Resist temptation

Resist temptation when it comes,
Fight it with all your strength and will,
Then call upon God to help you,
To be your strength and victory.

It’s easy to fall, easy to fail,
It’s easy to compromise,
Easy to give up and give in,
Don’t do it, fight it, turn to God.

-written by me.


Sunday Praise (6) 10/14/18.

Sunday Praise (6) 10/14/18. by me.

Teach me, Lord, how to obey You,
Teach me to love You and people,
Teach me to praise Your holy name
In thoughts, in words and in deeds.

Teach me to walk in Your holy ways,
To resist temptation when it comes,
To do what is right and good,
To stand for what’s true always.

Everything I have is a gift from You,
Help me to give it all back to You
As a sign of gratitude and knowing
You’re my Provider, Savior, Sustainer.

Every gift and every good thing
Comes from You, Almighty God,
Help me, help us all to use it all
For Your glory and for others’ good.

Father, help me to always remember
What it cost Jesus Christ to save me
From damnation, from what I deserve,
To cherish Your sacrifice and gift.

What are people that You’re mindful of them?
We are all created for Your glory,
To glorify You and enjoy You
Now on Earth and forevermore.

Grateful hearts lift up their voices
Praising You, God, who lives forever,
For salvation through Jesus Christ alone,
For eternal life You promise believers.

You fill many souls with joy, Lord,
We will praise You for You’re holy,
For Your righteousness and justice,
For Your mercy, grace and kindness.

God, You give peace that’s real,
You are peace that we all need,
You give rest to weary, tired souls,
We find in You what we need most.

I’ve seen it in so many lives –
Your mighty hand at work,
Your mercy and Your patience,
Your blessings and Your love.

I find in You what I need most,
You give me what only You can,
You’re my strength, You’re my hope,
You’re the One I love now and forever.

How many are against You, Lord!
Some say You don’t care about people
And others say You don’t even exist
But I won’t believe their lies now or ever.

When enemies rise against me
I run to You, my strong Defender.
I know that whatever will yet be
You’re with me, heavenly Father.

My God, my strength and hope,
I’ll sing praise to Your name,
You show me grace and mercy,
I’m Yours now and forevermore.

Wretchedness of sinfulness

Wretchedness of sinfulness,
Grip of fallen nature tight,
Sin polluting, slowly killing
Till the Savior sets one free.

Darkness blinding, lies misleading
Till the Lord shines His great light,
Illuminating the darkest minds,
Destroying lies, elevating truth.

-written by me.

“Memento Mori 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty 2. (electronic/instrumental LMMS track)

“Memento Mori 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty 2.
Simple electronic/instrumental LMMS track