“Thoughts Through Days”

Written by: Victor P.

“Thoughts Through Days”

Lies through crooked teeth
Reach itching ears tickled plenty.
A veil for a coward with no spine,
The chance to pass the drawn line,
The cancer of the modern mind,
The pride of the foolish blind.

Blood spatter on white sheets,
Bloody hands and innocents’ ends,
Some prayer to ceiling reaches,
Some liar others to lie teaches.

Through broken glass see hope for tomorrow,
Through tears and loss see the good in sorrow,
Through dark times tread the set path,
Through faith in Christ escape wrath.

Bloody knuckles and aching knees,
Weary hearts and longing souls,
Shattered dreams and cold enemies,
Lives with those unfilled holes.

To broken hearts mending shown,
To seeking souls truth made known,
To faithful ones reward given,
To the repentant sins forgiven.

An encouraging word from dry lips,
A hand to keep from dangerous slips,
A smile from a face of scars from life,
A warm embrace for one fighting strife.


“Through Some Eyes”

Written by: Victor P.

“Through Some Eyes”

Glorified folly,
Foolish the rule,
The rulers fools,
Nation’s descent.

A multitude of presuppositions,
Seeds for a future harvest.
The slaughter of the innocent
And the death of innocence –
Glorified lunacy,
Cancerous heresies,
Malignant blasphemies,
Recurring devastation,
Bringing back plagues,
A kiss as a blessing
For the darkness to keep moving
Through the ravaged lands.
It is the exhibition of fallenness!

Wind in the ears of many
Marching to oblivion;
Just one fading song
In the saddest nights.

Shadows of reality,
Whispered falsities
Into receptive ears;
A birthed prejudice
Against the seemingly unreal.
Lack of discretion,
Tainted conception,
Poisoned perception,
All in one heart, in one life, comes together
For seeing a darker world!

When all that remains in tortured hearts is hatred,
Now festering, long harbored, ready to be unleashed,
Then is the world seen in black and one’s hatred as the light.

The twisting of perception,
The forming of conception,
The seeing of the world through fallen eyes,
The thinking about the world with a darkened mind,
It is the death of seeing reality!

Incisions by the claws of the wretched vile
Is pain too real to ignore; no time for denial.

All that is breaking
Say not that it is not,
Because the repairing
Comes not through denial.

Perversions abound
By minds unsound.
Laying waste to purity,
A descent hellsent.