Sunday Praise (79) 3/8/20

Sunday Praise (79) 3/8/20. by me.

From the rising of the sun
To the setting of the same,
Lord, You are the Holy One,
Blessed be Your holy name!

I will sing to You
With Your children,
We will worship You
In spirit and in truth.

I will sincerely praise You
Because You deserve it,
Your Holy Spirit leads me
To glorify You every day.

Shine Your light,
Shine, Jesus, shine,
Dispel the darkness,
Illuminate my heart.

Set my heart on fire
To worship You daily,
In word and in deed
To obey You, Father.

I will pray to You
Every single day,
I know You hear me,
I know You answer.

I am free in Christ,
I am born again,
You live in me,
I abide in You.

You are dear to me,
My greatest treasure,
Nothing can compare
To You, Jesus Christ.

I will praise You,
God, You’re worthy
Of all the glory,
You alone deserve it.

My soul will bless You,
My lips will thank You,
I will give You my best,
A sincere offering.

Clothed in light,
You are mighty,
Righteous and holy,
Merciful and just.

I will call upon You,
You will hear me,
You answer, o Lord,
According to Your will.

I will seek Your face,
Shine Your light on me,
I will follow You, Lord,
I will trust and obey.

Lord, You are good,
You are awesome,
There’s none like You,
No other god is alive.

You show Your greatness
Many times in the past
And You’re still showing it,
There’s no denying You’re great.

May the people praise You
For the many great things
You have done for them,
You have shown Your power.

You’re the strength of the weak,
You’re the only hope of nations,
You’re the Savior every soul needs
You’re the joy every heart can have.

I thank You for health,
For being able to do
The things I can do
For Your glory, Lord.

Be exalted, Almighty,
Above the heavens,
May Your glory be
Over all the earth.

Your mercy holds me,
You hear my groans,
You know my sorrows
And You know my hurts.

In my darkest times
You have been with me,
You never abandoned me,
My Comforter, my Father.

All who rise against You
Will fall before You,
None can defeat You,
Rebellion is foolishness.

You’ve always existed,
You were not created,
From everlasting to everlasting
You are the true and living God.

Great are Your works
Known by Your people,
They gather to praise You
For what You do, o Lord.

Your work is glory and beauty
And Your truth endures forever.
You’re merciful and compassionate.
Glory to You, my Lord, in the highest.

Blessed is the one who loves
And obeys You, God Almighty,
Seeks to obey Your will,
Strives to walk in Your ways.

Their heart is fixed
Who trust in You,
Their eyes will see
Your mighty works.

God, I will extol You,
Bless Your holy name,
Praise You, King of kings,
Here and in eternity.

The earth will tremble
Before Your face, Lord,
All will bow down
Before You, God.

You have rescued many,
You’ve done amazing things,
I will remember Your deeds
Done for me and many others.

Sunday Praise (76) 2/16/20

Sunday Praise (76) 2/16/20. by me.

A new day has begun
And with the rising of the sun
The warmth will soon come
And much activity will begin.

It is all set in motion,
The day’s commotion,
Events take place,
Much must be done.

What a wonderful day
You have made today.
Thank You for the church,
For a blessed meeting.

I will sing to You
For all of my life.
My soul will bless
You who created it.

Your love knows no bounds,
Your mercy is like no others’,
I will praise You who is worthy
Of glory, honor, riches, thanks.

Jesus, You are my Lord,
Christ, You are my Savior,
You are my strong Leader,
Author and finisher of my faith.

You’re my fortress, God,
Hard as granite, Master,
I walk with You knowing
You are my victory, Lord.

Great is Your mercy
Toward me, toward us,
You sent Your Son to die
For sinners, to save them.

Who can keep silent
Knowing all You’ve done?
How much You’ve done for all!
How deserving You are of glory!

I trust in You, Lord,
You know me wholly,
I’m loved by You,
I am Your child.

You are my hiding place,
A place of refuge, safety,
For all who hope in You,
There is none better, God.

Be not far from me,
I need always You,
You sustain me, Lord,
Every moment of my life.

You have rescued me
More times than I recall,
I have been redeemed
By Jesus Christ the Lord.

You see everything,
You know everything,
Nothing is hidden
From You, living God.

You are holding my hand
And You are leading me
In Your way everlasting,
I am growing in trusting.

When my time here is up
You will receive me, Lord,
I will be forever with You,
There’s nowhere better to be.

It’s good to be here,
In Your holy presence,
To praise You, Father,
To declare Your deeds.

Oh, You do not forget
Who Your children are,
They know You, Abba,
You know them, Father.

You created everything
For Your glory, Lord.
Creation points to You,
It glorifies You, Creator.

Your name is near,
You are amazing,
Worthy to be praised,
Worthy of all glory.

You are the Judge,
You judge perfectly,
You make no mistakes,
Perfect in all Your ways.

Great is Your name
Among Your people,
They love to declare
Your works, O Lord.

May all who gather around You
Bring You gifts, Almighty God.
You are glorious and holy,
Righteous, kind, all-powerful.

I raise my voice to You,
You hear me when I call,
You answer according to Your will,
According to Your wisdom, Father.

My Lord, may I not forget
About Your deeds in my life
You are living and active,
I thank You, I glorify You.

It is good to know about You,
It is a blessing to know You, God.
It is an honor to be Your servant,
The greatest joy to be Your child.

You have done so much,
Help me to give witness
To Your great works in my life
And in the lives of many others.

Have mercy on us
When we sin again,
Forgive us our sins,
Wash us clean, Savior.

We are ransomed,
We are redeemed,
We are Your children
And You are our Father.

We are Your nation, Your people,
We are the sheep of Your pasture,
From age to age we will glorify You
God from everlasting to everlasting.

Lord, restore us,
Shine Your face
And we will be
Saved by You.

Behold us from above,
Visit Your chosen people,
We are in need of You,
Help us in times of trouble.

Help us to rejoice in You,
To joyfully sing to You
You are our salvation,
You are our one Savior.

We will have no other gods befors You,
You are our hope, living and true God.
King of kings and Lord of lords forever,
Worthy of all the glory, God Almighty!

“Give Up And Don’t”

Written by: Victor P.

“Give Up And Don’t”

Give it up already:
Chasing the wind,
Chasing the illusions,
Giving in to the lies.

Give up the bitterness,
Let go of the regrets,
Unforgiving is half-dead,
Proud is blind by choice.

Not saying it’s easy,
Not saying it won’t take time,
But it’ll make a difference,
It’s worth it to at least try.

Make a choice to keep going,
Make your voice heard,
See, anyone can stop trying
But that won’t solve anything.

To not give up is a battle
But you’re not alone in this,
Don’t shut your eyes to the truth,
Have you found the needed proof?

Your heart may be broken,
Where do you look for mending?
Your soul may be lost now,
Where can it really be saved?

No empty words fill the air,
This isn’t a hollow message,
Not here to give easy answers,
Just trying to share the truth.

What enemies are you facing?
What problems are you solving?
What worries you the most now?
We all need answers to questions.

If you think you’re your own savior,
See how long you can really believe it.
If your hope is in yourself,
You’ll be stuck until it dies.

Can you drop it all now,
Everything that’s killing you,
Everything you don’t need,
Everything that leaves you empty?

Who doesn’t have scars?
Who hasn’t been hurt?
Who hasn’t lost something?
We’re not so different one from another.

“Unfinished Page”

Written by: Victor P.

“Unfinished Page”

Today is not a finished page
And much can still happen
Before this day is gone.
Life is full of surprises.

I lie awake and think,
The night tells me
What the day cannot;
Now I am relieved.

Until I’m taken again
Where I don’t remember
What I did or what I saw,
I am here and waiting.

What to do and what not to
Stays in the mind for long
But choices must be made;
Made in mind is not enough.

Reward can’t come before risk,
Venture for a chance to gain,
Not fooling self or being fooled
By many offers not worth a thing.

Amends and changes
For what I can’t undo.
What I can’t forget
I try to live with.

Restless when overwhelmed,
Too tired from being too busy,
I get away to take a break
To see the beauty I’ve missed.

Here but not for too long,
Inaction’s not my way to live,
Thinking of more possibilities,
Letting go of empty words.

Days won’t pass in vain
When the heart is fixed
On the joy and purpose,
Living meaning strengthens.

Sunday Praise (53) 9/8/19

Sunday Praise (53) 9/8/19. by me.

This is another gift from You,
Lord, You have made it all
For Your glory, to praise You,
To declare Your sovereignty.

The sun rose in the morning,
Shone and warmed in the day,
Set in the west to welcome
The night and the moon.

My soul rejoices in You,
You’re my strength in life,
My Savior and salvation,
My hope and victory.

Life is not meaningless,
You’re the meaning of it,
To glorify You and enjoy You
Forever, Lord, a blessed state.

Negativity comes in life,
Struggles to overcome,
Growth through pain,
All a part of Your plan.

I think about Heaven again
Where we won’t get sick,
We won’t get old or die,
You’ll wipe our tears away.

It seems so far off from now
But life’s shorter than we think
And years go by like a moment
And we reach the day of our death.

I will rejoice in You here
Daily walking by faith,
Seeking Your face
And growing in love.

I’m a pilgrim here, I know,
A stranger, a sojourner,
This world is not my home,
God, You are my home.

I will wait until the day
I’ll see You face to face,
I’ll be amazed and humbled,
I will praise and worship You.

I will finally be home,
I will be with You, Lord,
Eternal life will be
A long-awaited final union.

There is much beauty in the world,
I realize even the simple things
We overlook, take for granted,
They’re Your beautiful creation.

I’ll bless Your holy name
Until the day that I die
And then forever and ever
I’ll praise, worship, glorify You!

My soul will exalt You
Among all the nations,
I will not be ashamed
Of knowing and loving You.

Help us to use our time wisely,
To do all things for Your glory,
To keep Your promises in mind
And live by faith, love, and hope.

I am crucified with Christ,
It’s no longer I who live,
Jesus Christ lives in me;
What an honor and a joy!

I know that blessed is the one
Whose strength is in You, God,
And most blessed is the soul
Saved by Jesus Christ forever.

I am happy that You love me,
You know all my imperfections,
How often I fall, fail, sin, stumble,
You call me to repentance, to change.

Fill my heart with Your love,
Help me to love others
As You love me, Father,
Teach me to love and live.

Every new day is a gift
From Your hand, Creator,
I have taken for granted
Too many things before.

I am always dependent on You,
You sustain me every moment,
I will grow in faith, love, obedience,
Doing Your will, do all to Your glory.

Sunday Praise (51) 8/25/19

Sunday Praise (51) 8/25/19. by me.

The day has come and gone,
You’ve given it to us as a gift
From Your merciful hand,
You’re a loving heavenly Father.

As we gather may Your Spirit dwell within us,
We are gathered in the name of Jesus Christ,
To declare Your praises in the congregation,
To exalt Your holy name, for You are worthy.

You’re my strength when I’m weak
And You’re the treasure that I seek,
I have come to desire nothing more
Than loving and glorifying You, Lord.

Jesus, Lamb of God, You’re worthy
To be praised by every person,
May all bow down and confess
You are Lord, God, Savior, forever.

Change my heart, o Lord my God,
Make it ever true to You, Master,
May I be like You, doing Your will,
Growing in obedience and love.

Draw me close to You, Abba,
I need to enter Your presence
Humbled and with a sincere heart
Seeking Your face, a child in need.

Father in Heaven, life here isn’t easy,
I get tired, frustrated, discouraged,
I am always in need of You, my God,
You sustain me every moment here.

I haven’t served You all my life,
Too many years I was dead in sin,
A lost soul condemned by unbelief
But now I am alive in Jesus Christ.

You’re all I want, the world hates that,
My flesh wars against my spirit,
I am weak but You are strong, God,
I run to You, You’re my hope and life.

God, You’re all I’ve ever needed
But I haven’t always known it,
I was Your enemy before You saved me,
Now I am Your child forever, Abba.

I’m humbled by Your love for me,
I know that I don’t deserve it at all,
You’re more than I can grasp now,
Who You are amazes me daily.

I’m no longer a slave to sin,
I’m no longer a slave to fear,
Your Holy Spirit lives within,
You are ever here, ever near.

I am ransomed, I’m redeemed
By the blood of Jesus Christ,
I value this above all things,
I am forever Yours, living God.

Your creation is wonderful,
Your beauty is breathtaking,
You’re more wonderful and holy
Than I realize now in this state.

You give me words to write
Praising Your holy name again,
I seek to better worship You,
Strengthen me, heavenly Father.

Help me prepare for Communion,
To partake in that sacrament,
To do it in remembrance of You,
Holy One, Lord of all, my Savior.

The Earth is full of Your glory,
Your works are manifest to all,
None have excuse for unbelief,
All need a Savior, all need You.

I am in awe of who You are,
Every new day I get a glimpse
Of Your glory, Your majesty,
I praise You, living and true God.

Nothing can separate me from Your love,
The world and Satan and flesh will try
But will fail for Your promise is sure,
None will pluck me from Your hand, God.

I’m still learning to love and obey You,
Your grace is sufficient for me,
Your strength is made complete
In my weakness, You’re my strength.

Fill me daily with Your Holy Spirit,
Guide me on the narrow road,
Fill my heart with gratitude,
Fill my lips with thanksgiving.

I will grow in love and faith,
Trusting in You more each day,
Learning from many mistakes,
Living a holy life You call me to live.

I will rejoice in You, my God,
You deserve my whole heart
And soul and mind and life,
You’re my everything forever.

“Less Wasted Time”

Written by: Victor P.

“Less Wasted Time”

Smalltalk is such a bore,
Wasting time with empty words,
Shallow talk from hollow hearts,
Superficial, stuck on the surface.

Want the new, sick of the old,
Want to dig a little deeper now,
Don’t see the point in pretending,
Wasted time trying to save face.

Standing on the side more,
Not quick to conclude things,
Learning to hear and listen better,
Choosing words more carefully.

Not on a pedestal to be seen and
Held up as a great example to follow,
Imperfect like everyone else,
Falling, failing, rising, learning.

Leave the fools to spout their nonsense,
Can’t help but pity them for their emptiness,
But I can still see some of myself in them,
Can’t say I’m wise enough to live as I should yet.

Sunday Praise (50) 8/18/19

Sunday Praise (50) 8/18/19. by me.

What a wonderful new day it is
You’ve given me to live, O Lord.
I thank You for the oppurtunity
To praise You with Your Church.

With brothers and sisters in Christ
I lift up Your holy name, Abba, Father,
None are worthy of all glory and praise,
You deserve it, You’re living and true.

The sun rose and light has filled
The Earth I see until the horizon,
While others sleep so far away
Here the day moves, so active.

The universe is in Your hand,
You’re Creator, Maker, Architect,
Sovereign Ruler, King of kings,
Lord of lords, God Almighty.

The heavens praise You for Your deeds,
The Earth is full of Your glory, Lord,
In many congregations of Your saints,
Your holy name is exalted above all.

How great are Your works, Creator,
Wonderfully deep are Your thoughts,
Your beautiful creation rejoices me,
I’m awe-filled by the works of Your hands.

Many times I had nearly fallen deep
But Your hand of mercy upheld me.
In the increase of troubles in my heart
Your comforts were sweet to my soul.

I will sing to You all the days of my life;
The air in my lungs, heartbeat in my chest,
You’ve given me this gift, Creator of all,
While I have breath I will praise You, Lord.

My heart will bless Your name,
My soul will bless You, God,
With all that is within me
I will praise You, glorify You.

Your love knows no borders,
Truly it is like no other love,
Your mercy humbles me,
Your truth endures forever.

Lord, You’re my life’s foundation,
Christ, the Rock of my salvation,
Worthy to be loved and obeyed,
Above all exalted in the highest.

What I see and hear and read
I will use to praise You, Lord,
Lover of my soul, my all in all,
You’re my everything, living God.

Strong Leader, teach me to follow You,
Teach to love and obey You more daily,
I know I fail and stumble and fall often,
You reach out Your hand, You help me.

Teach me to do Your will, Abba,
To obey You as Christ obeyed You,
To trust in You with my whole heart
And not lean on my own understanding.

Teach me to love Your commandments,
Teach me to obey them as I should,
To learn obedience as Jesus Christ did,
As a child loves and obeys a loving parent.

Because of Your mercy, O Lord,
I have not died, have not perished,
You have shown me how to live,
You’re the Way, the Truth, the Life.

I find no greater comfort here than
Knowing You love me, God in Heaven,
You’ve saved me, gave me a new life,
I am Yours now and forevermore, Lord.

Great is Your faithfulness, God,
You are mighty in the highest,
You’re exalted in all the nations,
You’re exalted in all the Earth.

From everlasting to everlasting
You are the true and living God,
There is no other Savior but Christ,
There is no other God but You!

What You have given all of us
I praise You for everything, Lord,
Ever be exalted, Christ Jesus,
Glory to You my Savior, the Word.

Sunday Praise (49) 8/11/19

Sunday Praise (49) 8/11/19. by me.

God, it’s You I see
Everywhere I go,
You’re not silent,
You’re not inactive.

You’re the living God,
You’re the true God,
Master, Potter, Maker,
Creator, Sustainer, Lord.

Deliverer, Redeemer, Savior,
King of kings, Lord of lords,
Heavenly Father, Sovereign,
Love, Light, Consuming Fire.

My life is in You, Sustainer,
My hope is in You, Deliverer,
My strength is in You, Lord,
My salvation is in You, Savior.

I’m not as wise as I could be
But You’re daily teaching me,
Conforming me to Christ’s likeness,
Making me who I should really be.

It’s not a quick process,
I’m not a quick learner,
But You’re a patient Teacher
And You’re a loving Father.

With strength and love
Fill my life, loving Lord,
I’m always in need of You,
You’re my all in all, my everything.

Not a day goes by that I don’t have
Something to thank You for, God,
Not a moment goes by that I don’t need
You in my soul and heart and life, Abba.

I took some moments today
To look around and observe
Things I see daily but overlook
For the workweek’s busyness.

I can see nature’s not silent,
It’s not here to merely exist,
Creation points to You,
It glorifies You, God Almighty.

I see the grass on the ground
And the leaves on the trees,
I see the clouds and blue sky
It’s all the work of Your hands.

You put it there for a reason,
It’s not there without purpose,
It’s not a meaningless thing,
It’s all there for Your glory.

You have given it a voice,
The breeze begins to speak,
You have given it a way
To praise You, Creator.

I receive what You’ve given,
Bask in the present moment,
The world seems calmer now,
I rest in Your presence, Abba.

Here I am and here are You,
You’re always with me, God,
But feelings of loneliness
Come and go often, Lord.

I know I can’t run away from You
Yet sometimes I try because I sin
And shame fills me, I want to hide
But I can’t hide from Your light.

When I sin, You convict me,
You call me to repentance,
You still forgive, You still love,
Abba, You call me to Yourself.

I have made many more mistakes
Than there are hairs upon my head,
I’ve done more wrong than I remember,
You’ve forgiven me more than I deserve.

It’s good for me to be with You,
Whatever happens, You’re with me,
Your love humbles me, Father,
I praise You for all that You are!

Holy One, I am unclean, I’m guilty,
I make the choices to speak ill,
My heart needs cleansing, Lord,
Remove the filth, purge out the poison.

It’s good to praise You, God,
I need to do it more often,
I want to always be sincere
When I praise and worship You.

May I worship You, holy God,
In spirit and in truth always,
Giving You what is Your due,
Giving You what You deserve.

You’ve rejoiced my heart,
You’re the God of my salvation,
I am amazed that You love,
Forever Yours, nevermore alone.

My heart will rejoice in You,
Praise will come to You,
Holy One, be blessed forever
And glorified for all eternity.

You are worthy to be loved,
Worthy to be praised, adored,
Deserving of glory and worship,
Deserving of our lives and hearts.

Glory to You in the highest,
Blessed be Your holy name,
I will thank You and praise You
Until I die and then forevermore.