“Just Too Many”

Written by: Victor P.

“Just Too Many”

Too many broken dreams,
Too many broken hearts,
Too many broken homes,
Too many broken lives.

Too many hiding
Their fears inside.
Too many struggling
Now just to survive.

Too many silent,
Afraid to tell the truth.
Too many cowering
Instead of standing strong.

Too many still haven’t heard
God’s Gospel of salvation
By His grace through faith in Christ
For forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

Too many broken,
Too many to count,
Too many dead inside,
Too many not truly alive.

Too many say they’re fine
But they’re miserable inside.
Too many won’t tell the truth
That they sometimes want to die.

Too many searching still
For answers to life’s questions.
Too many live without purpose
But there’s purpose and meaning.

Too many doing things their own way,
Living like God doesn’t even exist.
When the world seems to fall apart
God’s still in control, yes, He still reigns.

Too many have lost their way,
Too many have gone astray,
Too many lost in the dark
Searching for the light.

Too many don’t realize
They need God and His love.
Too many don’t yet understand
God wants what’s best for them.

Too many still haven’t found
New life in Jesus Christ.
Too many don’t realize yet
They can never save themselves.

Too many don’t understand:
Life without love is life wasted.
Too many choose selfishness
Instead of choosing to love.

Life is too short to waste,
We’re not here to exist and die,
We’re here to live, to love, to thrive,
To glorify God, to love Him and people.

Too many are close to death
But there’s still hope for change,
There’s no need to despair,
There’s no need to give up.

Too many foolish words we’ve said,
Too many things we could all regret,
Too many mistakes, too many failures,
Too many lessons we didn’t quickly learn.

Too many still waste so much time
Rebelling against the living God.
Too many proud ones don’t want to be humble,
Too many are running out of time to be saved.

Too many still haven’t heard
God loves them, Christ died for them,
If they repent and believe, they’ll be saved,
This blessed hope must be shared with all.


Photos (18) Clouds

Photos (18) Clouds20180928_105954

It’s good not to …

It’s good not to care
About worthless things,
I’m learning to break free
Of them, leave them behind.

Onward without caring
About temporal things
Which won’t last at all
But are just a waste.

-written by me

Sunday Praise (8) 10/28/18

Sunday Praise (8) 10/28/18. by me.

A new day has begun,
You’re still sustaining us,
You let our life continue,
You give us all we have.

God, blessed be Your name
In all the Earth and in Heaven,
You’re worthy to be praised,
You deserve all the glory.

Open my heart and fill it
With sincere praise to You,
I want to worship You alone
For all that You have done.

Fill my mouth with thanksgiving,
I want to give what You deserve,
Fill my soul with joy in You, Lord,
I want to always glorify You.

When it feels like my mind’s in a haze
I turn to You to clear my mind, Lord,
For I know You care about me,
You give me the clarity I need.

With You I can can face all things,
You’re always right there with me,
I’m never alone, I have You
And You have me always.

Satan lies, deceives, corrupts,
He tries to trip me up daily,
Wants to steal all from me
That’s important in this life.

Satan wants to destroy
Everything I hold dear,
He wants me to lose joy,
He wants me to doubt You.

I find rest for my soul
In You alone, O Lord,
You’re my everything,
I need You the most.

God, You alone have saved me
I was dead in sins, my sinful self,
You’ve given me new life in Christ,
You’ve given me joy and purpose.

You reached down into the darkness,
You pulled me out of my grave,
You saved me from my sinful self,
I was dead without You for so long.

You took me out of the kingdom of darkness
And transfered me into Your kingdom of life,
You saved me, made me Your child,
I’m a saint, a sinner redeemed by Christ.

Nothing’s better than being loved by You.
God, nothing’s better than loving You.
Nothing’s more important in this life than
Obeying, loving, trusting, and worshiping You.

I’m calling out Your name,
I know that You can hear me,
You’re always near, never too far,
I’m never alone, You’re with me.

God, sometimes I want to hear You speak
With a voice of thunder undeniable,
But would I be on my knees when I hear
Or fall on my face in fear of it?

There’s so much to praise You for,
There is reason to rejoice in You,
I have found my rest and home
In You alone, my Father in Heaven.

Salvation is in Jesus Christ alone,
Remind me to always cherish it,
Restore in me the joy of Your salvation,
Renew in me a spirit of true worship.

I have found joy in You, Lord,
You are the joy I’ve looked for,
You maintain, sustain this joy,
You live in me, I am Your child.

When trials and temptations come
Help me turn to You, blessed Lord,
Seeking strength to fight, to stand,
I know You’re the God of my victory.

“We’ve Tried Doing Nothing”

Written by: Victor P.

“We’ve Tried Doing Nothing”

We’ve tried doing nothing,
It’s made nothing better.
We won’t get anywhere
Just watching things get worse.

We have to decide
To do something now
Even if we won’t succeed
The first time or twenty
To see the change we need.

There’s no point in giving up,
We need to give it our all.

“In This Life”

Written by: Victor P.

“In This Life”

The greyest days,
The darkest nights,
Pain and pleasure,
Hurt and comfort.

It’s all in this life
We’re trying hard
To figure out
What it’s about.

Many restless hearts
Beat with longing
For purpose in life,
For something more.

Many souls cry out for life,
For more than mere existence.
We are all affected by time,
We’re here to live, to love, to fight.