“Lives and Time”

Written by: Victor P.

“Lives and Time”

I want to see you live
The way you know you could
If you would give up the things
You know you don’t need.

Look inside and dig deep,
Examine what you believe
And why you choose to believe it,
Don’t believe what’s not worth it.

Is there ever enough time
To do everything we want to?
Do we always need to rush?
Can’t we take a rest from it?

There’s no going back,
No turning back the clock,
Time keeps moving forward
Even if we stay in place.

Oh, get up and move on,
Leave the past in the past,
No point in wasting time,
Don’t stay stuck in place.


“To See You”

Written by: Victor P.

“To See You”

I want to see your face
Change from hopeless
To one full of hope,
I want to see you find joy,
I want to see you believe,
I want to see you saved.

I want to see you
Come to the truth,
For you to understand it
And really embrace it.

There’s still time
But no guarantee
You’ll see tomorrow,
Take it all for granted
And you’ll lose it all.
I’m just telling the truth,
This isn’t easy,
I’m not playing,
I’m not lying,
Here I’m trying.
Is it useless?
Oh, I hope not.

To see you forgiven,
To see you live anew,
To see you changed,
God knows I want to see all that.

I dream it,
I wish it,
I pray for it,
What will happen to you
When your time here is up?
Where will you go for eternity?
Just because you may not believe
There’s eternity after death
Doesn’t mean it’s true or you’re right.

“Color, Return”

Written by: Victor P.

“Color, Return”

Color, return, I want it,
To notice beauty again,
It’s been gone for a while,
Thought it inconspicuous,
Cluttered mind blurred it,
Waited for a change
But saw it didn’t come
By itself, didn’t return.

Color, come back to me,
Be prominent again,
I will see the things
I’ve missed too long.
I want to see it all anew,
With a new view
Through the same eyes.

Color, return, I will bask in it,
Beauty become noticed again,
I won’t settle for the grey,
Black and white is not enough.

God, show me the beauty of it all,
You’ve made it for Your glory.
I will see it as one with new eyes
And praise You for Your works,
For such creativity and complexity.

“A Change In Self First”

Written by: Victor P.

“A Change In Self First”

How long can you keep praying to God
To change everyone else but you?
Quit while you’re ahead and realize
You’re among those who need change,
Your pride’s showing through your words.

You think you’re perfect? You’re not,
Look in the mirror and see yourself,
Look at your heart and see your sins,
See all that needs to be removed,
See how much needs to change
In your heart, in your life.

If you refuse to admit your need
Then you’re just too proud now,
Going nowhere, stuck in place;
It’s a terrible state to be in.

Pray for God to break you down
And bring you to real repentance,
Pray that God will forgive your sins
And wash you clean by Christ’s Blood.
Pray He’ll conform you to Christ’s likeness,
There’s your purpose not to neglect,
There’s sanctification you must desire,
There is growth you must embrace.

Don’t demand change for good in others
If you’re unwilling to be changed yourself.
Seek God’s face, praise Him for grace,
Accept His correction and discipline,
Don’t be proud, God the Father knows you,
You’ve much to learn and plenty to change,
Until your dying breath follow God’s way,
He knows what’s best, there’s no better way than His.

“To An Atheist And Others” by me.

“To An Atheist And Others” by me.

–Originally just a long comment; edited and shared here for all to read–
Just because you repeat a lie so often that “God doesn’t exist” understand that it doesn’t make it true, it just means you have a lot of faith in your belief that God doesn’t exist without any evidence to support your claims.
Your religion is humanism, your ‘science’ is evolution, your philosophy is naturalism, and your theology is atheism.
Don’t worry, you’re still alive, there’s still hope for you, though you’re now spiritually dead and blind to the truth, God’s not done with you, you could still be led to repentance and faith in Christ and be used by God to spread His Gospel one day.
Don’t count yourself out yet, the possibility is there while you’re still alive, and the time to repent and believe in Christ is there too, you’re not destined to die following the hopeless naturalistic, humanistic, atheistic worldview, you’re not excluded from God’s offer of salvation through Christ.
Whatever keeps you from believing is just an obstacle that needs to be removed, not some impossibility that will keep you from ever believing.
Plenty of atheists have become Christians in the past and present and more will become Christians in the future. No atheist is denied God’s offer of salvation by His grace through faith in Christ.
There’s hope for you yet, weary sinner, come to Christ before you die, don’t give in to atheism’s hopelessness and lies.
There’s a better way to live, there’s a newer you that you can be, without your hatred and bitterness, but one who can live joyfully and with real meaning in life.
It’s possible, you’re not excluded from those who can come to God by repenting and believing He is who He says in the Bible and He can forgive your sins and years of unbelief and hatred and opposition. All of that can be forgiven by God, all your sins and stains and guilt and shame can be washed away by Christ’s Blood, you can be made new in Him, have spiritual life and joy you obviously don’t have now.

My above comment can be read and applied by any atheist, too, because God calls all to repentance and faith, to salvation and new life, exclusion is an illusion, His offer is for all who are willing to believe and trust in Christ for salvation from sin, self, and Hell, from God’s just condemnation of sinners who violated His perfect Law. Come, all you sinners, and look to Christ for salvation and new life. Atheism can’t give you what you need. Hopelessness need not be your end. Christ is calling, hear and answer, while you’re still alive, there’s still hope, there’s still time.

“America Needs Shaking and Pruning” note by me.

“America Needs Shaking and Pruning” note by me.

America needs much shaking and pruning, removing unnecessary and harmful things.
Among the things that need to be removed are the branches of humanism that were grafted on by liberals over a century ago and we see the bad fruit it’s produced.
Ideas have consequences; terrible ideas like humanism/liberalism have terrible consequences.
Only a fool can deny something so obvious.

Shake off the dead leaves of conformity,
Remove the worldly weeds and grass around the tree
To keep its water and nutrients from being stolen.
Cut off the granted-on branches of humanism,
Dispose of the rotten fruit,
Replace the liberal hirelings,
Find faithful stewards to tend to the tree,
This is a battle to keep the tree alive,
Tend it and water it,
God will bring the harvest.

“Humanism Ruining Schools” note by me.

“Humanism Ruining Schools” note by me.

Getting rid of all things Christianity-related from school has been the main agenda/goal of humanists/liberals for over 100 years now. With every such additional Christian thing they lie about and call unconstitutional, they replace it with their humanistic thing.
So things degrade, schools get worse and killings in them increase; test scores become laughably low; students become dumbed down and illogical zombies, which is the liberal goal; Christian influence fades and humanism’s cancer spreads.
It’s not that schools are just secular or unreligious, it’s that Christianity and its light in schools has been replaced with the religion of humanism and its darkness spreading lies, foolishness, confusion.
It can be reversed but the damage has been done and people must wake up from their sleep of stupidity and political correctness and stop listening to the lie that there’s no religion spread in schools. There is; it’s nasty and its name is humanism.