“To Praise You, Lord”

Written by: Victor P.

“To Praise You, Lord”

We will sing to You
And praise Your holy name,
You’re the Way and Truth
And the Life of all, Lord.

God, forgive our sins,
Wash away our shame,
Fill us with Your Holy Spirit
And make us whole again.

Lead us where You will,
Be our strength to fight
The battles yet to come,
In it all be with us, Lord.

The Devil and Hell may rage,
Our bodies may grow weak
But You will be our strength
For You’ve overcome it all.

You are the Way,
You are the Truth,
You are the Life,
You are all we need!


“Oh Brother, oh Sister, Rejoice in the Lord!”

Written by: Victor P.
I hope the words encourage you, brothers and sisters in Christ.

“Oh Brother, oh Sister, Rejoice in the Lord!”

If you feel weak, when you feel so weak
Remember that the Lord is your strength.
If you can’t rejoice in present circumstances,
Oh brother, oh sister, rejoice in the Lord!

When things seem out of control
Remember that God’s still in control.
When the world seems crazier than before
Remember that God’s still on His throne!

When everything seems wrong in the world and humanity
Remember that God will make everything right one day.
When there seems to be so much negativity around
Spread positivity, praise and rejoice in the Lord!

Rejoice in the Lord despite the darkness of the times
For He is your joy and your strength and your song.
Oh brother, oh sister, rejoice in the Lord your God
For He is you light and your hope and your life!

Bring your troubles, bring your pain to the Lord;
It’s difficult now but things will change, so rejoice in the Lord.
This life isn’t easy and problems are bound to come
But keep your head up, soldier of Christ, rejoice in the Lord!

God sees it all and knows the reasons for everything
But we don’t have all the answers so let us rest in His goodness;
We can’t discover all of the whys behind all of the tragedies
So let us trust in God’s perfect will and knowledge.

Let us rejoice in God now while we have time and breath.
Come now, brother, come now, sister, rejoice in the Lord.
It’s because of all that’s happening and all that we don’t know
That we need to trust in the living God and rejoice in Him always!
Glory to God Alone.

“Now unto the Lord”

Written by: Victor P.

“Now unto the Lord”

Now unto the Lord be all the glory,
He alone is God all holy, most holy,
None compare, none are His equal.
He shall, nay, He has defeated evil.

None shall defeat Him, no one ever will,
The Lord shall His holy purposes fulfill.
Oh, in the darkest day and in the darkest night
God is near His children, the children of the light.

When troubles come and abound,
Heed soon the wise words’ sound
And place your trust in the Lord
And in the promises of His Word.

Come, give to the Lord always all the glory,
Seek not to leave for yourself any;
Be this a reminder or an epiphany,
Either way, always glorify God most holy!

O now unto the Lord sing praises
For Jesus Christ for our sins did atone;
God Almighty it is Who alone raises
Sinners from death to new life, He alone!

The Lord is great and greatly to be praised,
His Name above all others be forever raised!

“The Lord, the Freedom”

Written by: Victor P.

“The Lord, the Freedom”

O Lord and Savior,
the King of kings
and Lord of lords,
He came to serve,
He came to give,
He came to die
A death that we deserve
For all our vile sins
To free us from them all,
Forgiveness, change, sanctification.
The Author and Perfector of our faith,
Our only hope, our life, our salvation!
Be sure of this: no matter what the great war looks like now
In the end God wins!

“Helper, Healer, Lord”

Written by: Victor P.

“Helper, Healer, Lord”

Lord, help me to stand!
God I don’t understand
As much as I should
Nor do all that I could.

My strength is nothing
In comparison to Yours!
O I give You everything,
My praise to You pours!

You are my sight,
You are my light,
You are the truth,
You are the proof!

My God be praised forever,
You reign forever and ever.
Glory be all unto You, God most deserving;
You alone I shall wholly be forever serving!

Amidst my failures on the way
You are the great bright light that I see.
You wash all of my shame away;
In Your presence forever I want to be!

I cannot take a step if You will not be there;
Where You will, there I shall go, anywhere!
You’re the air I breathe, my very life, my all!
O Lord, I shall answer when You shall call!