Sometimes it’s…

Sometimes it’s better not to say what you’re thinking.
Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut.
Not always, not most of the time, but sometimes.


This is just …

This is just a reminder that abortion is murder.
Get triggered, get offended, spew your hate, but the fact remains.
There’s no caring, no compassion, no humanity, in abortion. When you realize it, you’ll see how evil abortion is.

“Enough Retreating, Hiding” Note by me.

“Enough Retreating, Hiding” Note by me.

– Note: this was originally a comment on a Facebook post, I share it here with you all, I hope it serves as food for thought, seeds for action, an encouragement, for the good of people and for the glory of God. –

As the book of Acts shows clearly, our Christian faith isn’t a private matter, it’s not a candle to put under a bucket or confine to our house.
Seeing the boldness of the disciples/apostles should cause us to examine our hearts, priorities, motives, see what fears are hindering our service and growth and love for God and people.
It’s not to feel guilty or useless, but to pray that God will daily fill us with His Holy Spirit and help us conform to Christ’s image, that He’d be greater than all our fears and doubts and uncertainties.
We’ve been retreating for too long, brothers and sisters, we’re the Good Shepherd’s sheep, yes, but we’re also soldiers of Christ called to fight for the faith delivered to us by the saints, the Lord’s Word we’ve believed and in His promises we’ve believed.
We are weak, yes, but our Lord is strong, Omnipotent, His grace is sufficient for us, He not only gives us the strength we need, He is our strength, our hope, our victory. To look elsewhere for all of that is foolish.
The world will say you don’t need to be serious about what you believe, just enjoy this life and don’t worry about finding truth or obeying God.
Don’t listen to the foolishness of the world system, Satan’s minions and the deceived who’d rather see you serve yourself than God.
Don’t retreat, stand with God’s living Word in your heart and your mind renewed daily by it.
Jesus used the Word, it’s the Sword of the Spirit, not just our daily bread, it’s what His disciples have used since the first Church, and it’s what we need now, daily to use God’s Word when the tempter comes, when our flesh is not obedient, when distractions steal our time, when the world sings its siren songs to entice us, attempting to lead us astray, to let our guard down, to wear us down and out.
Let us daily turn to our Father in Heaven, seek His face, be filled with the Holy Spirit, let His truth enter deep into our hearts and minds, so we shine our light before the world and not fear people any longer, but grow in our faith and love and service, know how serious spiritual matters are, know the lost all need to hear God’s Gospel, knowing our life here is shorter than we’d like it to be, and shorter than we realize.
May our Lord and Savior help us all to do these things, by His grace and through His Spirit. He will do all that He has said, He will provide, He is with us, His will be done now and forever.

When we get too distracted…

When we get too distracted
And take our eyes off of Christ
We lose the strength we need
To fight the battles
That come daily in our life.
May God help us trust in Him,
To fix our eyes on Jesus Christ,
To grow in faith and love.
God is our hope and victory.

-by me

Jesus Christ is …

Jesus Christ is
Son of God, Son of Man,
Man of Sorrows, Prince of Peace,
Desire of and Hope of Nations,
Savior, Deliverer, Redeemer,
The Way, the Truth, the Life,
Healer, Master, Teacher,
Lion of Judah, Lamb of God,
Perfect, Friend, Logos,
And So Much More.

Making Origami (2)

Making Origami (2)
all made by me.

1. Crab (easy)20190601_154747
2. Popper20190606_214758
3. Boat20190606_220303
4. Party Hat20190606_221452
5. Easy Hat20190606_223237
6. Knight’s Helmet20190607_000522
7. Bird20190616_214156
8. Inflatable Chick20190616_221015
9. Duck20190616_223019
10. Owl20190616_230224