Sunday Praise (54) 9/15/19

Sunday Praise (54) 9/15/19. by me.

Father in Heaven,
Holy and righteous,
Abba, we all need You,
You are God Almighty.

I am blessed and happy
Because You are my God,
My Savior, Master, Healer,
Redeemer, Deliverer, Creator.

Nearer, my God, to You
I want to be with each new day.
Nearer, my Lord, to You
I need to be with each new day.

God, blessed is Your name
Among the many nations
Where You are known and loved
Served by the poor and rich alike.

I come to You with praise,
I enter Your presence again,
Even when it’s hard, I know,
I can praise You, pray to You.

I still fall down time and time again,
I stil fail and I still stumble, Father,
You pick me up and help me go,
You walk beside me, You go ahead of me.

I will declare Your praise,
I won’t be silent, Savior,
Here and in eternity
I will worship You, God.

The nations’ gods and goddesses
Are dead and false, all counterfeits,
Worthless idols unworthy of praise,
They’ll all be destroyed, You’re God alone.

I want to be in Your house
All of my days on earth
And then be with You forever,
You are my home, God.

I will praise You, God,
With all of my heart,
Giving You all I can,
It’s what You deserve.

You know everything about me
Nothing is hidden from You, Lord,
My thoughts, my words and actions,
You know it all, completely, Creator.

You will judge the world in righteousness,
None can say You judgment is wrong,
You know the deepest thoughts of all,
Motivations, intentions, all evil and good.

I will bless You in the congregation,
I will bless You with Your children,
I will bless You in the darkest valleys,
I know now You’re all I want and more.

I will praise You, Lord,
You are good, Creator,
Your mercy endures forever
There is no one like You.

You hear me when I call,
You answer my prayers
According to Your wisdom
And Your love, heavenly Father.

I praise You for Your mercy,
Glorify You for Your truth,
Worship You for Your holiness,
You alone are worthy, Lord.

Fill my heart with compassion,
Fill my soul with boldness,
Give me the courage I need
To speak Your truth to people.

You search my heart and see
Everything that’s underneath,
Everything that only You know,
You see all the good and bad in me.

See if I’m not daily walking
On the everlasting way, Lord,
Guide me back to the narrow road,
Keep me close, ever be with me.

I thank You with the righteous
Redeemed by the blood of Christ,
Saved from sin, damnation, Hell,
Saved by grace through faith in Christ.

I will keep praising You here
Until the day I die, I won’t cease
To give You thanks and praise,
Glory, hallelujah, blessed be You.


“When I See”

Written by: Victor P.

“When I See”

When I see you
I look into your eyes
And I think of possibilities
Before doubts push them away
And I’m left uncertain again,
What can tomorrow bring
For me? For you?
Have we both been waiting?
We can start moving, doing,
Words will replace silence,
One fear is overcome.

Sunday Praise (15) 12/16/18.

Sunday Praise (15) 12/16/18. by me.

The first words of this day
Are of praise to You, o Lord,
Blessing Your holy name,
Thanking You for everything.

You amaze me more each day,
I see clearer how much I need You,
How dependent I am upon You,
You’re the one I need the most.

There’s little rest here to find
When the week is busy and I
Rush to keep up with routine,
Little time for more important things.

I need to check my priorities,
Help me to manage time better,
To be a better steward of things
You have given me to use here.

I see things a little clearer
When I slow down to listen
To what You say in Your Word
And how You answer my prayers.

I need to fix my eyes on You
In the easy and hard times,
To follow Your holy ways better
Empowered by Your Holy Spirit.

Help me to praise You
With thoughts of rejoicing,
Help me to outwardly show
The joy that’s in my heart.

My soul rejoices in You,
God, You are my Savior,
You are my Redeemer,
You’re my hope and song.

Show me what’s most important,
I’ll praise You for Your wonders,
The many deeds You’ve done,
Your mercy and Your grace.

Help me to rejoice, Lord,
In this busy holiday season,
Despite the worry, vanity, hustle and bustle,
To focus on the meaning of Christmas.

Nature declares Your praises,
Creation worships You, Creator,
It points to You, the living God,
Your name’s above all others.

I thank You for Christ Your Son,
I thank You that He’s God Incarnate,
Jesus is Emmanuel – God with us,
The Lamb of God, the Messiah.

God, glory to You for Your mercy,
Glory to You for forgiveness of sins,
Glory to You for Your marvelous love,
Glory to You in the highest, Lord!

Lead me in Your way daily
And teach me to love You,
To obey You, to do Your will,
To do everything for Your glory.

My Father in Heaven, help me to fight,
To go through trials and temptations,
You are my Lord and my King,
You are my salvation and victory.

Resist temptation

Resist temptation when it comes,
Fight it with all your strength and will,
Then call upon God to help you,
To be your strength and victory.

It’s easy to fall, easy to fail,
It’s easy to compromise,
Easy to give up and give in,
Don’t do it, fight it, turn to God.

-written by me.

“Glory To My God And Savior”

Written by: Victor P.

“Glory To My God And Savior”

My Lord, You have found me
When I was dead in my sins,
When my spirit was dead,
When my soul was lost, unsaved,
When my heart was made of stone,
When I didn’t care about You,
When I lived life for myself,
When I wanted You the least,
When I was indifferent to You,
When I was on my own way to Hell.

You found me as I was
Where I was living without You.
I didn’t know or believe then
That You gave me life and You sustained me
And every breath I wasted was a gift from You.
I held on for dear life every day
But I came to a dead end, no hope was left,
I knew something was missing,
I realized I wasn’t really living,
I admitted I was just existing,
I could find no answers within
And the worldlings had none either,
I thought nothing could be done
To be rid of my hopelessness.

I knew something was very wrong
But I didn’t look for You
But You looked for me
And You found me in my darkness,
You found me merely existing
But You kept showing mercy
And You kept sustaining me,
You gave me more days to live,
You showed me where to look
For the truth I’ve missed and ignored before,
Even though I didn’t know then
It was You working behind the scenes,
No events were mere chance and circumstance
It was all the work of Your hands.

You’ve brought me back from the dead,
You alone have given my life meaning,
You alone have given me life’s purpose,
You alone have forgiven all my sins,
You alone have washed me clean,
You’ve cleansed me from unrighteousness,
You have saved my soul,
You’ve brought my spirit to life,
You’ve given me a new heart,
You’ve given me a will to obey You,
You have made me whole,
You’ve done it all because You are love,
Because You love like no other.

God, You are incomparable,
You are my strength,
You are my hope,
You are my song,
You are the Way,
You are the Truth,
You are the Life,
You are my all in all.

You are my Maker and Creator,
You’re my Sustainer and Provider,
You are my Savior and Redeemer,
You are the King of kings,
You are the Lord of lords,
You are the one true and living God.

There is no one like You,
There is no other god,
None greater, none stronger,
No rival, no equal,
You alone reign now
And You’ll reign forevermore.
Glory to God Alone