“Ten Years With God Since Baptism”

Written by: Victor P.

“Ten Years With God Since Baptism”

Ten years ago I was baptized
And what a decade it has been
As a soldier in Christ’s army,
As a child of the heavenly Father.

Ten years of battles every day,
Many trials and temptations,
The spirit warring against flesh
And flesh warring against the spirit.

Ten years of seeing more clearly
That evil is real, and the Devil, too.
Ten years of seeing daily the reality
Of sin, what it corrupts and destroys.

Ten years of struggles and rest,
Learning to love and to obey
The Savior who bled and died for me,
Who saved me from the Hell I deserve.

Ten years of lessons learned
But many still I’ve yet to learn,
Successes and failures here and there,
Wins and losses too many to count.

Ten years of seeing God at work
In my life and in the lives of others.
Ten years of seeing God’s not dead,
He’s living, active, answering prayers.

Ten years of seeing God’s grace
Shown more and more every day.
Ten years of growing spiritually,
In word, in deed, in love and faith.

Ten years of seeing lives changed
By the holy God of mercy, love, justice,
Who still calls sinners to repentance,
To new life in Christ, to joy, to Himself.

Ten years of seeing this truth –
God doesn’t abandon His children.
We’re not given more than we can handle,
And we’re not treated unjustly by God.

Ten years of living with the hope
That Christ will return one day,
And until then there’s much to do
For the sake of Christ and His Gospel.

Glory to the One who created me,
Glory to the one who saved me,
Glory to the Sovereign King of all,
Glory forever to God Almighty.


“They Do Evil”

1/4/14. 1/8/14.
Written by: Victor P.

“They Do Evil”

Are they not evil who are paid to murder?
Do they see that they only descend further?
They do evil and yet believe they do well.
Who rejoice in it other than demons of Hell?

Do they not know they fill wrath’s cup?
Do they not see that they only heap up
More guilt for the day of judgment?
Truly foolish it is to refuse to repent!