“Only One God Can Save You”

Written by: Victor P.

“Only One God Can Save You”

You’re shaking in your flesh,
You’re losing your mind,
Your body falls to the ground,
Your spirit fills with a great fear,
Cracks in your hope grow
And shatter before you know it.

Your god left you,
You’re losing faith in your god,
Your god let you down,
Your god left you to drown,
Your god left you to die,
The end couldn’t be otherwise.

Your mind conceived a false hope,
Your heart was enslaved by the false,
Your faith was in a false god,
You traded one for another and another
But the result was always the same:
Another false god that couldn’t save you,
Another trick the devil pulled on you
And another lie that you fell for.

Stuck in a cycle of looking to false gods
To get what they can never give;
Another search for salvation in vain,
Another fruitless search for happiness,
Another scale over your eyes to keep you from seeing the truth
That every god you chased and served was just another lie.

If you had sooner seen the truth
You’d sooner see the futility of serving false gods,
The waste of time and energy, of money and life,
The truth would become painfully clear:

There’s only One God Who can save you,
Only One can give you new life,
Only One can give you real joy,
Give life to your dead spirit,
Turn your stone heart to flesh,
Put a living hope in your heart,
He can be your strength to fight
The battles we all must fight in life,
He can give you what you need
To do what you must, what you ought to do,
He can illuminate your mind,
He can take away your fear of man,
He can change your life for the better,
He can take away your long-existing confusion,
He can give you the blessed assurance,
He can open your eyes to so much
That you’ve missed, overlooked, ignored, haven’t seen,
He can kill your pride and give you humility.

Life in Christ isn’t the absence of difficulties;
It’s not a daily walk through soft grass and flowers;
It’s not the absence of obstacles and challenges
For without those you couldn’t grow;
Temptations, struggles, tests and trials will come
And through them all we will grow
In faith, hope, patience, endurance, trust in God;
Without it all we’d never grow,
We’d be too weak to do anything good.

Welcome life’s challenges and trust in the Lord,
Seek His face and rely on His strength,
Call on His name without hesitation or shame,
He can be trusted, He is faithful and just
And He does all He said He will.

Jesus Christ is the only true Lord and Savior,
He alone can save your soul,
He can take away your guilt and shame,
He can wash you clean by His Blood,
He is the only Way to God the Father,
The only Mediator between God and man,
The only One who makes atonement for our sins,
He’s the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah,
He’s the Son of man and the Son of God,
There’s no one else like Him anywhere,
He has no rival, He has no equal,
He’s the Prince of peace,
He’s the Warrior King,
He is Sovereign over all,
He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient,
He alone is God now and forever.

Come to Jesus Christ,
Come, you are called,
Come while you can,
Come while you live,
Don’t put it off, please,
One day it’ll be too late.


“Christ Can Save You Now”

Written by: Victor P.

“Christ Can Save You Now”

No, all is not lost yet, weary sinner,
There is true salvation in the Savior,
There is yet hope, hear and listen,
To repent and believe now hasten.

Are you feeling lost within and without?
Empty inside with seemingly only doubt,
The dead ends and failures fill your past,
You try to hope this darkness won’t last.

Weighed down by guilt and shame,
Knowing you are the one to blame,
Come to the Lord and ask for forgiveness,
He’ll clothe you in Christ’s righteousness.

Seeing the world through materialist eyes
Has only led to emptinesss, defeat, hopelessness.
Naturalistic notions proved so hollow, shallow, superficial,
See now how unsatisfying atheism is for any soul!

How simple to believe in atheistic naturalism
But how useless it is for spirit, soul, heart, and mind.
There is a truth God has revealed to us
And He wants us all to accept it wholly!

This is the truth: Christ is the hope of every sinner now and always
See, everyone who doesn’t believe in Christ is already condemned
But faith and repentance can change where you’ll be for eternity,
By God’s grace through faith in Christ you can be saved now!

What keeps you from believing in and on Jesus Christ?
Don’t think you have any real reason not to believe,
Don’t listen anymore to the lies of all who are against Christ
Lay down your pride, surrender to Christ who is Lord and Savior.

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, don’t think you’ll live as long as you want,
Don’t waste every opportunity God gave and is giving you
To come to surrender to Christ and by Him be really saved,
Don’t ignore the call of God, come as you are, only Christ can save you!

Christ can save you, He can wash away all of your sins
By His precious Blood that was shed for you,
He can take away your guilt and shame and blame,
You’re not too sinful, filthy, guilty to be saved by Christ even now!

Trust in the truth of God’s words, no lies in them,
Take Him at His word, He never lied and never will,
God calls you now to repentance, to Christ, to salvation,
To new life, to spiritual life, to truly live as He created you to.

This is the truth God wants you to know and believe,
You’re not here to exist a few decades and then die,
God calls you to true life found only in Him,
He wants you to come and be saved through Christ.

If these words seem strange or silly to you right now, reader,
May God open your mind to see what you’ve missed or ignored before,
May He remove the veil from your eyes, the scales on them,
May you come to believe the truth much sooner than later!

If you still think it’s all just one belief no better or truer than another,
You simply don’t realize yet how important and real God’s truth is.
God help you understand what you’ve not understood for so long,
To come to the knowledge of the truth about Christ and salvation.

Hear, God’s calling you to come to repentance today,
To be forgiven and to be reconciled to Him through Christ,
Don’t reject salvation, oh, don’t reject Christ His Son,
You’ll die one day, don’t die an unbeliever, come to Christ now!

“I Don’t Save”

Written by: Victor P.
Perspective: My Own

“I Don’t Save”

Do not shut out the light,
Don’t refuse to believe,
Come receive new sight
And salvation receive.

Know I cannot save
For I too was a slave,
There’s nothing I can do
To save any of you.

I can only point you to
The only One who can save you,
I can advise you what to do,
Only Jesus Christ can save you.

“False Gods Do Not Save”

Written by: Victor P.

“False Gods Do Not Save”

In this world, much evil plagues and lies float like clouds above,
Indifference infects, fear paralyzes, ours becomes a cold love.
Where is freedom found? Is liberation possible? Someone answer,
Living God help now us in this world of confusion and sin the cancer.

I spit upon all the filthy and worthless gods in this world,
Come bring your best to stand against the eternal Lord
None of them shall escape, none shall beat any odds,
The divine conflagration will consume all false gods.

Answer, who’s going to bring freedom to the enslaved?
In the darkness of unbelief and idolatry, a path paved
With a deceived mind and sincerity not equaling truth
The loss will be bitter, the end is sure, face the proof.

Mutter another prayer to your deaf gods in the dark,
The realization of your folly shall soon be your mark,
Like a blind man groping in darkness for some food,
You the idolater wasted time instead of doing good.

You are spitting hatred and intolerance again, I see,
Another deceived tool of the devil thinking self free
But know that your end shall be a most unhappy one,
You will lose your life, lose it all, nothing will be won.

Gods will not win against the living and true God,
They’ll all fall like nothing, those worthless idols,
And with them all the opposition foolish enough
To reject God and make themselves Him enemy.