“Don’t Be Stiff, Man” (satire)

Written by: Victor P.

“Don’t Be Stiff, Man” (satire)

Don’t be stiff, man, loosen up,
Fill your blissful ignorance’s cup,
Don’t be cold, better to be lukewarm,
In the middle’s all right and no harm.

Don’t reprove, that’s just mean,
Don’t rebuke, that’s just obscene,
Just don’t say there’s objective truth,
It’s all subjective, we don’t need proof.

Some things Jesus didn’t know, man,
But we’re smarter than He was then,
We’re modern and progressive, see,
What we are now is what we will be.

Some things Jesus couldn’t have said,
They were added after he was dead,
You just need to be nice to people, man,
And be the very best you that you can.


“Almighty God, Be Praised”

“Almighty God, Be Praised”

These mountains You have made, God,
These trees You have given life,
This lake You have filled with water,
This sky You have stretched east, west, north, south.

You have given life to all these living things,
Your Word has created all these things I now see,
All that is in the air, on the ground, in the water,
All for Your glory, to praise Your name, Almighty God!

There is beauty in the things You have created,
Creation proclaims Your majesty, it glorifies You.
You are Sovereign God from everlasting to everlasting,
Yesterday, today and forever You are the same.

Here I am in this place for only a little time
But even in so little time I feel renewed,
A sense of wonder, a glimpse of the vastness of Earth,
My eyes have seen Your creation in a new light.

In the darkest darkness
And in the brightest light
You will still see me, God,
I am never out of Your sight.

In this body You have given me,
In this fragile vessel of flesh
Prone to sickness, death, and decay,
In it I will praise You until my very last day.

May all that is within me, Lord, praise You,
With words sincere, be they simple or grand,
In spirit and truth may I worship You;
You have saved me, I will glorify You now and forever!


“Don’t be ignorant of the enemy, and don’t be ignorant of God’s power” written by me.

“Don’t be ignorant of the enemy, and don’t be ignorant of God’s power” written by me.

–Note: This note was actually originally a comment I made on someone’s post in a group I’m part of in Facebook but I think it’s worth sharing here, for your benefit, possible commenting upon or correcting of, but most importantly may these words bring glory to God and speak truth.–

While we can’t and shouldn’t say that we only sin because the devil makes us do it, we must realize that the devil does tempt and trick and corrupt people and preys on their weaknesses to achieve his vile purposes but the fact that we fall for these tricks and sin as a result of being deceived by the devil does not make us innocent, we are still culpable, accountable for our actions, responsible for keeping our mental, physical and spiritual defenses up and be on guard against the enemy’s many evil tools and methods and attack tactics and tricks.

We must ever be awake and aware of the enemy and his strategies and methods and be on guard lest we become easy prey for his attacks and lies.

We must ever rely on God to guard us, help us, lead us, guide us, always, in all things, for we cannot stand against the enemy and hope to win alone, without God being our victory we shall have no victory.

We must depend upon God and trust Him and surrender to Him and know that without Him we can do nothing, we can’t win a battle much less a war against the enemy of our souls, against temptations, against sins, against all forms and servants of evil.

Let us not be naive, ignorant of the enemy and his ways and strength, nor take lightly the enemy as if he is no threat or problem to us, for he surely is and to underestimate him and his power is foolish; that’s why we must ever lean upon the Lord and His power and strength and not our own understanding of this or that.

Wisdom doesn’t begin with us, and the victory doesn’t come by us nor belong to us, and the glory does not go or belong to us. Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord; victory comes by and from and belongs to the Lord; and the glory must all go and belong to God, always.

Know your enemy, soldiers of Christ, and before that know and love and trust the Lord who alone can save you and bring you victory in this life, in the battles you’ll face, in the struggles small and great. Ever trust the Lord, ever love Him, ever obey Him, ever glorify Him!

“June End Wishes: That It May Be So.”

Written by: Victor P.

“June End Wishes: That It May Be So.”

May the skeptical, cynical, doubtful, lost,
Receive answers, proof, new view, a way;
May the hateful, bigoted, insolent, irreverent,
Become loving, tolerant, polite, reverent;

May the proud, egoistic, shallow,
Become humble, altruistic, deep;
May the hearts of stone and love gone cold,
Receive warm love, and fleshy heart;

May the lonely, rejected and confused,
Receive company, acceptance and clarity;
May the broken and the scarred,
Receive mending and healing of heart;

May the faithful tried and feeling defeated,
Receive the true assurance of God’s promises;
May those mourning loss of family or friends,
Receive comfort, peace and strength until the end;

May the apathetic, desensitized, indifferent,
Receive sense, purpose, feeling, vitality;
May the traitors, cowards, gossipers, liars,
Become loyal, brave, wise, considerate, honest;

May those tired of waiting for answers to prayers,
Receive patience, hope and understanding of God’s ways;
May it be that to the poor, oppressed, abused, and sin’s slaves,
Will have their needs provided, have freedom, relief, and salvation;

May the sinners guilty, filthy, ashamed, self-loathing,
Receive forgiveness, cleansing, saving, and know their true worth;
May the fathers and mothers raising few or many children,
Receive love, patience, strength, and all for successful raising;

May the living God deserving all our sincere praise and worship,
Receive glory, honor, power, love, trust, and all good, forevermore.

“Must Not Be”

Written by: Victor P.

“Must Not Be”

Where any or all purity is absent
There the taste of hell is present.
We are the ones who gave consent
To watch their future be to hell sent.

Beckoning of widespread fornication,
Pollute even further this dying nation.
Rape the trust so fast it may never come back,
Drink disgrace for an intentional discretion lack.

Ignoring responsibility and like a fool go with the crowd
But how sad is that fall, doing what God hasn’t allowed.
Consequences will surely follow, transgressors, repent now.
It’s not worth the wrath heaped up against a life so shallow.