Sunday Praise (10) 11/11/18.

Sunday Praise (10) 11/11/18. by me.

I find rest for my soul
In You alone, o Lord,
You make me whole,
Forever You’re sovereign.

I can have joy in this life
Even in the hardest times,
Situations and circumstances,
My joy is in You, You’re my joy.

Now we see things in part
Things aren’t clear enough
To see the reality as You see it
But one day we’ll see all clearly.

Tears of joy and tears of sorrow
Make up this life we live here now
But You’ve said and I believe
You’ll wipe away every tear.

Now there’s pain and suffering,
Hurt and sorrow, loss and death,
But one day all of that will be no more,
God, You have promised it will be so.

There’s so much to praise You for,
Help me find the words to express
My thankfulness, my gratitude,
Praise to You for everything You do.

My words here seem simple
But they’re from my heart.
Do they do You justice, Father?
Are they worthy of Your greatness?

May my heart and soul
Praise You now and always,
You alone are worthy, Lord,
To receive all glory and praise.

I’m learning, though not quickly,
How dependent I am on You,
I am seeing Your truth better,
You’re the one I need the most.

Lord, You show me
What I need to see
And You teach me
What I need to learn.

You give me hope,
I can trust Your Word,
I believe Your promises,
I can always trust You.

You are my great hope,
My anchor in life’s storms,
Foundation of my whole life,
You sustain me every moment.

Your Word is living and active,
Like new when I read it again,
Like fresh waters, like fresh food,
Nourishment for mind and heart.

To be content is to be thankful.
Teach me to be more thankful.
When we get sick You can
Get us thinking about humility.

Lord, sometimes we don’t think about the future,
We don’t think about life after death
When we’re busy with everyday things,
When routine leaves no time to think about it all.

I will praise You now and always,
Heavenly Father, I do love You.
Honor, power, might, wisdom, riches,
Glory, praise, all the best to You, God.


Sunday Praise (8) 10/28/18

Sunday Praise (8) 10/28/18. by me.

A new day has begun,
You’re still sustaining us,
You let our life continue,
You give us all we have.

God, blessed be Your name
In all the Earth and in Heaven,
You’re worthy to be praised,
You deserve all the glory.

Open my heart and fill it
With sincere praise to You,
I want to worship You alone
For all that You have done.

Fill my mouth with thanksgiving,
I want to give what You deserve,
Fill my soul with joy in You, Lord,
I want to always glorify You.

When it feels like my mind’s in a haze
I turn to You to clear my mind, Lord,
For I know You care about me,
You give me the clarity I need.

With You I can can face all things,
You’re always right there with me,
I’m never alone, I have You
And You have me always.

Satan lies, deceives, corrupts,
He tries to trip me up daily,
Wants to steal all from me
That’s important in this life.

Satan wants to destroy
Everything I hold dear,
He wants me to lose joy,
He wants me to doubt You.

I find rest for my soul
In You alone, O Lord,
You’re my everything,
I need You the most.

God, You alone have saved me
I was dead in sins, my sinful self,
You’ve given me new life in Christ,
You’ve given me joy and purpose.

You reached down into the darkness,
You pulled me out of my grave,
You saved me from my sinful self,
I was dead without You for so long.

You took me out of the kingdom of darkness
And transfered me into Your kingdom of life,
You saved me, made me Your child,
I’m a saint, a sinner redeemed by Christ.

Nothing’s better than being loved by You.
God, nothing’s better than loving You.
Nothing’s more important in this life than
Obeying, loving, trusting, and worshiping You.

I’m calling out Your name,
I know that You can hear me,
You’re always near, never too far,
I’m never alone, You’re with me.

God, sometimes I want to hear You speak
With a voice of thunder undeniable,
But would I be on my knees when I hear
Or fall on my face in fear of it?

There’s so much to praise You for,
There is reason to rejoice in You,
I have found my rest and home
In You alone, my Father in Heaven.

Salvation is in Jesus Christ alone,
Remind me to always cherish it,
Restore in me the joy of Your salvation,
Renew in me a spirit of true worship.

I have found joy in You, Lord,
You are the joy I’ve looked for,
You maintain, sustain this joy,
You live in me, I am Your child.

When trials and temptations come
Help me turn to You, blessed Lord,
Seeking strength to fight, to stand,
I know You’re the God of my victory.

Sunday Praise (7) 10/21/18.

Sunday Praise (7) 10/21/18. by me.

God, You’re my Savior,
You’re my salvation,
You are God alone,
You live forevermore.

My soul will bless You,
My lips will praise You,
My heart will trust You,
My body will serve You.

My body is Your temple
And wherever I go
I know You’ll be with me,
I will never be alone.

I want to give You my all,
The best of all I have,
My mind and heart and soul,
My body and my whole life.

I want to do everything
For Your glory, O Lord,
You’re worthy and deserving,
May You be glorified always!

Teach me to praise You
Sincerely, from my heart,
Not mechanically or by routine,
Not as a dry habit but out of love.

Oh that sinners would repent,
You alone can save them,
I pray they would turn to You
And live to glorify You, Lord.

Father, help me to obey You,
I fail to do what I’m supposed to,
It’s not easy and I know that
I need You to be my strength.

Your voice is mighty, Lord,
You speak and all will tremble,
None can stand before You
Proud and claim to be pure.

Not one sin is hidden from You,
I’m completely known by You,
Despite my failures, imperfections,
You still love me, I am Yours, God.

I’m tired of hearing
The words of the scoffers.
I’m tired of seeing
The pride of the foolish.

May more hearts be filled
With thanksgiving to You
For everything You’ve done,
For everything You’re doing,
For everything You will do.

You’re my Helper, Defender,
My strength and Deliverer,
My hope and my first love,
My God and heavenly Father.

It is good for me
To draw near to You,
I have placed my hope
In You, Almighty God.

Your Word is living and active,
Your Word is truth we all need,
It’s the light for my way in life,
A lamp for the path I walk.

I come to Your Word daily
For wisdom and guidance,
You speak to me through it,
You convict me of sin by it.

I find comfort in Your Word,
I receive what You give me,
I find encouragement and hope
For today, tomorrow, every day.

In the hard times in life
I see You are my peace,
Even in my darkest days
You are with me, O Lord.

The truest victory I know,
The victory I’ve found in life
Is found in You and it is You,
You are Conqueror and Victor.

God, be my strength
To fight every day
Against temptations
That come my way.

May You be praised today
And every day by me and all
Those who know and serve You
Because we love and revere You.

Sunday Praise (5) 10/7/18

Sunday Praise (5) 10/7/18. by me.

Have I run out of things to say?
Have I run out of praise to give
The One God who’s made all things,
Who’s without beginning, without end?

My God, is this a normal thing,
To not know what more to say
In praise of You who lives forever,
You who saved me from sin and Hell?

I do not think so, surely it is not
The way things should be, Lord.
Does not my heart now burn hot
With thanks and praise to You?

I don’t really know now what to say
But I know I can’t depend on feelings,
They come and go, change quickly,
They’re fickle things I can’t trust daily.

God, this I believe, You’re here now
And I can trust all Your promises.
This mood, this strange state I’m in,
Make it pass, I long to praise You.

Lord, You alone are worthy and deserving
To be praised, glorified, worshiped,
You alone are the true and living God,
Sovereign from everlasting to everlasting.

Let these moments fade away
May they pass and disappear,
I will praise You for justice and grace
My heart will rejoice in You again.

Fill my heart with what I’m missing.
Restore in me the joy of Your salvation.
Have I lost what I want to give
To You who is worthy of glory?

Is this a moment of some greyness
Of my heart and dryness of my mind?
I know You alone can help me now, God,
I need You now like I’ve always needed You.

Clear my mind, clean out out clutter,
Renew my mind by Your living Word,
Help me to fix my eyes on Christ now,
Help me to wholly give You my heart.

Father, I don’t know what else to say,
Fill me with Your Holy Spirit again,
Open my heart, fill it with joy and praise,
Remind me who I am in Christ now.

In the silence I will think about
All the great things You have done,
Why You’re worthy of praise and glory,
Why You love me and why I love You.

God, give me understanding,
Help me make sense of today,
My soul cries out to praise You,
You’re with me, You won’t leave me.

Almighty God, may You be glorified
By my thoughts and words and deeds.
All glory be to You now and forever,
You’re my peace, my life, my Savior.

You restore souls, You renew strength,
You’re the only One who can save sinners,
You’re the hope of the hopeless and lost,
You’re the only true and living God.

I will remember Your blessings, my Lord,
I will remember Your mercies, my great Creator,
I will remember Your grace, my God,
I will remember Your love, my heavenly Father.

“Glory to the Living God”

Written by: Victor P.

“Glory to the Living God”

I want to tell the world
About Your great love.
I want sinners to know
About Your amazing grace.

Lord of Hosts, Almighty One,
From everlasting to everlasting
You’re the true and living God,
Without rival, without equal.

How wonderful is Your love
Towards mortals You’ve created!
Lord, how faithful You are
Even to the least of us all!

I praise You now, O God,
For Your love and kindness.
I worship You, eternal King,
For You are holy and just.

Let praise flow from my heart
And through my lips come forth
To give You what You’re worthy of,
To glorify You in deed and in word.

You are my rest, my hiding place,
My shelter in the storms of life.
You alone are my Savior, Redeemer,
I long to see You and worship You.

Fill my lips with thanksgiving
Once again as when I came
To You to be saved by You alone,
When You made me Your child.

When my heart becomes tired,
Father, give me rest in Your arms.
When I’m weak from fighting battles,
Be my strength and be my victory.

These words are a prayer and praise,
This is a declaration of my dependence
Upon You wholly, my heavenly Father,
You are my all in all, my everything.

You wash away the darkest of our sins
By the blood of Jesus Christ Your Son,
You wash away the guilt and shame,
You make the broken whole again.

Sunday Praise (4) 9/30/18

Sunday Praise (4) 9/30/18. by me.

Fill my heart with praise,
Lord, open my mouth
And fill it with thanksgiving,
Fill me with gratefulness.

Open my eyes to better see
The beauty that’s around me,
What I miss in the daily rushing,
What merits wonder and awe.

I haven’t lived a single day
The same way as another,
Every day’s different in some way,
There’s something new in every day.

For the singing of birds,
The warmth of the sun,
The beauty of Your nature,
For it all I praise You, God.

God, You give rest to my mind
When many worries flood it.
You are my peace at all times,
You are the one I need the most.

You sustain me every moment,
You provide me with what I need,
You show me what I need to see,
You’re my strength when I’m weak.

I’m growing and realizing
I’m wholly dependent on You.
You pick me up when I fall,
You forgive me when I sin.

May praise ever flow
From my lips to You,
And may heart hope
In You alone, O Lord.

Something wonderful happens
When I open my heart and mouth
And praise You, glorify You,
I do what I was created to do.

Father, in the battles I fight every day
I know You’re with me every moment,
You’re my song, my hope and victory,
You’re the one I can trust completely.

God, there’s a longing in my soul
To praise You more than I have before,
To give You the best that I can,
To give You the glory You deserve.

Lord, none are worthy like You
To be praised forever and ever,
You are holy, righteous, loving,
Merciful, just and kind, almighty.

Father, until the day that I die
I’ll praise You more and more,
For You alone are the true living God,
I’ll praise and worship You forevermore.