And I wait…

And I wait to really meet you
Face to face sooner than later,
I have waited, you have waited,
Unseen hands will bring us together,
What is meant to be will be,
A new chapter will begin,
We’ll know and love and unite,
Together until the end of our lives.

-by me


Sunday Praise (50) 8/18/19

Sunday Praise (50) 8/18/19. by me.

What a wonderful new day it is
You’ve given me to live, O Lord.
I thank You for the oppurtunity
To praise You with Your Church.

With brothers and sisters in Christ
I lift up Your holy name, Abba, Father,
None are worthy of all glory and praise,
You deserve it, You’re living and true.

The sun rose and light has filled
The Earth I see until the horizon,
While others sleep so far away
Here the day moves, so active.

The universe is in Your hand,
You’re Creator, Maker, Architect,
Sovereign Ruler, King of kings,
Lord of lords, God Almighty.

The heavens praise You for Your deeds,
The Earth is full of Your glory, Lord,
In many congregations of Your saints,
Your holy name is exalted above all.

How great are Your works, Creator,
Wonderfully deep are Your thoughts,
Your beautiful creation rejoices me,
I’m awe-filled by the works of Your hands.

Many times I had nearly fallen deep
But Your hand of mercy upheld me.
In the increase of troubles in my heart
Your comforts were sweet to my soul.

I will sing to You all the days of my life;
The air in my lungs, heartbeat in my chest,
You’ve given me this gift, Creator of all,
While I have breath I will praise You, Lord.

My heart will bless Your name,
My soul will bless You, God,
With all that is within me
I will praise You, glorify You.

Your love knows no borders,
Truly it is like no other love,
Your mercy humbles me,
Your truth endures forever.

Lord, You’re my life’s foundation,
Christ, the Rock of my salvation,
Worthy to be loved and obeyed,
Above all exalted in the highest.

What I see and hear and read
I will use to praise You, Lord,
Lover of my soul, my all in all,
You’re my everything, living God.

Strong Leader, teach me to follow You,
Teach to love and obey You more daily,
I know I fail and stumble and fall often,
You reach out Your hand, You help me.

Teach me to do Your will, Abba,
To obey You as Christ obeyed You,
To trust in You with my whole heart
And not lean on my own understanding.

Teach me to love Your commandments,
Teach me to obey them as I should,
To learn obedience as Jesus Christ did,
As a child loves and obeys a loving parent.

Because of Your mercy, O Lord,
I have not died, have not perished,
You have shown me how to live,
You’re the Way, the Truth, the Life.

I find no greater comfort here than
Knowing You love me, God in Heaven,
You’ve saved me, gave me a new life,
I am Yours now and forevermore, Lord.

Great is Your faithfulness, God,
You are mighty in the highest,
You’re exalted in all the nations,
You’re exalted in all the Earth.

From everlasting to everlasting
You are the true and living God,
There is no other Savior but Christ,
There is no other God but You!

What You have given all of us
I praise You for everything, Lord,
Ever be exalted, Christ Jesus,
Glory to You my Savior, the Word.

When we get too distracted…

When we get too distracted
And take our eyes off of Christ
We lose the strength we need
To fight the battles
That come daily in our life.
May God help us trust in Him,
To fix our eyes on Jesus Christ,
To grow in faith and love.
God is our hope and victory.

-by me

Sunday Praise (49) 8/11/19

Sunday Praise (49) 8/11/19. by me.

God, it’s You I see
Everywhere I go,
You’re not silent,
You’re not inactive.

You’re the living God,
You’re the true God,
Master, Potter, Maker,
Creator, Sustainer, Lord.

Deliverer, Redeemer, Savior,
King of kings, Lord of lords,
Heavenly Father, Sovereign,
Love, Light, Consuming Fire.

My life is in You, Sustainer,
My hope is in You, Deliverer,
My strength is in You, Lord,
My salvation is in You, Savior.

I’m not as wise as I could be
But You’re daily teaching me,
Conforming me to Christ’s likeness,
Making me who I should really be.

It’s not a quick process,
I’m not a quick learner,
But You’re a patient Teacher
And You’re a loving Father.

With strength and love
Fill my life, loving Lord,
I’m always in need of You,
You’re my all in all, my everything.

Not a day goes by that I don’t have
Something to thank You for, God,
Not a moment goes by that I don’t need
You in my soul and heart and life, Abba.

I took some moments today
To look around and observe
Things I see daily but overlook
For the workweek’s busyness.

I can see nature’s not silent,
It’s not here to merely exist,
Creation points to You,
It glorifies You, God Almighty.

I see the grass on the ground
And the leaves on the trees,
I see the clouds and blue sky
It’s all the work of Your hands.

You put it there for a reason,
It’s not there without purpose,
It’s not a meaningless thing,
It’s all there for Your glory.

You have given it a voice,
The breeze begins to speak,
You have given it a way
To praise You, Creator.

I receive what You’ve given,
Bask in the present moment,
The world seems calmer now,
I rest in Your presence, Abba.

Here I am and here are You,
You’re always with me, God,
But feelings of loneliness
Come and go often, Lord.

I know I can’t run away from You
Yet sometimes I try because I sin
And shame fills me, I want to hide
But I can’t hide from Your light.

When I sin, You convict me,
You call me to repentance,
You still forgive, You still love,
Abba, You call me to Yourself.

I have made many more mistakes
Than there are hairs upon my head,
I’ve done more wrong than I remember,
You’ve forgiven me more than I deserve.

It’s good for me to be with You,
Whatever happens, You’re with me,
Your love humbles me, Father,
I praise You for all that You are!

Holy One, I am unclean, I’m guilty,
I make the choices to speak ill,
My heart needs cleansing, Lord,
Remove the filth, purge out the poison.

It’s good to praise You, God,
I need to do it more often,
I want to always be sincere
When I praise and worship You.

May I worship You, holy God,
In spirit and in truth always,
Giving You what is Your due,
Giving You what You deserve.

You’ve rejoiced my heart,
You’re the God of my salvation,
I am amazed that You love,
Forever Yours, nevermore alone.

My heart will rejoice in You,
Praise will come to You,
Holy One, be blessed forever
And glorified for all eternity.

You are worthy to be loved,
Worthy to be praised, adored,
Deserving of glory and worship,
Deserving of our lives and hearts.

Glory to You in the highest,
Blessed be Your holy name,
I will thank You and praise You
Until I die and then forevermore.