“Creation Points to God” Note by me.

“Creation Points to God” Note by me.

–Note: Originally just a comment, shared here for anyone to read–

Creation isn’t to be idolized or worshiped but to serve as a pointer to the Creator, a reminder that all is made by God who is Maker, Architect, Sustainer, of all that was and is and will be, all made for His glory, all showing His creativity, majesty, expression of His attributes.
Design and complexity and variety and order, all evidence of God’s handiwork, and though but a good show of His infinite wisdom, yet is enough to give humans an idea of just what God has done, is still doing, and will do.
No one has a valid excuse for not believing in God, and excuses aren’t reasons anyway and so are void.

Turn your gaze to the bigger picture of reality and see that the natural order, all that is, is held together by the living God, the Creator and Sustainer of all things visible and invisible.
Until you’ve looked at that bigger picture, you’re just looking at a few pieces of the puzzle of reality, but you do have the other pieces available so it’s your responsibility to look at them, consider them, add them to the puzzle, and your mind will be wanting more pieces, more answers, and your heart will seek more of what it needs if your will is resolved to seek the truth wherever it leads.

The right place where it will lead you would be to the Cross of Christ, to a knowledge of God, there you’d have to accept the Maker’s conditions and life in Him.

Or you will turn away and reject what He has done for you and return to the darkness of your natural way of living in rejection of and rebellion against your Creator and Savior, which is the most foolish kind of rebellion, but need not be your end if you accept the truth before you die.


“About Jesus, Judging, Christians, Understanding” Note by me.

“About Jesus, Judging, Christians, Understanding” Note by me.

–Note: Originally just a long comment made by me somewhere, shared here hoping it will benefit those who read it–

You don’t even need to judge gays or people of other beliefs because God says they’re judged already, they’re guilty of sinning against Him and they must repent, they need God’s forgiveness and grace and mercy and to surrender their whole lives to God and stop living in rebellion against God, they need healing of their souls, to be given a new heart, a change of thinking and a change of lifestyle. That’s Christianity, that’s the truth gays and other sinners need, the Gospel of God, not interpretations by people who aren’t even Christians or by duped and immature Christians who don’t even read the Bible and just accept what other immature Christians tell them about gays and judging and beliefs and lifestyles.

Jesus didn’t say to never judge anyone for how they live or what they believe, He said don’t judge hypocritically, don’t go bashing others for their little sins when you’re doing worse sins, don’t pretend to be clean when you’re filthy, He said judge righteous judgment, don’t make conclusions about someone until you get the facts from them, the outward behavior shows what’s in the heart. To not say anything to someone who’s doing what God says not to, to not correct them when they’re terribly wrong, that’s not a service to anyone, that’s the opposite of Christianity, that indifference, that’s cowardice, that’s just watching as they get worse and worse and not really caring if they die in sins as long as you don’t offend them and don’t look like you’re judging them.
Satan’s totally ok with quiet, harmless, spineless Christians who won’t say anything to those who sin because they want to seem nice and inoffensive, they don’t want to ruffle feathers or rock the boat, who basically just stand by and watch sinners continue in their rebellion against God and sinning against people. They may believe that’s the Christian way but it’s the opposite of what God wants and calls Christians to do, and cowardly Christians should know better and pray for courage, have their minds renewed by the truth of God’s Word and live the way God wants them to and not how the world tells them to or how their feelings lead them to think and act and live.

Spinelessness, cowardice, compromise, indifference, conformity, apathy, people-pleasing, those aren’t virtues, those aren’t things Christians should be showing in their speech and actions and life. Those are things to repent of, things to change, things to get rid of; those are not good attributes or qualities or characteristics of Christians. They’re things that paralyze and poison and stunt Christian growth and choke our love and attacks our hope, it’s harfmul for us and affects others negatively when we interact and deal with people.

Only God knows everything about everyone and only God will judge finally all who sinned and rejected Him and His call to repentance and salvation through Christ. That should make sinners more afraid of God’s holiness and judgment than any judging that some person does of them. God hasn’t changed His mind about homosexuality, murder, rape, stealing, or other sins, so those who keep sinning are already condemned because they ignore God’s prohibitions and pretend He’s magically ok with things He once said were wrong and sinful and must be repented of. That’s twisting God’s own Word and making up a phony version of Christianity, that’s making God say the opposite of what He actually says, and that’s no small wrong.
People who pretend God’s ok with whatever beliefs and lifestyles they chose, are in for a terrible shock when they’ll find out how wrong they are, they made an idol and they served it, but it wasn’t the real God and they should’ve known better and repented of their idolatry and stopped following the world’s ideas about God which contradict what God says in the Bible.

You can disagree with everything I wrote but it’s your responsibility to know and accept the truth of what God says in His Word Himself and through Christ and through prophets and all the other people in the Bible God speaks the truth through. I’m noy interested in tickling or scratching itching ears or stroke egoes or give false hope to those who sin and say it’s ok. I’ll take God’s Word over sinners’ opinions any day. To do less than give people the truth about such things is to deprive them of what they need, it’s to refuse to do what God wants Christians to do for those who sin and aren’t saved.

“Tell Me Something”

Written by: Victor P.

“Tell Me Something”

Tell me what you know,
Tell me what you believe,
Tell me why it matters to you,
Tell me what it means.

Tell me what you’re thinking,
Tell me how you’re feeling,
And tell me, tell me of your hope
For today and every day after.

Is this all that we can have here?
Is this all that we’ll know here?
Is there nothing after everything here?
How can we know what we’ve never seen?

Tell me, why are you still hoping
To see better, brighter days ahead?
See it’s cloudy, confusion surrounds,
Can’t see the horizon ’cause of the dark.

Are these just trivial considerations?
Have we stopped living with absolutes?
Oh, if it’s all we have, then it’s not enough.
If it’s all we know, then we don’t know enough.

Can’t see the sun in the middle of night
But we still believe we’ll see it again.
Can’t hold on to what’s slipping through our fingers
But we still believe there’ll be more than all we’ve lost.

“Foolish Words and the Gospel Truth.” Note by me.

“Foolish Words and the Gospel Truth.” Note by me.

It’s truly one of the stupidest things atheists and whoever else says or thinks such things as shown in the pictures below of the sign and the shirt, can think or say.
No matter how sarcastic they’re being, no matter if they are just joking or really believe their own words, see it for what it is.


It really shows atheist (and others’) ignorance, their pride, their darkened understanding, their closed, small minds; it shows they hate God and Christ; it shows they foolishly think Christ is on their level (a mere mortal they can kill); it shows their rebellion against the Creator and displays their sinfulness and their desperate need for but denial of their need for Christ the Savior.
They need most Christ whom they foolishly think they could kill with their fragile mortal hands when He comes back.
They need the Gospel which they deny is true or necessary or that it’s even good news for any.
They need to surrender to the God they’ve denied even exists; they need the Truth that sets free indeed; they need the Lamb of God to take away their sins and forgive them, to reconcile them to God, to change them from condemned sinners into redeemed saints, to save their souls and make them into who God wants them to be.
They need to see God’s truth (His whole Word, the Bible), but not just see it or consider it, they need to embrace it and really believe it for it to have a real effect on their life and soul and destiny.

We could smirk when we see such stupid signs and shirts with such messages on them, or we could get angry at them and spout our worst criticisms at such people and words, or we could look at it and see it as it is beyond the surface: a desperate cry of now-condemned souls who in vain fight against God and Christ but are in need of His grace and forgiveness and salvation through Christ.
They’re people we can pity and forget about or we can pray specifically about these lost ones because they really do need the prayers, for them to come to repentance and understanding of God’s truth.
The current state of their souls is a miserable and an unenviable one. Jesus said such people are already condemned, they’re on their way to Hell, regardless of what they say or believe otherwise. If we don’t believe Christ’s own words on this matter, we should stop calling ourselves Christians. Jesus died for such atheist fools and blind agnostics, for idolaters and pagans, to set them free from their bondage to sin, from the chains of their condemnation.
Jesus died for the unworthy, the undeserving, and the whole human race falls into that category. See, it’s not about our worthiness, it’s about God’s love and why He saw it right to make a sure way for sinners to be saved, forgiven, justified, reconciled to their Creator and made His children in Christ.

So then, while we will still see many more of such stupid signs or words from atheists or pagans, let it not turn you into one who just ignores those lost sinners, use it as a way to start a talk with them and tell them God’s truth, give them God’s Gospel, show them the love of Christ that is in you through actions and not just words. It’s not your part to make them accept the truth and be saved, you’re not the Holy Spirit, your part is all that Christ said is your part in the matter, so don’t dilute the truth and don’t give them half the truth, give them the whole Gospel in love and the Holy Spirit will do all that you can’t in the person’s heart and mind.

“Freedom in Christ” note by me.

“Freedom in Christ” note by me.

-Note: originally just a comment, shared here for others’ benefit-

John 8:32, 36
“32) And you shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”
“36) If the Son therefore will make you free, you will be free indeed.”

True freedom is found in the Son of God who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

There are plenty of counterfeit freedoms out there but all are insufficient and temporary, while freedom in Christ is the only sufficient and lasting freedom, the kind of freedom every person needs, whether they believe or realize that or not.

There are obvious implications and simple and logical conclusions we can draw from the verses quoted above.
If we don’t know the truth, then we’re not free. If we don’t or won’t want to know the truth, then we don’t want to be free, and the fault is our own, we’ve no one to blame but ourselves. You must know the truth to be made free by it.
If we’re not made free by the Son, then we’re still slaves to sin, to lies, and we must come to the Son of God to be made free by Him, in Him, through Him. The Son makes free indeed, for real, truly, in the only significant, meaningful sense of the word, and this freeing is something we all need but can’t and won’t get outside of the Son of God, that is, there’s no substitute for Christ, there’s no other viable or real option for us if we want to be made free.

Christ alone can set free all who are slaves to sin. To know true freedom, the spiritual that affects all other areas of life, one must surrender to and know and love Christ. Surrender to Christ is the beginning of truly living.
There’s no way around it.

“Humanism Ruining Schools” note by me.

“Humanism Ruining Schools” note by me.

Getting rid of all things Christianity-related from school has been the main agenda/goal of humanists/liberals for over 100 years now. With every such additional Christian thing they lie about and call unconstitutional, they replace it with their humanistic thing.
So things degrade, schools get worse and killings in them increase; test scores become laughably low; students become dumbed down and illogical zombies, which is the liberal goal; Christian influence fades and humanism’s cancer spreads.
It’s not that schools are just secular or unreligious, it’s that Christianity and its light in schools has been replaced with the religion of humanism and its darkness spreading lies, foolishness, confusion.
It can be reversed but the damage has been done and people must wake up from their sleep of stupidity and political correctness and stop listening to the lie that there’s no religion spread in schools. There is; it’s nasty and its name is humanism.

“What’s Popular Isn’t Necessarily Right” Note by me.

“What’s Popular Isn’t Necessarily Right” Note by me.

What’s vogue/popular for many doesn’t mean it’s right or ok.
The popularity of a thing doesn’t equal it automatically being ok or right or moral or useful for individuals or society.
Appealing to the popularity of a thing or mere opinion of some in favor of a thing, is fallacious.
If people cared about clear thinking and avoiding fallacious reasoning, they’d reject mere opinions of some in favor of a thing as a valid reason for thinking it’s ok or right, they’d use critical thinking instead to evaluate, examine, critique, and reach a reasonable, logical, rational decision about the thing in question.