“No Other Hope But Christ” Note by me.

“No Other Hope But Christ” Note by me.

Give up hope now that you’re good enough to go to Heaven because it’s a hope not based on the reality of what ‘qualifies’ one for entrance into God’s Heaven.
Your only hope can and should be Christ, He alone can save you and provide you escape from God’s righteous wrath that you deserve to have poured out upon you. Christ took on the Cross the punishment you deserve for your sinful, rebellious life of being an enemy of God.
If your hope of getting into Heaven is anything other than Christ then your hope is vain, empty, throw it away and replace it with the true hope, the blessed assurance that God gives His children in Christ.
Not being saved by God’s grace through faith in Christ means you’re going to Hell when you die.
You having no faith in Christ means no Heaven for you to hope for, much less expect.
Your so-called goodness is irrelevant when you look and finally see the truth of God’s Word.
This truth sets free instead of filling with hopelessness.
The truth God revealed to us in His Word is what we all need to consider, heed, embrace, and believe according to it, or we’re just willingly remaining in the darkness of error and falsehoods, counterfeit ways of getting to Heaven, false ways to salvation, false saviors, and whatever else is not according to God’s truth.


“If There’s No Meaning”

Written by: Victor P.

“If There’s No Meaning”

Live a moment,
Live a day,
Live a lifetime,
Live for the sake of living.

Fear of death fills you,
Numb yourself to it,
Drown out the voices,
Avoid the silence,
Can’t escape imminent death,
Feel it in your bones,
Overtaken by the thoughts
Of what could be beyond,
Beyond the grave you fear.

If it’s all from nothing to nothing,
Why fear returning to nothing?
If there’s no purpose to life,
Why hold on so tightly to life?
If there’s no final destination,
No soul, no existence beyond this,
Why bother doing what’s called good at all?

What’s beyond the veil of uncertainty?
What’s behind the doors to eternity?
What’s there waiting for us?
If ultimate truth’s not discoverable
Then we’re all living by opinions,
Subjective individual perception
Colors our meaningless existence.

If there’s no God or if He’s dead
Then we’re as good as dead, too.
No rescue from our emptiness,
No rest from all our searching,
No fruits for all our labor here,
Specks in the void of a Godless universe.

What’s keeping us here all these years?
What’s sustaining us moment by moment?
Can randomness or chance give life?
A fanciful notion conceived in imagination.
If we can see beyond the moment,
What will give us the will to go on?

If there’s no God then there’s no point
To all our trying, searching, striving,
For in the end it all amounts to nothing,
The apex of insignificant contributions
By the spawns of chance and time.

Are we searching for more than who we are?
Is there more to life than existing here?
If God’s not giving the meaning, how can we?

If we’re just here to enjoy our time here
Why are so many miserable and empty inside?
If fun and pleasure can’t fill the void
Then surely there is more to life than that.
If God’s not the answer, who or what is?

Our contenment hasn’t come from people or things
So God must be the answer and the source.
If we haven’t found meaning in everything else
Why not look to God for meaning and purpose?

God revealed that He is there and He’s not silent
But maybe we’re to busy clogging our ears
And too busy to listen to what He has to say.
Hectic, busy, rushing, striving, every day,
We just might be willing to to give Him
The scraps of out time and He best be brief
And to the point if He doesn’t want to disappoint,
Whatever He has to say we’ll give a quick listen
And weigh His words against our desires.

If we’re really trying to find out
What this life is all about,
We must give God time to speak,
Give Him our best attention,
Let Him through His Word reveal
What life is about, the meaning and purpose
We’re searching for and want to find and know.
If we’re not willing to listen to Him
Then we can’t say that it’s His fault
That we’re so empty and restless inside.

If we’re not willing to submit to Him
Without condition, without holding back,
Do we think He’ll reward our half-hearted devotion?
We must be willing to die to ourselves,
Die to our selfishness and our pride,
To live unto Him, to live with purpose,
To live for the reason He made us all.
Glory to God Alone.

“Christmas: Yes to Presence; No to Pretense”

12/25/13. 12/26/13.
Written by: Victor P.

“Christmas: Yes to Presence; No to Pretense”

Fleeting, passing, vanishing, lost soul’s breath;
No hands to keep away inevitable nighing death.
Much temporary for the temporal,
Prominent instead of the eternal.

When the noise of the season ceases and the songs depart,
What will be the thing that shall remain in a person’s heart?
Oh, if there were no more songs left for any souls to sing,
What would survive? What would be the remaining thing?

Walking lights and sitting shadows,
The dim embers and burning glows.
Days of new life under a cover
Leave to shatter, thus recover.

Temporary, so soon passing!
What’s the point of amassing
Things and things and even more things?
No, Heaven’s treasures are not nothings!

This gift come unwrap –
A map for life’s course.
Saved soul, come clap,
Won war without force.

Temporary, temporal, things without eternal value –
Don’t set your heart on them, don’t waste your life on that
Which cannot satisfy the longing God put in you.
Nothing but God shall satisfy! Repent before line goes flat!

Depart now thither, vile enemy’s every lie
To be forgotten, burn in the hot consuming flames.
All your pretenses, lies, fictional faces and names,
Leave them in the past to wither and die.

When all the presents of the past disappear,
What will you have then remaining?
After all the years that you have lived here,
Say, what were you really gaining?

No guarantee of tomorrow; no escape from possible future sorrow.
No lies can hold any soul up. Time is at most ours only to borrow.
Even your own life you’ve not created, creating hands were not yours
So let praise of God be what from your lips and heart forth daily pours.


The holiday spirit, or so it is called,
Getting in it if only for a month, yes;
Making an effort to leave unwalled
Your heart, but beneath ’tis a mess.

Breath is fast gone, from insincere lips sent,
Vainly exhaling to say the words not meant.

A feigned walk,
A pretend talk;
A shadow of the real,
That true holiday feel.

No, let it not pass in vain pretense!
No pressured steps for an offense,
And no guilt-manipulated heart speaking
Of things the soul is not even seeking.

If the reason for the season
Is forgotten then it’s treason
Against the Lord’s most holy blood.
Let the meaning your heart go flood.

How many songs are left in your heart hung?
Leave not your heart’s joyful song unsung,
Ready to pour out in melody to be heard,
Restrain not, leave it not to be left unheard.

Oh, what about the days of lies or all the sorries?
They are remnant shadows in blurred memories,
But light of truth dissipated the darkness,
Clarity has come, thus come and confess.

‘Tis the season of giving and receiving
But the enemy is intent on deceiving!
Cast off the masks and smile truly, all!
Come, unsaved souls, heed God’s call!

Take not away the meaning from this season
And take not the life out of the joy.
Life is to be lived with a purpose and a reason;
No life is worthless, no life is a toy!

It is a time of joy and celebration;
Come to repentance, every nation!
The ever-reigning Lord is to be glorified!
His holy name is to be forever magnified!

It is no fictional, traditional flow of hollow words!
It is no inhalation of deception nor exhalation of lies!
The Savior has set free so many from sin’s cords
And daily every sincere heart the one Savior glorifies!

Have presence of love,
Not pretense for above!

Neither freezing snow nor burning sun
Had ever saved a soul, no, not even one!
‘Twas only the blessed Savior – Christ Jesus –
God-man in flesh, He alone came to save us!

Rejoice, all of the earth,
Hear every blessed word!
Know your true worth
In the eyes of the Lord!

No lies for saving faces;
No hiding in dark places,
In hearts wherein new life is true,
Kept not hidden since it first grew.

Steps into the light, darkness fought,
Glimpses of a brighter future sought.
Hands reach out, many a soul for salvation longs!
The lungs pour out the blessed words in songs!

Who loves the pretense
Seeks not the presence.
In meaning’s absense
There’s bred nonsense.

Stay with those who from darkness freed have been
And seek hearts where that blessed light is soon seen
Like a bright star in the dark night’s sky
And see how love will then soon testify.

Is the meaning kept in the blood of heart’s intention?
Is truth to remain hidden, even without its mention
To thirsty souls in life’s desert, poor souls unsaved?
God forbid! Go, speak the truth for the way is paved.

As the angels then did sing:
Glory to the newborn King!
So too our words with truth ring:
To us salvation Christ did bring!

Seek Christ’s presence upon this great holiday
And let not go to waste even one single day!
Never forget why Christ was born, why He died, why He did again rise!
Never regret believing, serving, loving Him; let your heart’s praise arise!

Glory to the Lord our God and to Jesus Christ our King!
Forever we shall praise Him! His praise forever we’ll sing!
Glory to God Alone.