“A Few Observations”

Written by: Victor P.

“A Few Observations”

So many love to lie,
So many bold in sinning,
Cowardly in standing
For what’s right and true.

Crooked spines and empty minds,
Crooked ways and compromise,
Exchanging truth for lies,
Watching as time flies, dies.

Down the slippery slope
At full speed like fools,
Down, down, down they go,
Where, they don’t even know.


“Nights End the Days”

Written by: Victor P.

“Nights End the Days”

The lifeless silhouettes of our dreams
And fantasies before our weary eyes,
The days we burned without thought,
The haste with which we heeded lies.

It is all something serious, a heavy burden of shame,
Or is it nothing if all is from nothing to nothing going?
We can gain nothing if nothing will be ours in the end;
We can lose nothing if we’ve never really had anything.

“Oh Brother, oh Sister, Rejoice in the Lord!”

Written by: Victor P.
I hope the words encourage you, brothers and sisters in Christ.

“Oh Brother, oh Sister, Rejoice in the Lord!”

If you feel weak, when you feel so weak
Remember that the Lord is your strength.
If you can’t rejoice in present circumstances,
Oh brother, oh sister, rejoice in the Lord!

When things seem out of control
Remember that God’s still in control.
When the world seems crazier than before
Remember that God’s still on His throne!

When everything seems wrong in the world and humanity
Remember that God will make everything right one day.
When there seems to be so much negativity around
Spread positivity, praise and rejoice in the Lord!

Rejoice in the Lord despite the darkness of the times
For He is your joy and your strength and your song.
Oh brother, oh sister, rejoice in the Lord your God
For He is you light and your hope and your life!

Bring your troubles, bring your pain to the Lord;
It’s difficult now but things will change, so rejoice in the Lord.
This life isn’t easy and problems are bound to come
But keep your head up, soldier of Christ, rejoice in the Lord!

God sees it all and knows the reasons for everything
But we don’t have all the answers so let us rest in His goodness;
We can’t discover all of the whys behind all of the tragedies
So let us trust in God’s perfect will and knowledge.

Let us rejoice in God now while we have time and breath.
Come now, brother, come now, sister, rejoice in the Lord.
It’s because of all that’s happening and all that we don’t know
That we need to trust in the living God and rejoice in Him always!
Glory to God Alone.

“Gather Around, Come Together” (at least part satire, by me)

“Gather Around, Come Together” (at least part satire, by me)


“Servant of Christ, Hear My Advice” (satire, by me)

“Servant of Christ, Hear My Advice” (satire, by me)


“Praise God”

Written by: Victor P.

“Praise God”

As the Lord our God gives
So shall we all receive:
Another day,
Another eve,
The sun and moon,
The dawn and noon.
The blessings He gives
He gives because He loves.

All the good we receive
Comes from God above;
All that we need He will provide
In His way and in His time.

The hand of our Father in Heaven
Is upon us daily, hourly, in each moment,
All that He does, all that’s unseen,
All His great works, Almighty’s deeds:
Protection and guidance,
Correction and patience,
Love we cannot earn,
Grace we don’t deserve,
Mercy He has shown,
Forgiveness of sins He gives,
Salvation through Christ His Son.

God is worthy of our love,
Worthy of our sincere praise,
Worthy of the best we can give,
Worthy of glory, honor, laud, worship,
Worthy of service, worthy more than all!

May hearts burn with love and adoration
For the Creator God, for our Savior!
Holy Spirit, lead hearts to worship
The One Who’s worthy of all praise and glory,
Praise to His Name let us conceive!
Let God be praised, glory receive!
God is alive forevermore, forever glorified!

“Short Empty Moments”

4/10/16. 4/11/16.
Written by: Victor P.

“Short Empty Moments”

An empty moment,
A strange thing,
A part of a day
That doesn’t seem to fit,
Like something missing,
Like nothing happening,
An emptiness present
And activity absent;
Not even like looking at static on TV,
More like looking at a TV that’s off.

The silence surrounds
And solitude abounds.
Moments last for a little
And pass into the past;
The present is here,
The future’s details uncertain.

Empty moments will disappear
But they will return some day;
Do not know when or where,
Do not know why or for how long.
However long empty moments may last
This much is sure, they will end, they’ll pass.

Do moments of emptiness come to all?
There must be a reason for them, a purpose:
Maybe to think about what’s been ignored,
What was put off for some unknown time?

When the empty moments come,
Make use of them, or at least try;
Fill the void, the emptiness of the moment,
Contemplate what’s important,
Ponder what actually matters,
Think about what you’ve overlooked.

Now is not all that there is,
There’s a future still ahead;
You may not know what’s in store
But the past is gone, it is no more.

Make the best of the time you have,
You don’t know how long you’ll live.
Don’t take for granted what you have,
If you lose it, what can you do then?

With the passing of empty moments
The day goes on, moves on its way,
Another day will take its place
And empty moments may come with it
But it need not be moments wasted
Or moments that can’t be more than empty.

Fill those moments, don’t leave them empty,
Do with the time what will make a difference,
Do what is right no matter who is watching,
You have now, later is not guaranteed,
The end may be very far off,
Do all the good you can while you’re alive.
Glory to God Alone.