‘Beginning 1’ by Battle, Adventure, Beauty (LMMS instrumental track)

‘Beginning 1’ by Battle, Adventure, Beauty (LMMS instrumental track)

Simple short instrumental LMMS track.


‘Modern 1’ by Battle, Adventure, Beauty (LMMS instrumental track)

‘Modern 1’ by Battle, Adventure, Beauty (LMMS instrumental track)

Simple short instrumental LMMS track.

“Who would believe such a thing?” (SATIRE) by me.

“Who would believe such a thing?” (SATIRE) by me.

Who would believe such a thing,
That gentle Jesus would say such negative things
Attributed to him in the Good Book?
No, no, we know he’s meek and mild,
Blessing children, healing the sick,
Would he say what we think he wouldn’t say?
No, no, who’d make such things up about him?
Staining his image is what they’re doing,
But our conception of him remains
Divorced from all we deem negative,
We paint him positive in the light of the artificial sun,
Take the light colors, put them on heavy, come on,
We’re going to have a picture of Jesus
The way we want him to be, to look, to act,
‘Cause there’s no other way it could be,
Our subjective say has the final say
So all those who want to attribute such negative words
To our nice Jesus can get out of the way and stay quiet
‘Cause we’re spreading the message we believe’s true
That Jesus wouldn’t say anyone’s condemned,
Jesus wouldn’t chase people with whips in a temple,
Jesus wouldn’t get angry, wouldn’t call people mean things,
No, no, so many see it wrong, we see it right
So we’re spreading the message everywhere
The picture of Jesus we’ve conceived is what we believe
And we want millions more to believe it with us.
Glory to God Alone.

“Hear, Goats Beckon the Sheep” by me.

“Hear, Goats Beckon the Sheep”
by me.

Hear, goats beckon the sheep
To leave the narrow path,
To go on the wide road,
That smooth and easy road
Down the slippery slope
Into the pit of progress,
Nonsense makes sense,
Truth’s what you say it is,
Madness is lauded,
Loudly applauded,
There the night is light
And the day is dark;
There evil’s right,
Good’s wrong.
Welcome to Loony World,
Upside down crazy town,
Live for the moment,
It’s yours, you own it,
Take what you want
When you want it,
Reality’s what you make it,
From darkness to darkness,
From madness to madness,
From nothing to nothing.

“We are philosophers all, theologians all, warriors all” by me.

“We are philosophers all, theologians all, warriors all” by me.
We are philosophers all, theologians all, warriors all. But some are good only at being one of those and terrible at being the any of other.
Being philosophers all we must ask the questions and find the answers, slackers and idle minds won’t achieve much at all; anti-intellectuality is not a virtue.
Being theologians all it is our responsibility to find the truth about the Creator, to study all about Him, to acquaint ourselves with Him, to surrender our whole being to Him, to guard the truth He has revealed about Himself in His Holy Word; all counterfeits must be rejected, all idols must be destroyed. All that God says is true must be held to be true by us too lest we make God a liar. Study God and not a counterfeit; study not an idol made to fit natural man’s preferences, study the real God, all other gods are worthless and none of them are worth anyone’s time.
Being warriors all we are all on one side or the other in the very real war that shall not end for us until we die and won’t end for the world and indeed until Christ returns as He said; true, the war has already been won by God but we must still fight, there are still many battles for us to fight, we all have things God calls us to do, people to fight for, lost souls to pray for, so much to do, so little time, too much distraction vying for our attention; idleness the easiest road but a harmful one to be on. There is no middle ground to lie and wait for the war to end and then side with whom we will; there’s no fence to sit on, there’s no neutral place where we are free from choosing, from responsibility, from taking part in the unseen war that’s going on even now. We all have our duties, tasks, assignments, callings, missions, battles, and ignoring those things won’t get us anything good, that’s for sure.
If we want to pretend we’re not in this war, we’re just blindfolded warriors, self-deceived soldiers on the battlefield, we makes ourselves easy prey for the enemy, we basically say we don’t care about fighting for the good and right, fighting on the winning side. Such folly won’t be excused, nor will our playing ignorant of the reality of the spiritual, unseen war.
Just my thoughts shared; I hope it may benefit some who read it.

A Quote and a Note (1)



My note/comment:

Also, Jesus said to preach the Gospel to every creature and that means:
Share it, Preach it
to every sin-diseased wretch walking the cold and dying world;
to every proud fool who thinks life without God is worth living;
to all the self-righteous and hypocritical;
to all the richest and poorest;
to the most famous and to the rejected and isolated;
to the seemingly-happy and to the miserable and despairing;
to all the religiously active but spiritually dead;
to all the pagans, heathen, idolaters of all varieties;
to every person who is not saved, who hasn’t heard the Gospel,
to all who are alive and well and to those ill and half-dead.

Jesus didn’t make exceptions to who must hear the Gospel so we dare not assume or make up our own exclusions and exceptions.

“Short Empty Moments”

4/10/16. 4/11/16.
Written by: Victor P.

“Short Empty Moments”

An empty moment,
A strange thing,
A part of a day
That doesn’t seem to fit,
Like something missing,
Like nothing happening,
An emptiness present
And activity absent;
Not even like looking at static on TV,
More like looking at a TV that’s off.

The silence surrounds
And solitude abounds.
Moments last for a little
And pass into the past;
The present is here,
The future’s details uncertain.

Empty moments will disappear
But they will return some day;
Do not know when or where,
Do not know why or for how long.
However long empty moments may last
This much is sure, they will end, they’ll pass.

Do moments of emptiness come to all?
There must be a reason for them, a purpose:
Maybe to think about what’s been ignored,
What was put off for some unknown time?

When the empty moments come,
Make use of them, or at least try;
Fill the void, the emptiness of the moment,
Contemplate what’s important,
Ponder what actually matters,
Think about what you’ve overlooked.

Now is not all that there is,
There’s a future still ahead;
You may not know what’s in store
But the past is gone, it is no more.

Make the best of the time you have,
You don’t know how long you’ll live.
Don’t take for granted what you have,
If you lose it, what can you do then?

With the passing of empty moments
The day goes on, moves on its way,
Another day will take its place
And empty moments may come with it
But it need not be moments wasted
Or moments that can’t be more than empty.

Fill those moments, don’t leave them empty,
Do with the time what will make a difference,
Do what is right no matter who is watching,
You have now, later is not guaranteed,
The end may be very far off,
Do all the good you can while you’re alive.
Glory to God Alone.