“Sad Lives Unseen”

Written by: Victor P.

“Sad Lives Unseen”

I’ve seen the pages of the past
Stained by the blood of the innocents;
The hands of evil ones spill blood,
Dead hearts obedient to their gods.

I’ve seen the streams of blood
Color the canvases of sad lives
Where hope is a dying ember,
Where real love is unknown.

Sacrificing everthing else
And even everyone else
For the sake of selfish gain
Is the way of the foolish lost.

What a sad sight for fortunate eyes
To know not what the suffering know,
To not feel all the pain they feel so often,
To not have to go through all they endure.

Where are those showing care?
Where is love’s embrace?
Where is the end of suffering?
Where is the work of justice?

If we’ll just carry on with our lives
We’ll be guilty of showing indifference.
If we do nothing more than only pray for them
We show we want nothing more to do with their pain.

Reach out hand if you could care,
Show that there’s love in your heart,
Just sit in silence with the sorrowing;
Sometimes presence is better than words.


“Night Again”

Written by: Victor P.

“Night Again”

The morning is past,
The noon has faded,
The day is over,
The night has come.

Now the differences are seen:
Twilight instead of daybreak,
Sunset instead of sunrise,
Dusk instead of dawn.

Thank God for all …

Thank God for all we have, for all we’re given.
May we not squander, waste, misuse or abuse it.
May we be wise stewards of all God has given and entrusted us with.
It is a joy and a responsibility.

“A Wasted Life”

Written by: Victor P.

“A Wasted Life”

You can’t take anything with you
To the grave when you die.

You can’t take your glory,
Not a dime, not a breath,
Not your awards or achievements,
Not the applause and praise.

You did it all for yourself
So it was all done in vain.
All you thought you’ve gained was temporal,
You cared nothing about the eternal.

You loved yourself the most,
You gave yourself the best
And the rest to everyone else.

What will you take with you?
What will you leave behind?

“Until One Comes to Know and Love God” written by me.

“Until One Comes to Know and Love God” written by me.

Until one has come to a point in life, the point of an actual realization that they are accountable to God who is One infinitely more powerful than they are;
the One who has created them and sustains them every moment of life and existence;
the One who can rightly and truly lay claim to them, lay claim over their life completely;
the One to whom they must ultimately answer for all their actions when their life here ends;
until that point the person can rightly be called ignorant of an ultimate reality in which all humans live and exist, a truth which can be denied but not destroyed.

If they have heard that truth but keep rejecting it, scoffing, mocking, ignoring, or hating it, it may simply be said they consider or want to be their own god, to have none greater than themselves to answer to, to ultimately be their only true ruler and thus all others are usurpers and makers of false claims upon the person’s life.

Such a person has remained behind the line that separates truth and lie; they remain behind the line that leads to the illumination of truths, the opposite of the lies they have believed and lived by in life.

These people may believe they have what they need but it is not what they need, it is what they want, what the self desires, what the lies make appear as need but it is not.

They can rightly be called presently ignorant and deceived for that is how God sees them but He does not want any to remain so but rather to receive new life, to come to repentance, to be born again as Christ said, to have their hearts replaced, remade, renovated, to become who they were meant to become, to do what they should do, to love as they are loved, to think as they ought, to have what they need and not desire at the moment.

This being God’s desire and will may appear to many people confining, restrictive, even oppressive, but they do not see or understand their actual need or what was originally planned and willed for them or what is ultimately good for them.

If their hearts remain cold and hard and their mind keeps rejecting the truth, it is quite possible that they will keep rejecting the truth until they die, to their own peril and doom.

If their self is the I’m-my-own-god sort of high degree these usually meet their end as conviced of their own autonomy and judges of their own goodness and destiny, a sad sight for clear minds who know the truth of the matter is the opposite of such peole’s beliefs, or rather delusions.

What does not correspond to reality is unreality or irreality and should be fought against, rejected by those who have had their minds opened and illuminated by the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of truth.

Without this mind-opening, this illumination, understanding, people remain in the dark, ignorant, deceived, blind, and are in need of what they have not, whether because of the self and pride rejecting God and truth, or other reasons.

All these need God, they need a Savior for they are not saved, their spirit is dead and their soul is lost;
they need God’s forgiveness for they are not yet forgiven for their many sins, transgressions, wrongs;
they need deliverance and redemption for they are slaves to sin and self and must be redeemed by Christ;
they need regeneration, renewal, a second birth, from above, a spirual rebirth.

All they have not but need is all they require to be the people God wants them to be, the kind of people God can make them if they lay down their pride, surrender unconditionally to their Creator and Lord and by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ the Savior of souls, Redeemer, King of kings and Lord of lords.

God calls all people to repentance and new life in Him, to fellowship with Him, to love Him above all and to obey His will and live as He has called us all to live, holy, not like the worldlings, the once-born and spiritually-dead but as God’s children adopted into His family and taken from the kingdom of darkness and transferred into God’s Kingdom to live not like the children of the devil but as children of God.

God alone can lay claim to us, over us, completely, for He is our Creator, our Maker and He is sovereign over all, and has no equal, no rival in existence, contrary to what some may believe, thei beliefs are false and correspond not to reality but are conceived in imagination and formed into false beliefs about God and reality.
Glory to God Alone

“Eighteen Years Here” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty. (electronic/instrumental LMMS track)

“Eighteen Years Here” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty.
Simple electronic/instrumental LMMS track

“Nights End the Days”

Written by: Victor P.

“Nights End the Days”

The lifeless silhouettes of our dreams
And fantasies before our weary eyes,
The days we burned without thought,
The haste with which we heeded lies.

It is all something serious, a heavy burden of shame,
Or is it nothing if all is from nothing to nothing going?
We can gain nothing if nothing will be ours in the end;
We can lose nothing if we’ve never really had anything.