“When I See”

Written by: Victor P.

“When I See”

When I see you
I look into your eyes
And I think of possibilities
Before doubts push them away
And I’m left uncertain again,
What can tomorrow bring
For me? For you?
Have we both been waiting?
We can start moving, doing,
Words will replace silence,
One fear is overcome.


“At Arm’s Length”

Written by: Victor P.

“At Arm’s Length”

At arm’s length,
We grow colder,
Increase distance,
Decrease care.

Foolish to pretend
To be perfect
In this world
Of imperfect people.

To be real is
To be vulnerable,
To love is to risk,
But it’s worth it.

I hope we realize it
Sooner than later.

“Stay Up Late”

Written by: Victor P.

“Stay Up Late”

Stay up late and think
About mistakes and link
Failures to your choices,
Now listening to voices
In your head reminding you
What you just should not do,
Will not get better here
Giving in to another fear,
Progress requires change,
Think it not a thing strange.

“Less Wasted Time”

Written by: Victor P.

“Less Wasted Time”

Smalltalk is such a bore,
Wasting time with empty words,
Shallow talk from hollow hearts,
Superficial, stuck on the surface.

Want the new, sick of the old,
Want to dig a little deeper now,
Don’t see the point in pretending,
Wasted time trying to save face.

Standing on the side more,
Not quick to conclude things,
Learning to hear and listen better,
Choosing words more carefully.

Not on a pedestal to be seen and
Held up as a great example to follow,
Imperfect like everyone else,
Falling, failing, rising, learning.

Leave the fools to spout their nonsense,
Can’t help but pity them for their emptiness,
But I can still see some of myself in them,
Can’t say I’m wise enough to live as I should yet.

Chase the wind…

Chase the wind until you realize it’s not worth it,
It’s all vanity of vanities if without meaning,
It’s all emptiness if without purpose,
All is mundane if without mystery.
We want more than the shallow, hollow, superficial,
We need love, faith, hope, peace, truth.

And I wait…

And I wait to really meet you
Face to face sooner than later,
I have waited, you have waited,
Unseen hands will bring us together,
What is meant to be will be,
A new chapter will begin,
We’ll know and love and unite,
Together until the end of our lives.

-by me

“For the Rest”

Written by: Victor P.

“For the Rest”

Night replaces day,
Darkness here again,
Shadows on the walls,
Slivers of light remain.

Free from the work
For the time being,
Time for body to rest,
Catch up on sleep.

Noise surrounds me
On the weekdays,
The weekend offers
A chance to get away.

Distractions are plenty,
Temptations are many,
It’s part of every life,
Until the day we die.

I get away in my mind,
I find a place to rest
At my Savior’s feet,
It’s a beautiful thing.

To sit and think about
Something that’s important,
An opportunity present,
Time to not waste.

Week reached an end,
What time will I spend
Thinking and resting?
Reading and ptaying?

Day takes a leave
And night says hello,
I would like to know
More about both now.

It’s in the quietest moments
I see what I have avoided,
It’s in the solitude, time alone,
Heart and mind and soul speak most.

I can’t hold the past
Even with both hands,
It’s all just a memory,
I can only hold the present.

I’m searching again
Looking to God to find
Rest for the soul in Him,
I haven’t looked for a while.

Thoughts run around,
Order of words moves,
Repetition aids need,
Repeat to make sense.

Back and forth between
The beginning and end,
Digging to find words
To express what’s within.

Silence is a comfort
When noise has been
A daily distraction,
A nuisance, irritation.

Settle on a moment
And take hold of it
Before another comes
To replace the present.

Soothe a troubled mind
By the words of life,
Worry carried away
While the river runs.

Come to see the need
For times like these,
Slowing down again,
Breathe a little easier.

Get away, get away
From what suffocates,
Prevent inner withering,
Do what’s worth it.

Relief, relief, come now,
Struggles not forever,
Responsibilities daily,
Heart won’t perish.

Taking a good look
At the things around,
Taking hold of truth,
Throwing away lies.

Take it as it comes,
Life is not a game,
Rest is necessary,
Body not for poison.