“Teach Me, Lord”

Written by: Victor P.

“Teach Me, Lord”

What does it mean to give You glory?
What does it mean to praise Your name?
What does it mean to worship You, Lord?
Teach me to do it all and more sincerely.

My soul cries out to praise You,
My heart longs to hear You speak.
Your grace becomes more evident to me
With every new day of life You give me.

I’ve far to go still before I can say
I’ve wholly died to sin and my self.
God, teach me to die daily to self,
Teach me to resist temptation daily


Sunday Praise (9) 11/4/18. by me.

Sunday Praise (9) 11/4/18. by me.

God, You deserve to be praised
For all that You have done,
For all that You’re doing,
For all that You will do.

God, Your name is holy,
Your name is powerful,
Your name is wonderful,
Your name be praised!

Blessed be You, Father,
All glory be to You alone,
Creator of the universe,
Sovereign over all things.

You are merciful, O Lord,
Teach me to be merciful,
You are loving, Father,
Teach me to be loving.

I need You every hour,
I need You every minute,
I need You every second,
God, I always need You.

You know the worst about me
And You still love me, Father,
You forgive my worst sins,
I’m humbled, amazed by You.

It cost Christ much to save us,
It was the greatest sacrifice,
He died for the underserving,
He died so we can have new life.

Your Son is the Lamb sinners slew,
His blood was shed for guilty sinners,
His death was the atoning sacrifice,
His resurrection is His great victory.

God, I want to always cherish
Christ sacrifice and forgiveness,
Help me to always remember
What it cost Christ to save me.

Oh, I am amazed that You love,
I am humbled that You forgive me
When I sin and repent of that wrong,
Father, You call me back to You.

I can always pray to You, Lord,
You always have time to hear me
And You answer according to
Your wisdom, love and Your will.

When I know I lack wisdom
Help me to ask You for it,
In my weakness I know
Your strength is shown.

It’s a joy, a blessing, a privilege,
To know, to love and to obey You,
From a young age or an old age,
You call all to repentance, to Yourself.

I am learning and realizing
How precious is God’s love for us,
How much Christ has saved us from,
What terrible things He rescued us from.

Blessed are You, merciful God,
Blessed be Your holy name
On Earth as it is in Heaven,
Now and always, forevermore.

Glory to Your blessed Son Christ
Who finished all the work You gave Him,
Who obeyed Your will and He alone
Is the Way to You, Father in Heaven.

I’m calling upon Your name,
Father, I know You hear me,
You answer as You see best,
You are my everything, God.

You are the resurrection and the Life,
You are the Way and I follow You,
You’re the Truth, I believe in and on You,
You’re the one I need most always.

The saints in Heaven know You
Better than we know You now on Earth.
The saints here and there praise You
For You saved us and them from Hell.

How great is Your love for all people!
How sad that many are still unsaved,
Many still fight against You and hate You,
But all will bow and confess You’re Lord.

May You be exalted in the heavens
And may You be exalted in the Earth,
God Almighty, all glory be to You,
You alone are worthy, You deserve it!

Sunday Praise (4) 9/30/18

Sunday Praise (4) 9/30/18. by me.

Fill my heart with praise,
Lord, open my mouth
And fill it with thanksgiving,
Fill me with gratefulness.

Open my eyes to better see
The beauty that’s around me,
What I miss in the daily rushing,
What merits wonder and awe.

I haven’t lived a single day
The same way as another,
Every day’s different in some way,
There’s something new in every day.

For the singing of birds,
The warmth of the sun,
The beauty of Your nature,
For it all I praise You, God.

God, You give rest to my mind
When many worries flood it.
You are my peace at all times,
You are the one I need the most.

You sustain me every moment,
You provide me with what I need,
You show me what I need to see,
You’re my strength when I’m weak.

I’m growing and realizing
I’m wholly dependent on You.
You pick me up when I fall,
You forgive me when I sin.

May praise ever flow
From my lips to You,
And may heart hope
In You alone, O Lord.

Something wonderful happens
When I open my heart and mouth
And praise You, glorify You,
I do what I was created to do.

Father, in the battles I fight every day
I know You’re with me every moment,
You’re my song, my hope and victory,
You’re the one I can trust completely.

God, there’s a longing in my soul
To praise You more than I have before,
To give You the best that I can,
To give You the glory You deserve.

Lord, none are worthy like You
To be praised forever and ever,
You are holy, righteous, loving,
Merciful, just and kind, almighty.

Father, until the day that I die
I’ll praise You more and more,
For You alone are the true living God,
I’ll praise and worship You forevermore.

“Lest We Regret It Later”

4/11/18. 5/20/18.
Written by: Victor P.

“Lest We Regret It Later”

If it’s just for one night
Then I don’t want this.

Won’t throw away what I can’t get back,
It’s not worth the consequences.

‘Shows me it’s not worth the price we’d have to pay,
Show me there’s another, better way.’

Even if it’s what we want,
This just isn’t what need.

Innocence is too high a price
To pay for feeding infatuation.

Better to fight temptation now
Than to regret choices later.

It isn’t easy to resist such things
And without God it’s no use trying.

Against fools’ ways we must now stand,
Better to refuse sin, reject compromise.

‘What about these feelings growing strong?
Why not just seize this moment now?’

Lest we regret it later
We must do what’s right now.

Won’t throw caution to the wind,
Won’t be guilty of that common sin.

‘Isn’t the heart stronger than the brain?
Doesn’t the mind often get in the way of love?’

Put to the test with eyes fixed on Christ
Resist sin and temptation in this sick age.

Preventative measures taken now, count the cost,
To avoid future heartache, regret, and loss.

“Tell Me Something”

Written by: Victor P.

“Tell Me Something”

Tell me what you know,
Tell me what you believe,
Tell me why it matters to you,
Tell me what it means.

Tell me what you’re thinking,
Tell me how you’re feeling,
And tell me, tell me of your hope
For today and every day after.

Is this all that we can have here?
Is this all that we’ll know here?
Is there nothing after everything here?
How can we know what we’ve never seen?

Tell me, why are you still hoping
To see better, brighter days ahead?
See it’s cloudy, confusion surrounds,
Can’t see the horizon ’cause of the dark.

Are these just trivial considerations?
Have we stopped living with absolutes?
Oh, if it’s all we have, then it’s not enough.
If it’s all we know, then we don’t know enough.

Can’t see the sun in the middle of night
But we still believe we’ll see it again.
Can’t hold on to what’s slipping through our fingers
But we still believe there’ll be more than all we’ve lost.

“See Heartless Progress”

Written by: Victor P.

“See Heartless Progress”

The world sings its song:
To Hell with the children,
Protect all other living things,
Sacrifice all for our progress.

The future belongs to us,
We are the masters of our fate,
We are the engineers of our destiny,
We are the only gods of our lives.

Let peoples’ blood be shed,
Let it flow and cover the earth
As long as we get what we want.
So what if there’s blood on our hands?

Expediency is our method,
The ends justify the means.
Our goal will be achieved –
A Godless Paradise on Earth!

The gears of the progress machine
Are oiled with the blood of innocents.
Crimson streams flow everywhere,
The horizon is painted bloody red.

Heartless naturalistic pragmatism,
Foolish mechanistic functioning,
Cancerous conscienceless plans,
In a hurry on the highway to Hell.

They’re breathing murder
And spreading hatred,
They now sow to the wind and flesh,
They’ll reap the whirlwind and destruction.

They want a Godless utopia here
But they’ll only get Hell on Earth.
The greedy and ungodly fools
Will meet their sad end one day.