Sunday Praise (6) 10/14/18.

Sunday Praise (6) 10/14/18. by me.

Teach me, Lord, how to obey You,
Teach me to love You and people,
Teach me to praise Your holy name
In thoughts, in words and in deeds.

Teach me to walk in Your holy ways,
To resist temptation when it comes,
To do what is right and good,
To stand for what’s true always.

Everything I have is a gift from You,
Help me to give it all back to You
As a sign of gratitude and knowing
You’re my Provider, Savior, Sustainer.

Every gift and every good thing
Comes from You, Almighty God,
Help me, help us all to use it all
For Your glory and for others’ good.

Father, help me to always remember
What it cost Jesus Christ to save me
From damnation, from what I deserve,
To cherish Your sacrifice and gift.

What are people that You’re mindful of them?
We are all created for Your glory,
To glorify You and enjoy You
Now on Earth and forevermore.

Grateful hearts lift up their voices
Praising You, God, who lives forever,
For salvation through Jesus Christ alone,
For eternal life You promise believers.

You fill many souls with joy, Lord,
We will praise You for You’re holy,
For Your righteousness and justice,
For Your mercy, grace and kindness.

God, You give peace that’s real,
You are peace that we all need,
You give rest to weary, tired souls,
We find in You what we need most.

I’ve seen it in so many lives –
Your mighty hand at work,
Your mercy and Your patience,
Your blessings and Your love.

I find in You what I need most,
You give me what only You can,
You’re my strength, You’re my hope,
You’re the One I love now and forever.

How many are against You, Lord!
Some say You don’t care about people
And others say You don’t even exist
But I won’t believe their lies now or ever.

When enemies rise against me
I run to You, my strong Defender.
I know that whatever will yet be
You’re with me, heavenly Father.

My God, my strength and hope,
I’ll sing praise to Your name,
You show me grace and mercy,
I’m Yours now and forevermore.


Photos (14) Clouds

Photos (14) Clouds

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Sunday Praise (5) 10/7/18

Sunday Praise (5) 10/7/18. by me.

Have I run out of things to say?
Have I run out of praise to give
The One God who’s made all things,
Who’s without beginning, without end?

My God, is this a normal thing,
To not know what more to say
In praise of You who lives forever,
You who saved me from sin and Hell?

I do not think so, surely it is not
The way things should be, Lord.
Does not my heart now burn hot
With thanks and praise to You?

I don’t really know now what to say
But I know I can’t depend on feelings,
They come and go, change quickly,
They’re fickle things I can’t trust daily.

God, this I believe, You’re here now
And I can trust all Your promises.
This mood, this strange state I’m in,
Make it pass, I long to praise You.

Lord, You alone are worthy and deserving
To be praised, glorified, worshiped,
You alone are the true and living God,
Sovereign from everlasting to everlasting.

Let these moments fade away
May they pass and disappear,
I will praise You for justice and grace
My heart will rejoice in You again.

Fill my heart with what I’m missing.
Restore in me the joy of Your salvation.
Have I lost what I want to give
To You who is worthy of glory?

Is this a moment of some greyness
Of my heart and dryness of my mind?
I know You alone can help me now, God,
I need You now like I’ve always needed You.

Clear my mind, clean out out clutter,
Renew my mind by Your living Word,
Help me to fix my eyes on Christ now,
Help me to wholly give You my heart.

Father, I don’t know what else to say,
Fill me with Your Holy Spirit again,
Open my heart, fill it with joy and praise,
Remind me who I am in Christ now.

In the silence I will think about
All the great things You have done,
Why You’re worthy of praise and glory,
Why You love me and why I love You.

God, give me understanding,
Help me make sense of today,
My soul cries out to praise You,
You’re with me, You won’t leave me.

Almighty God, may You be glorified
By my thoughts and words and deeds.
All glory be to You now and forever,
You’re my peace, my life, my Savior.

You restore souls, You renew strength,
You’re the only One who can save sinners,
You’re the hope of the hopeless and lost,
You’re the only true and living God.

I will remember Your blessings, my Lord,
I will remember Your mercies, my great Creator,
I will remember Your grace, my God,
I will remember Your love, my heavenly Father.

“Glory to the Living God”

Written by: Victor P.

“Glory to the Living God”

I want to tell the world
About Your great love.
I want sinners to know
About Your amazing grace.

Lord of Hosts, Almighty One,
From everlasting to everlasting
You’re the true and living God,
Without rival, without equal.

How wonderful is Your love
Towards mortals You’ve created!
Lord, how faithful You are
Even to the least of us all!

I praise You now, O God,
For Your love and kindness.
I worship You, eternal King,
For You are holy and just.

Let praise flow from my heart
And through my lips come forth
To give You what You’re worthy of,
To glorify You in deed and in word.

You are my rest, my hiding place,
My shelter in the storms of life.
You alone are my Savior, Redeemer,
I long to see You and worship You.

Fill my lips with thanksgiving
Once again as when I came
To You to be saved by You alone,
When You made me Your child.

When my heart becomes tired,
Father, give me rest in Your arms.
When I’m weak from fighting battles,
Be my strength and be my victory.

These words are a prayer and praise,
This is a declaration of my dependence
Upon You wholly, my heavenly Father,
You are my all in all, my everything.

You wash away the darkest of our sins
By the blood of Jesus Christ Your Son,
You wash away the guilt and shame,
You make the broken whole again.