Sunday Praise (16) 12/23/18

Sunday Praise (16) 12/23/18. by me.

Almighty God, I praise You
For You alone are worthy
To be glorified and worshiped,
Honored, revered, and adored.

Thank You for this new day,
Thank You for the air I breathe,
Thank You for Your grace,
Thank You for Your love.

You amaze me more each day,
I am humbled by Your mercy,
You sustain me every moment,
I am Yours now and forever.

On this Sunday I praise You
With new words You’ve given me,
I long to give You all glory
For You deserve it all, God.

You are blessed now and always,
You alone are God most high,
You deserve the best of all things,
You alone are worthy of all glory.

No new day is like the last one,
No two breaths I take are exact,
Only You know everything, Lord,
Tell me all that I need to know.

You look upon the humble
And the contrite in spirit,
You call all to repentance,
You call us all to Yourself.

Fill my lips with thanksgiving,
Fill my heart with sincere praise,
Help me to proclaim Your deeds,
Strengthen me to speak Your truth.

Real joy is found only in You,
Fill my heart with Your joy, God,
Give me what I need to praise You
For all that You did, are doing, will do.

Emmanuel – God with us,
Jesus – God is salvation,
Lord and King and Savior,
Lamb of God, Son of Man.

Lead me and those around me
To the feet of Christ in humility,
To worship the King of kings,
To glorify the Lord of lords.

You see the desire of my heart
To praise You as best as I can.
You see the longing of my soul
To glorify You, my God, my King.

I belong to You, You’ve saved me,
I am Yours now and forevermore,
Help me to do all things for Your glory,
To proclaim Your name above all others.

Now is a time to rejoice,
For us to celebrate again
The birth of Jesus Christ
The Savior of the world.

He was born in Bethlehem,
The spotless Lamb of God,
Son of God, Son of Man,
Messiah, the great I AM.

Glory in the highest again,
Praise to God the Father for His love,
Praise to Him for Jesus Christ His Son,
Praise to Him for His Holy Spirit.

I will praise You, Savior of humankind,
You who saves sinners, forgives, adopts,
You who gives new lives, new hearts,
You alone are the true and living God.

Glory to You in this holiday season
And glory to You every single day,
May You be worthily worshiped,
May Your name be ever glorified.

I will not stop praising You,
You’re my strength and song,
You’re my Savior and salvation,
You’re my hope and my first love.

God, You’re glorious and majestic,
You’re merciful and righteous,
You’re holy, kind, just and faithful,
You are Sovereign King, Eternal One.


“Love, Hate, and Hope”

Written by: Victor P.

“Love, Hate, and Hope”

Hate like some
And be consumed by it,
Without love in heart
Ruin everything.

Loveless is hopeless,
Constantly failing,
Selfish to no end,
Miserably existing.

No end to falling,
Hate the feeling,
Apathetic to truth,
Indifferent to love.

Burn the expectations,
Disappointing many,
Stop caring for most,
Colder to the majority.

Shoulder the weight
Of miserable existence,
Disengage the world
And feel less and less.

A darkness that swallows
The heart and the hope,
A future unpainted,
Just a black canvas.

Silence doesn’t relieve
The turmoil in the soul.
Driven to desperation,
At the end of your rope.

Screaming for change,
Desperate to hope again,
Need more than just words,
Sick of cliches and platitudes.

Now the truth and hope
Seem so far from reach.
Everything seems dark now,
Where has all the light gone?

Scratching the walls
Trying to get out of here
Into the light of hope,
To be anywhere but here.

Where you haven’t looked yet
You can find what you need.
What you used to ignore
You can trust and live by.

There is much more to life
Than what you know now,
What you’ve learned to hate
May be what you need to love.

Have you thought about it?
Did you just let other people
Tell you what to believe in?
Why do you hate what you hate?

What do you love the most now?
Do you know what you need most?
Do you have meaning and purpose
In this life or are you lost and confused?

“Oh, The Night”

Written by: Victor P.

“Oh, The Night”

Oh, the night is dark and cold
But my heart is warm and bright,
You’re here with me,
God, I am not alone.

In Your presence, Lord,
I find rest and comfort,
In difficult circumstances
I can trust You completely.

Father, You are faithful;
I am often disobedient.
Lord, You are merciful;
I’m not kind to many.

What cold is in my heart?
What numbness keeps me
From showing others love?
Father, change my heart.

I search for a way
To be free of fear
That keeps me here
Not changing for good.

You’re the one I need most,
You can take away my fears,
You provide what I really need,
My Sustainer, Provider, Father.

“You Who Are”


Written by: Victor P.

“You Who Are”

You who are broken, God can make you whole.
You who are restless, find rest in Christ.
You who are hopeless, God can be your hope.
You who feel alone, God is with you.
You who are suffering, find relief in God.
You who are sick or ill, God can heal you.


“Thank You, God”

Written by: Victor P.

“Thank You, God”

Thank You, God, for everything,
That’s easy to say but hard to mean it
When life gets so difficult,
When contentment isn’t present.

Thank You, God, for Your love,
I wouldn’t even exist right now
If You didn’t love me and created me,
If You didn’t have a purpose for my life.

Thank You, God, for the air in my lungs,
The breaths I can inhale and exhale,
The steps I can take, that I can run,
Thank You for my body You’ve made.

Thank You, God, for the home I live in,
For a roof over my head, for the warmth,
For the things I have and what I don’t,
You give and take away, You’re blessed.

Thank You, God, for all the food I have,
The available nourishment and sustenance,
For all that You’ve made to be eaten,
What benefits and strengthens mind and body.

Thank You, God, for the people
You have brought into my life,
For the people I can learn from,
For those I can experience life with.

Thank You, God, for salvation
I have because of Christ’s death
On the Cross, forgiveness of sins,
Reconciliation with You, adoption.

Thank You, God, for Jesus Christ,
Lamb of God, the only real Savior,
Shepherd, Redeemer, Friend, Master,
For His resurrection, for His victory.

Thank You, God, for Your grace,
For Your mercy and kindness,
For Your justice and righteousness,
For Your holiness and sovereign reign.

Thank You, God, for Your patience,
For correction, discipline, lessons,
For answering prayers of everyone
According to Your will and character.

Thank You, God, for what You withhold,
You know best what we need or don’t,
You have Your reasons for all You do,
You are Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent.

Thank You, God, for all that You’ve done,
For all that You’re doing in the present,
For all that You will do in the future,
Thank You that You alone are the true God.

Thank You, God, now and forever,
Glory to You in the highest forever,
Praise, honor, devotion, sacrifice,
All to You who deserves it all forever.

“A Past Colder, Darker, Alone”

10/11/18. 11/19/18.
Written by: Victor P.

“A Past Colder, Darker, Alone”

I remember years ago
Life was quite different,
Things have changed much
But for the better, I know.

I was lost and faithless,
Without hope, unsaved,
Years lived without God
Spoke of emptiness within:

‘Everyone is gone,
Everything is fading,
Thoughts are confusing,
Emptiness has won.

Everything is greyer,
Everything is colder,
Nothing makes sense
In this lonely place.

Give me something
I can trust now,
I can’t face these
Things alone now.

I carry this everywhere –
My emptiness inside,
My heart is restless and cold,
I’m dying to feel alive again.

There’s no way out,
No rest to find here,
It all fell apart around me,
All I see is darkness now.

Is it always too early
To give up all hope?
I know I want to see it –
A brighter horizon.’

Sunday Praise (11) 11/18/18

Sunday Praise (11) 11/18/18. by me.

You’re worthy to be praised
By all of creation, O Lord.
You deserve all the glory,
You alone do, now and forever.

Every new day is a gift
From Your hand, Creator,
Nothing can exist without
You allowing it to exist.

You create and destroy,
You make whole and restore,
You sustain and control,
Creator, Maker, God Almighty.

This is the day that You’ve made,
I want to rejoice and be glad in it.
Father, teach me to rejoice in You
In the hard, difficult circumstances.

It’s easy to take things for granted,
Easy to expect things will go my way,
But when troubles come and overtake
I turn to You, God, You’re my hope.

It’s easy to become comfortable
Living day to day by some routine,
A sense of stability, having control,
But growth becomes less evident.

My spirit longs to praise You
When circumstances are hard,
My flesh is weak and it tries
To do things without You, Lord.

I still have a long way to go
Until I can honestly say to You
‘I trust You completely no matter what.’
Father, teach me to trust You completely.

God, how can I not confess my failures?
You already know everything about me,
I’m afraid of this sometimes, ashamed
How often I fall, how often I fail You.

I am weak but You are strong,
You are right but I am wrong
When I just do things my own way
Without Your Spirit’s empowerment.

There’s so much You have done,
So much I could praise You for
So much You have done for everyone,
You alone have done all that You did.

Open my heart to give You praise,
I glorify You for all You have done,
I worship You alone, Almighty God,
You deserve it all, You’re worthy.

Teach me to receive from You
Everything with thanksgiving
For it all comes from Your hand
And You know why You give it.

You’re my hope and my joy,
My whole life is in Your hands,
You sustain me every moment,
I am Yours now and forever, God.

Teach me to obey Your commands,
To not alter what You’ve commanded,
To obey wholly, not partly as I sometimes do,
To remember all Your commands are right.

I want to live every day
To please and praise You
In word and in deed, Lord,
You alone are worthy of that.

God, my soul longs for You,
Nothing else can satisfy,
I know now why I am alive –
To glorify You and enjoy You.

I want to wake up every morning
With excitement to speak to You,
To enter Your presence, to praise You
For a new day, for everything, Abba.

Every day is an opportunity
To thank You for all the good
That You give and You do,
You are worthy to be praised.

Without You I have no true life,
You’ve created me, You’ve made me,
My very existence is depedent on You,
You sustain me, You are my very life.

God, You’ve given me life,
You have given me hope,
You have given me joy,
You’re all that and more.

I see Your goodness everywhere,
I can’t deny that You’re at work
In my life and in others’ lives,
I worship You for Your love and mercy.

God, thank You for Your mercy,
Thank You for Your grace,
Thank You for Your love,
Thank You for Your kindness.

Thank You that You’re holy,
Thank You that You’re righteous,
Thank You that You’re just,
Thank You that You’re perfect.

Thank You for Jesus Christ,
Thank You for salvation,
Thank You for eternal life
In Christ and through Him.

May unceasing praise flow
From my very soul, O Lord,
To You no matter where I go, Father,
In all I do and say may You be glorified.