“Civil Conversation; Maturity; Safe Spaces” Note by me.

“Civil Conversation; Maturity; Safe Spaces” Note by me.

We all need to learn how to have a civil conversation on any topic, not just a difficult topic.
That’s something our parents should’ve taught us, and what our grandparents, our teachers and elders should’ve taught.
More importantly, that’s what we should’ve heard and listened to and heeded and applied if and when we were taught it by the above-mentioned┬ápeople in our lives.

Maturity is a choice and the accepting of responsibility that leads to growth, which is why I guess many pretend maturity’s optional at best or just it’s a made-up concept that can be ignored and so one can just continue to be immature because according to them that’s really the only way people live and some just try to pretend they’ve matured but have only suppressed their immaturity and just don’t want to live free.

Safe spaces are the bubble wrap of immaturity, a tool that’s used to keep one stuck in immature thinking and have a terrible lack of logic, looking at the world through snowflake lenses.