“Give Up And Don’t”

Written by: Victor P.

“Give Up And Don’t”

Give it up already:
Chasing the wind,
Chasing the illusions,
Giving in to the lies.

Give up the bitterness,
Let go of the regrets,
Unforgiving is half-dead,
Proud is blind by choice.

Not saying it’s easy,
Not saying it won’t take time,
But it’ll make a difference,
It’s worth it to at least try.

Make a choice to keep going,
Make your voice heard,
See, anyone can stop trying
But that won’t solve anything.

To not give up is a battle
But you’re not alone in this,
Don’t shut your eyes to the truth,
Have you found the needed proof?

Your heart may be broken,
Where do you look for mending?
Your soul may be lost now,
Where can it really be saved?

No empty words fill the air,
This isn’t a hollow message,
Not here to give easy answers,
Just trying to share the truth.

What enemies are you facing?
What problems are you solving?
What worries you the most now?
We all need answers to questions.

If you think you’re your own savior,
See how long you can really believe it.
If your hope is in yourself,
You’ll be stuck until it dies.

Can you drop it all now,
Everything that’s killing you,
Everything you don’t need,
Everything that leaves you empty?

Who doesn’t have scars?
Who hasn’t been hurt?
Who hasn’t lost something?
We’re not so different one from another.


“Thoughts About Life at Night”

Written by: Victor P.

“Thoughts About Life at Night”

Just stay awake a little longer,
Let many thoughts fill your mind,
Think of problems and solutions,
Think of possibilities and challenges.

Just fall asleep, tomorrow’s coming,
A new page in a chapter of your life,
You story here is far from over,
Tomorrow won’t repeat today.

You can’t live in the past,
You can’t live in the future,
Live in the present, realize
You don’t need to stay the same.

Face today and its problems
One at a time, no need to rush,
Don’t let doubt rob you of trust,
Don’t lose your hope, keep it alive.

You have enough on your plate now,
Don’t go for seconds until you finish
What is before you, what you’re facing,
It may not be easy but it must be done.

It’s not an easy thing to do,
I understand, I’m not a fool,
But doing nothing isn’t progress,
You’re not here to wither and die.

Some things you want but won’t get,
Some things in life will hurt terribly,
Some things you’ll never understand,
But life here is still worth living.

We haven’t all experienced the same things,
We haven’t all faced the same problems,
But we can relate to many things,
We’re not robots, we’re not heartless.

A listening ear, real presence,
A smile to a friend and stranger
A healthy optimism for the future;
Can we all have? Can we all give?

Just stay awake a little longer
And let your thoughts at night
Give way to sleep, tomorrow’s calling,
You haven’t seen what the future will bring.

“When I See”

Written by: Victor P.

“When I See”

When I see you
I look into your eyes
And I think of possibilities
Before doubts push them away
And I’m left uncertain again,
What can tomorrow bring
For me? For you?
Have we both been waiting?
We can start moving, doing,
Words will replace silence,
One fear is overcome.

“At Arm’s Length”

Written by: Victor P.

“At Arm’s Length”

At arm’s length,
We grow colder,
Increase distance,
Decrease care.

Foolish to pretend
To be perfect
In this world
Of imperfect people.

To be real is
To be vulnerable,
To love is to risk,
But it’s worth it.

I hope we realize it
Sooner than later.

Sunday Praise (39) 6/2/19

Sunday Praise (39) 6/2/19. by me.

The day begins with darkness,
The night covers the lands,
The dawn welcomes morning,
God, You’ve made it this way.

The sun rises in the east
And moves until we see
It then sets in the west
And the day comes to an end.

It’s interesting to think about
The way things happen daily,
And we take it for granted
As if nothing will change.

We rush and follow distractions
And we lose focus of You, Lord,
You call us to be still and know
You are the true and living God.

It’s strange that many don’t
Worship You, God Almighty,
Like You don’t matter or exist
But You sustain their very existence.

Lord, it takes more than just time
To realize what’s truly important
In this life we live here on Earth
And what matters eternally.

To fix our eyes on Jesus Christ
Gives life stability and hope.
To do all things for Your glory
Is an honor, a blessing, imperative.

The blood of the Lamb of God
Can wash away our guilt and sins.
The blood of Jesus Christ the Savior
Can make us whole again, give new life.

By His Blood, by His death on Calvary
He has ransomed us, redeemed us,
Made atonement for all of our sins,
We’re saved by God’s grace through faith in Christ.

By His death Christ reconciled us
To the Father, now we’re God’s children.
We see what a great manner of love it is
That we are and are called His children!

There’s hope and meaning for us,
We live not like the worldlings now,
We’re soldiers in Christ’s army,
We have on the full armor of God.

In You, Father, Lord Almighty,
I find refuge, rest, and comfort.
It’s a blessing to praise You,
To enter into Your presence.

May the fire of Your joy and presence
Be my trust, experience, and delight.
May my heart ever be filled, o Lord,
With Your love, to ever glorify You.

I can never forget the Cross
On which Christ died for my sins,
He shed His blood, He died for me,
The innocent One died for the guilty.

I can never thank You enough
For all that You’ve done for me.
I know You’re the only one worthy
To receive all honor, glory, praise.

King of kings and Lord of lords,
I bow to You in humility now.
God of gods and Almighty Sovereign,
I fall prostrate before You, Holy One.

I am realizing it more each day
How important it is to have Your love
In the heart and in the life,
In word and in deed show Your love.

You’re always near, always with us,
Our Father in Heaven, be blessed,
Glory to You now and forevermore,
Holy and righteous, just and loving.

You make whiter than the snow
Those who are Your children
By the blood of Jesus Christ
The Lamb of God slain for sinners.

Glory to Your name, living God,
Praise and laud be given to You,
Adoration and reverence by all
Is Your due, holy and true Lord.

Savior of sinners, Healer of souls,
Redeemer and Ransomer of the lost
Slaves to sin, children of the enemy,
You adopt those who will believe on You.

You rescue the lost and the wretched,
You restore the broken and ruined,
You mend and heal the deepest wounds,
You comfort, You sympathize, You love.

There is truly no one like You,
You’re the true and living God,
All counterfeits be damned,
Be lifted above all, Almighty!

You’re exalted in the nations,
You’re glorified by Your children,
You’re glorified by Your creation,
Now and forevermore be glorified!

“A Little Rest”

Written by: Victor P.

“A Little Rest”

So little silence,
So much noise,
All these distractions
Make me numb.

Trying to think,
Trying to rest,
Trying to manage
My breathing here.

Trying to feel
The same way
I did before.
Life is changing.

Mind is cluttered,
Heart is weary,
I need quiet,
I need rest.

I pray and I try,
I wait for the passing
Of the empty moments
And the grey days.

I think it’s coming,
Some rest for heart and mind,
A break from the rushing
Of weekday work and all else.

The weekend is here
And I won’t waste it,
I’ve heard much noise,
I was distracted often.

I’ve made little time
For what’s important,
I’ll make up for it now,
It’s the least I can do.

Interrupting the routine,
A little solitude here,
Time to think and rest
Albeit for a little while.

It’s quiet now,
The noise stopped,
Distractions are removed,
This is what I needed.

A blessing in plain sight,
Won’t take it for granted,
Won’t waste what I’m given,
I’ll make use of what I have.

I am content
With what I have
When I count my blessings,
When I thank God for it all.

“God’s Gospel is For All Sinners, For All of Us” Note by me.

“God’s Gospel is For All Sinners, For All of Us” Note by me.

Jesus Christ can set a person free in the most meaningful and true sense of the word.
He can free a sinner from the deserved punishment, from the penalty of committed sins, from the burden of guilt and shame, from condemnation and misery.
He can give rest to restless hearts, relief to troubled minds, comfort to the grieving, assurance to the doubting.
Yes, Christ can save sin’s slaves and make them His saints. He can redeem them. He can remake them. He can change them for the better, so they can become who they’re meant to be.

There is hope for fools and wretches.
There is hope for the hopeless, the condemned, the outcasts, addicts and criminals, degenerates and vile men and women.
Christ is the only hope for all these and all other people. The Gospel is the light of truth for all if us sinners, it’s the good news we all need and the message we’d be utter fools to reject, ignore, scoff at.

Today could be your last day alive and if you die unsaved, if you reject the Gospel, if you die without Christ, you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself.
God has made Christ the only Way to salvation, and peoples’ feelings and opinions against God’s way doesn’t change the reality that it is just as God says it is and other beliefs and ways won’t change it.

God calls all sinners daily to repent and believe, to come to Christ, to be saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ. He calls men and women, children and the middle-aged and the elderly, no matter what their skin color is, no matter where they live or work, no matter how much wrong they’ve done, no matter what sins they’ve committed in public or in private. All sinners, all people, are called by God to repent, to confess their sins and ask for God’s forgiveness, to be saved by Christ, to be reconciled to God the Father through Christ the Son.

God’s Gospel is the best news sinners can get and are given, the light that shines in the dark world to sinners who all need a Savior to rescue, redeem, remake, restore, strengthen, sanctify them, give them a purpose and mission in life to glorify God and obey Christ’s commands and His Great Commission, to become who they were created by God to be.
Thank God for the Gospel. Thank God for Jesus Christ. Sinners can be saved, there’s hope and love and true life and purpose still. Come to God through Christ today. It’ll be too late when you die.

God loves you and He wants you to love Him as a child loves and obeys his parent.
He calls the rebels to surrender to His sovereign rule. He calls the unbelievers to open their hearts and minds and believe and receive His truth. God calls sinners to repentance, to true life, to salvation, to true purpose, to restoration and renovation and renewal.

Glory to God for His love and holiness, His grace and mercy, His wisdom and longsuffering, His Gospel and His Son Jesus Christ!