“The Broken Want”

Written by: Victor P.

“The Broken Want”

I’ve seen the words
Carved on broken hearts
“You’re worthless,”
It’s a monstrous lie.

They’ve heard so much
It broke their hearts to pieces,
So many lies told to them,
Oh how they’ve suffered!

They try to smile
But their eyes say
The scars are visible,
The damage undeniable.

It’s darkness they’ve been lost in,
Poison of lies they’ve breathed in,
Confused but still want the truth,
Want to be free from condemnation.

They want to hear a truth they haven’t yet:
Want to believe they’re not worthless,
Want to believe somebody cares about them,
Want to know someone loves them.

Sick of the condemnation,
So sick of hearing the lies
They’ve heard so many times,
Need more than the past pain.


“Prayers For Peace 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty 2. (electronic/instrumental LMMS track)

“Prayers For Peace 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty 2.
Simple electronic/instrumental LMMS track

Sunday Praise (12) 11/25/18

Sunday Praise (12) 11/25/18. by me.

This is where I want to be –
In Your presence, heavenly Father.
This is what my soul longs for –
You alone, to be with You, God.

I am learning to praise You,
You’re teaching me daily
To obey You as I should,
To love You and people.

The more I think about You
The more I am amazed, God,
You are wonderful, majesty,
There really is none like You.

Daily You are beckoning me
To come, to be closer to You,
To enter Your presence as I am,
Bringing You my thanks and needs.

God, I look to no other name
For assurance of eternal life,
You’re my hope and strength,
You’re always the one I need.

I thank for the rain You sent
To where the fires were burning,
You washed away the smoke,
I thank You for Your mercy and care.

My heart rejoices in You, Lord,
Help me to rejoice when it’s hard,
Teach me to trust You more and more,
Help me to look to You always, God.

I come to You with praise,
With thanksgiving in my heart,
For You deserve it, You’re worthy,
There is none like You, O Lord.

Christ is my life’s foundation
Firm and sound and sure,
I’ve found no hope so real and true
As I found in You, my Almighty God.

Bring me closer to You
By Your love and grace,
I am seeking Your face,
Learning to love and obey.

God, Your grace is amazing
And You are more amazing still,
You’ve saved me, I’m Your child,
You have given me eternal life.

I know life’s not without problems,
There’s pain, loss, and suffering,
One day You’ll make those things end,
One day You’ll make it all as it should be.

Life is difficult, it’s not simple,
I’ve learned this from others
And I’m learning this myself,
You’re the one I always need.

Teach me to not love the world system
Nor things in it hostile toward You, God,
I want to speak truth to all those perishing,
To tell and show them what they need most.

Blessed be Your name,
Blessed be You, O Lord,
My soul blesses You now
And will bless You forever.

You’re greater than words can describe
And more wonderful than I now realize.
I want to give You a worthy offering
That You deserve and will accept.

Change my heart where change needs to be,
Work in me to change me for the better,
To love and obey and to be more like You,
I see no better change than this for my life.

God, for Your love I worship You,
For Your grace I glorify You,
For Your mercy I praise You,
For Your blesssings I thank You.

The Earth is surely full of Your mercy,
I see Your works when I focus on You,
Though some deny You anything at all
I know it’s not coincidence, it’s You, God.

It is good to praise You
Every day of my life,
You’ve given me all I have,
I thank You for everything.

My God, I enter Your presence,
Now is the time to worship You
For Your love and grace and mercy,
For Your truth and judgments and justice.

God, You’re the joy I can’t lose,
You’re my constant in the change,
You’re my hope and strength and song,
I will worship You now and forevermore.

“You Who Are”


Written by: Victor P.

“You Who Are”

You who are broken, God can make you whole.
You who are restless, find rest in Christ.
You who are hopeless, God can be your hope.
You who feel alone, God is with you.
You who are suffering, find relief in God.
You who are sick or ill, God can heal you.


“Thank You, God”

Written by: Victor P.

“Thank You, God”

Thank You, God, for everything,
That’s easy to say but hard to mean it
When life gets so difficult,
When contentment isn’t present.

Thank You, God, for Your love,
I wouldn’t even exist right now
If You didn’t love me and created me,
If You didn’t have a purpose for my life.

Thank You, God, for the air in my lungs,
The breaths I can inhale and exhale,
The steps I can take, that I can run,
Thank You for my body You’ve made.

Thank You, God, for the home I live in,
For a roof over my head, for the warmth,
For the things I have and what I don’t,
You give and take away, You’re blessed.

Thank You, God, for all the food I have,
The available nourishment and sustenance,
For all that You’ve made to be eaten,
What benefits and strengthens mind and body.

Thank You, God, for the people
You have brought into my life,
For the people I can learn from,
For those I can experience life with.

Thank You, God, for salvation
I have because of Christ’s death
On the Cross, forgiveness of sins,
Reconciliation with You, adoption.

Thank You, God, for Jesus Christ,
Lamb of God, the only real Savior,
Shepherd, Redeemer, Friend, Master,
For His resurrection, for His victory.

Thank You, God, for Your grace,
For Your mercy and kindness,
For Your justice and righteousness,
For Your holiness and sovereign reign.

Thank You, God, for Your patience,
For correction, discipline, lessons,
For answering prayers of everyone
According to Your will and character.

Thank You, God, for what You withhold,
You know best what we need or don’t,
You have Your reasons for all You do,
You are Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent.

Thank You, God, for all that You’ve done,
For all that You’re doing in the present,
For all that You will do in the future,
Thank You that You alone are the true God.

Thank You, God, now and forever,
Glory to You in the highest forever,
Praise, honor, devotion, sacrifice,
All to You who deserves it all forever.

“The Temporal and the Eternal 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty 2. (electronic/instrumental LMMS track)

“The Temporal and the Eternal 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty 2.
Simple electronic/instrumental LMMS track

“A Past Colder, Darker, Alone”

10/11/18. 11/19/18.
Written by: Victor P.

“A Past Colder, Darker, Alone”

I remember years ago
Life was quite different,
Things have changed much
But for the better, I know.

I was lost and faithless,
Without hope, unsaved,
Years lived without God
Spoke of emptiness within:

‘Everyone is gone,
Everything is fading,
Thoughts are confusing,
Emptiness has won.

Everything is greyer,
Everything is colder,
Nothing makes sense
In this lonely place.

Give me something
I can trust now,
I can’t face these
Things alone now.

I carry this everywhere –
My emptiness inside,
My heart is restless and cold,
I’m dying to feel alive again.

There’s no way out,
No rest to find here,
It all fell apart around me,
All I see is darkness now.

Is it always too early
To give up all hope?
I know I want to see it –
A brighter horizon.’