“Before You Were My God”

Written by: Victor P.

“Before You Were My God”

I remember the darkest part of me
Lashing out at the best of You, God.
My rebellion against You from inside a dark pit
Showed me what a fool I was without You.

Lost in the maze of self,
Led by my foolish pride
I found my own rule,
I made my own way.

I’ve been my own god,
I reigned over all of me,
A slave to sin with a crown of self,
A usurper with a false claim to the throne.

I’ve long known the emptiness
Of being my own god and king,
I’ve learned what misery it brings,
I’ve learned what company it loves.

You called me to something more
Than I’ve existed for
But I ignored it for years
Until the void nearly killed me.

Suffocating, choking on pride,
Self-afflicted couldn’t hide
From the light You showed me
Or the truth You’ve spoken.

God, You’ve deposed me,
You’ve dethroned me,
You’ve taken Your rightful place
On the throne of my heart,
I’m a dead false god and king.

I can’t say I’m a man after Your own heart yet,
I don’t know how to begin toward that.
Show me what I’m supposed to do
To get nearer to You, to be like You.


“Oh Brother, oh Sister, Rejoice in the Lord!”

Written by: Victor P.
I hope the words encourage you, brothers and sisters in Christ.

“Oh Brother, oh Sister, Rejoice in the Lord!”

If you feel weak, when you feel so weak
Remember that the Lord is your strength.
If you can’t rejoice in present circumstances,
Oh brother, oh sister, rejoice in the Lord!

When things seem out of control
Remember that God’s still in control.
When the world seems crazier than before
Remember that God’s still on His throne!

When everything seems wrong in the world and humanity
Remember that God will make everything right one day.
When there seems to be so much negativity around
Spread positivity, praise and rejoice in the Lord!

Rejoice in the Lord despite the darkness of the times
For He is your joy and your strength and your song.
Oh brother, oh sister, rejoice in the Lord your God
For He is you light and your hope and your life!

Bring your troubles, bring your pain to the Lord;
It’s difficult now but things will change, so rejoice in the Lord.
This life isn’t easy and problems are bound to come
But keep your head up, soldier of Christ, rejoice in the Lord!

God sees it all and knows the reasons for everything
But we don’t have all the answers so let us rest in His goodness;
We can’t discover all of the whys behind all of the tragedies
So let us trust in God’s perfect will and knowledge.

Let us rejoice in God now while we have time and breath.
Come now, brother, come now, sister, rejoice in the Lord.
It’s because of all that’s happening and all that we don’t know
That we need to trust in the living God and rejoice in Him always!
Glory to God Alone.