Wretchedness of sinfulness

Wretchedness of sinfulness,
Grip of fallen nature tight,
Sin polluting, slowly killing
Till the Savior sets one free.

Darkness blinding, lies misleading
Till the Lord shines His great light,
Illuminating the darkest minds,
Destroying lies, elevating truth.

-written by me.


“Children of God in Christ” Note by me.

“Children of God in Christ” Note by me.

–Note: originally just a long comment on a site, shared here for others’ benefit and God’s glory–

1 John 3:2
“Beloved, now are we the children of God, and it does not yet appear what we will be: but we know that, when He will appear, we will be like Him; for we will see Him as He is.”

In Christ, thanks to His death and resurrection, we are accepted by and belong to God, and it doesn’t cost us who we’re truly called to be; it makes it not just possible and probable but certain that we will become who we’re truly called to be by our Creator and heavenly Father.
God is working in and on us from the moment of our spiritual birth, making us like Christ, which is His goal and our joy, because even as we are becoming more like Christ, we are not losing that part of us that makes us, well, us, because God wants sons and daughters, not clones and robots. God’s not trying to destroy our uniqueness, He wants it to be seen in Christ, for it to shine and grow and thrive in Him.
It may be hard to grasp but what He said in His Word is what He wills, desires, is doing, is working, is making, is perfecting, and He never drops or leaves unfinished what He has begun, especially when it concerns those whom He created in His image, fearfully and wonderfully made for His glory, to do good works which He prepared for us in Christ to do.

It’s said of Christians that “We are becoming what we already are.” We’re in Christ and we’re becoming like Christ, not in some New Age jargon sense, but in the only meaningful sense, in the way the Bible says. We are all unique members of the Body of Christ. Not one of us is put here to do the same thing in the same way as a brother or sister in Christ.
God has given us value, worth, significance, identity, purpose, reason, meaning, joy, dignity, not because we’re perfect or such awesome people but because He loves us, chose to love us, accepted us in Christ, made us for Himself, for His glory, so we’d live and love and thrive here and glorify and enjoy Him now and forever.
We’re here to preach the Gospel to the spiritually dead, to share our hope in Christ with others, to point them to Christ who is the Way and Truth and Life, Who’s the only way to the Father, Who’s the only one through whom we can be reconciled to God, saved from the coming wrath we deserve for all our sins, our disobedience and unbelief.
Thanks and glory be to God for His amazing grace, for Christ His Son, for God’s great love for us that nothing can separate us from. Glory to our amazing God, now and forever!

“Humanity’s Disease and God’s Cure” Note by me.

“Humanity’s Disease and God’s Cure” Note by me.

Humanity’s millenia of killings and murders are symptoms of a sickness that afflicts us all – sin.
Religious or not, afflicted by sin they’ll be and the further from God they are, the more selfish and less restrained they’ll be in their thinking and behavior, and when self is god then misery is left in the wake of all these little phony gods who are not gods at all but are slaves to sin, diseased lost souls who need the remedy, the cure for their terrible illness, and the remedy, the cure, the only solution is Jesus Christ.

The longer people live in denial of this truth and reject this sole solution, the more miserable they’ll be and their attempts at utopia will be pathetic failures, a hell on earth instead of the paradise they thought they could have without God.

That’s reality. No God means no peace; no Christ means no salvation. Pretending sin’s not our worst disease will not make it go away, it’ll just worsen its effects on us, if not in the short run then surely in the long run. Embracing God’s solution, accepting and applying His cure of salvation through faith in Christ is the beginning of spiritual life, true life, the beginning of a better reality and a wonderful destiny that God Himself promises and assures us will be ours in Christ.

That we are all ill with sin, that we don’t have the cure, that we can’t save ourselves, that we can’t enter God’s presence by own efforts, that’s reality, that’s the point of God Incarnate coming into the world, to do what we can never do, to accomplish what we can’t, for Him to be just and yet be able to justify the sinners, that’s the good news, the Gospel.

Christ died for us while we were yet sinners, not because we’re decent people who’ve made mistakes but because we’re sinners deserving death, the wages of our sins, we’re deserving of God’s wrath but by His grace and in His love He made a way of release, escape from wrath, a way to be reconciled to God the Father, a way to be made spiritually alive and accepted in Christ, on Christ’s merit, on His righteousness, not anything good in us but all the good that’s in Him.
We’d be the worst fools to reject God’s offer of salvation and new life in Christ.

“Racism is Odious” note by me.

“Racism is Odious” note by me.

Racism is odious and should be an unconscionable stance to all true Christians.
If you call yourself a Christian but you’re a racist, then you’re contradiction, a pretender.
You can’t claim to love Christ and hate people of different skin color or believe you’re superior just because of your skin color or where you were born.
Your concept of Christianity is a parody, a travesty, and would be laughable if it weren’t so disgusting.
Spew out your pathetic superiority complex and embrace a spiritual and mental purging that you desperately need, even if you don’t think you need it, you really do.
God’s not amused with your perverted idea of Christianity that allows you to be a racist and still call yourself a Christian.
God doesn’t care about your bag of ready excuses; He demands you change your ways, repent, or stop calling yourself a Christian because you’re really not.
There’s no such thing as Christian racists, just lukewarm pretenders who deceive themselves thinking they’re something they’re really not.

“Thinking and Doing” by me.

— This was originally just a comment but I think sharing it here (almost unchanged) can be beneficial to those who read it, if they see the point and do what’s suggested and what I’m encouraging the reader to do. —

Thinking on something is good but once you’ve thought on it for some time, you must act on it, don’t stop with the thinking, go on to the doing, that is, see and seek practical ways of applying what you have thought on.
We’re not just called to think on things, useful as that is, we must move beyond that to the point where we take practical and biblical steps in our lives and really do what we have overlooked, neglected, ignored, trivialized, which of course won’t be easy, no really important things in life are easy, but they’re worth doing and they must be done.
We’re called to obey God’s Word, His commands, out of our love for Him and because those very commands are given by the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent true and living God, they’re not some silly suggestions of the world, they’re the commands of the Almighty One, our Heavenly Father who knows what’s best for all of His children.
It’s not the wisdom of the world we’re here to acquire and apply, it’s the wisdom of God’s Word, which is more lucid and logical than the world’s wisdom, for it comes from the mind of God and not the imagination of man.
Thinking is good, but it’s not an end, it’s a means to an end, which is doing. Abiding in Christ we will bear fruit in our lives and we will be seen as those set apart for God, in His family and of His Kingdom. If we have His light in us, we must not hide it, it must shine so the world sees. Yes, we won’t fit, but that’s not a bad thing, for to be more like Christ is more important than any of the opinions the world has of us.
Obedience to God, no matter how difficult, is more important than the opinions of you held by any people of the world.
Hopefully this helps someone who reads this who may have stopped at the thinking stage and hasn’t moved to the doing stage yet. By God’s help, they can and will if they seek to obey God’s commands, to do God’s will.

“The Day Jesus Christ Died”

4/12/17. 4/14/17.
Written by: Victor P.
Topic: Good Friday (Long Prose)

“The Day Jesus Christ Died”

The day Jesus Christ was arrested,
Tried, accused, convicted, condemned to die,
It was the day the worst injustice
Was perpetrated in all of history.

The most innocent One was convicted,
Falsely accused, condemned unjustly,
All principles of jurisprudence were ignored,
Jealous sinners wanted Him killed quickly,
A kangaroo court took place, it was disgraceful,
Justice was perverted, a travesty committed.

Christ was bound by sinful mortals,
He was mocked, scorned, spat upon,
He was beaten, bruised, made bloody,
He was crowned with thorns,
He was exhausted, mistreated, despised,
He was given the death sentence,
He was made to carry His Cross
Through the streets full of people,
A public spectacle, made an example,
He was brought to where He’d be crucified,
He was hated, reproached, rejected,
He endured the worst mistreatments,
He suffered the worst injustice,
He was treated despicably by sinners,
He was deemed worthy of execution,
Condemned to the death of a common criminal.

Christ’s hands and feet were nailed to the Cross,
He felt excruciating pain, He was in agony,
He truly suffered and so many did not care,
He was lifted high up before all who were there,
The whole world would never be the same.

The angels of Heaven and the demons of Hell
Saw the Son of Man crucified there that day
As did all the people who gathered to see it happen,
The Son of God was on the Cross for all to see.
The angels of Heaven were watching
God’s plan of redemption unfolding as planned;
The demons and Satan thought they won
When they saw Jesus nailed to the Cross
But they could not have been more wrong
For the devil won nothing that day.
The devil suffered his worst defeat that day,
The Son of God by His death would win,
The war that raged for ages would be won,
The Son of Man would overcome all His enemies,
He would conquer death and the grave
Though few, if any, thought so when He hung there
Upon the Cross, His blood steadily flowing
In crimson streams down His body to the ground.
The blood of the most innocent one was shed
For the sins of all, even for the worst of sinners.

Christ hung there, He bled, He suffered greatly,
His blood was shed for the remission of sins
For there is no remission of sins without the shedding of blood,
So He who knew no sin became sin for all,
God’s wrath poured out upon His Son,
He was treated as if He had sinned though He did not,
The Lamb of God was the sacrifice,
He came to take away the sins of the world,
He was crushed and punished for all sinners,
He alone made atonement for our sins.
The Father had to forsake the Son then,
The Son felt forsaken, rejected, all alone,
He cried out, He said what He had to
And then said ‘It is finished!’ and died.

God’s plan of redemption was accomplished,
Christ bled and died on the Cross for all sinners,
Christ had completed all the work He came to do,
What the Father gave Him to do
Christ did and did it perfectly,
Without any ommissions, without failure,
He obeyed the Father’s will completely,
He was born to die, He came to save sinners.

The Sinless Son of God had overcome
All His opposition, all His enemies lost,
The war of ages had been won that day,
It may have seemed like the opposite was true
From where some were standing, looking, seeing,
But whatever any human or demon thought
The fact was that victory was God’s that day
And none could destroy the work of Christ,
None could ever undo what He did,
None could ever do more than He did,
None could make a better plan of salvation,
None could create a better plan of redemption,
None could live as Jesus Christ lived
And none could die the death He died,
None could complete what He completed.

The day Jesus Christ died wasn’t the end,
It was the way to something miraculous,
God would raise Jesus from the dead,
He would resurrect Him as was foretold,
He did everything He said He would do,
Everything happened as He said it would,
Many prophecies were fulfilled in those days,
God’s plan was going without interruption,
His hand of providence worked behind the scenes,
What so many did not see or realize took place,
What many ignored or overlooked occured,
The world would be turned upside down,
The future would not be hopeless for all who believe,
The Savior of humans died for their sins
And was raised from the dead by God
And would be alive forevermore.

Since the day Christ was raised from the dead
He has been alive, He is the Deathless Conqueror,
He sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven,
He lives forever and will never die again.
He is the Lamb of God, the Lion of Judah,
The Author and Finisher of our faith,
He is our Captain, the Bishop of souls,
The Man of Sorrows, the Suffering Servant,
The Vine, the Door, the living water,
The Word of God, the Bread of life,
The Good Shepherd, Sinless One,
The High Priest, the great Prophet,
The Messiah, Holy One of Israel,
The sacrifice and the sacrificer,
Our Passover, our ark, our treasure,
King of kings and Lord of lords,
Son of God, Son of Man,
Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace,
The Way, the Truth, the Life,
The only Savior of sinners,
The only Savior of souls,
The only way to God the Father,
The only hope of this world,
Without rival, without equal,
Incomparable, irreplaceable,
He reigns now and forevermore!

Glory to God Alone!

“Some things Jesus Christ DID NOT say”

Originally written October 1, 2013 at 2:11am

Writen by: Victor P.

Some things Jesus Christ DID NOT say:

1) “You cannot serve God and Mammon, unless you are very talented and are able to do that sort of thing.”

2) “On Sundays, take up your cross and follow Me, the rest of the week just try not to kill anyone.”

3) “Love your enemies, unless they are those totally unlovable types, then it is all right, at least you tried.”

4) “He that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him while he’s alive, but after he dies he shall be saved, eventually, I shall see
to it that it shall be so.”

5) “And ye shall be witnesses unto Me both in your neighborhoods, and in your workplace, and in your city, and even unto the uttermost part of your

6) “It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in His own power, unless you have a system or codes and you interpret it in a
way that quotes Me or My servants as much as possible, and unless you sell it to as many people as you can and claim that it is a revelation from God.”

7) “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned, until you give a priest some money and he declares you are no
longer damned.”

8) “Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man, so you can eat what ever you want as long
as you say you do it for God’s glory.”

9) “I am a possible way, a type of truth, and a sort of life: some people come unto the Father by me and others by other ways, what ever the person chooses is
all right because all ways lead to God.”

10) “When the Son of man shall come in his glory … before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth
his sheep from the goats, and then He shall put them into one group again and take them all to heaven forevermore for all shall be saved at the end of the world.”