“Martyrs, Departers”

Written by: Victor P.

“Martyrs, Departers”

Part 1:
We will get a bullet to the head;
We shall be the innocent dead.
No spotlight martyrs on the stage
For we’re innocents in an evil age!

We bleed as the helpless faithful;
We are ignored and it’s so pitiful.
Oh, this way that we chose to live
Led us those murderers to forgive.

In anonymity we shall surely remain;
Obscurity will encompass us in pain.

Part 2:
We are made silent for your gain:
At your hands we will suffer pain.
In the day hear our screams;
In the night fear your dreams.

Ripping our hands off oh so quickly,
Mind twisted, face pale and sickly.

Your walls are stained with our blood,
Brace yourself for that coming flood
For there is no escape for your kind,
You foolish, hateful, pitiful and blind.

“Unto Readers, Unto Faith Brethren” (P3)

10/7/13. 10/8/13. 10/9/13.
Written by: Victor P.

Series: Manifesto Inspiration Poeticized (3-Part Series)
Part 3

“Unto Readers, Unto Faith Brethren”

Composed elite watch the turning gears of the progress machine:
The changes slowly wrought may appear small or even unseen.
Who is now moving forward and whose love is left to freeze in the cold?
What is the price of progress; who for truth shall stand ready and bold?

Slumber must cease and voices increase, proclaiming the truth!
Let not only your words be heard but also actions be the proof!

Compliance with evil laws equates to sharing in their guilt;
Leave it to fall apart, upon a new foundation to be rebuilt.
Watch as the compromisive cowards wave their flags, turned,
Not knowing that what they have lost now cannot be returned.

Come to defend the helpless, knowing their true worth!
Come to resist the evil spreading throughout the earth!
Now is the time to stop fearing man, be action-instillers!
Now is the time to defend the innocents from the killers!

The gates of hell shall not prevail, the Lord has promised us,
Thus advance and tear down the kingdom of evil with focus!

Punished for doing good, we will suffer the consequences;
We will stand for truth and fight against the evil influences.
Count the cost and do not fear or compromise
For now is the right time to awaken and arise.

Worship only the true and living God,
Obeying Him and bringing Him all laud.
Proclaim His truth and everywhere profess His name;
In the lowest and highest places without any shame!

When commanded to disobey God, obey God rather than men.
Fear not what they may do; obey God in secret and in the open.

Totalitarian countries bring suffering upon the majority,
Forcing disobedience to God’s law, it abrogates its authority.
Utopian concepts fail effective application for they ignore a key problem
And until the problem is addressed, a history of failure will be upon them.

Falsely viewing reality, not understanding the effects of beliefs held –
Oh, how many do not yet realize that words with actions must meld.
Righteous foundations must be upheld
And the giant trees of evil must be felled.

All glory be unto our God, our reigning King, eternally.
Forever His we are and forevermore with Him we shall be!

“Caught Thoughts Upon Present Perusal” (P2)

Written by: Victor P.

Series: Manifesto Inspiration Poeticized (3-Part Series)
Part 2
“Caught Thoughts Upon Present Perusal”

Situational, yes, how selective and unfixed!
Arbitrary decisions leave blood soon mixed.

We cannot ascertain what ought to be from what is.
“Impersonal chance has formed all and we see this.”
One woud not hear such lies
From someone who daily dies.

The drift shall lead to a time when they shall burn
If the blind leading the blind choose not to return.

How many choices have left so many innocents dead?
How many cowards refuse to lift their hands and head?
What darkness descended overnight!
Horror out of mind but in plain sight!

The vehicles of force used upon the unsuspecting
Have left deep scars upon those who are infecting
So many, gone down the road to eternal hell.
Is there an end; if time can’t then who can tell?

Many silent trumpets and slumbering heralds –
Such neglect shall bring undesired rewards.
There comes a time when it becomes too late
To wake the sleeping from their present state.

Oh, conscientious objections and stated dissents!
Forsaken duty allows tyrant hands to kill innocents.
Committed to the cause, salt and light for progress,
Reversing effects, state problems and then address.

Through mechanistic eyes, one sees the world as one blind,
And in this great long war the battleground is in the mind.
Fools push the truths aside to the category of fairy tales
Not seeing that in the end such action in no way avails.

When presented perception of things isn’t based upon facts,
Misinformed individuals are led to commit many foolish acts.

Colder now compassion grows as the storm spreads through the lands
And our dying humanness exhales pained breaths, left in death’s hands.

“Like Silent Foghorns” (P1)

10/5/13. 10/6/13.
Written by: Victor P.

Series: Manifesto Inspiration Poeticized (3-Part Series)
Part 1
“Like Silent Foghorns”

Defective eyes see the broken world,
Not seeing the impotence of either to save,
For neither can save from the hell deserved.

Souls perish when the lie is spread,
Yes, the fools’ lie that God is dead!

Neglected dimensions reveal lacking comprehension.
Oh how many pious hands divide blood and wind!
Impotent hands have replaced conquering words
And steel spines have been traded for frail ones.

Four hands and four eyes – the antithesis; what to do?
Know that there is to be no synthesis between the two!

What happened to the diamond-carved lines upon the ground?
Are hearts lost in the confusion of many a conflicting sound?

Erasing chalk lines, many carelessly abused.
So many ships shall sink
Before the watchers blink
When none but they are left to be accused.

Breaking all their bones;
Gouging all their eyes out
Until fools have acquired
A demonic satisfaction.

Stretching lines until they snap;
Striking stones until they spark.
Strangle hands until they clap;
Stay awake while it is still dark.

“There is no uniqueness in any of them.”
Such a lie comes from those who’d damn
Any innocents to eternal hell for their stand.
Fools propagate dark heresies across the land!

“I am the center of all things;
I am the measure of all things”
So says the blind, yes, the deluded.
How falsely many have concluded!

The breath of the ungodly this world pollutes
Because many fools still cry out “No absolutes!”
In a sea of toleration, ignorance nests in too many
Hearts of those who need more than an epiphany.

What is left when the foundations one by one crumble?
Repentance neglected, the prideful replace the humble!
Slumbering heralds may make void excuses
But lo, the time is now for life’s correct uses.

Watching the drops fall from the sky
In the mind is recalled a time gone by
When love had homes in hearts not blind –
A recollection of times to keep a sane mind.

Dead steps in frozen sand;
Dead time in a sickly land.
Some stories for times fitting;
Glory fading, reality hitting.

Put off now the sleep of darkness;
Awake to walk in light and confess
That there is but one right way to live –
To God your life you must wholly give!


Originally written July 13, 2012 at 3:07am by Victor P.

Just some thoughts about certain things.

Concerning the Maker of us all, the God who created the heavens and the earth and us made in His image:

may it be known to those ignorant of this fact, that all His opposition shall fall, though it does not appear so now, the doubters continue doubting, the mockers
continue mocking, and all those have up to this point thought this a thing not worth considering, know this, the difference between what you think to be true
and what is in reality true, this makes a difference that you should realize lest you slip further down the road of unbelief and doubt.

Whether you believe that the words in the Bible are true or not, or that there’s a lot of things that aren’t literal, the reality about it doesn’t change, the truth of the
word remains, what God has said through the prophets comes to pass still, and those ignoring the clear warnings God has given are only doing themselves ill, but
of course none are too far gone to return nor one too unbelieving to come to God at an early or old age of their own will, heeding the call of the Lord, that knock
on the door to their heart, when the Lord puts in their heart conviction of their fallen state, of their filthiness before a most holy God, we don’t come before God
as changed people and seek salvation but as the sinners who realize their need for a Savior and know that He alone can save, redeem, forgive, cleanse them.

So think about the welfare of your soul, the good you do it by repenting, or the bad you do it by pretending God doesn’t exist because that may seem easier or
more common to do.

no matter how much opposition there is to God, it doesn’t change the fact that He’s the Eternal One, He’s always been there and always will be and there’s
nothing anyone can do about it, He will always be victorious against those who oppose Him and attack those who believe in Him and follow the commandments
He has given us to follow.

You may disagree but it does not mean you are right, I tried to write here what is in accordance to what’s written in the Bible, so by disagreeing with me you’re
disagreeing with the Bible and by doing that you disagree with God because the Bible is His Word, written by men, to be read by all that all may know what the
Lord says, His plan for this world and the people in it.

so think, what is it you’re going against, a concept, an idea that has been around for thousands of years or the living God?

which would be a foolish thing, really, so think, whether you’d rather believe in nothing though there is no such thing, or believe in the living God, the Maker of
the whole universe, your Creator. think about it.

“What Fascinating Things”


Written by: Viktor P.

“What Fascinating Things”

What fascinating things are found out, beyond the grasp of comprehension for the simpler folk, as mystery and reason meet, the incomprehensible removes its
cloak but few can see its eyes that fill with awe, and fewer still can hear what words are spoken by it, the presentation of laws it makes clear, the natural fears fade, the way for greater knowledge is paved, travel with care.

Behold the greatness of creation, in nature evidence of a Creator making all things good, and contemplate what your part is in the grand scheme of things, what is
your purpose and how shall you live until the end of your days upon this earth?

How will you impact this world, what good change will you bring? How will you treat others, and will you respect their rights to do what they want to do, and if so, what will you respect and what will you not?

Think about the important things and the little things, while you have time, let your mind be active in searching for answers, learn from mistakes, weigh the pros
and cons of things, seek to do good at every opportunity given, don’t waste time quarreling when you could be loving people but don’t love their sin, strive to
have peace with all and wish none dead, if you will judge then judge as Christ said, righteous judgment and not based on appearance, but better to not be
prejudiced or racist, give time to get to know people for who they are and seek the answers to the questions in your mind.

What fascinating things may be found out when time is used for the search thereof, a few new answers are found, but also many new questions are added to the mind.

Each day the search resumes, knew less before but now know more, yet it only adds to a greater wonder of the grand and small things.

Perhaps with enough time the mysteries of life will have more light shed on them, and we may all grow understanding more and make more sense of things that confuse many.

Feed your mind’s curiosity for finding answers; ask and seek, don’t let your mind become weak from lack of contemplation, you’re made to wonder, reason, don’t
let your mind grow stagnant from lack of activity, though this seems to be an age of passivity, be curious and search for answers, don’t let your search for an answer end at someone’s reply of “because” with nothing following.

Grow in knowledge, seek to better yourself and the world around you, feed your mind, let it exercise.

Grow in love, faith, hope, and seek peace.

“For You Many”


Written by: Victor P.

“For You Many”

We’re given a gift of life and choice, but our inclinations lead to the evil, and it’s that evil which perpetuates the suffering in the world, by the hands of sin’s slaves on the way to their graves with a sick grin and stinking decay, that’s the unrepentant sinner’s way, but don’t be dismayed, your end doesn’t have to be like theirs. Don’t be afraid to deny their claims of deceit and keep walking the path of truth, on the narrow way to life, don’t look back at the past as if there’s something you get back, no, what’s done is done and it can’t be undone but you can repent of your sins, forgive and ask for forgiveness, trust me everyone needs forgiveness, be free of shame, guilt and blame, call upon the name of the Lord and be saved, die to yourself every day, and each day learn more of the Lord’s ways, don’t be ashamed of your faith in Christ, don’t let the others’ opinions of you hinder you from serving the Lord, love them but don’t support their sinful ways, advise and warn them if it’s all you can do, let God’s love fill you and show it to others, especially those who don’t deserve it, they it need it much more
than they know, and we all need God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness, and especially salvation, sanctification, and guidance and strength, to make it through the
days here, the struggle is obvious but God gives us all we need, we just need to put all our trust in Him and walk by faith every day, grow in faith, hope and love and value each day and don’t hate people we meet who may be hateful toward us at some point because of what we think or believe. Live each day knowing that God loves you and remember God’s promises made in His Word, and await the return of His Son Jesus Christ, because He will return as He said He would, the prophecy will be fulfilled, and it doesn’t really matter when, we must be ready every day to be taken from here to heaven, so pray, fast, hope, love, live, trust, and know that God will do what He said, and those who oppose Him and His ways can’t do anything to stop His plans, be sure that God is in control. God bless you all.