“‘Tis Unto Thee, Beloved of the World”

Written by: Victor P.
-Inquiries Unto the Lost

“‘Tis Unto Thee, Beloved of the World”

‘Tis unto thee, beloved of the world!
The darkness grips thine heart
And upon rays of light thou daredst not say
So many a vile and flaming word,
But hence thou must depart
For thine end nighs. Oh, dread that final day!

Hath it been far too long a time past
That thou seest not what shall last
When thou shalt leave this world, unsaved,
All that thou hast for labored, nay, slaved,
Shall be gone, disappear like a vapor
Along with the life thou didst savor
But wasted precious days in vain ways,
Indulging in sins, thine moves like sways
Of trees in tempestuous times of storms covering
The land with violent and deadly wrath uncovering
What futile hope the unsaved hast been holding,
But now truth hath been seen, now ’tis unfolding.

Where lieth thy hope, to keep thee from perpetual sighing?
Shall thou lo and behold carelessly thy own end nighing?
Unbeliever, what hast thou that we do not, verily not a thing more
Than we have now; we were as thou art now, we were lost before,
But we are saved souls now, found, returned to our Lord
And made new, new hearts, new life, by His mighty word!
Thy reticence showeth how hollow thy hope is, in truth.
What shall thou do when thou choose to reject the proof?

Hark! Come broken, come humble, come as thou art
Before the throne of grace, before thou shall depart
From this world where darkness and suffering roam seemingly free,
Hence thou shalt go but shall thou be saved or like a withered tree
Be consumed and return to dust, without hope for life after
What is now, without salvation? In hell is nothing softer!

Shalt thou hallow, shall thou blaspheme,
Or unworthy of praise shalt thou deem
The Creator, though He be Almighty?
Surely such things do not the mighty
But the foolish, being blind, uttering lies and spewing hate.
Lest thou perish with them, awake and see thy present state –
Thou art unsaved and bound for dreadful hell beyond the grave.
Shalt thou ignore or heed the call? Salvation thy soul must crave.

Oh, see that thou art guilty before God, Whom thou hast offended,
Transgressed His holy law, sinner, thou art condemned.
Oh, before thou die, come to the Lord and He shall mend
Thy broken heart and life and save thy soul before thine life hath ended.

‘Tis unto thee that these words be written
For I would not that thou shouldest be smitten
By the Lord’s wrath against thee, rebellious one
So I pray thou shalt come before the day is gone
For thou knowest not how long thou hast to live
So ignore not the call, to repent, to believe, give
Thine whole life unto the Lord, surrender to receive
A new heart, a new life, thy soul saved, come believe!
Note: I by no means know all the proper usages of but in the following poem I go by how I think it should be written, so if you read my attempt at older English and laugh at how many nuances or errors are found in it regarding grammar or something, have a laugh, knowing it’s only one of a few times I’ve written something in the attempted style of using older English and including rhyming lines. Also, I don’t follow some typical poem styles or structures, I prefer my own since it gives more freedom for thought flow and at least an attempt at originality, if there can be found in anyone’s writings. Anyway, feel free to like, comment, or do whatever regarding this poem I quickly wrote, in any case I wrote it for the glory of God and for a possible reaching of the lost who have not yet seen that without salvation they will go to hell when they die, and that’s a reality not to be ignored or made a joke of. Read, offer corrections of grammar or something like that. I’m not trying to win anything, I’m sharing the truth that cannot and must not be ignored by anyone.



“His Day Draws Near”

Written by: Victor P.

“His Day Draws Near”

The Day of the Lord is near!
The time of judgment draws near!
Who shall stand? Who can stand?
We are saved by faith and not by works,
And faith without works is dead,
And by God’s grace we’re saved
We don’t deserve it, we didn’t earn it.
Christ is going to return soon.
The Messiah is on His way,
Prepare your hearts for the great Lord,
He comes to take His Church with Him.
At any moment He could come back to earth.
Are you ready? Are you prepared to see Christ?
Are you faithful to the Lord until the end of your life?
Are you willing to be a martyr for your belief in Christ?
Are you ready to die in order to gain life?
He is coming back. Open your heart, soul and mind to God.
Our great Savior is coming back to take His children home.
Repent, turn from sin and seek salvation through Christ,
Conform to the image of Christ, He is the Son of the living God.
Obey God’s commandments, love and abide in Him.

“World; Remember; Wait”

Written by: Victor P.

“World; Remember; Wait”

Don’t you see that the evil in this world is temporary?
Stand fast in faith, it’s an exercise of patience, don’t be quick to give up, trust God,
In the end all of this will make sense, one day we’ll see our Creator,
Though our hope is stretched to the point of breaking, we’re still standing,
This world tries to break us by any means but we are more than conquerors
Through Christ, we’ve attained victory in this life by Him, we’re no longer broken,
Remember, He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world,
Remember, the price of our redemption, salvation, reconciliation,
It was the blood of Christ, He was without sin, blameless, spotless,
A perfect sacrifice, acceptable in God’s eyes, a sweet smelling savor,
Our life isn’t our own, it’s time we show how much we love and trust God,
It’s time to show the world the power of God, demonstrate it everywhere,
Do greater works than Christ, as He said, so we must do, for His words are true,
We must open the eyes of the blind, restore the hearing of the deaf,
Lift the crippled to their feet and see them walk,
Heal the sick of all their disease in the name of Jesus, name above all other names,
This is our call, to bring the Gospel to those who haven’t heard it,
Shine the light in your heart, let all see that Christ dwells in you,
Resist the devil and he’ll flee from you, keep your faith in Christ for He is the Savior,
Christ’s return is closer with each passing day, we must be ready to see Him return,
Prophecies are being fulfilled, time is running out,
Prepare your hearts, declare the great works of God to all,
Get ready for the coming of the Savior, prepare to greet Him,
With open arms and hearts overjoyed we’ll welcome the Son of God,
This world will know that the power of God is to be feared
And He’s the only One to be worshiped, exalted above all.

“We; There; Who; He”

11/17/11. 11/26/11
Written by: Victor P.

“We; There; Who; He”

We want to live, not merely exist in this world,
Who’s got the answer to our questions,
When the tide of opposition to existence rises?
We’re overtaken by the waves of tyrant seas,
This oppressive disposition brings the worst
To the front of minds of those not yet exposed
To the cold reality of what lurks in the darkness,
There are terrors that few have witnessed,
There is a love that none can understand,
There are things humans aren’t meant to know,
Our minds would beg to forget what we saw and heard
But the lingering doesn’t depart, staying fresh in memory,
Freedom to do what we want isn’t license to destroy anything,
Restraint is necessary, for without it we are fools to exercise our will,
We can’t force our will upon others without consequence following,
We’re all in desperate need of redemption through the blood of Christ,
He’s the only one who can bring us back to life,
We’ve been separated from God, dead inside, since birth,
But Christ has shown the way, He’s the Way to God,
The One who reconciles us with our Creator,
He is the perfect sacrifice, the One who died for us,
We’re bought at a price, by His blood, we’re not our own,
And we are made a new creation through Christ,
Out with the old and in with the new, our transformation,
The gift of God, His love and mercy toward us all,
We’re undeserving and He’s so holy, we are His children forever.

“Land of the Sleeping and the Awake”

11/17/11. 11/18/11.
Written by: Victor P.

“Land of the Sleeping and the Awake”

Now thirteen years in this land,
Land of water, rock, earth, sand,
Concrete jungles and grassy plains,
The land of losses and land of gains.
Mountains, valleys, deserts, rivers,
Flu, cold, fever, sweating, shivers.
Here live those who laugh and cry,
They succeed or fail, give up or try.

The rich, poor, hopeless, hopeful,
Lazy, hardworking, selfish, helpful.
Apathetic, pitiful, scorned, mourned,
Glamorous, raggedy, naked, adorned.
Exalted, despised, magnified, demonized,
Born, bored, abhorred, deplored, idolized.

An increase in the number of the helpless,
A decrease in the number of the selfless.
More than three hundred millions souls in flesh,
Some breathing air that’s polluted, dry, or fresh.
Decorated, honored known graves,
Dignity is what the dying one craves.
Fate, destiny, luck, chance, faith, hope,
The faithless produce tilted moral slope.
Behind closed doors plans for death are made,
If kept unknown by the simple, the just will fade,
For when the oppressors near possession of the whole,
The rage of the simple mass numbers erupts from a hole.
The flow of discontent in veins of the fed-up bodies united,
Brings forth the wave of the will to proceed from mind divided.
Behind eyes of false intentions and sugar promises, truth cries out,
Nearing the end of lifespan, efforts to change are winged to let truth shout.

With a dark, red history, a stained memory,
Words written speak of the good and gory.
Pride infecting masses but can’t erase the past,
Recorded is the blood spilled, memory will last.
Chance to move forwards is present yet,
Freedom face to face with enemies met,
Through perseverance and focused aim,
Righteousness is for the willing to claim.

Return to the source of victory, there’s good reason,
Proclaim the Creator’s name during every season.
The life we live is short and our choices are many to make,
To neglect the necessity of repentance is a grave mistake,
Can’t undo what’s done but we can make amends,
Our lives are stories written with happy or sad ends,
And we’re paving the way of our life to a destination,
If unsure of where we’ll go, we need concentration.

Beyond dreams and illusions hope shines bright,
Illuminating the hearts of young and old with light,
But when the light of hope grows dimmer inside,
Dreams can fall into pieces, heart wants to hide.
In this land of the free and home of the brave,
We’re the same for we all must face the grave,
No matter what we’ve collected, acquired, outside, within,
Our concern should be to no longer remain slaves to sin.
Don’t give way to godlessness, fight against the pressure,
Resist the devil and he’ll flee from you, love is our treasure.

O you people, turn to God who restores hope, lives, hearts,
He can make the proud humble and fix our damaged parts.
Realize your part in the grand scheme of things and understand,
Life was given to you so you can glorify God who lets you stand.
Life is not like the fairy tales with occurrences portrayed in books,
The reality is, the problem of sinning is more severe than it looks.
Consequences for our actions will follow, but you can be forgiven,
Your life is a gift from God, use wisely the time here you’re given.

Without a shadow of a doubt the Lord will perform all that He said,
He loves us so much that His Son died for our sins, for us He bled,
There’s forgiveness through His blood, salvation in His name,
The Lord is true and faithful, yesterday, today, forever the same.
The return of Jesus Christ draws nearer with each passing day,
Prepare the way for the Lord, ready your hearts and wait, I say.
The Savior of the world is on His way, He won’t tarry, the time is near,
Believers here repent, sinners awaken, be filled with the Lord’s fear.
Heed the warnings of the prophets, their words should not to be ignored,
The people of this land must seek the Lord with their hearts to be restored.

The time we’re given isn’t meant to be wasted on trivialities or selfish ambitions,
See the state of this world, open your eyes, see the needs and offer God petitions.
There is a mission to be carried out, the delivering of the Gospel to the lost,
Let people hear the Gospel, loyal to the end, even if your life is what it’ll cost.
Be ready for opposition from the world, mockery, scorn, ridicule, persecution,
Keep in mind the promises of the Lord, have faith, even at threat of execution.
We will all stand before our Maker one day, all accountable, prepare and be aware,
The state of this world is evidence of the ending of the history of the earth, beware.
Don’t strive to attain the temporal, seek eternal gain, in the sight of God humble yourselves,
We are responsible for our actions, heed wise words in God’s Word, lest we fool ourselves.

Beyond this world a greater place awaits, ready yourselves for eternity with God our Creator,
There’s no greater joy than to be in His presence forever, He’s our hope, no hope greater.
There’s no one worthy to be praised except God, give Him praise and glory due to His name,
The people’s hearts need renewal, opening of the eyes and minds, it’s clear life’s not a game.
Don’t hesitate to tell of the great things the Lord has done, faith without works is dead,
Lead the people to the Lord, to His Word, tell them Who’s the living water and the Bread.
Jesus Christ our Savior will return in glory to this earth, just as He said, it shall be done,
We await His arrival, patiently, with anticipation, awaken those in this nation, everyone.
Give due glory and thanks to the Lord, the only one deserving of exaltation and worship,
May the Lord fill us with the strength necessary to endure any persecution and hardship.
Glory to God Alone.

“Infirm Caliber”

Written by: Victor P.

“Infirm Caliber”

Weak souls in flesh infirm,
Invisible brokenness
Beyond fixing by tools,
A complexion far from view,
Solace seemingly far from reach.

“O Healer mighty, Healer great,
Give sight to blind eyes
To witness utmost majesty
That broken souls long to see,
A saving grace that cleanses fiends,
Reaching into the depths of darkest hearts,
Illuminating them with brilliant light
From You, the source eternal, love undying.”

Circumstances bringing hindrance,
Conflicting views, confusing, veiled,
Eyes of the few who see beyond
The darkness of each day
Open the more to again implore
For strength to carry the weight.

Fragility of human beings,
From within can be consumed
By sins, deception masked as truth,
A guise that fails when seen by those
Who breathe the light of truth and pray
For discernment in these evil days.

“Spring Arrived”

3/21/12. 11/1/12.
Written by: Victor P.

“Spring Arrived”

I welcome spring but I’m asleep
As I lie in bed, I breathe in deep.
Let these words flow like a river,
A steady current, ever moving.
Not much has made me shiver
But One has simply by loving.
I know these days can drag on
As I dream to keep what I won
But I know that it all will pass away.

Spring nights relieve the failed day,
Despite my failures, hope remains.
I have reasons to fight the pains
And I won’t regret all the good
That my eyes have witnessed
Or all of the intangible food
That I have thus far tasted.

Spring, bring breeze from afar
And send my memories far.
Despite any losses I’ve endured
I still will praise my loving Lord
For I can trust His unfailing Word,
It is living power, it is the Sword.
God will help me walk on the right path
And warn others to escape His wrath;
All thanks, glory and praise is His
For merciful, loving, and holy He is.

I have learned something by now
But wish it was earlier I would know,
It’s that God doesn’t owe me anything,
He never did and never will, I’m realizing,
And awe fills me that He would consider me,
That in the sea of His creation He does see,
A mystery I surely won’t soon understand
But this I know, by Him I’ll always stand.

O peace inside, bloom in spring,
O heart, rejoice in God and sing,
Unceasing flow of praise and glory
To the only One deserving and holy,
And safely in the arms of God the loving One
I hope to see tomorrow’s joy before it’s gone.