“Nights End the Days”

Written by: Victor P.

“Nights End the Days”

The lifeless silhouettes of our dreams
And fantasies before our weary eyes,
The days we burned without thought,
The haste with which we heeded lies.

It is all something serious, a heavy burden of shame,
Or is it nothing if all is from nothing to nothing going?
We can gain nothing if nothing will be ours in the end;
We can lose nothing if we’ve never really had anything.


“End the Noise”

Written by: Victor P.

“End the Noise”

Hear, O Lord, and answer,
When the world’s noise is so loud,
Speak louder than all else,
I want to hear Your mighty voice.

Calm the storm in my mind,
The churning seas of uncertainty,
The boiling waves of questions unaswered,
The worries that plague my mind.

Truly, all else is nothing
When all else is compared to You,
You’re incomparable, without equal,
You have no rival and none are greater.

My light in the darkness
And peace among unrest,
You are my righteousness,
You alone are my salvation.

God, cut off the noise in my mind,
Cut through the noise surrounding,
Speak loud, speak in a still small voice,
Speak in any way that I’ll hear You.

Fill my heart with Your love,
Fill my mind with Your peace,
Bring an end to my anxiety,
Break the grip of uncertainty.

I’ve searched and found nothing
In all the offers of the world,
The devil’s offers hide the poison,
My flesh seeks what my spirit hates.

It’s a war I know we all take part in,
Fighting against sin, the world, the devil and self,
I don’t want to be the one that falls
With the ones who give up and give in.

Keep my eyes open and focused
On You above all, Jesus Christ,
Keep me on Your way, in Your will,
Let me not be overcome by the world.

God, I want to hear Your voice
Above all the noise that surrounds me,
To keep You first above all other things
And reach Home where You await me.
Glory to God Alone

“To the Year’s End”

12/27/14. 12/28/14.
Written by: Victor P.

“To the Year’s End”

Let’s come to the end
Of another year
With our old selves,
With our old hearts.

See now as another year comes to an end;
Another many chose to carelessly spend.
We should have taken a stand
And more tried to understand.

There are mysteries we’ve not delved into
And matters we haven’t considered.
Oh, think, how little have we given unto
The God who has us all created?

Oh, what have we taken for granted?
Have we given more than we’ve received?
I say to those who’ve truly repented:
Beyond this is more than we’ve conceived!

We have reached the end, my friends,
Another year has come and gone!
How much have we left undone?
What will await us when our life ends?

The year’s end is like a preview
Of our own life’s eventual end.
We see when we ourselves view:
We borrow much and little lend.

Let’s not wear a mask of hope.
We fail in our attempts to cope
With all these things alone, on our own
But pride whips us, our scars have shown.

Tick, tock; we rarely sit and watch the clock,
With all there is to do we do not have the time for such things;
We so soon lose track of every tick and tock,
We just rush, run, chase, sleep and repeat as time its song sings.

Hurry along in life each day,
Slow down only to sleep.
We have fallen very deep
Into the pit that is everyday.

Let’s set fire to the fields of our dead harvest
And watch it be consumed as we think of the future.
In better things our time and resources invest
And we’ll see the growth of something better, sure.

With each new step we near our graves, that is reality’s sting;
With every exhaled breath we have less remaining.
To waste our time here just accumulating, attaining
Is to miss life’s point and leave it all here but self with nothing.

Oh, let’s leave gems intangible
And memorable etches upon loved hearts;
Attempt to mend loved ones’ broken parts.
Let’s make promises keepable!

Walk into the new night
With an assisted sight;
Words will light the way
And love inside will stay.
Glory to God Alone.

“The End of the Year Approaches”

Written by: Victor P.
Topic: Christmas; Year’s End

“The End of the Year Approaches”

We are only a number of days away from Christmas Day.
It seems like only yesterday we celebrated the last one.
We’re not realizing how fast time flies; gone’s yesterday.
These days too will pass by fast, they too will be gone.

God, You brought us hope!
(But are they reaching out
And are they calling out?)
God, You brought them hope!

This is a season of giving,
To give more than we’ve given,
To see what we’ve taken for granted,
To give more from ourselves, more of ourselves.

God, open our eyes to see what we’ve missed!
The year seems to have passed by just so fast,
It’s hard to believe not long ago we celebrated the last
And now we’re here at the close of another year.

Time moves slow,
Time moves fast
And it does show
Not all will last.

Time moves slow when we don’t want it to
And time moves fast when we don’t want it to.
Sometimes we don’t have enough time to do what we must do
And sometimes we waste time doing what we should not do.

“June End Wishes: That It May Be So.”

Written by: Victor P.

“June End Wishes: That It May Be So.”

May the skeptical, cynical, doubtful, lost,
Receive answers, proof, new view, a way;
May the hateful, bigoted, insolent, irreverent,
Become loving, tolerant, polite, reverent;

May the proud, egoistic, shallow,
Become humble, altruistic, deep;
May the hearts of stone and love gone cold,
Receive warm love, and fleshy heart;

May the lonely, rejected and confused,
Receive company, acceptance and clarity;
May the broken and the scarred,
Receive mending and healing of heart;

May the faithful tried and feeling defeated,
Receive the true assurance of God’s promises;
May those mourning loss of family or friends,
Receive comfort, peace and strength until the end;

May the apathetic, desensitized, indifferent,
Receive sense, purpose, feeling, vitality;
May the traitors, cowards, gossipers, liars,
Become loyal, brave, wise, considerate, honest;

May those tired of waiting for answers to prayers,
Receive patience, hope and understanding of God’s ways;
May it be that to the poor, oppressed, abused, and sin’s slaves,
Will have their needs provided, have freedom, relief, and salvation;

May the sinners guilty, filthy, ashamed, self-loathing,
Receive forgiveness, cleansing, saving, and know their true worth;
May the fathers and mothers raising few or many children,
Receive love, patience, strength, and all for successful raising;

May the living God deserving all our sincere praise and worship,
Receive glory, honor, power, love, trust, and all good, forevermore.

“More About the End”

Written by: Victor P.

“More About the End”

Who’s going to hear their mumbling?
Deaf, blind, mute gods are all worthless,
Don’t waste another breath on that filth,
Turn away and run to the only living God.

Come hear the words of living truth,
Faith will bring to light all the proof,
An escape from the coming wrath,
Abandon now destruction’s path.

Sinking in the mire of sin,
There is nothing to win
When liars come to beg,
Rampant like a plague.

With the muzzle now off
I’ll strike those who scoff
With these words of truth
For they’re the living proof.