“Against Universalism” Note by me.

“Against Universalism” Note by me.
Universalism contradicts, twists, distorts, misinterprets, misrepresents, and redefines what the Bible teaches.
It teaches lies about the fate of all people, destiny, life after death, contradicting the Word of God and logic.
Universalism is a lie, a heresy, error, false, something that only harms those who believe it’s true.
People who believe it may have good intentions for telling others about it but you know what they say: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Universalism is just another wide gate, another broad way that leads to destruction, a saccharine substitute for truth, poison disguised as sweet-tasting nectar.
It may be a popular thing to believe, according to some; it may seem like it’s good to believe it over what the Bible clearly says; it may have a nice ring to it; it may be
an appealing notion, a nice sentiment, but that’s all it can be; it’s not the truth and it’s not what people need.
Don’t fall for the subtle lies; don’t mess with this poison; don’t try to taste it hoping it won’t harm you because it will.
Oppose universalism; fight against it; tolerating it is a waste of time and does no one good, it only allows the lies to spread and grow like a weed, like cancer.
If we don’t reject universalism, then do we really believe or care about what God’s Word actually says?
The time for silence is long over; if we are not against universalism, then we’re for it; there’s no neutrality on this matter, no fence to sit on, no opting out of having an opinion or stand on the matter.
It’s a simple matter of choosing the truth or the lie; the truth of God or the lie of Satan; so, decide and live according to what you’ve decided to believe.
Glory to God Alone.


“Eyes, Lies, Kings, Times”

Written by: Victor P.
Topic: Christmas

“Eyes, Lies, Kings, Times”

God, take our eyes and shift our focus
And make enemies’ lies burn before us.
We will watch the night sky light up
And drink from the celebration cup.

We’ve been looking at the wrong things
For too long now, and what it brings
Is not what we want or what we need.
There are warnings we must all heed.

Rejoice, rejoice, it has been said before, rejoice in God!
In happiness or suffering, may we rejoice in the Lord!
The time of remembering Christ’s birth has come again,
Let us think of it, sing and praise Him, in joy or in pain!

Listen up because the time is now,
Come to the King and to Him bow,
Remember all the blessings He bestowed upon you
And do more what He says, all that you must do.

There may be many kings upon the earth
But none of them are as worthy as Christ the Lord
To receive praise, honor, wisdom, wealth
For none are greater, none are Christ the Word!

Let us come to Christ with our offerings,
Praise from our hearts, in sincerity offered.
We may endure for His sake sufferings
But He has much more for us all suffered!

Christ came to this earth, born in obscurity,
The prophets foretold His lowly birth so long before,
God has done what He promised, and does still more,
Truly He is a God of goodness and severity!

O let us celebrate the day of Christmas with joy
For the Lord showed us mercy, us didn’t destroy.
Many blessings we’ve received from Him, yes, all He gave us
So may all glory be to the King, Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus!
Glory to God Alone.

“Truths and Lies”

Written by: Victor P.

“Truths and Lies”

You are not a god,
I will not applaud
You delusive acts
Contrary to facts.

God is true, real, alive.
Heaven and Hell are real.

All other gods in the world are false,
There is only One true, living God.

Trascendentalism is a lie.
Universalism is a lie.
Reincarnation is a lie.

The devil has been busy spreading lies
And the blind come to him like flies.