“In the Darkness Again”

Written by: Victor P.

“In the Darkness Again”

Lost again in the darkness,
I’ve wandered from Your light,
I’ve strayed from Your path
And now I’m trapped here.

Nothing makes sense anymore
When I leave Your way, O Lord,
If I seek peace outside of You
I’ll always be left disappointed.

You’ll find me anywhere,
You’ll call my name again
And I’ll see Your light
And feel Your presence.

I’m lost again when the world pulls me in,
I lose ground when I lose focus of You.
I’d stand strong if I weren’t so weak,
I’d keep fighting if I weren’t so tired.

The enemy whispers in a sweet voice
With tempting offers and half-truths,
The shiny chains hide future bondage,
The liar promises freedom from much.

God, find me where You found me before,
I’ll be back in the dark searching for light,
Looking for answers to my many questions,
Looking for the way out of this great darkness.

Tear down this veil over my eyes
And I’ll see the scales fall off and see
What meaningless things I’ve chased,
What lies I’ve believed told by the enemy.

Now I’m desperate in this darkness
And the liar comes to spout his lies,
Trying hard to drain me of hope,
Trying to wear me down, tear me down.

Tearing at the walls of my very heart,
Slithering around like a snake every day,
Always with the lies, always with the deceit,
It starts to look like this won’t end at all.

I know his desire’s to lead me to lose faith,
To see my faith waiver, to see it crumble;
I know the devil wants me to despair,
To fall to pieces, to lose all hope and die.

But it won’t go the way the devil wants,
I see through his lies and half-truths,
I cling to the living Truth at all costs,
I won’t fall into despair, God help me.

I seek the light in this thick darkness,
I hear Your truth drown out the lies,
My heart looks to You now, Lord,
I won’t drown in despair, God help me.

I won’t be left in this darkness to perish,
You’ll hear the cries of my soul and answer,
You’ll shine Your great light, dissipate the darkness
And pull me out from this place I’ve been trapped in.

No, I won’t be another victim,
You alone have saved me, Lord,
Your light replaces my darkness,
I’m walking in Your light again.

Stay by my side through everything,
I place my life in Your caring hands,
You’re my first love, my Judge and Savior,
You’re all I truly want and need, my God.

My Savior, my Shepherd, light of my life,
My love and hope, my strength and song,
My Redeemer, my Rescuer, the only true God,
I will live and love You, You’ll lead me home.


“A Change In Self First”

Written by: Victor P.

“A Change In Self First”

How long can you keep praying to God
To change everyone else but you?
Quit while you’re ahead and realize
You’re among those who need change,
Your pride’s showing through your words.

You think you’re perfect? You’re not,
Look in the mirror and see yourself,
Look at your heart and see your sins,
See all that needs to be removed,
See how much needs to change
In your heart, in your life.

If you refuse to admit your need
Then you’re just too proud now,
Going nowhere, stuck in place;
It’s a terrible state to be in.

Pray for God to break you down
And bring you to real repentance,
Pray that God will forgive your sins
And wash you clean by Christ’s Blood.
Pray He’ll conform you to Christ’s likeness,
There’s your purpose not to neglect,
There’s sanctification you must desire,
There is growth you must embrace.

Don’t demand change for good in others
If you’re unwilling to be changed yourself.
Seek God’s face, praise Him for grace,
Accept His correction and discipline,
Don’t be proud, God the Father knows you,
You’ve much to learn and plenty to change,
Until your dying breath follow God’s way,
He knows what’s best, there’s no better way than His.

“Oh Brother, oh Sister, Rejoice in the Lord!”

Written by: Victor P.
I hope the words encourage you, brothers and sisters in Christ.

“Oh Brother, oh Sister, Rejoice in the Lord!”

If you feel weak, when you feel so weak
Remember that the Lord is your strength.
If you can’t rejoice in present circumstances,
Oh brother, oh sister, rejoice in the Lord!

When things seem out of control
Remember that God’s still in control.
When the world seems crazier than before
Remember that God’s still on His throne!

When everything seems wrong in the world and humanity
Remember that God will make everything right one day.
When there seems to be so much negativity around
Spread positivity, praise and rejoice in the Lord!

Rejoice in the Lord despite the darkness of the times
For He is your joy and your strength and your song.
Oh brother, oh sister, rejoice in the Lord your God
For He is you light and your hope and your life!

Bring your troubles, bring your pain to the Lord;
It’s difficult now but things will change, so rejoice in the Lord.
This life isn’t easy and problems are bound to come
But keep your head up, soldier of Christ, rejoice in the Lord!

God sees it all and knows the reasons for everything
But we don’t have all the answers so let us rest in His goodness;
We can’t discover all of the whys behind all of the tragedies
So let us trust in God’s perfect will and knowledge.

Let us rejoice in God now while we have time and breath.
Come now, brother, come now, sister, rejoice in the Lord.
It’s because of all that’s happening and all that we don’t know
That we need to trust in the living God and rejoice in Him always!
Glory to God Alone.

In Memoriam 1 (an instrumental music track made by me, uploaded to soundcloud)

Note: “In Memoriam” is Latin and translates as “into memory”… A website dictionary definition of in memoriam: “in memory (of); to the memory (of); as a memorial (to)”…
This track wasn’t made randomly but for a reason, in light of recent world events as well as personal inspiration and desire to make something in memory of some who passed away not too long ago.

“Note in the Deep Night”

Written by: Victor P.

“Note in the Deep Night”

People have many opinions about music but of course they can’t all be right.

Music is not life.
Music is not everything.
It is only a small part of the whole that makes life what it is.
Music without God – as is anything without God – is a void.
If you make music, let not your music be a Godless tool.

To Christians, at least, music should not be an aspect absent in their life.

150 Psalms in the Bible aren’t there to fill up space, to fatten the Book up.
Practical applications are to be sought; all the songs are to be sung;
Our lives and others’ lives are to be affected; the love of God is to be spread; our silence is to be broken; the devil and his lie are to be
fought against!
It was never the devil’s world to begin with, so drown out the whispers of the wicked one with a flood of praise unto the true and living
God! Resist that wretched old worm and he’ll flee; don’t forget that by Christ’s blood and death you’ve been set free.