“Fame’s a Pedestal of Expectations” Note by me.

“Fame’s a Pedestal of Expectations” Note by me.

–Originally just a comment; shared here as a note–

Fame’s a pedestal of expectations that can’t be met by the famous for they are but our fellow sinners, flawed, imperfect, broken, and sadly too many of the famous live in denial of this and let fame get to their head, clouding their judgment, leading them down darker and darker roads in life.

If they can’t admit they’re sinful, flawed, imperfect, broken, then their life (or existence) is based on denial of a very important truth that can pave the way to right road, to look beyond imperfect self to something beyond self, to get a glimpse of that transcendental reality that is God.

God is that too-often ignored Creator of all things who made every individual, calls each to embrace Him and have eyes opened to a reality that they’ve been blind to; to answer a call the world can never give; to love without pretending; to be set free from the easily-besetting sin; to be put on a road that has to do with the eternal instead of temporal; to truly live and be all they can be in the grace and strength of the God who created them.


“When You Think You Can’t Go Any Further” note by me.

“When You Think You Can’t Go Any Further” note by me.

–Originally written as a comment in reply to the question “Have you ever gotten to the point where you thought you couldn’t go any further?”; shared here as a note; hopefully it will benefit one or many who read it–

In answer to your question: Of course, and it’s happened plenty of times and I can say without doubt that only God is the best recourse in those times. I think ‘recourse’ is a fitting word but I don’t mean that God is just an option to sometimes resort to when you run out of all your ideas and others’ ideas for hanging in there and try to go further in times of trouble or challenges. I mean God is the tried and true solution for us finite, imperfect not-almighty people.
It is wisdom to turn to Him at all times, not just when we’re feeling weak or need some help for this or that. God calls us all to trust in Him with all our heart, to consciously place our lives in His hands and surrender to His rule as our God and Creator.
We can all quickly reach the end of our rope, the end of our strength, the end of our patience, but then it won’t do any good to just believe in ourselves, to lean on our own understanding, no, no, then it’ll be the time for trusting God and praying for Him to help us because, well, we obviously need help. But God wants us to pray and turn to Him at all times, in good and bad, in easy and trouble, in dark and light days. He calls us to trust in Him because He’s the most worthy to be trusted, relied upon, hoped in, most dependable, most loving, strongest, the greatest in existence. It’s foolish to reject His help and love because of pride or whatever other reason. There’s no better source of life and strength and joy than God.
If we learn a little each day about how awesome God is and read more about Him as He revealed to us in His Word, our lives will not remain the same.

“We All Need A Purpose” note by me.

“We All Need A Purpose” note by me.

–Note: This was originally posted as a comment on a social media site but I’m sharing it here for the benefit of all who read it and for God’s glory.–

The need to find purpose is placed in every person by God so we would not be content with mere existence but strive to find purpose for which we were created.
We’re made in the image of God and it should be obvious that God is not one merely existing eternally but does as He pleases and follows His purpose and we being His creation must find our purpose and thus reflect part of what He does, in the world.
Living and dying with a purpose separates us from mere animals/beasts and from those who are just existing without real purpose, just wasting the days God gave,
waiting for nothing in particular, existing for the sake of existing and perhaps hoping things will change and purpose will come to them by luck or whatever, but that’s not how it works.
Sitting around waiting for purpose to pop into your mind won’t get you closer to having a purpose. It requires asking, searching, knocking; effort and diligence, resolve and determination. Sloth and indifference don’t produce diligence and purpose.
In God each can find their purpose, to live and not just exist; to live for God and others and not for selfish pleasures and gain; to make a positive impact in the world; to leave behind a legacy and not be forgotten as another merely-existing human.
If we don’t believe God can give us purpose; if we don’t believe He can reveal it to us or already has revealed it, then we simply won’t find it or discover it because we refuse to look for it at the source so our efforts will prove futile.
If you think you can find your purpose without God, apart from God, you’ll be very disappointed soon enough to discover that you can’t and won’t because all things
of importance, of substance, of worth and use, all such things come from God Almighty, not from the Devil or the world (world system) or any of the religions out
We all need a purpose and God is willing to reveal it. All who are tired of merely existing can come to Him and receive purpose, the fire of life that burns within, the point of living that doesn’t disappoint, a hope that doesn’t burn up and out, a light that shines in the darkest nights of our lives, a reason for our living that is based on what God has said and revealed in His Word.
We can all find purpose, we all need to find purpose; we’re not here to exist, we’re here to live, to be, to do, to love, to help, to obey the will of God and grow daily
into Christ-likeness, daily renewing our minds by the Word of God, becoming more and more like the person God created us to be and wants us each to be.

Thoughts for Men (1). Man or Guy.

Thoughts for Men (1). Man or Guy.

Are guys and men exactly the same type of people? Well, they’re both males but they’re different kinds of people. There are differences between them which provide contrast and distinction.
If you look at what men do and then at guys do, you’ll get an idea, a picture of the difference between the two.
What are the men doing?
The men are out there living, providing, protecting, leading, doing, fighting, bleeding, being, dying with a purpose.
What are the guys doing?
The guys are out there existing, receiving, leeching, hiding, following, slacking, playing, wasting away, dying without a purpose.
These may seem like arbitrarily-picked or just silly qualities or distinctions but I think they provide a good idea of the difference between men and guys. It’s a difference in character, values, acts, mindset, lifestyle, and other areas of life.
I’m not trying to make something up because I’m bored, I’m just trying to give something to think about, food for thought, to get the thinking process going, to challenge thinking, to seek insight for life as a man.
What sounds more appealing to you: just being a guy or being a man? To live as a regular guy or to live like a man?
I believe being a man is more challenging than just being a guy. Living as a man requires more effort, responsibility, and resolve; living as a regular guys doesn’t.
This is just something to think about. These are just some thoughts for the men out there.
This is the first of many Thoughts For Men I will post.

“If There’s No Meaning”

Written by: Victor P.

“If There’s No Meaning”

Live a moment,
Live a day,
Live a lifetime,
Live for the sake of living.

Fear of death fills you,
Numb yourself to it,
Drown out the voices,
Avoid the silence,
Can’t escape imminent death,
Feel it in your bones,
Overtaken by the thoughts
Of what could be beyond,
Beyond the grave you fear.

If it’s all from nothing to nothing,
Why fear returning to nothing?
If there’s no purpose to life,
Why hold on so tightly to life?
If there’s no final destination,
No soul, no existence beyond this,
Why bother doing what’s called good at all?

What’s beyond the veil of uncertainty?
What’s behind the doors to eternity?
What’s there waiting for us?
If ultimate truth’s not discoverable
Then we’re all living by opinions,
Subjective individual perception
Colors our meaningless existence.

If there’s no God or if He’s dead
Then we’re as good as dead, too.
No rescue from our emptiness,
No rest from all our searching,
No fruits for all our labor here,
Specks in the void of a Godless universe.

What’s keeping us here all these years?
What’s sustaining us moment by moment?
Can randomness or chance give life?
A fanciful notion conceived in imagination.
If we can see beyond the moment,
What will give us the will to go on?

If there’s no God then there’s no point
To all our trying, searching, striving,
For in the end it all amounts to nothing,
The apex of insignificant contributions
By the spawns of chance and time.

Are we searching for more than who we are?
Is there more to life than existing here?
If God’s not giving the meaning, how can we?

If we’re just here to enjoy our time here
Why are so many miserable and empty inside?
If fun and pleasure can’t fill the void
Then surely there is more to life than that.
If God’s not the answer, who or what is?

Our contenment hasn’t come from people or things
So God must be the answer and the source.
If we haven’t found meaning in everything else
Why not look to God for meaning and purpose?

God revealed that He is there and He’s not silent
But maybe we’re to busy clogging our ears
And too busy to listen to what He has to say.
Hectic, busy, rushing, striving, every day,
We just might be willing to to give Him
The scraps of out time and He best be brief
And to the point if He doesn’t want to disappoint,
Whatever He has to say we’ll give a quick listen
And weigh His words against our desires.

If we’re really trying to find out
What this life is all about,
We must give God time to speak,
Give Him our best attention,
Let Him through His Word reveal
What life is about, the meaning and purpose
We’re searching for and want to find and know.
If we’re not willing to listen to Him
Then we can’t say that it’s His fault
That we’re so empty and restless inside.

If we’re not willing to submit to Him
Without condition, without holding back,
Do we think He’ll reward our half-hearted devotion?
We must be willing to die to ourselves,
Die to our selfishness and our pride,
To live unto Him, to live with purpose,
To live for the reason He made us all.
Glory to God Alone.

“When God Stirs Our Hearts” Note by me.

“When God Stirs Our Hearts” Note by me.
Sometimes God will stir our hearts to do something for another person, probably some small thing, not some grand act of generosity or charity but maybe just a simple act of kindness.
Then the enemy will whisper his own ideas in an attempt to get us to not do what God stirs our hearts to do.
The devil doesn’t want us obeying God’s will or doing good things for others; he wants us to do things for ourselves only, to limit our positive effect and a good impact on others’ lives.
Satan wants us to turn our focus from Jesus to ourselves, in subtle ways he sometimes gets us to do that and what happens is that our life will lose balance.
A life which isn’t based on a saving relationship with God will inevitably become bleak, empty, miserable.
This relationship is one where the person desires to do the will of God out love, not out of an irrational fear or fear of Hell and judgment.
The saved soul no longer fears Hell and judgment for God has saved them from that, nor do they obey out of fear of losing salvation or feelings of guilt if they don’t do what they should.
The actions of the saved done for God are done out of love, gratitude and honor.
The actions of the saved for people, for others, are also to be done out of love, in obedience to the commands of Christ and the desire to see the good of others, to see others benefit by what one says and does.
While it is easier to not do something for another sometimes, be it some small thing or not, we should resist the urge to forgo doing good for another for that is what God wants us to do, to do to others as we would have it done unto us.
It’s easy to come up with excuses but it’s better not to make them or use them.
In all things we do we should have the mind of Christ, doing what He would do, saying what He would, not letting laziness have its place, not letting our minds become factories of excuses.
We’re not called to run from responsibility, we should embrace it.
We should be accountable people though that doesn’t come naturally and must be learned and practiced before it becomes part of who we are.
When God stirs our hearts to action through His Word, we’d be wise to obey when He speaks lest we procrastinate and put it off until we miss and waste an opportunity to do what God wanted us to do.
When God tells us to do something for someone, even a complete stranger, we should heed His call and do a big or small thing for another.
We may not think it makes a difference when we do it but it may mean a great deal to that person.
We don’t know at the moment how our acts of kindness, charity or generosity will affect a person but God knows and that’s what matters; He knows how it will impact the person, He knows the ends, results, outcomes of all our actions.
Do good when you know you should; do good when God stirs your heart; do good when God speaks through His Word; do good and you won’t regret it.

“People Who Exalt Sin” Note by me.

“People Who Exalt Sin” Note by me.

–This was originally posted as a comment on a social media site but I thought I’d share it here, too, and hope it will benefit those who read it. Glory to God Alone.–

People who exalt that sin, who sanitize it, exalt it and exult n it, either do so out of ignorance, spite, intentional rebellion against God’s laws and anything said by Christians to be wrong or sin. They clearly reject God’s Word as having any authority in their lives or are extremely selective when it comes to what sins they may consider calling sins and avoiding. Acts that God calls abominable, they call acceptable and normal. What God says will result in judgment and punishment, they consider tolerated, supported and sanctified by the god they’ve made up in their minds, a sort of all-tolerating deity, which doesn’t exist except in their minds, another false god, another idol that people follow. There’s mercy and forgiveness, but there’s also justice and judgment. Spitting at God’s moral laws and deliberately doing what he forbids will not result in blessings, joy or long life. Those who sow to the flesh will reap corruption, misery destruction, and excuses won’t do any good when they reap what they sow. Don’t blame God for what happens if you intentionally disobey His Word and reject His mercy and reject all calls to repentance.