“The Groaning World”

Written by: Victor P.

“The Groaning World”

I find it in the time away
From all the routine noise,
The thing I come to cherish –
Time with You, God, I won’t waste it.

The world seems so cold and dark,
The pain and suffering is rampant,
We can’t escape these realities,
We can’t make it through life alone.

Is the world already dying or still groaning?
Are more people aimless, hopeless now?
Fill me with Your Spirit to speak
Truth to the lost, to show them love.

I can’t see another Savior anywhere,
Christ is the only hope sinners can have
To be saved, to be born again, to change
For the better, to be who they should be.

Your light can fill the darkest hearts
Exposing darkness, driving it out,
Illuminating all that is within and around,
You are the true Light in this dark world.

I’m coming to taste and to know
You are loving, faithful, holy,
You are good, merciful, understanding,
You’re more than I’ve imagined.

I get glimpse of Your holiness again
And I am humbled, living and true God,
You show me what I need to see,
You amaze me more each day.

Here, away from the weekday busyness
I find what I want and what You give,
You know I need You, to be with You,
It’s a privilege, an honor, a blessing.

You open my mind to consider
Things I haven’t until now.
God, You’re showing me the urgency
Of sharing Your Gospel with people.

Lord, this world needs You,
Help me and others to show
Love like You’ve shown us,
To do what You’ve called us to do.

Lead daily in Your way,
Help to fix eyes of You,
To stay faithful to You,
To live loving and obeying.

This world is groaning now,
You will return, King of kings,
Creation awaits Your arrival, Lord,
Your Bride is being prepared for You.

Shine Your light upon the world,
Move in us and bring real revival
For Your glory, for peoples’ good,
Only You can, Lord, You’re Sovereign.


“Darkness Behind Me”

Written by: Victor P.

“Darkness Behind Me”

The darkness is behind me
And the light is in front of me,
I leave what I won’t miss,
I’ve counted the cost of this.

It’s not a picture-perfect life,
It’s full of pain and loss and strife
But I find healing and gain and peace
For God is with me, I’m not alone.

Not meant to fight alone,
Here I’m not on my own,
God’s brought me this far,
I trust in Him, His will and love.

“Every Scar Is A Reminder”

10/21,23,25/18. 11/5/18.
Written by: Victor P.

“Every Scar Is A Reminder”

Every scar is a reminder
I am mortal, I will die.
Every scar is a reminder
I have made it this far.

Every scar is a reminder
I have lived here this long
By the grace of Almighty God,
He sustains me every moment.

Every scar is a reminder
I have fought for something,
I’ve fought against something,
Won or lost, it was worth it.

Every scar is a reminder
We don’t live in a perfect world,
Life doesn’t seem fair or easy,
Many things don’t make sense.

Every scar is a reminder
Life on Earth is quite short,
Shorter than we want it to be,
Over before we realize it.

Every scar is a reminder
We can’t live in the past,
We can’t go back in time,
We must live in the present.

Every scar is a reminder
There is hope for the broken,
Life past tragedy and suffering,
Joy can live in scarred hearts.

Every scar is a reminder
There’s pain and loss here,
We’re all going to die,
Live to bring God glory.

Every scar is a reminder
There is more to life than
Searching for happiness,
More than temporary things.

Every scar is a reminder
Actions have consequences,
There’s forgiveness and change,
Life’s not without second chances.

Every scar is a reminder
Love is worth fighting for,
Hope is worth holding on to,
Life is not meaningless.

Every scar is a reminder
There’s a God who loves us
And wants what’s best for us,
We can’t live without Him.

Every scar is a reminder
Wounds take time to heal.
Every scar is a reminder
Time is ever moving forward.

“Love, Hate, and Hope”

Written by: Victor P.

“Love, Hate, and Hope”

Hate like some
And be consumed by it,
Without love in heart
Ruin everything.

Loveless is hopeless,
Constantly failing,
Selfish to no end,
Miserably existing.

No end to falling,
Hate the feeling,
Apathetic to truth,
Indifferent to love.

Burn the expectations,
Disappointing many,
Stop caring for most,
Colder to the majority.

Shoulder the weight
Of miserable existence,
Disengage the world
And feel less and less.

A darkness that swallows
The heart and the hope,
A future unpainted,
Just a black canvas.

Silence doesn’t relieve
The turmoil in the soul.
Driven to desperation,
At the end of your rope.

Screaming for change,
Desperate to hope again,
Need more than just words,
Sick of cliches and platitudes.

Now the truth and hope
Seem so far from reach.
Everything seems dark now,
Where has all the light gone?

Scratching the walls
Trying to get out of here
Into the light of hope,
To be anywhere but here.

Where you haven’t looked yet
You can find what you need.
What you used to ignore
You can trust and live by.

There is much more to life
Than what you know now,
What you’ve learned to hate
May be what you need to love.

Have you thought about it?
Did you just let other people
Tell you what to believe in?
Why do you hate what you hate?

What do you love the most now?
Do you know what you need most?
Do you have meaning and purpose
In this life or are you lost and confused?

“A Little Rest”

Written by: Victor P.

“A Little Rest”

So little silence,
So much noise,
All these distractions
Make me numb.

Trying to think,
Trying to rest,
Trying to manage
My breathing here.

Trying to feel
The same way
I did before.
Life is changing.

Mind is cluttered,
Heart is weary,
I need quiet,
I need rest.

I pray and I try,
I wait for the passing
Of the empty moments
And the grey days.

I think it’s coming,
Some rest for heart and mind,
A break from the rushing
Of weekday work and all else.

The weekend is here
And I won’t waste it,
I’ve heard much noise,
I was distracted often.

I’ve made little time
For what’s important,
I’ll make up for it now,
It’s the least I can do.

Interrupting the routine,
A little solitude here,
Time to think and rest
Albeit for a little while.

It’s quiet now,
The noise stopped,
Distractions are removed,
This is what I needed.

A blessing in plain sight,
Won’t take it for granted,
Won’t waste what I’m given,
I’ll make use of what I have.

I am content
With what I have
When I count my blessings,
When I thank God for it all.

“Everything Is”

10/13/18. 10/14/18.
Written by: Victor P.

“Everything Is”

My heart’s crushed under the weight
Of my burdens, trials, temptations.

Everything is darker
And I see it.
Everything is colder
And I feel it.

Everything is confusing,
I can’t make sense of it.
Every routine’s numbing
So I grow to hate it.

I hear whispers saying “Give up”
But I’m holding on to my hope.
I’m still standing, I’m still breathing,
I’ll keep trying, I’ll keep fighting.

I am turning to the Lord now,
In Him I find rest and comfort,
All the troubles and confusion
Will be put into perspective.

I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders,
I’ve turned my burdens over to Him,
God’s strength is made complete
In my weakness, I realize it now.

My heart sings a new song
To the God who set me free.

Everything is brighter
And I see it.
Everything is warmer
And I feel it.

Not everything makes sense
But I’ll trust God who does.
Routines have their place in life,
I will do it all to the glory of God.

My soul will worship God
Who’s done all that I can’t,
Forgave me for all my sins,
Saved me from damnation.

“Oh, The Night”

Written by: Victor P.

“Oh, The Night”

Oh, the night is dark and cold
But my heart is warm and bright,
You’re here with me,
God, I am not alone.

In Your presence, Lord,
I find rest and comfort,
In difficult circumstances
I can trust You completely.

Father, You are faithful;
I am often disobedient.
Lord, You are merciful;
I’m not kind to many.

What cold is in my heart?
What numbness keeps me
From showing others love?
Father, change my heart.

I search for a way
To be free of fear
That keeps me here
Not changing for good.

You’re the one I need most,
You can take away my fears,
You provide what I really need,
My Sustainer, Provider, Father.