“Abortion is Murder” Note by me.

“Abortion is Murder” Note by me.
Very recently read in a book (pro-life) that mentioned the most common abortion procedures done and at what time usually in the pregnancy; nasty stuff, terribly evil, yet for some reason it’s legalized in so many places?
Just feel free to treat the most innocent and defenseless of human beings in wombs as disposable crap you’d rather never see because consequences of actions aren’t for facing or accepting by either the male or female?
That’s called 21st century progress in ‘health’care?
As said by many, it’s a culture of death that devalues human life, slowly but noticeably becoming barbaric toward each other.

What many pro-choice people don’t understand or just ignore is that it’s not the mother being aborted, it’s not her body being aborted, mutilated, butchered, it’s that of a defenseless separate body in their womb that’s being murdered at their request, one with brain activity, heartbeat, feels pain, all that any human has or does, just at a much earlier stage, it’s not a clump of cells by any stretch of imagination, it’s a real human being in there, is that so hard to understand?
Did they never learn that humans only give birth to humans?
Do they not know a whole new human is conceived and begins their life in the womb, doesn’t magically become a human only when birthed and declared wanted and allowed to live by mother or father?


“Las Vegas Tragedy” note by me.

“Las Vegas Tragedy” note by me.
What happened in Las Vegas is tragic but not something that wasn’t inevitable, for simple reasons.

For a place called Sin City by so many, were some people expecting it to be some kind of death-free sinners’ haven with no probability of such a massacre ever happening? Talk about foolish hope and unrealistic expectations and probabilities!

Do some fools out there still deny the existence of evil after this event? Yes, because they’re fools and live in denial.

If you boast of your allowing of sinful activities for a whole city, you’re not only inviting crime, terrible immorality and misery, you’re inviting death and should accept that such negative consequences will surely come.

If you’re really using your brain, you can’t pretend this kind of thing couldn’t or should never have happened there.

God commands sexual purity before marriage (and fidelity during) because …

God commands sexual purity before marriage (and fidelity during) because He knows what’s best and His laws aren’t man-made so they’re not flawed or erroneous.
Teenagers are to be taught this not only because it’s right but also because it will benefit them greatly; they’ll shine as examples of purity in a world obsessed with sex and propagating immorality.
Teenagers being taught sexual purity will help them avoid much trouble and heartbreak and the consequences of such immoral actions.

Basically, whatever God says in His Word on this matter is what we should heed and obey out of our love for Him and for the good of others.


Humanism glorifies man and denies God’s existence …

Humanism glorifies man and denies God’s existence.
Humanism is America’s most popular religion right now and they worship at the altar of moral relativism and political correctness.
Humanism praises the shallow, foolish, and vain.
“Anything but God” is their slogan; rejection of reality is their perception.
Idiots are too many to count; they’re the products of the cancer of humanism that corrupts America and elsewhere.


Humanism and loose morals pollute …

Humanism and loose morals pollute too many minds and darken too many hearts.
The teaching of Scripture’s principles and God’s commands is neglected, which is basically disobedience and the sin of omission.
Departure from the sound morality in God’s Word results in rebellion, confusion, heartbreak, and sometimes ruin, if individuals don’t come to repentance and faith before it’s too late.


Some people love spouting fallacies …

Some people love spouting fallacies because they’re not used to thinking critically or logically, that’s why they produce no real arguments, only hot air and emotional responses.
Sucks to be them but they’re not excused for refusing to learn how to think.