“Mad World Note”

Written by: Victor P.

“Mad World Note”

It’s a mad, mad world out there, boy,
So many want nothing more than everything
That the world can give and they can take;
Always running, always chasing something.

You’ll reach out your hand to help them
And they’ll stab you in the back for it;
The helping hands of sinner-saints
Seem to mock hellbound sinners.

Every intention is interpreted,
Or rather misinterpreted, by so many;
All that’s considered altruism is a lie in the eyes of the blind
Who have never cared to care for anyone but themselves.

It seems a pessimistic conception of the world
And it’s sad to say it’s true, my boy, it’s true.
Who can make sense of a world so confusing,
Confusing itself and confusing its inhabitants?

Chase what you will,
Try to get your fill
But it just might kill,
No good will fulfill.

The sirens’ songs replay their old damning tune
And the fools’ feet draw them to their own doom.
The world’s a crazy place made worse by madmen;
We contribute to the problem by listening to them.


“A Darker View; A Living Hope”

Written by: Victor P.
Long Prose

“A Darker View; A Living Hope”

Just look around you,
See what’s happening
So near and so far away
On this planet even now.

Who can say that there’s nothing wrong?
Who’d dare deny there’s death and pain?
Who’d say it’s all meaningless in the end?
Who says there’s nothing left to live for?

Don’t tell me everything’s okay
Because I know that it’s not.
Don’t spout another cliché,
Who’s not sick of them yet?

I’m not here to spread pessimism
But to call to see things realistically,
To stop pretending everything’s all right
Because the bloodshed says otherwise.

We can’t just sing through it,
We can’t outlast it by idleness,
If we’re to live to see another year
God help us or we’re as good as dead.

This is the world as it is
And you still say
We don’t need a Savior,
You just don’t know
How wrong you are.
Do you really believe
The words you’re saying
Or do you just want a way out,
An excuse, a cheap avoidance, evasion,
To keep yourself from accepting
The truth that’s staring all in the face?

Things look quite dark,
The future so uncertain,
Every day could be our last
So what are we living for?
What are we dying for?

There are so many existing
Like life’s a game to play,
Carelessness and recklessness
Rules in the hedonistic hearts,
Love grows cold but lust burns,
Pleasure’s sought at others’ expense,
Godliness and holiness rejected,
Neglected, overlooked, ignored,
Like nothing matters more
Than feeling good right now,
Getting what the flesh wants,
Wanting what desire burns for,
Coveting without stopping;
Selfishness is consuming lives.

Lost souls seek to numb the pain
Without positive results, only failure,
Nothing of the world can fill the void,
It accumulates, pollutes and corrupts
And pretty soon the rot within sickens,
The emptiness remains, the misery grows.

There’s no hope and no salvation
If you’re looking for it in the world,
The world system hostile to all that’s of God,
It can’t save your miserable and lost soul,
Know that it can’t deliver you from Hell
And if you look to yourself for salvation
You’ll be severely disappointed soon enough,
You’ll find out, God help you, you can’t save yourself.

I’m not here to pat heads and spout clichés,
I’m not interested in tickling eager ears,
I’m not interested in scratching itching ears,
I’m not in the business of parroting platitudes,
I’m not here to play pretend that everything’s okay.

Say what you will and think worse if you want
But my mind’s made up, my purpose remains
To shine the light of hope to a dark world,
To always point back to Christ as the only answer.

Christ is the only hope of this dying world,
Christ is the only Savior of sinners,
Christ is the One who died for the ungodly,
He’s the only way to God the Father,
He’s the Way and the Truth and the Life,
He died to set the slaves free,
To change miserable and lost lives,
To renovate hearts, to change them from stone to flesh,
To bring life where there’s death and misery,
He’s the only one worthy of glory, wholehearted commitment,
All other gods can burn in Hell’s flames forevermore,
God knows they will, all false gods will be destroyed!

So look around and see the dark clouds
But don’t fix your eyes on the present
So much that you’re just standing still
Too afraid to do anything else, really.
Look up and see the sun peeking
Through the clouds, it’s a reminder
God’s still in control, it’s not hopeless,
No matter how bad things may get,
No matter how dark things may seem
Fix your eyes on Jesus, healthy or ill
And know that He has overcome the world,
There’s nothing that can ever stop Him,
He will not fail, He will not lose control,
Nothing can separate His chidren from His love.

If you’re still looking within for salvation,
If you’re still looking within for all the answers,
I promise you you’ll fail in your endeavor
Because it’s a futile one, a waste of time,
You can never save yourself, be sure of that,
You won’t find all the answers to your questions
Looking within your finite mind, that’s a guarantee.

You may think the world doesn’t need a Savior
And much less do you think you need one
But you couldn’t be more wrong
And though you may feel so sure now
That my kind and I are the ones wrong
Time will not agree with your belief,
Truth will not die and fade into the past,
You will see in time that you’ve been wrong
If you don’t persist in your proud stand,
If you don’t continue living in denial
Of the truth that corresponds to reality,
I pray to God you’ll believe one day,
Better sooner than later but I don’t decide,
Your life from first to last breath is in God’s hands,
Realize He’s in control; may you never forget it.
Glory to God Alone.

“‘Tis Unto Thee, Beloved of the World”

Written by: Victor P.
-Inquiries Unto the Lost

“‘Tis Unto Thee, Beloved of the World”

‘Tis unto thee, beloved of the world!
The darkness grips thine heart
And upon rays of light thou daredst not say
So many a vile and flaming word,
But hence thou must depart
For thine end nighs. Oh, dread that final day!

Hath it been far too long a time past
That thou seest not what shall last
When thou shalt leave this world, unsaved,
All that thou hast for labored, nay, slaved,
Shall be gone, disappear like a vapor
Along with the life thou didst savor
But wasted precious days in vain ways,
Indulging in sins, thine moves like sways
Of trees in tempestuous times of storms covering
The land with violent and deadly wrath uncovering
What futile hope the unsaved hast been holding,
But now truth hath been seen, now ’tis unfolding.

Where lieth thy hope, to keep thee from perpetual sighing?
Shall thou lo and behold carelessly thy own end nighing?
Unbeliever, what hast thou that we do not, verily not a thing more
Than we have now; we were as thou art now, we were lost before,
But we are saved souls now, found, returned to our Lord
And made new, new hearts, new life, by His mighty word!
Thy reticence showeth how hollow thy hope is, in truth.
What shall thou do when thou choose to reject the proof?

Hark! Come broken, come humble, come as thou art
Before the throne of grace, before thou shall depart
From this world where darkness and suffering roam seemingly free,
Hence thou shalt go but shall thou be saved or like a withered tree
Be consumed and return to dust, without hope for life after
What is now, without salvation? In hell is nothing softer!

Shalt thou hallow, shall thou blaspheme,
Or unworthy of praise shalt thou deem
The Creator, though He be Almighty?
Surely such things do not the mighty
But the foolish, being blind, uttering lies and spewing hate.
Lest thou perish with them, awake and see thy present state –
Thou art unsaved and bound for dreadful hell beyond the grave.
Shalt thou ignore or heed the call? Salvation thy soul must crave.

Oh, see that thou art guilty before God, Whom thou hast offended,
Transgressed His holy law, sinner, thou art condemned.
Oh, before thou die, come to the Lord and He shall mend
Thy broken heart and life and save thy soul before thine life hath ended.

‘Tis unto thee that these words be written
For I would not that thou shouldest be smitten
By the Lord’s wrath against thee, rebellious one
So I pray thou shalt come before the day is gone
For thou knowest not how long thou hast to live
So ignore not the call, to repent, to believe, give
Thine whole life unto the Lord, surrender to receive
A new heart, a new life, thy soul saved, come believe!
Note: I by no means know all the proper usages of but in the following poem I go by how I think it should be written, so if you read my attempt at older English and laugh at how many nuances or errors are found in it regarding grammar or something, have a laugh, knowing it’s only one of a few times I’ve written something in the attempted style of using older English and including rhyming lines. Also, I don’t follow some typical poem styles or structures, I prefer my own since it gives more freedom for thought flow and at least an attempt at originality, if there can be found in anyone’s writings. Anyway, feel free to like, comment, or do whatever regarding this poem I quickly wrote, in any case I wrote it for the glory of God and for a possible reaching of the lost who have not yet seen that without salvation they will go to hell when they die, and that’s a reality not to be ignored or made a joke of. Read, offer corrections of grammar or something like that. I’m not trying to win anything, I’m sharing the truth that cannot and must not be ignored by anyone.


“World; Remember; Wait”

Written by: Victor P.

“World; Remember; Wait”

Don’t you see that the evil in this world is temporary?
Stand fast in faith, it’s an exercise of patience, don’t be quick to give up, trust God,
In the end all of this will make sense, one day we’ll see our Creator,
Though our hope is stretched to the point of breaking, we’re still standing,
This world tries to break us by any means but we are more than conquerors
Through Christ, we’ve attained victory in this life by Him, we’re no longer broken,
Remember, He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world,
Remember, the price of our redemption, salvation, reconciliation,
It was the blood of Christ, He was without sin, blameless, spotless,
A perfect sacrifice, acceptable in God’s eyes, a sweet smelling savor,
Our life isn’t our own, it’s time we show how much we love and trust God,
It’s time to show the world the power of God, demonstrate it everywhere,
Do greater works than Christ, as He said, so we must do, for His words are true,
We must open the eyes of the blind, restore the hearing of the deaf,
Lift the crippled to their feet and see them walk,
Heal the sick of all their disease in the name of Jesus, name above all other names,
This is our call, to bring the Gospel to those who haven’t heard it,
Shine the light in your heart, let all see that Christ dwells in you,
Resist the devil and he’ll flee from you, keep your faith in Christ for He is the Savior,
Christ’s return is closer with each passing day, we must be ready to see Him return,
Prophecies are being fulfilled, time is running out,
Prepare your hearts, declare the great works of God to all,
Get ready for the coming of the Savior, prepare to greet Him,
With open arms and hearts overjoyed we’ll welcome the Son of God,
This world will know that the power of God is to be feared
And He’s the only One to be worshiped, exalted above all.

Hello, World!

What’s all this, then? What’s this site doing here, anyway? Why did I make a whole new site/domain when I already have one?

Well, it’s simple, or at least it seemed simple to me when I got the idea to make another site, in addition to the one I already have and post in. The idea was to make a separate site where I basically post only what I wrote, that is, poems, prose, and things in other literary styles, as well as sharing here links to my LMMS tracks that I uploaded to my SoundCloud page, which is the same name as this site: Battle, Adventure, Beauty.

Also, I have come to think that perhaps my GloryToGodALoneVP site has become, shall I say, cluttered, and I think that it would become increasingly difficult for people to find just my poems/prose/writings and soundcloud links because of all the other things I post there which aren’t my own writings.

I want to make it much easier for people to find things I wrote and published/posted online, well, on my GloryToGodAloneVP site, and soundcloud, and though I did also post plenty on my facebook and twitter which I posted on GTGAVP, I don’t provide links to those social media pages here, I’d need a good reason and request to share links to those media sites.

So, then, in the coming weeks I will basically be adding/copying/transferring all the poems/prose from my GloryToGodAloneVP site to this one, one post at a time, and removing it from that site so that all posts which have to do with poems/prose/etc. that I shared/posted there will only be found on this site. This will make it easier for people to find all that and it will be more organized site here and less cluttered-looking site there.

The focus of both sites remains the same: doing all for the glory of God. Having separate sites will simply show the different parts of the primary focus and goal I have in mind.

This will not be a small task for me to undertake or finish but I believe it’s worth the time and effort to do this. I want both sites to have what I intend them to have and shine the specific light that each has for all readers to see.

May God be glorified by what I do now and always, and may my posts and work be for the good of people.