“Others’ Perceptions of Christians” Note by me.

“Others’ Perceptions of Christians” Note by me.

Originally just a comment; shared here for others’ benefit–

Our perception of others affects our attitude toward and treatment of others.

Those who say or think all Christians are hypocrites or they all think they’re better than everyone else, those people are making fallacious statements and reaching illogical conclusions.
Those people who say such things about Christians aren’t making an objective conclusion or stating a fact about the reality of things; they’re saying what they personally or subjectively have come to conclude and assume about Christians based on their past or present interactions and relation with them, which were or are the negative ones and that’s what they choose to use as a basis for their false belief that Christians are all hypocrites or think they’re better than everyone else.
These conclusions and perception of Christians are fallacious and subjective, based on ignorance, biases, prejudices, stereotypes, and paint a very flawed picture of Christians as a whole, because the person who’s had negative past experiences with Christians have only had experiences with such a tiny number of Christians compared to how many there are now around the world with which they’ve had no interaction with nor experiences on which they can base their perception of them.

To be fair, Christians can be guilty of the same thing – making fallacious conclusions and having wrong perceptions of others based on some subjective reason instead of something objective to go on.
Our perception of others should be evaluated, corrected, adjusted, conforming to God’s Word on the matter, to God’s view and perception.