Wretchedness of sinfulness

Wretchedness of sinfulness,
Grip of fallen nature tight,
Sin polluting, slowly killing
Till the Savior sets one free.

Darkness blinding, lies misleading
Till the Lord shines His great light,
Illuminating the darkest minds,
Destroying lies, elevating truth.

-written by me.


“A Change In Self First”

Written by: Victor P.

“A Change In Self First”

How long can you keep praying to God
To change everyone else but you?
Quit while you’re ahead and realize
You’re among those who need change,
Your pride’s showing through your words.

You think you’re perfect? You’re not,
Look in the mirror and see yourself,
Look at your heart and see your sins,
See all that needs to be removed,
See how much needs to change
In your heart, in your life.

If you refuse to admit your need
Then you’re just too proud now,
Going nowhere, stuck in place;
It’s a terrible state to be in.

Pray for God to break you down
And bring you to real repentance,
Pray that God will forgive your sins
And wash you clean by Christ’s Blood.
Pray He’ll conform you to Christ’s likeness,
There’s your purpose not to neglect,
There’s sanctification you must desire,
There is growth you must embrace.

Don’t demand change for good in others
If you’re unwilling to be changed yourself.
Seek God’s face, praise Him for grace,
Accept His correction and discipline,
Don’t be proud, God the Father knows you,
You’ve much to learn and plenty to change,
Until your dying breath follow God’s way,
He knows what’s best, there’s no better way than His.

“Glory to You, God!”

Written by: Victor P.

“Glory to You, God!”

O Lord, You are worthy
Of all the praise I can give,
Of all the glory and honor,
Of all the love I can show.

Everything I sing or say or do
Seems to be so small and not enough
Compared to what You deserve
And what Your majesty merits.

You alone are God,
Incomparable One,
Living and True,
Holy and righteous.

You are God alone
Without equal or rival,
No one can compare
To You, living Lord!

You are Creator,
You are Sustainer,
You are Maker,
You are Sovereign.

You are the Potter,
You are the Painter,
You are the Artist,
You are the Sculptor.

You paint the sky
With such masterful strokes,
You light up the night
With the stars You let shine.

God, Your works are beautiful,
They’re aesthetic masterpieces,
My heart is overwhelmed
By Your limitless creativity.

With such design and complexity
You made all things You wanted to;
The inner workings and intricacies
Display Your omniscience and omnipotence.

You have made all there is,
You have created everything,
Everything exists for Your glory,
To glorify You and praise You.

You are holy and just and righteous,
You are merciful and kind and loving,
You are the only living and true God,
You are unchanging, Immortal, only wise God.

Blessed by Your holy name,
You are God forever blessed,
You’re my salvation and hope,
You’re my strength and song.

From everlasting to everlasting
You alone are God Almighty,
I will praise You now and forever,
You are most worthy and deserving!

You are the hope of all sinners,
You alone are able to save the lost,
You are mighty to save even the vilest,
You can forgive even the worst sinners.

Your love is perfect love,
Your mercy without equal,
Your salvation is true and sure,
You keep all promises You make.

Who is like You, Lord?
There is none like You!
You alone are the living God
Forever glorified and blessed!
Glory to God Alone.

“Imagined Horrors”

Written by: Victor P.

“Imagined Horrors”

Imagination fraught with evil,
Black wings of the imagination,
Poisoned-tipped blades concealed,
Drenching the speech with lies,
Intent to deceive to achieve selfish ends,
Conceptions improbable, absurd and sinful,
Employing the minds with sinful thoughts,
Wandering amid the fancies, idulging in reveries,
Characterize the unregenerate of the time,
Sullied by earthly imperfections.

“False Gods Do Not Save”

Written by: Victor P.

“False Gods Do Not Save”

In this world, much evil plagues and lies float like clouds above,
Indifference infects, fear paralyzes, ours becomes a cold love.
Where is freedom found? Is liberation possible? Someone answer,
Living God help now us in this world of confusion and sin the cancer.

I spit upon all the filthy and worthless gods in this world,
Come bring your best to stand against the eternal Lord
None of them shall escape, none shall beat any odds,
The divine conflagration will consume all false gods.

Answer, who’s going to bring freedom to the enslaved?
In the darkness of unbelief and idolatry, a path paved
With a deceived mind and sincerity not equaling truth
The loss will be bitter, the end is sure, face the proof.

Mutter another prayer to your deaf gods in the dark,
The realization of your folly shall soon be your mark,
Like a blind man groping in darkness for some food,
You the idolater wasted time instead of doing good.

You are spitting hatred and intolerance again, I see,
Another deceived tool of the devil thinking self free
But know that your end shall be a most unhappy one,
You will lose your life, lose it all, nothing will be won.

Gods will not win against the living and true God,
They’ll all fall like nothing, those worthless idols,
And with them all the opposition foolish enough
To reject God and make themselves Him enemy.

“More About the End”

Written by: Victor P.

“More About the End”

Who’s going to hear their mumbling?
Deaf, blind, mute gods are all worthless,
Don’t waste another breath on that filth,
Turn away and run to the only living God.

Come hear the words of living truth,
Faith will bring to light all the proof,
An escape from the coming wrath,
Abandon now destruction’s path.

Sinking in the mire of sin,
There is nothing to win
When liars come to beg,
Rampant like a plague.

With the muzzle now off
I’ll strike those who scoff
With these words of truth
For they’re the living proof.

“The Coming False”

Written by: Victor P.

“The Coming False”

Beware the coming horrors!
Beware that hellish mark!

The hellish trinity

The second beast
The false prophet with his damnable work

Glorifying the false
Seducing into all error
Killing servants and enemies alike

Marked for damnation

False worship
False fire
False god
False life

The worst is yet to come!
What good are your gods now?
You’ll perish if you shall follow
The masses to a belief hollow.