“Almighty God, Be Praised”

“Almighty God, Be Praised”

These mountains You have made, God,
These trees You have given life,
This lake You have filled with water,
This sky You have stretched east, west, north, south.

You have given life to all these living things,
Your Word has created all these things I now see,
All that is in the air, on the ground, in the water,
All for Your glory, to praise Your name, Almighty God!

There is beauty in the things You have created,
Creation proclaims Your majesty, it glorifies You.
You are Sovereign God from everlasting to everlasting,
Yesterday, today and forever You are the same.

Here I am in this place for only a little time
But even in so little time I feel renewed,
A sense of wonder, a glimpse of the vastness of Earth,
My eyes have seen Your creation in a new light.

In the darkest darkness
And in the brightest light
You will still see me, God,
I am never out of Your sight.

In this body You have given me,
In this fragile vessel of flesh
Prone to sickness, death, and decay,
In it I will praise You until my very last day.

May all that is within me, Lord, praise You,
With words sincere, be they simple or grand,
In spirit and truth may I worship You;
You have saved me, I will glorify You now and forever!