“Things We Face”

Written by: Victor P.

“Things We Face”

Serenity – we just don’t know it.
Obscenity – we’re used to seeing it.
Imperfection – we all share it.
Desecration – we ruin what’s sacred.

Destroying what we fear –
We’re far from that point.
Being happy in every day –
It’s elusive, not our purpose.

No sense in merely existing
When we’re called to really live.
No sense in keeping score
If we’re the only ones playing.

It’s just too dark here now
To see anything around us.
We want out of this place –
The labyrinth of our failures.

Light reaches us and we turn away.
Oh, we used to welcome the sun
But now we wait for the moon,
Just to get through another night.

Long, dark roads and dead ends –
It’s so familiar and so tiring.
Oh, it’s just wearing us down,
We’re just existing now, it seems.

Things we face
In everyday life
Can build us up
Or tear us down.

We can all really live
And not merely exist.
We can breathe again,
The air so fresh and new.

If it’s in our grasp,
What’s stopping us
From getting it now
And embrace change?


“Abortion is Murder” Note by me.

“Abortion is Murder” Note by me.
Very recently read in a book (pro-life) that mentioned the most common abortion procedures done and at what time usually in the pregnancy; nasty stuff, terribly evil, yet for some reason it’s legalized in so many places?
Just feel free to treat the most innocent and defenseless of human beings in wombs as disposable crap you’d rather never see because consequences of actions aren’t for facing or accepting by either the male or female?
That’s called 21st century progress in ‘health’care?
As said by many, it’s a culture of death that devalues human life, slowly but noticeably becoming barbaric toward each other.

What many pro-choice people don’t understand or just ignore is that it’s not the mother being aborted, it’s not her body being aborted, mutilated, butchered, it’s that of a defenseless separate body in their womb that’s being murdered at their request, one with brain activity, heartbeat, feels pain, all that any human has or does, just at a much earlier stage, it’s not a clump of cells by any stretch of imagination, it’s a real human being in there, is that so hard to understand?
Did they never learn that humans only give birth to humans?
Do they not know a whole new human is conceived and begins their life in the womb, doesn’t magically become a human only when birthed and declared wanted and allowed to live by mother or father?

“Las Vegas Tragedy” note by me.

“Las Vegas Tragedy” note by me.
What happened in Las Vegas is tragic but not something that wasn’t inevitable, for simple reasons.

For a place called Sin City by so many, were some people expecting it to be some kind of death-free sinners’ haven with no probability of such a massacre ever happening? Talk about foolish hope and unrealistic expectations and probabilities!

Do some fools out there still deny the existence of evil after this event? Yes, because they’re fools and live in denial.

If you boast of your allowing of sinful activities for a whole city, you’re not only inviting crime, terrible immorality and misery, you’re inviting death and should accept that such negative consequences will surely come.

If you’re really using your brain, you can’t pretend this kind of thing couldn’t or should never have happened there.

“Racism is Odious” note by me.

“Racism is Odious” note by me.

Racism is odious and should be an unconscionable stance to all true Christians.
If you call yourself a Christian but you’re a racist, then you’re contradiction, a pretender.
You can’t claim to love Christ and hate people of different skin color or believe you’re superior just because of your skin color or where you were born.
Your concept of Christianity is a parody, a travesty, and would be laughable if it weren’t so disgusting.
Spew out your pathetic superiority complex and embrace a spiritual and mental purging that you desperately need, even if you don’t think you need it, you really do.
God’s not amused with your perverted idea of Christianity that allows you to be a racist and still call yourself a Christian.
God doesn’t care about your bag of ready excuses; He demands you change your ways, repent, or stop calling yourself a Christian because you’re really not.
There’s no such thing as Christian racists, just lukewarm pretenders who deceive themselves thinking they’re something they’re really not.

“Adam4d Web Comic and my Comment” (1)

“Adam4d Web Comic and my Comment” (1)

I decided to use the image/Adam4d comic from the link because it provides the context for my comment. It’s not a long comment but I hope it helps someone if they encounter a similar objection to the mentioned doctrine. I just might come back to the comment to expand on it later, maybe.

from https://www.facebook.com/adam4dcom/photos/a.200310343465526.1073741828.200307070132520/813330695496818/?type=3&theate

My comment:
Indeed. It says “For God so loved the world…” not “For God felt like killing His Son…”
Jesus wasn’t a helpless child, one with no say in the matter; He was a grown man who willingly went to the Cross because of love, to save sinners because they can’t save themselves.
Jesus knew what He was doing, what had to be done.
There was no child abuse, there was a necessity; only His blood would do; only His sacrifice would be acceptable; only His death would accomplish what it did; only His resurrection would be victory over death and the grave and the world and the devil and sin.

Thoughts For Men (2). Nice Guy or Godly Man.

Thoughts For Men (2). Nice Guy or Godly Man.

These thoughts are directed at Christian men but I think they can also give non-Christian men something to think about.
This thought’s pretty much just a question: do you just want to be a nice guy or do you want to be a godly man?
At first it may seem like there’s not much difference, like being a nice guy and being a godly man is pretty much the same thing but such an opinion would be based on thoughts formed by only looking at the surface level of the matter and not taking the time to think about the differences and nuances involved in this.
I am not an authority on the subject of etiquette, manhood studies, male development, or anything like that so don’t take my words as absolute, fact or professional information. These are just my thoughts and opinions formed throughout my more-than-28 years of living on Earth. I’m just sharing thoughts and providing the males, the men out there, something to think about, to contemplate, to ponder, to provide something to get the thinking process going.
A mind not thinking is a mind that’s stagnant and dying. As they say “use it or lose it.” That goes for many things in life, in our possession and in our reach. Keep using your mind to think, learn, grow, better yourself so you can help others better.
Returning to the thought: who do you want to be – just a nice guy or a godly man? It may seem obvious that being a godly man is better than just being a nice guy and you’d be right to think that.
What’s a nice guy? Sometimes it’s synonymours with being kind, inoffensive, polite, helpful, soft, less of a man and more of a guy that just wants to keep the peace and see everyone get along. The nice guy might become a doormat for people, a pushover, the bullied, the one used and manipulated, the one who avoids conflict and tries to not offend, wants to appear tolerant, understanding, pleasant to be around, friendly. He’s a nice fellow and he’s just one of the guys who are like him.
That may seem like an exaggeration or extreme example but I think it’s accurate as a description. This raises the question – who doesn’t want to be a nice guy? Wouldn’t the world be better with more nice guys in it? I think in a way it would be a better world if suddenly many males became nice guys but it would quickly outlive the nice-guy effect because the world needs much more than niceness, the world needs more than nice guys. Nice guys don’t have what’s necessary to impact the world in the way that godly men can. History teaches that plainly for all who will see.
Moving on to the second part of the thought, the part about the godly man.
What’s a godly man, anyway? The godly man isn’t a synonym for a nice guy because the differences are stark, the contrast obvious, the similarities are not near enough to merit being called synonymous. Where to get an idea or definition of what a godly man is? I adhere to a Christian world view so that’s where I’m getting my idea and definition of who or what a godly man is.
Since this isn’t a lecture or lesson but just my thoughts shared and also an invitation for the men out there to share their thoughts, – men older and wiser, more experienced than I am, – I will just share my thoughts based on my knowledge and experience which I admit is limited compared to someone older and more knowledgeable than I.
A godly man is a true Christian, born-again and redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, saved from condemnation to Hell, saved by the grace of God through faith in Christ. That’s the 1st and most important requirement to be a godly man. Without that you can’t go past being just a nice guy. You may not be a Christian but feel like you’re a godly man but your feelings are wrong because you don’t have the most important requirement met to start on the way of the godly man. It’s not some religious babble, it’s the simple truth.
Ok, you’re a born-again Christian but people don’t call you a godly man; they just call you a nice guy, a nice Christian. Are you ok and happy with just being known as a nice Christian, not offending anyone, not stepping on any toes or rocking the boat or taking part in or starting conflicts no matter how necessary they may seem? I venture to say you’re not satisfied with such a safe life; the man within knows this isn’t who you’re called to be, you’re not here to live a safe and peaceful life avoiding all conflict and basically being a doormat at worst, merely nice at least. You’re called to much more than niceness; you’re called to genuine manhood; you’re called to live according to the way God has called you to live which will require much more and usually pretty much the opposite of being a nice guy.
Just being a nice guy won’t get you as far in life as you may think. Plus, you probably already feel it’s not what life’s about as a man of God; there’s more to life than just being nice to people and staying out of trouble. Also, trying to be nice to everyone is practially impossible, anyway. Being a godly man doesn’t mean being nice to everyone all the time; if that were true then we couldn’t call Jesus a godly man since He did some pretty shocking things, things no considered nice by any means. But we know Jesus was and is the best example of a man, a real man, a godly man, and He always did what every godly man should do. Jesus is our archetype, paragon, epitome of mandhood and godliness. We won’t find a better example to follow, imitate or grow into the likeness of than Jesus Christ. So, then, look to Jesus, all you men, and grow into His likeness by prayer and appropriate action required to become more like Him in word and deed, to become godly men, not just become or remain nice guys.
God calls you to authentic manhood, to be godly men, to accept the challenges and responsibilities of godly men, to refuse idleness, passivity, laziness, and mere niceness, to be courageous, to grow into the likeness of Christ and live to serve others as Christ commands, invites, and calls each of us to do.

To summarize: don’t care about being a nice guy; care about being a godly man.

Thoughts for Men (1). Man or Guy.

Thoughts for Men (1). Man or Guy.

Are guys and men exactly the same type of people? Well, they’re both males but they’re different kinds of people. There are differences between them which provide contrast and distinction.
If you look at what men do and then at guys do, you’ll get an idea, a picture of the difference between the two.
What are the men doing?
The men are out there living, providing, protecting, leading, doing, fighting, bleeding, being, dying with a purpose.
What are the guys doing?
The guys are out there existing, receiving, leeching, hiding, following, slacking, playing, wasting away, dying without a purpose.
These may seem like arbitrarily-picked or just silly qualities or distinctions but I think they provide a good idea of the difference between men and guys. It’s a difference in character, values, acts, mindset, lifestyle, and other areas of life.
I’m not trying to make something up because I’m bored, I’m just trying to give something to think about, food for thought, to get the thinking process going, to challenge thinking, to seek insight for life as a man.
What sounds more appealing to you: just being a guy or being a man? To live as a regular guy or to live like a man?
I believe being a man is more challenging than just being a guy. Living as a man requires more effort, responsibility, and resolve; living as a regular guys doesn’t.
This is just something to think about. These are just some thoughts for the men out there.
This is the first of many Thoughts For Men I will post.