“For the Rest”

Written by: Victor P.

“For the Rest”

Night replaces day,
Darkness here again,
Shadows on the walls,
Slivers of light remain.

Free from the work
For the time being,
Time for body to rest,
Catch up on sleep.

Noise surrounds me
On the weekdays,
The weekend offers
A chance to get away.

Distractions are plenty,
Temptations are many,
It’s part of every life,
Until the day we die.

I get away in my mind,
I find a place to rest
At my Savior’s feet,
It’s a beautiful thing.

To sit and think about
Something that’s important,
An opportunity present,
Time to not waste.

Week reached an end,
What time will I spend
Thinking and resting?
Reading and ptaying?

Day takes a leave
And night says hello,
I would like to know
More about both now.

It’s in the quietest moments
I see what I have avoided,
It’s in the solitude, time alone,
Heart and mind and soul speak most.

I can’t hold the past
Even with both hands,
It’s all just a memory,
I can only hold the present.

I’m searching again
Looking to God to find
Rest for the soul in Him,
I haven’t looked for a while.

Thoughts run around,
Order of words moves,
Repetition aids need,
Repeat to make sense.

Back and forth between
The beginning and end,
Digging to find words
To express what’s within.

Silence is a comfort
When noise has been
A daily distraction,
A nuisance, irritation.

Settle on a moment
And take hold of it
Before another comes
To replace the present.

Soothe a troubled mind
By the words of life,
Worry carried away
While the river runs.

Come to see the need
For times like these,
Slowing down again,
Breathe a little easier.

Get away, get away
From what suffocates,
Prevent inner withering,
Do what’s worth it.

Relief, relief, come now,
Struggles not forever,
Responsibilities daily,
Heart won’t perish.

Taking a good look
At the things around,
Taking hold of truth,
Throwing away lies.

Take it as it comes,
Life is not a game,
Rest is necessary,
Body not for poison.

“Thank You, God”

Written by: Victor P.

“Thank You, God”

Thank You, God, for everything,
That’s easy to say but hard to mean it
When life gets so difficult,
When contentment isn’t present.

Thank You, God, for Your love,
I wouldn’t even exist right now
If You didn’t love me and created me,
If You didn’t have a purpose for my life.

Thank You, God, for the air in my lungs,
The breaths I can inhale and exhale,
The steps I can take, that I can run,
Thank You for my body You’ve made.

Thank You, God, for the home I live in,
For a roof over my head, for the warmth,
For the things I have and what I don’t,
You give and take away, You’re blessed.

Thank You, God, for all the food I have,
The available nourishment and sustenance,
For all that You’ve made to be eaten,
What benefits and strengthens mind and body.

Thank You, God, for the people
You have brought into my life,
For the people I can learn from,
For those I can experience life with.

Thank You, God, for salvation
I have because of Christ’s death
On the Cross, forgiveness of sins,
Reconciliation with You, adoption.

Thank You, God, for Jesus Christ,
Lamb of God, the only real Savior,
Shepherd, Redeemer, Friend, Master,
For His resurrection, for His victory.

Thank You, God, for Your grace,
For Your mercy and kindness,
For Your justice and righteousness,
For Your holiness and sovereign reign.

Thank You, God, for Your patience,
For correction, discipline, lessons,
For answering prayers of everyone
According to Your will and character.

Thank You, God, for what You withhold,
You know best what we need or don’t,
You have Your reasons for all You do,
You are Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent.

Thank You, God, for all that You’ve done,
For all that You’re doing in the present,
For all that You will do in the future,
Thank You that You alone are the true God.

Thank You, God, now and forever,
Glory to You in the highest forever,
Praise, honor, devotion, sacrifice,
All to You who deserves it all forever.

“We’re the Redeemed of the Lord”

Written by: Victor P.

“We’re the Redeemed of the Lord”

We’re not hitting the air with our fists,
We’re not living our lives for false hopes,
We’re not examples of deluded, gullible masses,
We’re not running in circles chasing illusions.

We’re the redeemed children of the Lord,
We’re more than conquerors through Christ,
We’re saved by grace through faith in Him
But we’re not perfect yet, we still sin and fall.

We still stumble, we fall on our faces like the rest
But we look to our heavenly Father for help,
To lift us up, to pull us out of pits we fall into,
To do all that we can’t, which happens to be much.

We’re called to take up our weapons mighty through God,
To pull down strongholds, cast down imaginations
And every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God,
To take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ!

It’s true that we sometimes forget
Our life here is brief, it’s very short,
Like a vapor, like a shadow, like a breath,
Like a flower, like grass, like a flash of lightning.

Our every breath and every heartbeat
Are given to us as a gift by our God,
He sustains us every single moment,
Even now we’re all in His loving hands.

We’re here to obey the will of God,
We’re here to do all for His glory,
We’re here to love, to give, to preach,
We’re here to live, to die, then go to God.

All good works God prepared for us to do –
He can give us strength to do it all;
We can rest assured our hope is real
And all of His promises are all true.

We are soldiers in the army of Christ,
We’re in it for life or not at all,
We’ll live and die fighting for the faith,
For the sake of Christ and His Gospel.

The war’s already won by Christ, it’s true,
But there are battles left to fight here;
Until our final days and last breaths
The battles of flesh against spirit will rage.

There is a daily fight against sin,
A daily struggle against temptation;
These daily battles we’ll win or lose
But may we always return to God!

May God open our hearts to receive His word,
And open our eyes to see His guiding light,
Keep our feet from slipping lest we fall to sin,
Keep our minds from idleness and wandering.

Though we may face doubts and uncertainty
We can be sure God remains the same forever;
Though we may face enemies without number
We will not perish hopeless, helpless, or unsaved.

We’ll face the storms, trials, hardships, pain and losses,
And God will be there with us in the midst of it all;
The Lord is faithful even to the least of us,
He is our joy, our hope, our song, our life!

Just some of the things

Just some of the things I have No Reason to be ashamed of or to apologize for:
-being a man
-being a Christian
-being Caucasian
-being straight
-believing real marriage is between a man and a woman
-being against abortion, believing and knowing it’s murder

“Racism is Odious” note by me.

“Racism is Odious” note by me.

Racism is odious and should be an unconscionable stance to all true Christians.
If you call yourself a Christian but you’re a racist, then you’re contradiction, a pretender.
You can’t claim to love Christ and hate people of different skin color or believe you’re superior just because of your skin color or where you were born.
Your concept of Christianity is a parody, a travesty, and would be laughable if it weren’t so disgusting.
Spew out your pathetic superiority complex and embrace a spiritual and mental purging that you desperately need, even if you don’t think you need it, you really do.
God’s not amused with your perverted idea of Christianity that allows you to be a racist and still call yourself a Christian.
God doesn’t care about your bag of ready excuses; He demands you change your ways, repent, or stop calling yourself a Christian because you’re really not.
There’s no such thing as Christian racists, just lukewarm pretenders who deceive themselves thinking they’re something they’re really not.

“A Darker View; A Living Hope”

Written by: Victor P.
Long Prose

“A Darker View; A Living Hope”

Just look around you,
See what’s happening
So near and so far away
On this planet even now.

Who can say that there’s nothing wrong?
Who’d dare deny there’s death and pain?
Who’d say it’s all meaningless in the end?
Who says there’s nothing left to live for?

Don’t tell me everything’s okay
Because I know that it’s not.
Don’t spout another cliché,
Who’s not sick of them yet?

I’m not here to spread pessimism
But to call to see things realistically,
To stop pretending everything’s all right
Because the bloodshed says otherwise.

We can’t just sing through it,
We can’t outlast it by idleness,
If we’re to live to see another year
God help us or we’re as good as dead.

This is the world as it is
And you still say
We don’t need a Savior,
You just don’t know
How wrong you are.
Do you really believe
The words you’re saying
Or do you just want a way out,
An excuse, a cheap avoidance, evasion,
To keep yourself from accepting
The truth that’s staring all in the face?

Things look quite dark,
The future so uncertain,
Every day could be our last
So what are we living for?
What are we dying for?

There are so many existing
Like life’s a game to play,
Carelessness and recklessness
Rules in the hedonistic hearts,
Love grows cold but lust burns,
Pleasure’s sought at others’ expense,
Godliness and holiness rejected,
Neglected, overlooked, ignored,
Like nothing matters more
Than feeling good right now,
Getting what the flesh wants,
Wanting what desire burns for,
Coveting without stopping;
Selfishness is consuming lives.

Lost souls seek to numb the pain
Without positive results, only failure,
Nothing of the world can fill the void,
It accumulates, pollutes and corrupts
And pretty soon the rot within sickens,
The emptiness remains, the misery grows.

There’s no hope and no salvation
If you’re looking for it in the world,
The world system hostile to all that’s of God,
It can’t save your miserable and lost soul,
Know that it can’t deliver you from Hell
And if you look to yourself for salvation
You’ll be severely disappointed soon enough,
You’ll find out, God help you, you can’t save yourself.

I’m not here to pat heads and spout clichés,
I’m not interested in tickling eager ears,
I’m not interested in scratching itching ears,
I’m not in the business of parroting platitudes,
I’m not here to play pretend that everything’s okay.

Say what you will and think worse if you want
But my mind’s made up, my purpose remains
To shine the light of hope to a dark world,
To always point back to Christ as the only answer.

Christ is the only hope of this dying world,
Christ is the only Savior of sinners,
Christ is the One who died for the ungodly,
He’s the only way to God the Father,
He’s the Way and the Truth and the Life,
He died to set the slaves free,
To change miserable and lost lives,
To renovate hearts, to change them from stone to flesh,
To bring life where there’s death and misery,
He’s the only one worthy of glory, wholehearted commitment,
All other gods can burn in Hell’s flames forevermore,
God knows they will, all false gods will be destroyed!

So look around and see the dark clouds
But don’t fix your eyes on the present
So much that you’re just standing still
Too afraid to do anything else, really.
Look up and see the sun peeking
Through the clouds, it’s a reminder
God’s still in control, it’s not hopeless,
No matter how bad things may get,
No matter how dark things may seem
Fix your eyes on Jesus, healthy or ill
And know that He has overcome the world,
There’s nothing that can ever stop Him,
He will not fail, He will not lose control,
Nothing can separate His chidren from His love.

If you’re still looking within for salvation,
If you’re still looking within for all the answers,
I promise you you’ll fail in your endeavor
Because it’s a futile one, a waste of time,
You can never save yourself, be sure of that,
You won’t find all the answers to your questions
Looking within your finite mind, that’s a guarantee.

You may think the world doesn’t need a Savior
And much less do you think you need one
But you couldn’t be more wrong
And though you may feel so sure now
That my kind and I are the ones wrong
Time will not agree with your belief,
Truth will not die and fade into the past,
You will see in time that you’ve been wrong
If you don’t persist in your proud stand,
If you don’t continue living in denial
Of the truth that corresponds to reality,
I pray to God you’ll believe one day,
Better sooner than later but I don’t decide,
Your life from first to last breath is in God’s hands,
Realize He’s in control; may you never forget it.
Glory to God Alone.

“Against Drinking Alcohol” by me.

“Against Drinking Alcohol” by me.

–Note: Originally posted as a long comment reply to someone–

One thing you should do right away is stop drinking any alcohol at all. It’s not going to help you with anything; it won’t help you get through anything; it’s only
going to add to the problems you have.
Alcohol is not an answer to anything; it’s just another problem people add to their list of problems; the consequences can’t be avoided and you can’t plead ignorance
later if tragedy is a result from your use of it. If you willingly and deliberately drink alcohol, you can’t blame anyone else for anything negative that happens to as a result, maybe not today or tomorrow but eventually.
The best approach to take with alcohol is to avoid it, don’t drink it, don’t let it into your life, it’s a problem, a snare, a drug, a gate to addiction. You’ll always be
better off without it.
You can make all the excuses and justifications you want but it won’t change facts about alcohol or the reality. You can pretend it’s not a problem, not a big deal,
that you can handle it, that others are doing it so it’s ok, but that’s pride and deception talking, not the Holy Spirit or even common sense.
What harms our bodies and minds is something to avoid and fight, not something to swim in, drown in, wallow in.
Our bodies are to be the temple of the Holy Spirit, not garbage receptacles or tools we use for getting our own pleasures, feeding our desires of a moment. Alcohol,
tobacco, drugs, are things Christians must fight and avoid, and using grace as license or excuse to do what you want isn’t ok for anyone, it’s wrong and shouldn’t be done.
Alcohol use has destroyed too many lives already; don’t let yourself be added to the list of those who have fallen into its trap. It’s just another tool the Devil uses to
bring people into dependence, addiction, it’s another way he tries to destroy people.
You can read this and ignore it, pretend you never read it and go on doing what you’ve been doing, drinking or something worse, but God wants what’s best for you, and alcohol is not part of that, I guarantee you.
You can think about what I’ve written and maybe you’ll ponder it for a minute or so and then soon enough forget it and resume your actions of the day. That won’t
help you.
I won’t condone your choice to drink alcohol, and I’ll just say that if you struggle with depression or other problems, the last thing you should be doing is drinking
alcohol, it shouldn’t even be on your list of things to do.
You should, as we all should, examine your actions, see what shouldn’t be, what you shouldn’t be doing, what you shouldn’t be saying, and then do something about it, don’t just stop at finding what needs to change, take the steps to bring the change that needs to come, do what must be done. Remove from your life the things that pollute your body and mind, and right action by action will bring positive results that you need and surely desire.
All things must be done with repentance, prayer, and faith, all done and exercised, in sincerity, coming to God for help, strength, for joy, for the will to will and the will to do. You will receive from the heavenly Father what is necessary and good in His time. He will do what it right and will change your life for the better, even if things don’t become easier and even if difficulties don’t decrease, God will be with you and He won’t leave you to fight the battles alone, He’ll fight them for you, He’ll be your hope and strength. Hope and trust in Him, He will bring about the good in your life He wills and desires you to have.