Sunday Praise (3) 9/23/18

Sunday Praise (3) 9/23/18. by me

O Lord, how great You are,
How wonderful Your ways,
How many are Your works,
How amazing is Your grace.

Your peace like a river flows,
Your grace like rain pours down,
Your mercy I see towards all,
Your patience amazes me, Lord.

Holy Spirit, fill my lips with praise
To give praise befitting God.
God, You’re worthy of the best,
Most deserving of glory and praise.

Open my heart to praise Your name
And fill my lips with thanksgiving,
Give me words I need to express
My gratitude, gratefulness to You.

I see Your works and I’m amazed,
The ways You move in every life
Behind the scenes and by miracles,
I know no other does what You do.

Your love is the greatest I know,
You’re holy and righteous and kind,
Your grace humbles me every day,
I’m sustained by You every moment.

You forgive sins and change hearts,
You can save the worst of sinners,
I’m captivated by Your amazing grace,
Your love alone constrains me now.

I can only imagine that great day
When I’ll see You, when I come Home,
In Your holy presence overwhelmed
By Your holiness and Your love, God.

Praise to Your mighty name,
You are holy, holy, holy, Lord,
You’re the true and living God,
Glory to You now and forevermore.


Photos (7) Flowers

Photos (7) Flowers20180908_134713

Sunday Praise (2) 9/16/18.

Sunday Praise (2) 9/16/18. by me.

Heavenly Father, glory to You
For all the good that You do.
Your name be exalted everywhere,
You alone are the true living God.

There’s none like You, none compare,
You’re holy, righteous, perfect, and just,
You’re merciful, caring, loving, and kind,
You alone are God Almighty forever.

You’re forgiving sinners, saving souls,
You’re changing lives for the better,
You’re making the broken whole again,
You’re mending wounds, healing hurts.

You show show grace and mercy
To the sinful and the undeserving,
You’re calling them to repentance,
You’re calling them to life, to Yourself.

Almighty God, You are good all the time,
Worthy to be praised forevermore by all.
Your holy and mighty named be praised,
Exalted in Heaven and Earth, everywhere.

“Lost 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty 2. (electronic/instrumental LMMS track)

“Lost 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty 2.
Simple electronic/instrumental LMMS track

“To Live, To Die 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty 2. (electronic/instrumental LMMS track)

“To Live, To Die 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty 2.
Simple electronic/instrumental LMMS track