Making Origami For the First Time

Making Origami For the First Time

On Monday I did something I haven’t done before: I made some (7) origami things, birds and land animals. I made them by following instructions on a great website that’s all about origami, and it has some videos. I’ll include the link to that website at the end of this post.
This was a fun and new experience for me, to make something I haven’t made before, taking a piece of paper and turning it into something that looks like a bird or land animal. Following the steps and instructions and watching some of the available videos really helped me out.
I am a beginner at this so there will likely be some error in how I made at least some of the things, I have a lot to learn and much practicing to do before I make any of those again without looking the instructions, but it’s something that caught my interest so I will keep doing this.

Below I share with you a picture of the 7 finished origami things I made and a note on what it is and what I used to make it.

1. Flapping Bird [3in.X3in. Post-it note]20190527_170839

2. Swan [3in.X3in. white paper]20190527_170728

3. Crow [6in.X6in. white paper]20190527_170759.jpg

4. Dinosaur [3in.X3in. white paper, black pen]20190530_025724

5. Chick (Easy) [3in.X3in. white paper, black pen]20190527_185913

6. Chick [3in.X3in. white paper, black pen]20190527_185859

7. Cat [2 6in.X6in. white papers, black pen]20190527_185952

I’ll make more origami things and share the pictures here in a new post sooner or later. I’ll make things different from those I already made and see how it goes.

Link to the website I used:

Do you know how to make origami? If you can share some of your work here somehow or comment what you think about origami or why you like it or not.


God is joy

If God’s not your joy, you won’t have joy inside or outside a relationship, you’ll just have joy counterfeits or substitutes which won’t last, maybe happiness that’ll last for some time but isn’t better than joy.

The Female Singing Voice

Some women have such beautiful voices, captivating, enjoyable.
The way they handle notes and melody, it’s quite wonderful to hear, soothing.
They deserve respect for their efforts and skill, for practice and perseverance.
The female singing voice is a gift to humanity by God.

Realize this

You’re not worthless.
You’re not no one.
You’re not a waste of space.
You’re not good for nothing.
God loves you.
Christ died for you.
You’re alive for a reason, for a purpose.
God gave you life.
You’re here to live, love & be loved, thrive, glorify God.
Realize this. God bless.

Thoughts on “God Bless America” and Obedience.

We can say “God bless America” all we want but if America’s not obeying God, then don’t expect blessing, you’ll still see His grace shown but not what we know to be blessing(s).

You expect to be blessed without intending to obey God in a real way? Quit while you’re ahead, you’re heading toward a dead end with no blessings, you’ll just be disappointed you didn’t get what you thought you were going to get.

Use some sense in this matter, more importantly, read the Bible and you’ll see you need to at the least be trying to obey God if you’re praying to be blessed. But there needs to be more than just trying, there should be a noticeable change in you now compared to years ago in your level of sincerity and obedience. God knows everything about you, you can’t fool Him, you can’t pretend to be obeying Him and succeed in getting Him to bless you. He is Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, don’t forget that, you can’t manipulate or bribe Him, ever.

Why do some seem to say “God bless America” as if God has to do it once they say it? Guess what, it doesn’t work that way, God doesn’t work that way, reality doesn’t work that way.

I think we should be praying more and asking for God to spare America, to rouse it from its moral and spiritual slumber, to shake its inhabitants awake from their sleep of indifference, to lead America to mass repentance, toward real obedience to God, to a way of life that benefits individuals and society, and nation, as a whole. America needs repentance, individual and collective, if any real good change is to take place in it in the future.

America can’t skip sowing obedience and go right to reaping a blessing or more. This isn’t against America, this is for it, seeing what should be obvious but isn’t. I’m not cursing America or dooming it, no, but I think we must look at things with more sense and ask questions about things that are said and done here, think of the strengths and weaknesses of these or those words or phrases and see how it compares and contrasts with what’s in the Bible, if we’re Christians and concerned with what happens to and in this country.

Maybe you didn’t see the point in this post, maybe it was too short, not detailed, but that’s because it’s just some thoughts of mine about the matter, about how blessing relates to obedience, or how obedience should precede blessing. It’s not comprehensive or exhaustive or anything like that, obviously, it’s more like a discussion starter, hopefully, something that can lead to expanding on the topic.

Anyway, if you agree or disagree with anything or everything in this post, comment, if you agree to disagree, or if you haven’t thought about this before but now you got some thoughts about it or looked into the matter or have some knowledge or experience about this topic, feel free to share, discuss, comment.

Just some of the things

Just some of the things I have No Reason to be ashamed of or to apologize for:
-being a man
-being a Christian
-being Caucasian
-being straight
-believing real marriage is between a man and a woman
-being against abortion, believing and knowing it’s murder

“God’s Gospel is For All Sinners, For All of Us” Note by me.

“God’s Gospel is For All Sinners, For All of Us” Note by me.

Jesus Christ can set a person free in the most meaningful and true sense of the word.
He can free a sinner from the deserved punishment, from the penalty of committed sins, from the burden of guilt and shame, from condemnation and misery.
He can give rest to restless hearts, relief to troubled minds, comfort to the grieving, assurance to the doubting.
Yes, Christ can save sin’s slaves and make them His saints. He can redeem them. He can remake them. He can change them for the better, so they can become who they’re meant to be.

There is hope for fools and wretches.
There is hope for the hopeless, the condemned, the outcasts, addicts and criminals, degenerates and vile men and women.
Christ is the only hope for all these and all other people. The Gospel is the light of truth for all if us sinners, it’s the good news we all need and the message we’d be utter fools to reject, ignore, scoff at.

Today could be your last day alive and if you die unsaved, if you reject the Gospel, if you die without Christ, you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself.
God has made Christ the only Way to salvation, and peoples’ feelings and opinions against God’s way doesn’t change the reality that it is just as God says it is and other beliefs and ways won’t change it.

God calls all sinners daily to repent and believe, to come to Christ, to be saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ. He calls men and women, children and the middle-aged and the elderly, no matter what their skin color is, no matter where they live or work, no matter how much wrong they’ve done, no matter what sins they’ve committed in public or in private. All sinners, all people, are called by God to repent, to confess their sins and ask for God’s forgiveness, to be saved by Christ, to be reconciled to God the Father through Christ the Son.

God’s Gospel is the best news sinners can get and are given, the light that shines in the dark world to sinners who all need a Savior to rescue, redeem, remake, restore, strengthen, sanctify them, give them a purpose and mission in life to glorify God and obey Christ’s commands and His Great Commission, to become who they were created by God to be.
Thank God for the Gospel. Thank God for Jesus Christ. Sinners can be saved, there’s hope and love and true life and purpose still. Come to God through Christ today. It’ll be too late when you die.

God loves you and He wants you to love Him as a child loves and obeys his parent.
He calls the rebels to surrender to His sovereign rule. He calls the unbelievers to open their hearts and minds and believe and receive His truth. God calls sinners to repentance, to true life, to salvation, to true purpose, to restoration and renovation and renewal.

Glory to God for His love and holiness, His grace and mercy, His wisdom and longsuffering, His Gospel and His Son Jesus Christ!