serve yourself than God.
Don’t retreat, stand with God’s living Word in your heart and your mind renewed daily by it.
Jesus used the Word, it’s the Sword of the Spirit, not just our daily bread, it’s what His disciples have used since the first Church, and it’s what we need now, daily to use God’s Word when the tempter comes, when our flesh is not obedient, when distractions steal our time, when the world sings its siren songs to entice us, attempting to lead us astray, to let our guard down, to wear us down and out.
Let us daily turn to our Father in Heaven, seek His face, be filled with the Holy Spirit, let His truth enter deep into our hearts and minds, so we shine our light before the world and not fear people any longer, but grow in our faith and love and service, know how serious spiritual matters are, know the lost all need to hear God’s Gospel, knowing our life here is shorter than we’d like it to be, and shorter than we realize.
May our Lord and Savior help us all to do these things, by His grace and through His Spirit. He will do all that He has said, He will provide, He is with us, His will be done now and forever.

Sunday Praise (51) 8/25/19

Sunday Praise (51) 8/25/19. by me.

The day has come and gone,
You’ve given it to us as a gift
From Your merciful hand,
You’re a loving heavenly Father.

As we gather may Your Spirit dwell within us,
We are gathered in the name of Jesus Christ,
To declare Your praises in the congregation,
To exalt Your holy name, for You are worthy.

You’re my strength when I’m weak
And You’re the treasure that I seek,
I have come to desire nothing more
Than loving and glorifying You, Lord.

Jesus, Lamb of God, You’re worthy
To be praised by every person,
May all bow down and confess
You are Lord, God, Savior, forever.

Change my heart, o Lord my God,
Make it ever true to You, Master,
May I be like You, doing Your will,
Growing in obedience and love.

Draw me close to You, Abba,
I need to enter Your presence
Humbled and with a sincere heart
Seeking Your face, a child in need.

Father in Heaven, life here isn’t easy,
I get tired, frustrated, discouraged,
I am always in need of You, my God,
You sustain me every moment here.

I haven’t served You all my life,
Too many years I was dead in sin,
A lost soul condemned by unbelief
But now I am alive in Jesus Christ.

You’re all I want, the world hates that,
My flesh wars against my spirit,
I am weak but You are strong, God,
I run to You, You’re my hope and life.

God, You’re all I’ve ever needed
But I haven’t always known it,
I was Your enemy before You saved me,
Now I am Your child forever, Abba.

I’m humbled by Your love for me,
I know that I don’t deserve it at all,
You’re more than I can grasp now,
Who You are amazes me daily.

I’m no longer a slave to sin,
I’m no longer a slave to fear,
Your Holy Spirit lives within,
You are ever here, ever near.

I am ransomed, I’m redeemed
By the blood of Jesus Christ,
I value this above all things,
I am forever Yours, living God.

Your creation is wonderful,
Your beauty is breathtaking,
You’re more wonderful and holy
Than I realize now in this state.

You give me words to write
Praising Your holy name again,
I seek to better worship You,
Strengthen me, heavenly Father.

Help me prepare for Communion,
To partake in that sacrament,
To do it in remembrance of You,
Holy One, Lord of all, my Savior.

The Earth is full of Your glory,
Your works are manifest to all,
None have excuse for unbelief,
All need a Savior, all need You.

I am in awe of who You are,
Every new day I get a glimpse
Of Your glory, Your majesty,
I praise You, living and true God.

Nothing can separate me from Your love,
The world and Satan and flesh will try
But will fail for Your promise is sure,
None will pluck me from Your hand, God.

I’m still learning to love and obey You,
Your grace is sufficient for me,
Your strength is made complete
In my weakness, You’re my strength.

Fill me daily with Your Holy Spirit,
Guide me on the narrow road,
Fill my heart with gratitude,
Fill my lips with thanksgiving.

I will grow in love and faith,
Trusting in You more each day,
Learning from many mistakes,
Living a holy life You call me to live.

I will rejoice in You, my God,
You deserve my whole heart
And soul and mind and life,
You’re my everything forever.

Sunday Praise (50) 8/18/19

Sunday Praise (50) 8/18/19. by me.

What a wonderful new day it is
You’ve given me to live, O Lord.
I thank You for the oppurtunity
To praise You with Your Church.

With brothers and sisters in Christ
I lift up Your holy name, Abba, Father,
None are worthy of all glory and praise,
You deserve it, You’re living and true.

The sun rose and light has filled
The Earth I see until the horizon,
While others sleep so far away
Here the day moves, so active.

The universe is in Your hand,
You’re Creator, Maker, Architect,
Sovereign Ruler, King of kings,
Lord of lords, God Almighty.

The heavens praise You for Your deeds,
The Earth is full of Your glory, Lord,
In many congregations of Your saints,
Your holy name is exalted above all.

How great are Your works, Creator,
Wonderfully deep are Your thoughts,
Your beautiful creation rejoices me,
I’m awe-filled by the works of Your hands.

Many times I had nearly fallen deep
But Your hand of mercy upheld me.
In the increase of troubles in my heart
Your comforts were sweet to my soul.

I will sing to You all the days of my life;
The air in my lungs, heartbeat in my chest,
You’ve given me this gift, Creator of all,
While I have breath I will praise You, Lord.

My heart will bless Your name,
My soul will bless You, God,
With all that is within me
I will praise You, glorify You.

Your love knows no borders,
Truly it is like no other love,
Your mercy humbles me,
Your truth endures forever.

Lord, You’re my life’s foundation,
Christ, the Rock of my salvation,
Worthy to be loved and obeyed,
Above all exalted in the highest.

What I see and hear and read
I will use to praise You, Lord,
Lover of my soul, my all in all,
You’re my everything, living God.

Strong Leader, teach me to follow You,
Teach to love and obey You more daily,
I know I fail and stumble and fall often,
You reach out Your hand, You help me.

Teach me to do Your will, Abba,
To obey You as Christ obeyed You,
To trust in You with my whole heart
And not lean on my own understanding.

Teach me to love Your commandments,
Teach me to obey them as I should,
To learn obedience as Jesus Christ did,
As a child loves and obeys a loving parent.

Because of Your mercy, O Lord,
I have not died, have not perished,
You have shown me how to live,
You’re the Way, the Truth, the Life.

I find no greater comfort here than
Knowing You love me, God in Heaven,
You’ve saved me, gave me a new life,
I am Yours now and forevermore, Lord.

Great is Your faithfulness, God,
You are mighty in the highest,
You’re exalted in all the nations,
You’re exalted in all the Earth.

From everlasting to everlasting
You are the true and living God,
There is no other Savior but Christ,
There is no other God but You!

What You have given all of us
I praise You for everything, Lord,
Ever be exalted, Christ Jesus,
Glory to You my Savior, the Word.

When we get too distracted…

When we get too distracted
And take our eyes off of Christ
We lose the strength we need
To fight the battles
That come daily in our life.
May God help us trust in Him,
To fix our eyes on Jesus Christ,
To grow in faith and love.
God is our hope and victory.

-by me

Sunday Praise (47) 7/28/19

Sunday Praise (47) 7/28/19. by me.

What can be better than
Being in Your presence?
Lord, I want to stay here
And bask in Your presence.

You’re never too far away,
You’re nearer than I realize,
Emmanuel, God with us,
I am never truly alone.

You won’t abandon me,
You won’t forsake me,
I am Your child, Father,
And I am Yours forever.

Wherever I may go,
You will be there, God,
I can’t run away from You
And I learning to run to You.

In the deepest darkness
I can’t hide from You,
You always see and know
Where I am, no matter where.

You’re with me daily,
What then shall I fear?
Wherever I will go,
You won’t lose sight of me.

It’s comforting to know
I can always return to You,
Repenting of my sins,
Receiving Your forgiveness.

You’re the strength of my life,
You’re the Savior of my soul,
You’re my song and my hope,
You’re my life and my victory.

May Your truth and righteousness
Lead me every day of my life,
Guide and protect me, Father,
Christ ever be my righteousness.

I can find rest for my soul
In You, Jesus Christ, my Lord,
Clothed in Your righteousness,
Washed clean by Your blood.

My soul magnifies You
For You alone are worthy
Of honor and glory forever,
No one else is, God Almighty.

You restore my strength,
You give rest that I need,
More than the physical,
What my very soul needs.

You have always known my soul’s need,
In due time revealed it in Your Word,
Gave what was needed
According to Your will.

You’re daily merciful to me,
It pours on me like rain,
It covers me, I’m humbled,
I’m overwhelmed by Your love.

I haven’t seen so much yet
Of what You’ve created,
There’s no telling what I’ll see
When You show me greater things.

Beauty and complexity
Of Your marvelous creation,
The works of Your hands
Don’t cease to glorify You.

Creation points to You,
Creator, Maker, Potter,
Sustainer, Almighty God,
Sovereign Ruler over all.

You’ve given us another day,
You gave us this meeting,
Brothers and sisters in Christ
Gather to praise Your name.

Life is shorter than we realize,
Time wasted can’t be returned,
Help us to live wisely every day,
Using time given the right way.

Teach us to number our days
So we attain a heart of wisdom,
Strengthen us for the new week
To do all that awaits us, Lord.

How can I not praise You
For all that You have done
And are doing even now
And will do in the future?

I want to daily praise You
Sincerely, I’m still learning
To give You all that I can,
The best of what You’ve given.

I think about the ways
You’re active in my life
And in so many others’,
You’re undeniably active.

All my words of praise to You
Are a drop in the great ocean
Of what You are worthy of,
What only You deserve, God!

You’ve given me life
To bring You glory,
To love and obey You,
To enjoy You forever.

I’ve been on Your narrow road
For less years than some
But I have become certain
This is where I belong, God.

Anywhere with You is better than
Anywhere without You, Father,
At Your feet listening to You speak,
On a deathbed with You at my side.

Every day You give is a gift
But I’m still failing to make
The wisest use of given time,
To do what I should when I can.