“When You Think You Can’t Go Any Further” note by me.

“When You Think You Can’t Go Any Further” note by me.

–Originally written as a comment in reply to the question “Have you ever gotten to the point where you thought you couldn’t go any further?”; shared here as a note; hopefully it will benefit one or many who read it–

In answer to your question: Of course, and it’s happened plenty of times and I can say without doubt that only God is the best recourse in those times. I think ‘recourse’ is a fitting word but I don’t mean that God is just an option to sometimes resort to when you run out of all your ideas and others’ ideas for hanging in there and try to go further in times of trouble or challenges. I mean God is the tried and true solution for us finite, imperfect not-almighty people.
It is wisdom to turn to Him at all times, not just when we’re feeling weak or need some help for this or that. God calls us all to trust in Him with all our heart, to consciously place our lives in His hands and surrender to His rule as our God and Creator.
We can all quickly reach the end of our rope, the end of our strength, the end of our patience, but then it won’t do any good to just believe in ourselves, to lean on our own understanding, no, no, then it’ll be the time for trusting God and praying for Him to help us because, well, we obviously need help. But God wants us to pray and turn to Him at all times, in good and bad, in easy and trouble, in dark and light days. He calls us to trust in Him because He’s the most worthy to be trusted, relied upon, hoped in, most dependable, most loving, strongest, the greatest in existence. It’s foolish to reject His help and love because of pride or whatever other reason. There’s no better source of life and strength and joy than God.
If we learn a little each day about how awesome God is and read more about Him as He revealed to us in His Word, our lives will not remain the same.


“When God Stirs Our Hearts” Note by me.

“When God Stirs Our Hearts” Note by me.
Sometimes God will stir our hearts to do something for another person, probably some small thing, not some grand act of generosity or charity but maybe just a simple act of kindness.
Then the enemy will whisper his own ideas in an attempt to get us to not do what God stirs our hearts to do.
The devil doesn’t want us obeying God’s will or doing good things for others; he wants us to do things for ourselves only, to limit our positive effect and a good impact on others’ lives.
Satan wants us to turn our focus from Jesus to ourselves, in subtle ways he sometimes gets us to do that and what happens is that our life will lose balance.
A life which isn’t based on a saving relationship with God will inevitably become bleak, empty, miserable.
This relationship is one where the person desires to do the will of God out love, not out of an irrational fear or fear of Hell and judgment.
The saved soul no longer fears Hell and judgment for God has saved them from that, nor do they obey out of fear of losing salvation or feelings of guilt if they don’t do what they should.
The actions of the saved done for God are done out of love, gratitude and honor.
The actions of the saved for people, for others, are also to be done out of love, in obedience to the commands of Christ and the desire to see the good of others, to see others benefit by what one says and does.
While it is easier to not do something for another sometimes, be it some small thing or not, we should resist the urge to forgo doing good for another for that is what God wants us to do, to do to others as we would have it done unto us.
It’s easy to come up with excuses but it’s better not to make them or use them.
In all things we do we should have the mind of Christ, doing what He would do, saying what He would, not letting laziness have its place, not letting our minds become factories of excuses.
We’re not called to run from responsibility, we should embrace it.
We should be accountable people though that doesn’t come naturally and must be learned and practiced before it becomes part of who we are.
When God stirs our hearts to action through His Word, we’d be wise to obey when He speaks lest we procrastinate and put it off until we miss and waste an opportunity to do what God wanted us to do.
When God tells us to do something for someone, even a complete stranger, we should heed His call and do a big or small thing for another.
We may not think it makes a difference when we do it but it may mean a great deal to that person.
We don’t know at the moment how our acts of kindness, charity or generosity will affect a person but God knows and that’s what matters; He knows how it will impact the person, He knows the ends, results, outcomes of all our actions.
Do good when you know you should; do good when God stirs your heart; do good when God speaks through His Word; do good and you won’t regret it.