Sunday Praise (23) 2/10/19

Sunday Praise (23) 2/10/19. by me.

Blessed above all others,
Holy and righteous One,
Merciful, kind, and loving,
You’re the everlasting God.

I thank You for Your grace,
I worship You, living God,
I count Your mercies for me
And bless Your holy name.

This world is not my home,
In Heaven with You is my Home.
I wait patiently for the day
When I’ll see You face to face.

Eternity seems far away
But life on Earth is very short,
It’s over before we know it,
It’s fragile, brief, and passing.

I see the work of Your hands
And the greatness of Your deeds,
I worship and adore You, Lord,
I know there’s no one like You!

I enter Your presence with praise,
My heart rejoices in You,
You’re my soul’s comfort,
You’re the strength of my life.

The beauty of created things
Shows Your design and creativity,
Complexity discovered and yet unseen
Declare Your greatness and majesty.

I won’t stay silent, come what may,
The world system is hostile against You
But You’re worthy to be worshiped and obeyed,
I will declare Your name, Your love, Your ways.

You hold all things in Your hands,
You never lose control, Sovereign,
King of kings and Lord of lords,
All others are impostors, usurpers.

I will glorify You, God, Savior,
Until I die and then forevermore,
You are worthy and deserving
Of honor, glory, worship, praise.


“Every Scar Is A Reminder”

10/21,23,25/18. 11/5/18.
Written by: Victor P.

“Every Scar Is A Reminder”

Every scar is a reminder
I am mortal, I will die.
Every scar is a reminder
I have made it this far.

Every scar is a reminder
I have lived here this long
By the grace of Almighty God,
He sustains me every moment.

Every scar is a reminder
I have fought for something,
I’ve fought against something,
Won or lost, it was worth it.

Every scar is a reminder
We don’t live in a perfect world,
Life doesn’t seem fair or easy,
Many things don’t make sense.

Every scar is a reminder
Life on Earth is quite short,
Shorter than we want it to be,
Over before we realize it.

Every scar is a reminder
We can’t live in the past,
We can’t go back in time,
We must live in the present.

Every scar is a reminder
There is hope for the broken,
Life past tragedy and suffering,
Joy can live in scarred hearts.

Every scar is a reminder
There’s pain and loss here,
We’re all going to die,
Live to bring God glory.

Every scar is a reminder
There is more to life than
Searching for happiness,
More than temporary things.

Every scar is a reminder
Actions have consequences,
There’s forgiveness and change,
Life’s not without second chances.

Every scar is a reminder
Love is worth fighting for,
Hope is worth holding on to,
Life is not meaningless.

Every scar is a reminder
There’s a God who loves us
And wants what’s best for us,
We can’t live without Him.

Every scar is a reminder
Wounds take time to heal.
Every scar is a reminder
Time is ever moving forward.

Sunday Praise (22) 2/3/19

Sunday Praise (22) 2/3/19. by me.

Lord, You are always worthy
To be glorified and praised,
Worshiped, exalted, adored,
None are like You, God.

The beauty in creation,
The works of Your hands,
How wonderful and creative,
It shows Your greatness, Lord.

I see it and enjoy it,
My heart is filled with praise,
I bring it to You, Father,
There is no one like You.

God, You are my Healer,
You’re the Great Physician,
The Mender of the broken,
You restore, remake, rebuild.

I have prayed to You,
You’ve heard and answered,
You gave what You knew
Would be best for me.

Every good thing that I have
Is a gift from Your hand, God.
You show me and all Your love,
Your grace is evident, O Lord.

I will not deny
Your part in my life.
I am not blind,
I see Your many works.

My flesh is weak, Father,
I seek Your strength daily,
I confess You’re my strength,
I am weak but You are strong.

I thank You for the Cross
On which Christ died for sinners,
Made a way for reconciliation
With You, Jesus is the only way to You.

I believe You love like no other,
You alone are so merciful and kind,
You’re holy, just, and righteous,
We all need Your grace and forgiveness.

Your love amazes me,
I long to know You more,
Your character and nature,
None compare to You, God.

For Christ’s death for my sins,
I thank You and praise You,
You deserve my lifelong love,
Eternal gratitude and glory.

I’m imperfect and I know it,
I fall and fail, I stumble and sin,
I come to You for forgiveness,
I repent, You help me change.

All other gods are dead and damned,
Worthless idols, counterfeits, poisons,
You alone are the true and living God,
Sovereign King of kings, Lord of lords.

I seek Your presence, Father,
To know and walk in Your ways,
To reach the lost with the Gospel,
To bring Your light to the condemned.

Father, use me for Your glory,
The strength You gave to help others,
The works I can do for their good,
Use me to bring them to You.

My Lord, the perishing need You,
Give me boldness, courage, strength
To speak the truth in love to them,
To share the hope in Christ with them.

Lord, You are merciful and just,
More patient than any person,
More loving and holy, incomparable
Living and true now and forevermore.

Sunday Praise (21) 1/27/19

Sunday Praise (21) 1/27/19. by me.

Lord, I thank You for this new day,
I praise You for all that You’ve done
In the week that has ended,
You show Your love every day.

For the blue skies and cool air,
For clouds and water and food,
For everything that You give us all,
Glory to You for what comes from Your hands.

Every breath is a blessing,
Every day is a gift,
Everything that You do
Shows who You are, Lord.

You’ve rejoiced my soul,
You alone have saved me,
Help me to rejoice more
With fear and trembling.

I will bless You at all times
For Your love and mercy,
For Your great deeds for me
And for others, God Almighty

It’s good for me to be with You,
It’s good for me that You’re with me
Wherever I go, whatever I do,
Emmanuel, God, You’re always with me.

It’s good for me to praise You
And for me to sing to You, God,
To lift up Your name above all others,
To glorify You, to worship and adore You.

With faith in my heart
Sorrows aren’t as scary.
With love in my heart
I am Yours now and always.

I’ll praise You with all that I am,
I’ll serve You with all that I have,
All I have has been given to me
By You, heavenly Father, my God.

With love and strength fill my life,
With Your Holy Spirit fill me, God,
Lead me on Your everlasting way,
Guide me, be my strength and shield.

I will praise Your holy name
With others who do the same,
From every nation people gather
To worship, to glorify You, Lord.

You’re the strength of my life,
You’re the hope of my soul,
You’re my salvation and praise,
You make me stable and whole.

You’re glorious, incomparable,
My mind can’t quite fathom
Your many ways and plans
But I believe You know what’s best.

You’re deserving of all the glory,
You’re worthy to be forever praised,
Holy One, You merit worship, adoration,
You alone are the true and living God.

I will praise You until the day I die
And then be forevermore with You,
In Your presence I’ll worship You
More and more for all eternity.

Sunday Praise (20) 1/20/19

Sunday Praise (20) 1/20/19. by me.

What is there to say to You
Who deserve all the glory?
Can my praise due justice
To Your greatness, O Lord?

I am just a simple man
Who tries to love and obey
You who made all things,
You who deserves the best.

My heart keeps seeking words
Sincere and fitting to speak of You
Who created the universe and more,
You’re holy, righteous, perfect, God.

I cannot live without You, Creator,
I’m sustained by You every moment,
You know everything about me,
You know what’s best for me and all.

I want to know You better,
To obey You more faithfully,
To love You as You deserve,
To give my life, my heart, my all.

I lift up my soul to You,
King of kings and Lord of lords,
You’re Sovereign over everything,
My life and soul are in Your hands.

None can steal my joy
For You give me joy, God,
You’re my joy, can’t be stolen,
I rejoice in You, God Almighty.

You’re with me, Master,
You’re always near, Father,
You’re my hope and salvation,
I have no other god, You my God.

I can rejoice in You, God,
Even in the midst of pain,
In the toughest, hardest times,
Because You’re always with me.

Father, I know that You love me
And I know I still sin many times,
I come to You for forgiveness, mercy,
You show me grace and love like no other.

You clothe me with Your truth,
You protect, strengthen, empower,
You guide, lead, correct, discipline,
My Sustainer, Creator, Maker, Savior.

Daily You have mercy on me,
You amaze me with Your grace,
Your holiness brings me to humility,
You show me my place before You.

God, You guide me, lead me every day
On the narrow road You’ve placed me on,
You’re my strength and my victory,
Bring me to where You will decide.

I thank You that we have here
The opportunity to meet weekly
With other Christians in church,
To witness, pray, praise You, God.

This freedom I don’t take for granted,
We can gather without fear of death,
Hear testimonies, sermons, singing,
I thank for this, it’s a blessing, Lord.

Blessed be Your name, true God,
Blessed be You now and always,
Glory, honor, power, reverence,
All be to You now and forever.

Sunday Praise (19) 1/13/19

Sunday Praise (19) 1/13/19. by me.

Another Sunday has come,
You’ve given me another day
To see Your deeds performed,
To thank You that You’re You.

You give me what I need,
My heart rejoices in You
For there is none like You,
You’re the true and living God.

I won’t keep quiet about You,
I won’t keep my mouth shut,
You’re with me, You’re my courage,
You’re my light and salvation, Lord.

None can stand against You
And prevail in fighting You,
You’re undefeatable, victorious,
You’re above all, peerless Victor.

Abba, strengthen my heart again,
Worries come and fill my mind,
I need to focus on You more,
Lead me, have me as I am, use me.

Help me to love You, Father,
I know You’ll always love me
Despite my flaws, imperfections,
There’s no love like Your love, God.

You’re worthy of the best
I or others can offer You,
You’re deserving of glory,
Honor, wisdom, fear, love.

This day You’ve given me
To thank You for Your deeds,
To praise Your holy name,
To rejoice in You again.

The Earth’s full of Your mercy,
The Earth’s full of Your glory,
You’re exalted among the nations,
You’re exalted in the Earth, Lord.

Fill me again with Your Holy Spirit,
Create in me a clean heart, Lord,
Change me from inside out
For Your glory and for good.

Blessed are You, Almighty God,
Redeemer, Savior, Master, Lord,
Incomparable, without rival or equal,
True and living God, King of kings.

From everlasting to everlasting
You are God, You are eternal,
None can defeat You, Sovereign,
Ancient of days, You alone reign forever.

All that You’ve taught me,
All that You’re teaching me,
All that You’ll teach me,
Is for my good, for Your glory.