Christless sermons may

Christless sermons may come in the form of sweet soft poison or bitter blasphemous poison, but they’re poison either way.

Hearers, beware Christless sermons anywhere.
Discern between the true and false, rebuke when necessary.
Fear not, fight for the truth of God against every lie.
A child of God must not act like a spineless coward, ever.

– Victor P.


Strong words of Jesus Christ and Us.

Strong words of Jesus Christ and Us.
Written by Victor P.

Some of the strong words of Jesus Christ in John 3:16-21 may make some people think:
“Did Jesus really use such strong words?
Did He really mean the thing about evil and people perishing and being condemned/judged?”
There are enough strong words in those verses to make some gasp in disbelief that the Person they claim to believe in (Jesus Christ) could say such things, that His speech could at times sound like what some would call too narrow, too exclusive, or intolerant, or narrow-minded or some other relativistic, post-modern, mumbo jumbo they like to use.
Some of those strong words are (from v. 16-21): perish, condemn, condemnation, darkness, evil, hateth/hates, reproved.
This is by no means the best example of Jesus’ strong/hard words but is one that cannot be ignored without consequence to any of us.

It could come as a surprise to some that in the Bible there’s a distinction between good and evil, true and false, light and dark, love and hate, moral and immoral, holy and unholy, God and Satan, among other things.
Whether it’s surprising or not, the distinctions are there and God has put them there for our good and because the distinctions correspond to reality, for reality is what God says it is, what God makes it.
If we are claiming to be children of God (souls saved by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ, adopted in the family of God, reconciled to God) then we must take all of God’s words seriously, seeking to obey His ways and words and commands by the empowering of the Holy Spirit and by any necessary effort on our part, because we love God.
What God in the Bible calls good, we too must call good; what He calls evil, we must call evil.
What God says to love, we must love; what God says to hate, we must hate.
To not do what God calls us to do, commands us to do, is to disobey Him, and every disobedient child of God is disciplined, chastised, or else they’re not real children of God, not reborn or adopted into His heavenly family; that’s what the book of Hebrews makes clear for anyone who carefully read it.

If we seek to blur the lines set in God’s Word, if we grey the lines of distinction that God put in place, we’ll be left with a distorted presentation of the real, a mangled picture of what God originally gave us, and that is no inconsequential thing.
Conformity to a relativistic, compromising, post-modern, politically correct culture or society or environment is really just the acceptance of foolishness, the conformity to the ways of the world, the world’s wisdom which is to God foolishness.

So we should ask ourselves,
– Do we want to live like or think more like the world or more like the Omniscient God who has given us His revelation through His Word?
– Do we settle for the foolishness of the world, the denial of reality, or accept the reality God has shown in His Word and accept His words of wisdom?

Other Questions:
– How can we (the saved) tell others (the lost) of the light in us if we refuse to tell them there’s darkness in them, in their hearts, that they need the blood of Jesus to wash them clean of all their sins?
– Can we tell them of God’s grace without first telling them of God’s law?

John 3:16-21
“16) For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
17) For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved.
18) He that believeth on Him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
19) And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
20) For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.
21) But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.”

“The Many Lines on the Tenses of Life”

Written by: Victor P.

“The Many Lines on the Tenses of Life”

My God, I’m still searching for words
To express my sincere gratitude and thankfulness
For all You have given me up to this moment
And most of all for grace and salvation.

What can I give to You
Who gave me all I have?
Whatever I have I give back
To You as an offering.

Every single day,
Every single breath,
A gift from You to me
To use and not to waste.

I cannot keep a single thing
I own, whatever I possess,
I’ll leave it all behind when I die
But until then I’ll use it all
For Your glory, my dear God.

I see nothing’s really mine in the end
And even my salvation’s a gift from You,
It’s all from Your beneficent hands, Lord,
It’s all because of Your unfailing love.

I have felt the warmth
Your presence brings.
I have seen the works
Your hands have wrought.

All these days go by one by one,
With all the routine and predictability
And it starts to seem like nothing
Will change the repetition of routine.

In the dull and the boring days
And in the busy and hectic ones
My mind gets a little lost in the stress
And You call me to seek Your face.

Every day’s a little different
And sometimes You speak to me clearly
Arresting my attention to focus
Once again on Your Beloved Son.

Christ’s hands and feet were pierced,
His head bloody from the crown of thorns,
His side was pieced, blood and water flowed out,
On the Cross He bled and died for the sins of the world.

I think about it for a while sometimes
But my finite mind still can’t grasp it:
That You the Omnipotent let mortals kill Christ
So He’d make atonement for the sins of people.

I know I stood guilty when I was still unsaved,
I was against You then, I was rebelling against all You are,
I was among those who killed Jesus Christ,
I may as well have nailed Him to the Cross myself.

My guilt and shame were eating me up inside,
There was no peace inside, it was an empty life,
I was chasing nothing hoping to catch something,
My existence without knowing You was hopeless.

Your grace reached my unsaved soul,
Your love turned my stone heart to flesh,
You saved me from the Hell I deserved,
You forgave my sins, saved me from myself.

You brought me back from the dead,
You saw the unsaved wretch I was then
But You loved me, Christ gave His life for me
To save me, to bring me into Your family.

It’s still a little hard to believe sometimes
That I’ve been bought by the Blood of Your Son,
No longer on the road to Hell, no longer condemned
But it’s the truth You’ve spoken and I believe it.

Are there simple words I can use
Which can relay Your truth
I hold now within my heart
And long to share with the world?

I know there are those who don’t believe
That You’re even real, God, but I know
You’re as real as the most real thing in existence
And I can’t deny, won’t deny that I believe in You!

I’ll keep on writing and speaking the truth
For You’ve called me to live in it and speak it.
I’ll keep writing what I’m living through,
What I’m seeing, what You’re doing, Lord.

I long to see more people come into Your family
And it pains me to see people wasting their lives,
Living for themselves, denying You even exist.
Open my mouth to speak the truth to them.

God, I’m no orator, I’m no hero of any people
And I know You’re not looking for those,
You’re looking for the humble and willing;
I want to be one of the humble and willing.

I’ll be forgotten someday, I know it,
But Your great name will never be forgotten,
It’ll never be erased, You’ll never be forgotten
From the pages of histroy or in the hearts of Your children.

I don’t want fame, don’t care about my own name,
I just want to praise Your name and glorify it, Lord,
I don’t care what the unbelieving say about me,
I care about praising You, honoring Your name.

I want to make Your name known in this world
More than my own, more than every other name,
I want to lift it above every other, bring all others down
And put Yours at the top so it never drops down.

I pray You open these weak lips of mine to speak Your word,
And God, I pray the eyes of the blind unbelievers I meet
Will be opened by Your grace and incomparable love,
That You save the persishing from eternal Hell.

My heart beats with love for You
And I want to share that love with the lost;
I want to tell them, show them what it’s really like
To love and be loved by You, living and true God.

I want to give up everything I have to
To be a living sacrifice, to be all Yours,
Pay the price, count the cost, sacrifice
Everything for You, for Your glory.

Father of the redeemed,
Savior of the lost,
God of all comfort
And of true peace,
Praise and glory all be to You,
Blessed be Your holy name!
Glory to God Alone.

“Fear Not, Christ Overcame”

Written by: Victor P.

“Fear Not, Christ Overcame”

You profess the Deathless Conqueror as your King, so don’t fear mortal humankind!
You claim the resurrected Jesus Christ as your Savior, so don’t fear your inevitable death!
Christ overcame the world, so don’t think you’re defeated!
Christ has redeemed your soul, so don’t think sin has power over you to enslave you!
Christ has transferred you into His Kingdom, so don’t think the devil owns any part of you!
Christ is greater than he who is in the world, so don’t fear a possible victory by the archenemy Satan!
God is always in control, so fear not the devil’s wrath!
God has already won the war, so fear not the war’s outcome!

If we don’t know …

If we don’t know (or worse, don’t want to know) the source of rest (which all people seek whether they admit it or not) then we will not find it. Jesus said seek and you’ll find, not sit and it’ll find you. We must all become informed regarding the source of rest, or we’ll remain restless, maybe even for our whole life. The source of rest is Christ, come to Him all and find the rest you’ve been looking for.

– Victor P.

It’s always better to obey God …

It’s always better to obey God (obey the voice of the Holy Spirit, God and His Word and laws) rather than people. The cost of obeying God rather than people may be big sometimes but it’s always worth it.
Remember, compromise is not a virtue and neither is cowardice.

– Victor P.