“Now unto the Lord”

Written by: Victor P.

“Now unto the Lord”

Now unto the Lord be all the glory,
He alone is God all holy, most holy,
None compare, none are His equal.
He shall, nay, He has defeated evil.

None shall defeat Him, no one ever will,
The Lord shall His holy purposes fulfill.
Oh, in the darkest day and in the darkest night
God is near His children, the children of the light.

When troubles come and abound,
Heed soon the wise words’ sound
And place your trust in the Lord
And in the promises of His Word.

Come, give to the Lord always all the glory,
Seek not to leave for yourself any;
Be this a reminder or an epiphany,
Either way, always glorify God most holy!

O now unto the Lord sing praises
For Jesus Christ for our sins did atone;
God Almighty it is Who alone raises
Sinners from death to new life, He alone!

The Lord is great and greatly to be praised,
His Name above all others be forever raised!


Winter Nights 1 (An instrumental track I made using LMMS)

Winter Nights 1 (An instrumental track I made using LMMS)

(An instrumental track I made not long ago using the program LMMS and uploaded to my Soundcloud account, Nacil2… Listen. Enjoy. Comment)

“Don’t be ignorant of the enemy, and don’t be ignorant of God’s power” written by me.

“Don’t be ignorant of the enemy, and don’t be ignorant of God’s power” written by me.

–Note: This note was actually originally a comment I made on someone’s post in a group I’m part of in Facebook but I think it’s worth sharing here, for your benefit, possible commenting upon or correcting of, but most importantly may these words bring glory to God and speak truth.–

While we can’t and shouldn’t say that we only sin because the devil makes us do it, we must realize that the devil does tempt and trick and corrupt people and preys on their weaknesses to achieve his vile purposes but the fact that we fall for these tricks and sin as a result of being deceived by the devil does not make us innocent, we are still culpable, accountable for our actions, responsible for keeping our mental, physical and spiritual defenses up and be on guard against the enemy’s many evil tools and methods and attack tactics and tricks.

We must ever be awake and aware of the enemy and his strategies and methods and be on guard lest we become easy prey for his attacks and lies.

We must ever rely on God to guard us, help us, lead us, guide us, always, in all things, for we cannot stand against the enemy and hope to win alone, without God being our victory we shall have no victory.

We must depend upon God and trust Him and surrender to Him and know that without Him we can do nothing, we can’t win a battle much less a war against the enemy of our souls, against temptations, against sins, against all forms and servants of evil.

Let us not be naive, ignorant of the enemy and his ways and strength, nor take lightly the enemy as if he is no threat or problem to us, for he surely is and to underestimate him and his power is foolish; that’s why we must ever lean upon the Lord and His power and strength and not our own understanding of this or that.

Wisdom doesn’t begin with us, and the victory doesn’t come by us nor belong to us, and the glory does not go or belong to us. Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord; victory comes by and from and belongs to the Lord; and the glory must all go and belong to God, always.

Know your enemy, soldiers of Christ, and before that know and love and trust the Lord who alone can save you and bring you victory in this life, in the battles you’ll face, in the struggles small and great. Ever trust the Lord, ever love Him, ever obey Him, ever glorify Him!

In Memoriam 1 (an instrumental music track made by me, uploaded to soundcloud)

Note: “In Memoriam” is Latin and translates as “into memory”… A website dictionary definition of in memoriam: “in memory (of); to the memory (of); as a memorial (to)”…
This track wasn’t made randomly but for a reason, in light of recent world events as well as personal inspiration and desire to make something in memory of some who passed away not too long ago.

“Of Some People and Times”

4/22/17. 4/23/17.
Written by: Victor P.
(Long Prose)

“Of Some People and Times”

I’d think to pray of ones previously overlooked,
Think to remember ones in memory forgotten,
I’ll see the path where many lives meet
And see where differences mark the lines.

It’s a strange time to live in, it seems,
So much happening but little seems great,
So little joy on many faces I see often,
Less hope in more hearts, less light.

They’re apathetic or indifferent,
What does it matter to them, anyway?
They’re sick and tired of how it is,
They’ve given up on trying by now.

I’m feeling not the desperation of another,
Knowing not the hell in their minds,
Feeling not the weight of affliction,
Understanding not the pain of it all.

I can’t see through suffering eyes,
Can’t sense the hopelessness there,
Can’t feel that soul’s perilous state.
Who can say what’s wrong ere it’s too late?

We don’t breathe the air with same realization,
Don’t think about things the same way,
Don’t see it all as the other ones do,
I don’t know what darkness lies ahead for them.

I can’t seem to remember before now
When I saw hopelessness in another.
I don’t think I’ll forget from now on
What I know a hopeless one may do.

It hurts to see those suffering,
When you can’t see the joy
In the face of flesh and blood
When the window to that soul is opaque.

God help me help them if I can,
It’s just so tiring to feel helpless,
When words fail to bring good changes
And when caring is called hating.

I’d see it differently, all that is now,
I’d wish the blank stares never came,
I’d see no grip of addiction choking
The life out of those close to me.

I’ve seen where the road of addiction leads,
I wouldn’t wish wish it on an enemy,
I hate that it took hold of a loved one,
I hate what came to pass because of it.

You could have nothing to relate to here
Or you know something of what’s written;
Maybe you’re in addiction’s grip or hopeless,
I know that it’s all that can come to any life.

Bring you apathy, I’ll bring my love;
Bring your doubts, I’ll bring my faith;
Bring your hopelessness, I’ll tell you Who’s my hope;
Bring your addiction, I’ll point you to the Deliverer!

I’ll grow to hate more the addiction
That wrought such damage upon a loved one
But I won’t let hate be all that is in me,
I won’t let it consume me, God help me.

I’d give you hope I have within if I could,
I’d break your addiction’s chains if I could;
I’d mend your wounds if they were physical;
I’d do all I could, however little it may seem.

It’s nothing trivial, this struggling in life
Against the problems we all must face,
But I believe we all fight only to lose
If we fight without God being our strength.

If all we have is all we are, we’re lacking much,
If we’re trusting our own strength, we’ll break,
If we try to make it through it all alone
Without people, without God, we’re doomed to fail.

Through all that comes, all that brings down,
We can make it, we can stand up, only with God
As our strength, our hope, our life and salvation;
Only with God can we do all we otherwise wouldn’t be able to do.

“Unbelief and Grief and Hope”

1/11/14. 1/15/14. 3/18/14.
Written by: Victor P.

“Unbelief and Grief and Hope”

So fanatic in your unbelief!
So erroneous is your belief!

The bottles, pills, needles and many other things bring no relief!
Lo, your faithless life breeds idle days of hopelessness and grief!

What do you really hope for and what do you really crave?
Do you really believe there is nothing beyond the grave?

Burning complacency, it turns to ashes at your feet;
See your looming despondency and nighing defeat.

Walls begin to shatter, cracks multiply without number,
It’s all coming down right before your eyes.
All that you’ve built, all that you’ve worked for,
It was all built in vain, yes, it was all in vain!

It’s in the blood and the bone of every vile system;
I know all those sick, damning words that fill them!

Don’t waste another God-given breath;
Yours is an inevitable, imminent death!

Oh, do not play the fool like you have done so many times before!
Don’t let your pride lead you to Hell; you must be a fool no more!

Repent or you’ll perish!
Delusions you cherish,
Just let them all die now,
New life to come allow!

Come now to the Lord Jesus Christ
And He will quench your soul’s thirst.
Every promise He made is a promise kept;
For too long now in the dark you’ve slept.

Come now to the throne of grace,
Among the saved take your place,
And become one of God’s children,
By Christ to Heaven the way is open!

Repent and be made new now,
Born again by water and Spirit,
Learn what you must and how
To make’s life’s puzzle pieces fit.

Die daily to be alive again;
Die to live, to live to gain.
Bear all the pain and go take your claim;
Take your place, proclaim Christ’s name!

God spare you!
God break you!
God save you!
God remake you!

City Night 1. (an instrumental track I uploaded to soundcloud)

City Night 1. (an instrumental track I uploaded to soundcloud)

An instrumental track I made using the program LMMS.